Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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“All international flights have been cancelled. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please report to the help desk with your airline for additional information. Thank you.” The slightly garbled woman’s voice could barely be heard through the babble at the airport in Amsterdam. The message was then repeated in five different languages, all of which Matt could translate easily if he had been listening. The same message had been playing for the past two hours due to the horrible thunderstorm that had surrounded the airport. Matt had already checked in with his airline and secured three tickets for the next morning to Japan and was slumped back against a stainless steel wall with his head pressed against the cool metal.

The reason he had to get three tickets was currently curled up at his feet, passed out with a stuffed dog tucked under his arm. Mello about had a conniption fit when he and Matt had boarded the plane from London to Amsterdam, to find Near buckled up in the seat next theirs.

In an uncharacteristic show of helpfulness Mello was getting himself and Matt coffee. Course that might be the fact the Matt was the one paying for this little venture of theirs. Mello’s jaw had been in danger of coming off when he found out that Matt not only had money and plenty of it, but that he had won it in online gaming tournaments. In fact the only one without cash on this trip was Mello. It had turned out that Near’s G.I. Joe was a collectable and went for a rather astounding price on E-Bay.

Mello finally arrived with the coffee and handed a cup to Matt before plopping down next to him. They sat in a silence that was both fatigued, yet companionable, sipping their drinks. Matt looked at Mello out of the corner of his eye. It was easy to do and not be caught because of the tinted goggles. The normally sleek blonde hair was tangled and lank. Dark smudges underneath both eyes that, while normal on L, were misplaced here. Eyes that usually held mischief were only numb. Finally the mouth that could smirk so easily was set in a sullen line.

Well Matt knew an easy way to fix that. He had started carrying an emergency stash just in case he needed to bribe Mello. As they both got older Matt became more affable, while Mello went the opposite direction and became more neurotic so bribes became a necessity. Matt reached back to his backpack and ruffled around till he found his secret compartment and grabbed the pocket’s contents. He handed a bar of solid milk chocolate to a rather astonished Mello. Mello stared at it for a second then snatched the bar and expertly ripped open the paper and foil before taking a huge chomp out of the chocolate. A look of bliss washed over him as he took more reasonable nibbles out of the bar. Mello then seemed to remember that he had a semblance of manners and turned to give Matt a quiet smile and ‘thank you’. Matt hid his own grin and chuckle since Mello’s teeth were brown from his treat. It made the tense genius seem more like the charming kid he really was rather than the manipulative adult he could become at the drop of a hat.

Matt had been a bit worried when Mello had come from his room wearing well…leather…and lots of it. His pants were calfskin black leather that fit so closely Matt was surprised he could move. Matt hadn’t realized he had said that last thought out loud until Mello showed him the elastic gussets at the seams and gave a demonstration to display how much movement they allowed for.

Matt’s eye twitched.

How was he supposed to know humans could bend like that?!

Then as if that wasn’t enough, Mello had a very fitted quilted vest. Also in leather. To finish this “look” Mello had steel-toed combat boots.

Matt opened his mouth and then shut it again. Anything he said about that outfit was going to get him smacked so he left the subject alone. For now.

While Matt was ruminating on this Mello had finished off his snack and was starting to nod off. Problem was it’s hard to nod off while leaning against a wall. Matt saw this and gave a small mental sigh.

“Hey Mello.”

The blond looked at him rather blurrily until Matt patted his shoulder. Mello’s look was a tad suspicious, but then he shrugged and propped his head on Matt’s shoulder where he settled with a soft exhalation. Matt pulled out his cell phone and programmed it to go off the next morning in time for their flight. Then he rested his cheek against Mello’s soft hair and allowed sleep to claim him.


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