Shades of Mystification

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Chapter Nine

It was almost a week before the artist called him again.

Raito hadn’t been having a good day regardless. He’d arrived in the morning to find that Misa had forgotten her keys, so rather than go home and get them, she’d waited two hours for him to arrive. Smiling at him as he unlocked the door, she walked ahead, swinging her hips a bit, making the skirt she was wearing flare out. She had turned and winked at him before heading into the room where she worked, apparently clinging to the idea that Raito might feel something towards her.

It just made Raito feel ill.

Then Matsuda had called to let him know that there had been an accident on the road he normally took and he would be late. Raito, knowing the man as he did, asked if Matsuda had caused it. In all the stuttering and outpouring of excuses, Raito had deemed that he had. He hung up after telling him to just get here when he could. They were decorating for one of the lesser known artists today, a small gathering planned for late afternoon, so there wouldn’t be as much to do.

He walked out into the main room of the gallery, just giving it a quick look over as he did each morning. It had become something of a habit from the days when Nate had tried to terrorize him into giving up L’s business.


Raito sighed. No matter what he’d been doing in the last few days, everything eventually came back to him.

He still didn’t know what to think. The man had tried to kiss him. He’d already been through countless scenarios of what else he might have been doing. Raito may have had something on his face. The man may have wanted to remark on his cologne and was just getting a proper whiff of it before commenting. He might of…

Damn it.

No, he had tried to kiss him and Raito couldn’t, for the life of him, decide how to feel about it.

He wandered slowly through the empty gallery, no longer hearing his echoing footsteps as he trod across the expensive wooden boards.

The nearest he could think of how to feel was confused, which didn’t help anything, seeing as how that was the problem in the first place.

He’d never really been attracted to a man before, but then he’d never really been attracted to a woman either. Every single thing he thought in favor or rejection of the idea of L kissing him seemed to equally balance.

He’d never kissed a man, but he didn’t like kissing women. The idea had never occurred to him to kiss a man, but he studiously avoided all and any situations where he might have to think about kissing women.

But he wasn’t…you know…a homosexual.

Raito continued to walk, unconsciously shaking his head slightly. No, he wasn’t gay. There was no way at all. He was a successful young man, with a solid career behind him. He had good looks and a nice house, was even thinking of getting a cat.

From what he knew, gay men hung around seedy clubs, smoking ill-made cigarettes and giving each other blow jobs in dark alleyways. They were too flippant and thought about fashion all the time. He glanced down at his own tailored suit that had been specifically made for him and looked away quickly.

Not that there was anything wrong with looking good. He just didn’t want to paint his nails or wear eye makeup or any of those other foppish things he imagined gay men did.

But all that aside. Kissing L was an idea he simultaneously loathed and liked. He hated that the man had pushed all these irritating thoughts into his mind, and was probably sitting blissfully ignorant at home, munching on some ridiculously sweet confection, most likely cake. Raito’s lips twisted into a little smile at that.

‘Probably getting crumbs all over himself. And icing…he’s always got a bit of icing on the corner of his mouth…’

In his thoughts, Imaginary-L brought a hand up to his mouth and slowly wiped the icing away with the tip of his thumb, sliding the digit into his mouth and leisurely sucking it off. Suddenly the obsidian eyes flicked up to meet his own, half-lidded and Imaginary-L gave an extra hard, and above all unnecessary, suck.

Raito felt his groin stir and stopped walking.

‘Woah…woah wait. What was that?!’

Raito clamped down a tight lid on that train of contemplation, immediately silencing any thoughts to do with what he’d just imagined. He’d think about this later, when he’d had a chance to stew over it for a day or two. Raito’s discipline over his emotions was first-class, and he’d be damned if any vague daydream would be enough to shatter him.

His phone chose that moment to ring and he slid it from his pocket, still feeling slightly shocked at his own wayward mind. He flipped it open without looking at the name.



Raito suddenly felt dizzy.

‘Speak of the devil and he appears. How does he know how to do that?’

L always seemed to catch him at his most unguarded times, upset his carefully thought out routine and disrupt his thoughts so much he didn’t even know what he was thinking anymore. He hated it in a way that thrilled him at the same time.

“L…s-san.” He silently cursed himself for the slip-up. Just because the artist was under some illusion that they were close, didn’t mean he had to reciprocate it. No matter how much his traitorous tongue wanted to alter that honorific, or even leave it off all together. No, he was a polite, well brought up young man, who knew his place and the places of those around him. Just because L didn’t have the same manners, was no reason to sink to his level.

“How can I help you?”

Raito wondered what the man could be calling for. They didn’t have any showing scheduled for a rather long time, too long to be getting in contact with him now. He tried not to think about other reasons L could be calling.

L swallowed something and spoke. “How are you today?”

Raito was at a loss to answer and L filled in the gap regardless as though he hadn’t expected one.

“Are you busy today, Yagami-kun?”

He blinked slowly.

“Somewhat. We have a showing this afternoon for… Why do you ask?”

“Come over.”

And just like that Raito’s tenuous grasp on his emotions wavered.

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