Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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The second time Light awoke L was once again installed in the chair next to Light’s bed. This time he was awake and typing at his laptop on a table in front of him. Light held as still as possible, hoping that L hadn’t noticed he was awake.

“Good afternoon, Light-kun.”

Well that hope was in vain. Light looked over at L who was staring at him with equal frankness. This didn’t unnerve Light like he thought it would. L’s gaze wasn’t horrified like Misa’s, doubtful like his mother’s, distasteful like his sister’s, or filled with false bravado like his father’s. It was steady and true as if L saw Light as he was and would be and was accepting him.

Light’s gaze drifted to the bruise darkening L’s left cheek and then shifted to the bandages still wrapped around his feet. The bloodstained shirt had been replaced by a clean one, but Light didn’t need any more reminders of everything that L had done for him in the past week. He felt an uncharacteristic flush of shame.

Then the shame turned to anger. Someone was to blame for this situation and it sure as hell wasn’t Light. He was about to lay into L when the detective spoke.


For one crazy moment Light froze, thinking that L was talking about Light’s probability of being Kira.

“There is a 17.3% probability that Light-kun will regain his ability to walk. The doctors gave you a 5% chance, but knowing how strong-willed Light is, I upped the percentage.”

Before Light had a chance to speak, L continued.

“Light-kun will have to undergo two surgeries to remove any fragments that might harm the spinal cord, then realign the spinal column and insert several steel rods for stability. After that there will be a two-week period of complete stasis so that everything can heal with no agitation. Then anywhere from six months to two years of rehabilitation.”

Light turned from L to look at his hands. There was the usual medical bracelet informing anyone who wanted to know of his name and patient number. Nothing all that special, but it gave Light something to do rather than keep eye contact with the detective who kept confusing and infuriating Light at every turn.

“Also Light-kun might find it interesting that Kira has not struck in the past 10 days. This has led me to three possibilities.” Something in L’s voice made Light look back at him.

“1) That Kira is biding his time.” L’s gaze pierced into him as if he knew Light was Kira and was forbidding him to consider this option.

“2) That Kira has been put in a situation where he is unable to act.” The stare changed so that L was saying that this was a possibility, but he was going to ignore that it was.

“3) That Higuchi, Kyosuke had been Kira all along and his final act to possibly save his honor was to commit suicide with the Death Note.” There was finality to this statement. This was the option that L was going to stick with unless Light made him act otherwise.

“I have conferred with Rem. So that we will not die or lose our memories all those who came in contact with the Death Note will wear one of these.” L lifted a small linked silver bracelet. “Watari had these made. They contain miniscule pieces of the Death Note. Too small to write on, but will serve for us having contact. Rem has taken the Death Note and promised to make sure any Death Notes or similar items are removed from Earth and will not return. This includes preventing other Shinigami from dropping their Death Notes.”

After a long moment of furious thought Light realized that L had him pinned. With the complete loss of the Death Note there was no way for Kira to ever surface again in any manifestation. Even though he was silently fuming Light took the offered bracelet and latched it onto his wrist. Then a thought occurred to him.

“So this is it. The end of the Kira case. Why is the great L still gracing us with his presence? Don’t you have somewhere else to be?” The thought of L leaving made Light feel vulnerable, which made him want to lash out; better to strike out, then be open to being hit. But L let the barbed words fly harmlessly past him.

“I can do my job just as well from Japan as anywhere else. This is the first time I have ever had to be on location for a case. Most of the time Watari or another of my team makes contact and I work via cyberspace…it also seems that I have a friend who needs me to remain here.”

And for the first time in his life, Light had no words.


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