Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Seven

“No." Raito had his stoic face on, even though the other man couldn't see it. "There is absolutely no reason for me to visit.”

“But…Yagami-kun is so motivational to me. My productivity went up by twenty-eight percent at our last meeting.”

“Last and only. And twenty-eight percent isn’t even that much. Not to mention what the subject of your productivity was.”

Raito had been arguing on the phone to L for several long minutes and the irritating conversation looked to be continuing for some time. He was no longer surprised or worried that L kept contacting him, he had enough to deal with without fretting about the man’s motives.

The brunette had called earlier, insisting that Raito visit him, giving no reason nor excuse for such a thing to happen. Raito would have told him where to shove it but he felt that, 1. The artist would take that as some kind of confirmation to the blunt speculations he’d been making about Raito’s sexuality and 2. May have just lost him the one important artist keeping his business afloat. So he gripped the apple-shaped stress-relief ball that Misa had bought him last Christmas and strained for patience.

“There is no need to keep your distance, Yagami-kun. Did you not desire a close friend with whom to speak? My deductions tell me that Yagami-kun does not have such a friend. He is lonely and sexually anxious. Perhaps I could-.”

Raito’s eyes had widened and he cut the artist off quickly, not wanting him to continue his train of speech. Anything to shut him up.

“Look! Just…just…okay fine, I’ll visit. For a short while only. If you’ll just drop it.”

He could hear the smile around whatever lollipop L currently had in his mouth.

“Drop what, Yagami-kun?”

‘Dead, you annoying bastard.’ Raito wanted to say, just for the reaction. Instead he leaned an elbow on his desk, cradling his forehead in his palm. ‘Goddamn.’

“Nothing. Just…I’ll be over later, okay?”

“That is sufficient.”

Raito hung up and buried his face in his palms. Everyone was out. He’d only come into the office to grab some paperwork on his day off, so he was glad now, that no one had witnessed his arguing and subsequent loss on the phone. He lifted his head and glanced at his watch. It was a quarter to 3 in the afternoon. He mentally jumped ahead.

‘Home, shower, something to eat. 4pm, L’s house, conversation or whatever, and home again before 5:30. Perfect.’


As with most plans, there can be a few hiccups. Sometimes they’re tiny bubbles, rising to the surface and disrupting little when they burst. It’s very rare that something happens of epic proportions and the entire glass thrown away in a fit of pique and spilt everywhere.

What Raito was doing right that second was hastily mopping up that spill, or rather the spill on his pants, cursing whichever God had decided that he’d cave and go and see L that evening.

He’d showered, dressed and ate a very late lunch before driving to the artist’s building. Parking on the street, he’d been surprised to be accosted by the door guard who’d taken his keys and told him that his car would be driven to his assigned parking spot in the building garage. Surprised even further when the staff at the entrance desk greeted him by name and gave him a code which was for permanent use. He would only need this one from here on out.

The air of permanence had unsettled him and, as he waited for the lift, he’d had strong considerations for just going back home. Surely the gallery could survive on it’s savings for a while so he could find another artist to replace L.

The financial adviser in him had quickly put a stop to that train of thought. He needed L for the moment. He could survive an hour or so talking with the man, despite the disconcerting feeling he gave him.

The lift opened and he’d punched in his code, jerking slightly when an automated voice which sounded suspiciously like L greeted him. Then, all too quickly, he’d arrived at the artist’s floor.

Not keen to make the mistake of walking into anything, he had called from the entrance, surprised to see an older man walk around the separating wall.

Ever polite, Raito held out his hand to be shaken. “My name is Yagami Raito. I’m here to see L.”

The older gentleman patted his hand fondly, as old people do with endearing younger people that they find secretly amusing.

“Of course you are. I am Watari.”

Raito had thought he’d recognized the man from the delivery man’s description but this charming old-world gentleman instantly stuck a fatherly chord in him. He led Raito into the main room, gesturing at the artist who was crouched in a chair, facing away. From what Raito could see, he was stacking sugar cubes with one hand while drinking his tea with the other.

