Downfall and Recovery

BY : Eliscious
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Dragon prints: 1994
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“What do you mean ‘L’s not coming back’?” Mello’s voice revealed his barely restrained anger. “Kira is dead. The case is over. Why is he not coming back to Whammy?”

“Some unforeseen complications arose while he was in Japan. He is going to remain on site there for at least the next few months. Possibly indefinitely.” Roger tried to make his tone as calm and firm as possibly, but that did little to ease the news to the high-strung teenager.

“INDEFINITELY?! What sort of complications are we talking about here?!” Mello’s voice spiraled upward.

“I’m sorry, but I am not at liberty to discuss that matter. I can tell you that he will be making periodical visits to check on your progress.”

Mello was opening his mouth to let Roger know his feelings on that, when he was interrupted.

“L has forty different reasons for the color of his boxers, let alone staying in another country. I think he’s got it under control.” Matt never even looked up from his PS2 that appeared to be permanently attached to his hands, yet he got his point across and managed to calm down Mello…until Near put in his two cents.

“Are you saying you don’t trust L’s judgment?” Near was methodically manipulating a G.I. Joe.

The look that Near received should have caused him to burst into flames, but since that didn’t occur Mello made a noise similar to a boiling teakettle and then turned on his heel and stalked out the door. Matt heaved a sigh as he stood, turned off his game, and then pocketed it. He then grabbed Near by the collar of his shirt and tugged him out of the office. Once they got outside he changed to hanging onto Near’s sleeve. Near’s expression didn’t change an iota. He just trudged along behind Matt like a pale shadow.

Matt wasn’t certain how he ended up being the one to make sure that Mello and Near stayed out of trouble (mostly from each other), but he wished he had looked more closely at the job description and declined. First he would drop Near off at his room so he would know where the twerp was if he needed him (unless he snuck off somewhere. Brat did that occasionally). Next he would follow the trail of bewildered, tearful, terrified, or furious people and track down Mello. He had approximately 14 minutes before something of potential value was mangled or set on fire.

That was the critical difference between the two young geniuses. Near played with toys. Mello played with guns, fire, and people’s minds: though not necessary in that order.

Sixteen minutes later Matt discovered Mello. There was a maniacal gleam in Mello’s eyes as he watched the merrily burning chair. Well at least that’s what Matt thought it was. It was a bit hard to tell since it had been thoroughly mauled before its conflagration.

‘Why do geniuses have to be such psychos?’ Matt paused when he realized he would have to include himself in that statement then shrugged. ‘At least my quirks don’t involve combustion…except the smoking…damn.’

After a few minutes the fire died down, but the two teenagers continued to watch the smoldering remains.

“Why do you think L is staying in Japan?” Mello’s voice was soft, but Matt could hear the hurt in it. Everyone in Whammy House looked up to L, but Mello’s constant battle to be first was entirely so that L would look on him favorably. Matt knew it almost killed him when Near arrived and stole the spotlight. So what are you supposed to do when the one you most look up to in life suddenly decides to stay away?

Go to them…

“Hey Mello.” Matt turned to him.

“What.” Mello was over being soft and back to being his waspish self.

“How’s your Japanese?” The swiftly brightening look Mello gave Matt made dealing with the blonde’s idiosyncrasies bearable.


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