Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Eight

L’s bathroom was larger than he’d anticipated and tidier than he’d thought the artist was capable of. It was all glass and white tile, pristine and shining with a huge claw-foot tub set up against the window. The shower was massive too, easily enough room for three or four people if, for some reason, three or four people felt the need to shower all at once. There were two sinks, side by side and while Raito found this a little odd, it appeared only one was in use, a bar of soap residing in a little dish next to it. He washed his hands, wanting to get the sticky tea off them before he touched anything else. The sweet scent of the soap didn’t make him feel much better, reminding him of the artist on the other side of the door.

He stripped quickly, not liking the feeling of the wet material against his skin. The tea had cooled a fair bit now and peeled away with a distinctly unpleasant sensation. He turned the shower on, waiting nervously for it to heat. There was no lock on the door and he kept turning his head to check that it was still closed.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust L, but he couldn’t stop seeing the suddenly predatory look in his eyes every time his own eyes blinked. Finally the water was just right and he stepped in, turning into the spray, trying not to think, and not noticing the tiny red light in the topmost corner of the shower.

He washed quickly after a search to find a soap product that wasn’t sugary-scented. It seemed everything that the artist liked had sweet connotations. He’d have to remember that in the future if he ever wanted anything from him. Bribes went a along way sometimes when an artist was feeling not up to painting.

‘Not that there’s anything I want from him.’ He thought quickly, stuffing any wayward thoughts to the back of his mind. But one still slipped free.

~Liar… You wanted him to kiss you…~

His hand automatically came up to his mouth, brushing the tips of his wet finger across his bottom lip. He could almost feel the warm puff of L’s breath across them in the steam of the shower.

~You wanted it…~

He took his hand away quickly and closed his eyes, turning further into the spray.

‘No I didn’t. That’s why I’m here, in the shower and not out there being groped senseless by those long spidery fingers!’

~Those long, spidery, probably very talented fingers…~

His head immediately filled with thoughts of those fingers, and the thin wrists they were attached to. The broad, stooped shoulders, the soft flesh of his neck, the mischievous tilt to his head and sliding up to his full lips…

He felt his stomach flip over slowly and an answering jolt in his groin. His hand slid down automatically and cupped his growing erection, sliding firmly along it before he realized what he was doing. Disgusted with himself, he let go, opening his eyes and glaring down at his traitorous length.

‘This is not happening!’

He reached over to turn the water to cold, suddenly realizing he’d been standing still under the spray for some time. He quickly shut the shower off when his impending problem had gone away and reached for a dry towel, finding one on the closest rack.

He blinked slowly, wondering if it had been there before. Surely he would have noticed the deep blue color in this pristine white bathroom. He put missing it down to the urgent need to get the wet clothes off and have a shower. He turned towards the door, swiping at his hair with the towel gently. He didn’t have a comb, how completely irritating…


Taking a half-turn back he paused and stared at the pair of pants on the sink-side table. They definitely hadn’t been there. Raito would have had to move them to use the sink. Which means that someone had been in the bathroom while he’d been in the shower…

He glanced quickly at the clear glass shower door, hoping against hope that it was even slightly opaque. But no. He could see everything completely clearly inside, and whoever had been in here…


…would have seen everything just as clearly.


Raito didn’t know whether to be angry that the man was evidently a pervert or embarrassed that he’d seen him totally naked and Raito hadn’t even been aware of it.

Or slightly turned on by the thought that…NO!

He dressed quickly, finding that the pants fit him almost perfectly. Ignoring any growing suspicions, he toweled the excess water off his hair, glaring at the wet, messy mop in the mirror. He couldn’t believe the man didn’t even have a comb in here! He fussed with it a moment longer and, gathering his ruined pair of pants, strode out of the bathroom. He quickly found L who was in front of the only monitor in the entire place. When L heard him approach he quickly reached forward and turned it off, settling back into his usual seated position.

“What were you watching?” Raito asked, unsure of how to talk about L coming into the bathroom let alone the attempted kiss that had caused the shower to be necessary.

L tilted his head slightly backwards to look at him, a blank look on his face.

“Just something interesting, Raito-kun. That’s all.”

There was a reminiscent glimmer in his eyes of that look he’d given Raito earlier and it made the hair on his neck stand up a bit.

“Something very interesting.”


And yes, just in case you didn’t pick it up, L was watching him in the shower on the monitor. :3 He’s such a pervert.

Thank you all so much for all your feedback! And a huge thank you to Duomi for plugging my DN video on YouTube! You should all go and read her story called ‘Goodnight Moon’. Seriously. It’s much better than this inane drivel!

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