“L, your guest is here.” Watari bowed slightly and left them. The gallery owner had been so surprised at seeing someone else here that he’d forgotten to ask Watari how he was. He was going to turn and inquire but then he heard the lift slide open and closed and then they were suddenly alone.

The artist had turned in his seat before getting to his feet somewhat quickly.

“Yagami-kun!” L had the expression of somebody finally receiving something they’d waited a long time to have. Raito had shaken his offered hand, gingerly taking a seat which L hastily brushed for cake crumbs before offering it to him.

He crawled into his seat opposite him, hunched over and offering tea which Raito also took, glancing around at the half-finished paintings. L politely inquired about the drive over and how his day had been. Raito replied slowly, wondering what they’d be talking about when the mundane details of the day had been discussed to death. Amused, he noticed that L had abandoned the sugar-cube mound he’d been building. Maybe that’s what they’d do when the artist finished talking about the weather.

Apparently he shouldn’t have doubted L’s entertainment abilities.

He’d taken Raito on a somewhat guided tour of the studio. Guided meaning that L shuffled along, gesturing vaguely and mumbling about which ever painting they were passing and Raito strode after, listening but alarmed at the pace the artist seemed to be able to move at while looking like he wasn’t moving at all. There were a few doors they passed that were shut but L didn’t remark on them, so Raito didn’t think much of it.

They had more tea and Raito found himself opening up a bit. He spoke of his father starting the gallery, leaving it for him to take over. He laughingly talked of the trouble he’d encountered from selling L’s work exclusively, stories of Nate rising to the surface. L had apologized profusely, and Raito had burst out laughing at the sincere look on his face, causing the artist himself to smile.

‘He has a nice smile.’ Raito had found himself thinking, slightly confused when he didn’t have the abhorrent reaction he usually did to finding the man attractive.

At some point they’d shifted again, to one of the few seating arrangements that could seat more than one person. L had wanted to sit by the window and as they both sat on the window seat, drinking even more tea and Raito suddenly found himself smiling a lot.

“I was running after him and had tripped and fallen. My legs were too short to keep up.” L was saying, leaning in close as if telling a great secret. Raito was leaning in too, a conspiratal grin on his face. “But when he bent down to see why, I brought my head up too fast and broke his nose!” Raito started laughing as L finished the story of how he’d actually met Watari at the orphanage the man had founded.

He glanced across at L, watching as his mouth turned up at the corners, watching him in turn. Then suddenly the artist was leaning forward, still smiling but with a predatory air about him, his gaze sliding down to Raito’s lips which he only just realized he’d licked with the tip of his tongue.

Raito didn’t know what to do, his brain had frozen and L was getting closer and closer, his eyes flicking up to meet Raito’s before sliding back down to his lips. He could feel the artist’s breath against his mouth and the suddenly there was a burning hot pain in his crotch. Raito leaped up quickly, brushing frantically at his trousers where he’d just spilt his cup of tea. In his urgency to get himself dry he missed L’s little mou of defeat and didn’t notice he’d left until a handful of paper towels was thrust at him. He patted frantically, pulling the still hot material away from his skin.

“Yagami-kun can’t wear those anymore.”

Raito shot L a withering look and continued to pat with urgency.

“You can shower, if you like. I have a pair of pants that may fit you.”

Raito was wary of taking up the offer, not wanting to be in the same building as L and be naked and defenseless so soon after the sneak attempt on his mouth. But the tea was wet and his pants were ruined. It honestly looked like he’d had a very bad accident and Raito couldn’t take more stress today, let alone the looks he’d get from the buildings staff if he tried to leave in this condition.

L offered the shower again, and something niggled in the back of Raito’s mind that he was being far too polite, covering the undertone of perverted-ness that the gallery owner knew was lurking there somewhere. He shot L another calculating look, still suspicious of his innocent demeanor.

“Okay. Fine. Thanks for letting me use it, could you direct me to the bathroom please?”

L’s eyes crinkled up at the corners slightly and, as he ushered Raito towards the room intended, the younger man couldn’t help but feel like he was being herded to the slaughter.


Hope you all enjoyed the chapter! I have a feeling that the lack of enthusiasm for the last chapter (6) stemmed from the lack of L. Well here was some more to keep you entertained! Please review!

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