Zang Fu Theory

BY : LotusMoon
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Title: Zang Fu Theory, Part 10

Author: Lotus

Pairing(s): Sanzo/Hakkai/Gojyo

Rating: NC17

Summary: P1 - Sanzo and Hakkai are called away in the middle of the night to help a severely injured farmer and Gojyo is left babysitting a dragon. P2 - Hakkai is possessed by a fire oni, & the oni’s attempt to draw heat results in a sexual situation. P3 - Upon Hakkai & Sanzo’s return to the inn, Gojyo & Goku realized what happened & Gojyo attacks Sanzo. P4 - Hakkai attempts to be peacemaker. P5 - Sanzo & Goku have a chat in the bath. P6 - Gojyo uses his special brand of persuasion. P7 - Battle in the bath house. P8 - Gojyo remembers Jien’s magic beans. P9 - Hakkai & Gojyo wash the ash off. P10 - Hakkai tends Sanzo’s wounds.
Warning: Language, Sexual Situations

Disclaimer: Kazuya Minekura’s beautiful boys. If they were mine, there’d be more stops at onsens, secluded woodland bathing pools, shower scenes and overall general nudity. And fewer female wait staff.

Sanzo’s throat was raw, his tongue swollen, and every time he breathed too deeply, it felt like he had swallowed a fishhook and it was lodged in his chest. And apparently there was a tiny demon in his head banging the inside of his skull like a gong. He desperately wanted a smoke. And to shoot something. Swatting blindly at the clumsy hands tugging the sleeveless sha shirt over his head, Sanzo pushed his head through the snug collar.

“I can dress myself.” He glared at Goku.

The saru plopped down on the wooden bench next to him in the datsuijyo. For some reason, Goku was wearing the kappa’s shirt. It was buttoned unevenly, and although it fit through the shoulders, the sleeves were ridiculously long and the tail fell mid-thigh.

“You were dead, Sanzo!” Goku exclaimed.

His dramatic gesturing made the open cuffs flap around his hands, gold eyes wide in concern. Although aesthetically aware most would find the picture Goku presented charming, Sanzo fought the urge to reach for the harisen.

“I was not dead,” Sanzo growled, slicking back his wet hair left-handed.

“Well, you weren’t breathing.” The golden orbs darkened, and Sanzo saw the shadow of fear.

“Not breathing isn’t dead,” Sanzo replied gruffly. Fuck, he needed a smoke.

Sanzo searched inside the sleeves of the robe pooled around his waist. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes slightly mashed from being slept on. Tapping out a stick, he pulled it out with his lips as his other hand searched for the lighter. An image flashed through his mind of Hakkai using his lighter to burn the incense at the farmer’s funeral ceremony. Scowling, he shoved the pack back in the sleeve, clenching the unlit cigarette in his teeth.

“You weren’t breathing or moving at all,” Goku continued. “Hakkai kept blowing into your mouth over and over...”

Holding Hakkai's face firmly between the palms of his hands, Sanzo dipped his head and pressed his lips hard against the healer's. They were cold, but warmed quickly beneath his mouth and parted willingly when Sanzo's tongue stabbed forward. Ignoring the hands pulling at his hips and the body writhing beneath him, Sanzo's right thumb slipped down Hakkai's cheek to push his chin down, opening his mouth wider. Sanzo sucked Hakkai's breath into his body, pressing down hard, crushing their mouths together...

“Urusai!” Sanzo barked, wincing at the sharp pain that lanced his throat.

“Somebody woke up cranky,” an annoyingly flippant voice commented.

Sanzo’s eyes snapped up, and he glared at the lanky redhead ducking under the noren. His long red hair was pinned up with those absurd chopsticks, a towel barely clinging to narrow hips. As the hanyou sauntered into the datsuijyo, he reached up and pulled the chopsticks free, shaking his hair loose. With his other hand, he undid the towel and threw it at the hamper.

