Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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It wasn’t L that brought Kira down. It wasn’t the police of any country. It was a man who didn’t even bear a grudge toward the vigilante.

Takahashi, Hiro was driving home after pulling a double shift at work. His eyes drifted slowly shut…


Yagami, Light was pretending to read a textbook as he strolled out of the fortress like building L had constructed for the purpose of tracking down Kira. His mind was occupied with several different theories and plans for L’s downfall. It wouldn’t be long now. Thanks to his previous strategy he was back in contact with the Death Note and all his memories of its use were once again his. Just a few more blocks had to fall into place. He needed to tell Misa where to find the other Death Note. After that…

There was no warning. Light may have had the right of way on the walkway, but that meant very little to several tons of moving steel. Light’s body hit with a sickening crack and was flung over the windshield to smack onto the pavement. His last seconds of consciousness were occupied with pain and a single thought.

‘Is this it?’


L had sent the task force home to their families for rest. Everyone had been on their last dregs of energy and if someone hadn’t issued a break, frayed tempers would have snapped. The last one to leave had been Light-kun which wasn’t all that surprising. L wasn’t certain if his temper could be frayed anymore.

It had been strange. After his incarceration Light had become a different person. No one else had noticed the difference, not even his father, but L had. He had become softer, more child-like. He became an idealist rather than a realist. Now he was back to his intense mannerisms with a darker look to his eyes. L wasn’t certain when the change had taken place, but it was there. This Light was more interesting to deal with, but also more dangerous. If he was indeed Kira, then L had just grabbed the beast by the tail only to discover it was not the lion he had expected and came prepared for, but a chimera.

It was as L was shuffling over to the fridge that Watari kept stocked with sweets that he heard a commotion coming outside the building. He wandered over to a window and peered outdoors. L felt the blood drain from his face and he bolted out the door and down the stairs. As he ran he called Watari on his cell phone informing him to call an ambulance immediately.

L burst out the front doors and ran to the crumpled form of Light. Light was on his back, but his lower half was twisted in a completely unnatural way. There was blood coming out of his nose and one of his ears along with several other scrapes and cuts. L carefully maneuvered Light’s torso so that his spine was aligned. He prayed he was wrong, but it looked as if Light had broken his back along the lower vertebrae. He lifted Light’s head to see if there was any trauma to the skull and discovered a large knot on the back of his head. Feeling along the bump, L felt relief and despair in that the bone was unbroken. Whether or not there was any bleeding underneath the bone would make the difference in if Light lived or not.

Just as he was about to peel open one of Light’s eyes he heard crunching footsteps in the shattered glass surrounding them. The driver of the car was coming towards them looking dazed, but unharmed.

“Is he alright?! I can’t believe…I mean I was…oh gods I’m so sorry.”

L wanted to strike out at the man, but he could tell he was innocent of any malicious intent. Unfortunately some car accidents were just that. Accidents. Instead of doing something he would regret he went back to his task and lifted open one of Light’s eyelids. There was enough light from the street lamps that the pupil should have contracted, but it remained large and unfocused. L cursed to himself, but had anticipated that Light would have a concussion. Now if only that ambulance would arrive soon…

Sirens started wailing in the background and the emergency vehicle came tearing up the street. It stopped short of the damaged car and a man and a woman came running towards them with a board and a medical bag in tow.

“Please move aside. We need to have complete access to him.” The man brusquely pushed L aside, but the woman gave him a sympathetic look, before turning back to Light.

L watched numbly as they efficiently and carefully loaded Light on the board and into the ambulance. While they were working another ambulance and a squad car came on the crash site. The occupants of the other ambulance took the driver in hand while the police officer started to question him. The woman came back to L while the man hooked Light up to an IV.

“Why don’t you come with us in the bus and I can get a look at your cuts.” L looked down in surprise to see that he had indeed lacerated himself on the glass that surrounded them. He had forgotten to grab shoes before rushing down to the crash. He nodded mutely and they climbed in the back and the ambulance took off, sirens blaring.

The woman helped the man put a trachea tube in Light so they could manually pump air into his lungs, then turned back and cleaned L’s slashed feet. She checked his torso for any injuries, but the blood on his shirt had been Light’s. The normally lightning quick detective watched in a daze as all this occurred. He came to a bit when she started asking questions. He told her the information necessary and then listened as she outlined what he should do when they reached the hospital.

An eternity later they arrived at the hospital and the two medics rushed Light out of the ambulance and into surgery.

Feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed at the same time L settled in the faded grey waiting room and pulled out his phone and called Light’s family. The interrogation that followed completely drained L. He may be a genius at reading situations and people, but acting on those observations was something he had very little skill for and this ordeal was stretching this skill to the breaking point.

Finally L was able to hang up. He put the phone away and then pulled his knees up to his chest. He winced as pressure was put on his abused feet, but ignored the pain and wrapped his arms around his legs. He rested his forehead on his knees and waited.


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