Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Twenty-Two

The return flight from Australia seemed to drag and drag. It had been weeks since he’d properly seen L – the brief meeting as he’d left didn’t really count for much - and the ensuing loneliness had weighed heavy on him. He caught a taxi home to drop off his luggage, taking a quick, thorough shower and then to the studio, paying the man double fare to get there as fast as he could.

He waved hastily to the staff at the front desk, absently wondering what they actually did aside from sit there and shift paper around. It wasn’t like L was that difficult to look after. It seemed to just be a case of keep everyone out who wasn’t supposed to be there. Everything else, Watari handled.

Raito dipped a hand into his pocket, feeling the slightly bulky package he’d bought as a gift. He wasn’t sure if L would like it though. Even after all this time of getting to know him, the artist still shocked him with his unusual tastes and choices. He’d deliberated in the store for some time, very unlike his usual decisive self. It had finally been the curious looks of the saleswoman that had made him snatch it off the shelf and, flushing, buy it before he changed his mind.

The lift dinged open and Raito had barely stepped out before L was rushing around the corner, much faster than Raito had ever seen him move before. He had very little time to notice the intense, unblinking eyes and cake-stained shirt before L was throwing him back against the wall, hands tearing at his pants.

“Wait! Wait, Ryuuzaki! Just…” L had gotten his belt undone and just torn his pants down, scraping over his hips and down around his ankles. He dropped to his knees as he yanked them down, Raito cringing at the pain he must have caused his legs as they thumped onto the hardwood floor. A hand came back up, fisted in his shirt and ripped at the front, buttons flying while L’s mouth was busy at his hip, teeth grazing, lips bruising.

“Goddamnitt! Slow dow-ah!”

Raito barely had time to kick off a shoe, let alone two before L had shoved him to the floor, flipping him over, hands parting the globes of his ass and his tongue running over Raito’s entrance.

“Guh!” Raito let out an undignified noise as L quickly pushed the slick muscle inside, wriggling it with an urgency that Raito had never encountered in his lover before. A slick hand slid between his legs and fisted his hardening length and Raito cursed loudly, his head swimming with the sudden stimulation.

‘Where the hell did he get that lube from?!’

Raito didn’t have time to run lists and possibilities of just where L might have hidden a tube of lubricant on his frame because the artist had yanked his own pants down past his hips and was now urging Raito further up onto his knees.

Two slick fingers sank straight into him and pressed hard on his prostate, mercilessly rubbing back and forth. Then they were gone and L was pressing into him, leaning over his back, one arm around his chest, the other hand on his hip.

“Ryuuzaki, just…ah!”

“Raito-kun shouldn’t speak right now,” L hissed over his shoulder, “Or I’ll be forced to gag that delicious mouth of his.”

Raito’s breath stuttered from desire at L’s dominating words and his arms shook as he struggled to hold himself up against the onslaught. L barely waited for him to adjust, mouthing his shoulder, pinching his nipples between those dexterous fingers, his hips pulling back slowly before slamming forward again.

“Uhnn!” Raito made a noise from behind his clenched teeth, his head swimming with all the rapid sensation. His eyes rolled up in his head as L picked a fast rhythm of quick, hard thrusts that pounded into him, the artist’s hands roaming his body, pulling his hips back to meet him.

L leaned back, pulling Raito with him, till he was almost sitting in his lap. A hot mouth sucked along the line of his shoulder, panting breath cooling the skin in its wake. L’s tongue flicked out to suck Raito’s earlobe into his mouth and the brunette moaned, his own hand sliding down to his erection. L’s breath whispered across his ear as he spoke in a low tone that made Raito ache all over, his erection twitching in his grasp.

“Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Raito groaned deeply, beginning to lift himself up, leaning forward and placing a hand on the floor for balance. He rocked back, feeling L’s hands on his hips, fingers pressing into the flesh, curving around his hipbones.

This was what it was about. This overwhelming feeling, the artist touching him, impaling him, making him cry out. L’s mouth on him, licking, tasting, biting. His hands, oh God his hands. It was too much. He wanted it to end but at the same time couldn’t bear the thought of it.

“God…ahnn! Raito…”

The gallery owner hazily noted that the only time his lover ever left off his honorific was when he was in the throes of passion.

“…missed you…uhn!”

He also became substantially less verbose.

Raito was also losing coherency, his head swimming, body reacting automatically to L’s. The artist’s hips were rising to meet his, L’s hand over his on his cock, stroking him.

Then L was pushing him forward again, unable to take Raito’s slightly slower pace. The brunette could feel the artist’s breath hot on his back, fingers indenting his hips as he pulled him back to meet each movement. Raito knew he’d have bruises, but he’d love them because they were from L.


That was a sure sign that L was getting close, Raito could always tell by the loss of his vocabulary and the rise in profanity. It was the only time he ever heard L curse and knowing the older man was so consumed with passion that he lost his head turned Raito on more than he’d like to admit.

L’s thrusts were becoming ragged, his fingers digging into Raito’s flesh. The gallery owner’s knees dug into the wooden floor but he no longer felt the sharp bite of pain as L’s hand wound around his erection again.

“Come. Come for me, Raito”

And then he was. All sweat-slick and blunt nails scratching at the floor, Raito’s back arched as his whole body locked up, his orgasm dragging out as L continued to thrust. The artist followed not soon after and then collapsed onto the floor, Raito only just avoiding knocking his chin on the wood beneath them. L disengaged himself with a slight wince and sat, using his arms to support him as he leaned back. It was one of the few times that Raito had seen him without his usual hunched sitting position.

The gallery owner rolled to his back, one leg cocked up at the knee, his head falling to the side to better take in the man. As his eyes swept over the artist, he felt something begin to pool slightly on the floor beneath him and grimaced slightly. L eyed the distasteful look on Raito’s face and blankly stared at the slight of his own fluids leaking from Raito’s thoroughly abused body.

“I apologize, Raito-kun. It seems that in my undue haste to…copulate with you, I have forgone the usual protection and…come inside you”

Raito flushed deeply, mortified. He’d never get used to the sheer lack of tact and decency.

He struggled to his feet in the most manly way he could before holding a hand out to help the artist up also. They made their way to the bedroom where Raito collapsed, still sweaty and dirty, but far too jet-lagged to bother showering. L prodded him over onto his back and settled himself beside the gallery owner on the bed, pulling a sketchbook over to sit in front of his feet. Raito lifted his head from his pillow and eyed the quickly produced line up of charcoal.

“Are you not going to sleep?”

The artist barely turned to face him, his fingers already selecting a stick and working on a rough form.

“I have had sufficient sleep up to a point. Raito-kun has not. I only felt the need to interact with him to some degree before he retired for the night because the anticipation of such interaction had previously kept me from substantial rest and if it had not taken place, I would have not been in a appropriate state of mind.”

Which was L for : ‘I haven’t been sleeping well because there’s been no sex so I wanted to do you hard before you had to sleep from your jet lag and have been wanting to since you left.’

Raito smiled and dropped his head back, one hand snaking across the blankets and resting on top of L’s naked foot.

It was nice to be home. And talking was overrated sometimes.


So sorry about the shortness guys! I’ve been so busy this week with organizing to go to Wellington and the upcoming Doujin-con and cosplay that I just haven’t had time to write! Please let me know what you thought anyway!

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