Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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There was very little sound when Light woke up leading him to wonder if he really was still among the living. Then he became more aware of his surroundings and his own body. It was the horrendous ache throughout his form that made him decide that he was most definitely alive. He hurt too much to be dead. Then he listened. There was the persistent beep of a heart monitor and the small whoosh of an air tank, but underneath that was the slow breathing of someone deeply asleep.

Light opened his eyes. He blinked furiously and tears came to his eyes, until they adjusted to the lighting. The ceiling revealed very little so he turned to his right. There he discovered the heart monitor along with an IV drip and an air tank that led to two small tubes feeding small amounts of oxygen through his nose. Having satisfied his curiosity with that he turned to his left. What met him there shocked him for several reasons.

L was sitting in a relaxed version of his thinking pose in the chair next to Light’s bed. He had turned to the side so that the back of the chair supported him. His shirt was not only wrinkled but was liberally dappled with what appeared to be blood. L’s feet were also bandaged. Finally the detective was completely asleep.

There were several contradictions with Light’s previous assessment of L. First off, Light was unsure as to why the detective was there in the first place, rather than his family or Misa. Second, why was L covered in blood and why were his feet wrapped up? Third why was he asleep? He never slept, especially around Light.

‘He’s probably trying to catch me off guard so that I might slip up and reveal that I am Kira. Bastard.’

Light’s dark contemplation of L was broken off when the detective started awake. He turned to Light. When L saw Light his face brightened for a moment. Then Light spoke.

“Came to see me brought low, Ryuzaki?” A look of hurt puzzlement and then L’s usual blank stare slid into place.

“It seems that you are finally awake Light-kun.” For some reason this just frustrated Light.

“Yes. Thank you Captain Obvious.” His voice dripped derision. “Since, you’re being so helpful, mind telling me how I got here?”
Light was put on guard when L hesitated slightly before speaking.

“You were hit by a car six days ago. You have been in a coma. The doctors were uncertain if you would awaken. You are suffering from a major concussion and brain hemorrhage. They performed surgery on your admission to the hospital and managed to relieve the pressure in your skull before any permanent damage occurred. Two of your ribs are cracked, but no internal bleeding materialized…”

That hesitation again.

“What is it? You’re not telling me everything.” Light wasn’t showing it, but he was starting to panic on the inside.

“…I’m sorry Light-kun. Several of your vertebrae were crushed in the’re paralyzed from the waist down.”

The bottom fell out from underneath Light. His heart monitor rocketed and a dull roar rushed through his ears. Light started hyperventilating and his pupils turned to mere pins. He could hear L calling out to him, but it was distant in the horror that surrounded Light.

Two scalding hands gripped his shoulders and shook him slightly. When he failed to respond the hands moved to cup his face and pull his chin up so that he stared into intense dark eyes shadowed by unruly black hair.

“Light. Calm down. Panicking will not help. Take deep breaths and relax.”

Light quieted until he realized who was giving these orders.

“GET OFF OF ME!” Light stuck out at L verbally and physically landing a vicious blow to the side of L’s face. The dark haired young man just stood there, eyes hidden under his hair. A drop of blood slid out of the corner of his mouth, but he made no motion to remove it. After a heavy pause L spoke quietly.

“I see that Light-kun has no further need of me. I will inform the doctors and Yagami-san that you are awake.” With that L turned and exited the room. Light tried to ignore the fact that L was limping.

A short while later a female physician entered the room and gave him a thorough check up. Light had to endure the embarrassing and painful ordeal of having his catheter removed. Now that he was conscious whenever he had to use the facilities he would have to be helped into a wheel chair and then moved to the restroom where he would be assisted in any sort of output. Light wasn’t certain if this was hell, but it came a close second.

After the doctor left his family and Misa came rushing into the room where another blow was dealt to his ego.

“Oh my God! Misa didn’t know Light would look so terrible!” She winced away from him as if he was deformed. His parents and sister’s reactions weren’t much better.

“I’m sure he’ll look better once the bruising goes away and his hair grows back Misa-san.” His mother ran her hand against the stubble that was all that was left of his hair from what the surgeons had shaved off. Light could hear the doubt in her voice.

“You’re going to look like a yakuza, bro.” Sayu grimaced at the stitches in his scalp.

“Sayu, what a thing to say. Scars are distinguished.” His father sounded as if he was forcing bravado into his tone.

A tight cold ball formed in Light’s chest. He closed his eyes, willing it to go away.

“I’m so glad that Ryuzaki-san was there. We almost lost you as it was.” Light opened his eyes in amazement and stared at his mother.

“What was that?”

“From what the paramedics told us, Ryuzaki ran out of the building and stabilized you until the ambulance arrived. He cut his feet on the glass since he wasn’t wearing shoes. He called us when he got to the hospital. After you got out of surgery he didn’t leave your side. He wouldn’t even leave to change clothes or sleep. You’re lucky to have such a dedicated friend.”

Every word was a blow to Light’s already crumbling mental foundation. Some of his discomfort must have shown.

“Come on everyone. Let’s leave Light alone to rest.” Light’s father herded everyone out of the room tossing a concerned look at his son, before exiting himself.

Light lay back against the bleached hospital pillow and closed his eyes. He willed this all to go away. When he remained in his own private hell he started to tremble. Why did this happen to him? Was the Universe trying to tell him something? Was he not supposed to create a utopia with Kira?

His thoughts spiraled downward until he fell into a fitful doze.


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