Involuntarily, Sanzo’s eyes dropped to Gojyo’s crotch. He’d seen more cock than he cared for at the monastery since it was communal bathing. The pervy kappa was the only male he’d met that always seemed to stay partially erect.

“I’m a show-er instead of a grower,” Gojyo had proudly proclaimed the first time the ikkou had bathed together. “Though I do a bit of growing, too, with the right incentive,” he’d added with a lewd wink.

Gojyo’s cock was long, slender and sprouted from a thatch of red hair just like the kappa himself. Some people developed a resemblance to their pets; the hanyou looked like his prick.

“I’m good, sweetheart,” Gojyo purred over his head.

Sanzo started, simultaneously realizing the hanyou was standing directly in front of him, and he’d been caught staring at another man’s penis.

“But not even Sha Gojyo can light a cigarette with his dick,” Gojyo smirked.

“Fuck you,” Sanzo gritted around the unlit stick, glaring upward.

“Nuh-huh.” Eyelids lowered over crimson eyes. “I wouldn’t be the one bending over and spreading my ass, cherry-chan.”

“Do you want to die?” Sanzo growled, narrowing his eyes to hide his surprise.

The hanyou was being unusually aggressive with him, practically to a suicidal degree. No, Sanzo amended, Gojyo was being possessive, verbally marking his territory. If the redhead thought they were going to posture like a couple of cocks in front of the hen house, he really was an idiot.

“I think that is quite enough,” Hakkai forestalled whatever witless remark Gojyo had opened his mouth to say.

Sanzo’s eyes flicked from hot red to cool green and was instantly soothed, like aloe on a burn. Hakkai handed Gojyo a guest robe and discreetly turned to slip on his own. Sanzo frowned at the harshly scoured back. The painful color reminded him of the striped welts on the self-flagellating Christian monks.

“Goku, will you pick up that pile, please?” Hakkai moved efficiently around the datsuijyo, gathering the ikkou’s belongings.

Without breaking stride, the healer produced a lighter from the pocket of his discarded pants. Sanzo leaned forward as Hakkai offered a flame, puffing until the tip glowed red. He squinted up through the smoke, and Hakkai flashed a fake smile before turning away.

“Hey, wasn’t that my lighter?” Gojyo followed Hakkai to the exit.

With a sigh, Sanzo waved Goku to go on and pushed himself to his feet. He waited a moment for the wave of dizziness to pass, gingerly touching the knot on the back of his head from hitting the rocks. He looked up as Hakuryu’s frantic chirruping greeted Hakkai. When the healer stepped out into the full afternoon sun, his slim body was outlined through the thin white robe. Sanzo’s pain was temporarily forgotten as desire stirred, a craving as strong and burning sweet as the cigarette on his lips.

A shadow fell over Hakkai as Gojyo slung an around around the shorter man’s shoulders. The hanyou flipped his hair and looked back at Sanzo. It pissed Sanzo off how the light caught his eyes like rubies and set his long hair to flame. Sanzo was not oblivious to the mixture of exotic beauty and sexual charisma that composed Sha Gojyo’s siren song. Despite his insults to the contrary, he was well aware of why town after town, the women and occasional man, followed that tune into the kappa’s bed.

But, as Sanzo had told Hakkai, he could not be seduced. Seduction was a type of coercion, and no one’s will was stronger than his own.

“Comin’, monk?” Gojyo asked, smirk raising the scarred side of his face.

The challenge in the crimson eyes was clear. Sanzo had seen the exact same expression in the hanyou’s face the first time Sanzo had come to claim Hakkai, on that bloody night three years ago. The look that dared, “Take him if you can”.

Sanzo had underestimated Gojyo back then, and it had been Goku who had ended up finishing the fight. The hanyou had been a source of irritation ever since, but Hakkai more or less kept Gojyo out of his way. Now the idiot was challenging him again, but Sanzo was prepared.

