Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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A/N: Sorry it took me a while to get you this chapter. It took me forever to get this chapter looking like I wanted and then when I loaded it the text came out all wonky. Originally all text that is capitalized was the same font that L uses. The effect was better, but since I can’t get it we’ll all just have to pretend. Without further ado Chapter 7…


Light was having a rather hard time playing blindfolded chess against L. Well it wasn’t so much blindfolded as that he couldn’t turn his head far enough to the left to get a good view of the chess board, so he would call out the placement of his pieces and L would move them as well as his own pieces.

Another reason Light was having a hard time was that it turned out L was a brilliant chess player. It shouldn’t have surprised him, but Light was so competitive, that a defeat in anything from tennis, to chess, to underwater basket weaving, left him more than a little vexed.

“Knight to C3. Check.” L called out. Aw crap. If Light couldn’t get his Queen in place he was going to end up in checkmate.

“Queen to A7.” There that should…

“Pawn to A9. Checkmate.”

“…” No freaking way. L had taken out his King with a pawn?!

Light tried not to think in metaphors.

“Good game Light-kun. Care to play again?” Light would have shrugged his agreement if he could have moved his shoulders, so he just nodded and L set up the board. Light didn’t know it, but L had created his own sort of blindfold in a rather intense internal debate. The game started.


‘I caught the current user of that Death Note. I made it so that a Death Note will never be used on Earth again.’

‘BUT WHAT OF KIRA? WHAT OF LIGHT YAGAMI?’ L cast a worried glance towards the teenager.

‘What of him?’


‘He is in a prison. One created by his own broken body.’

‘YET HE RECEIVES NO FORMAL JUDGMENT. DON'T LIE TO YOURSELF, DETECTIVE. TELL ME WHY. WHY IS HE SO IMPORTANT?’ L was about to object to Light’s importance then stopped. It was one thing to spin stories to those around him. It was quite another to try and lie to his own conscience.

‘He is the first true equal I have ever encountered. He is different from the others where I have to slow down, or dumb down. Often times I am racing to keep up. He challenges me.’ L paused. ‘He is also my first genuine friend.’

‘SO WHAT OF YOUR ‘JUSTICE’, DETECTIVE?’ L strengthened his resolve.

‘Justice is blind. It’s up to us who are her eyes and hands to find the heartfelt truth. The Law may not agree with my decision, but I will be the one to live with its results.’

“Hey Ryuuzaki. It’s a lot easier to play this game if you actually move the pieces rather than just stare at them.” The sarcasm in Light’s voice was so thick you could take it and spread it on toast. L started with slight shock and then hurriedly moved a bishop. L frowned. It looked like Light would win this round.

L tried not to think in metaphors.


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