He would take Hakkai, figuratively and literally. He would take him tonight, and there wouldn’t be a damn thing the kappa could do about it, siren song or no.

In the end, it was Hakkai who cleared the other two out of his room. Sanzo sat on the bed, back against the wall, one arm propped on a bent knee, smoking as he watched the brown-haired man shoo them out. Goku cast reluctant looks at Sanzo until Hakkai told Gojyo to feed him lunch. True to form, the saru’s attention shifted immediately and he bounced out into the hallway. Gojyo lingered in the doorway, murmuring in the healer’s ear, which turned bright pink.

“Gojyo,” Hakkai said, pushing on the other man’s chest, “I need to tend to Sanzo’s injuries. Please.” Another push.

A long, brown finger ran down the center of Hakkai’s back and brushed a round buttock, making the healer jump. Crimson eyes glowered at Sanzo over Hakkai’s shoulder and he blew out a slow stream of smoke. They stared unblinking at each other through the drifting tendrils, then Hakkai finally managed to push the clinging hanyou into the hall and close the door.

“Lock it,” Sanzo said.

Hakkai’s head tilted as if he were going to look back over his shoulder, but instead he slid the wooden bar over. Sanzo smoked silently and watched Hakkai’s careful movements as he crossed the room and picked up the overturned table, meticulously returning each item to its proper place. The healer retrieved his medicine bag from under his bed, then knelt in front of Sanzo. Unstoppering a glass jar, he set it on the tatami mat next to him and held out a graceful hand.

“Your ankle please, Sanzo,” Hakkai said in his polite voice, not meeting Sanzo’s eyes.

Taking a last drag on his cigarette, Sanzo leaned forward to stub it out in the recently restored ashtray. He scooted forward and lowered his bent leg so both feet were within easy reach for the healer.

A cool hand firmly grasped his right foot, and Hakkai carefully lifted the hem of Sanzo’s robe, folding it neatly over his knees. Although Hakkai’s touch was as efficient and gentle as always when he patched Sanzo up after a fight, he felt his cock stir between his legs. He stared down at the bent head, the white nape exposed as Hakkai scooped out a dollop of salve. He wanted to bite the back of that neck, see the red marks of his teeth on the tender flesh.

“Please tell me if I hurt you, Sanzo,” Hakkai murmured.

The healer liberally applied the salve to the burn ringing Sanzo’s ankle from the oni’s grasp. There was a slight tingling, then cool numbness around the blistered flesh, but heat pooled in Sanzo’s groin. He was forced to shift his legs a little wider as he grew hard. Mistaking the nature of the movement, Hakkai’s green eyes shot up in concern.

“Was that painful?” Hakkai asked.

Sanzo caught the emerald eyes and didn’t let them go as he leaned forward slightly. Slowly, he reached out and placed his left index finger in the hollow at the base of Hakkai’s throat. A slight frown creased Hakkai’s brow beneath the fringe of wet bangs, but the healer didn’t pull back. Still holding Hakkai’s gaze, Sanzo spread his first and second fingers like scissors and pressed down firmly on both clavicles. A deeper push would hook the nerves under the bones and cause sharp pain and difficulty breathing. Sanzo kept the pressure steady, so the message was clearly, “don’t move”.

Hakkai’s left eye darkened as the pupil expanded, and the slender bones beneath Sanzo’s fingers shifted slightly as the brunette’s breathing sped up. Moving around the room had loosened the sash around Hakkai’s robe considerably, so when Sanzo reached down with his other hand and tugged, the tie slid away from the narrow waist easily. Sanzo dropped the sash on the mat. Only gravity kept the front of Hakkai’s robe closed. The hand on Sanzo’s foot tightened, and the green eyes fled, hiding beneath thick black lashes.

“Sanzo,” Hakkai’s voice was strained, “I can’t hurt Gojyo.”

“Che.” Sanzo’s right hand gripped Hakkai’s chin. He wanted the brunette’s eyes on him again. “The kappa is acting like a spoiled child afraid of losing his security blanket.” Sanzo saw a glint of green through the shadow of lashes and bent his head down.

“Who touched you first?” Sanzo demanded quietly.

Hakkai’s chest heaved, and Sanzo pushed down more firmly on the clavicles. He forced Hakkai to raise his head with the grip on his chin, although there wasn’t much resistance. The eyelashes fluttered madly, and Sanzo could see the pulse in the taut neck.


Sanzo used the name he had called the man in front of him in their time together between the death of Gonou and the birth of Hakkai. It was a name he had never spoken aloud outside the monastery walls.

Startled green eyes met his at last, but Sanzo did not let go. His right hand slid up the healer’s jaw to hold the side of his flushed face. The tips of his fingers brushed the limiters, and he felt the frisson of reverberating chi tingle down his arm.

“Who touched you first?” Sanzo demanded again.

The flush deepened across Hakkai’s cheeks and Sanzo could feel the flesh warm beneath his hand. The brunette was panting like a runner, and the grip on Sanzo’s foot shook as Hakkai struggled to get himself under control. Sanzo pushed down hard on the clavicles, making circular dents in the pale skin and turning his own nails white, but he needed to anchor Hakkai.

Sanzo knew Hakkai feared losing control more than anything else in this earthly existence. At the monastery, Sanzo had been pushed to the limits of his own training breaking through the rigid mental barriers of the human-turned-youkai so that he could begin teaching him, and try to save his life.

The joints in Sanzo’s fingers began to ache, and he knew he was exerting enough pressure to move beyond discomfort into actual pain, but he didn’t let up. He had to be the control, or Hakkai would not permit himself enough freedom for this to work. When Sanzo had decided he would take this path with Hakkai, he knew they would have to go through this moment. He also knew that although Gojyo might seduce and provide physical pleasure, he would never be strong enough to make Hakkai feel safe.

Hakkai’s free hand rose to rest on his own heaving chest, fingertips touching Sanzo’s. Slowly, the ragged breathing began to slow down and the grip on Sanzo’s foot loosened. He could see calm enter the green eyes as Hakkai began to center himself around the anchor Sanzo was providing.

Gradually, Sanzo eased up on the pressure of his fingers, staying locked on those emerald eyes for the slightest sign of panic. Hakkai slowly rose up on his knees and Sanzo let his arm rise with the movement, maintaining the contact, but no longer exerting any real pressure. Hakkai’s hand moved to rest on Sanzo’s bare knees.

“You, Shishou,” he finally answered Sanzo’s question. “You were the first to touch me.”

Sanzo’s left hand slid up Hakkai’s neck so the healer’s face was held between his palms and he leaned forward. Hakkai met him halfway, and when their lips touched, Sanzo felt a tingle similar to the chi reverb in the limiters that went straight to his cock. Without preamble, he angled his head and thrust his tongue into Hakkai’s willing mouth and sucked hard, swallowing the other man’s moan. Hakkai’s warm breath was on his face, wet hair dripping on his neck, the taste of him filling his mouth, and Sanzo couldn’t remember ever wanting someone so much.

Without breaking the kiss, he pulled Hakkai up on the bed with him, rolling as he leaned back so the other man was beneath him. Hakkai’s nimble hands pushed up the hem of Sanzo’s sha shirt, and he broke the kiss to pull it over his head and dropped it to the floor. He looked down at the healer sprawled beneath him. The robe had fallen open, and the brunette lay completely exposed to him, skin a darker pale than his own, thick cock curled up against his scarred belly. The emerald eyes were half-closed and dark in a flushed face, and his lips were slightly parted as Hakkai panted softly.

“Shishou,” Hakkai whispered, hands reaching up to tug at Sanzo’s hair.

With a low growl, Sanzo lowered his head to suck and bite at those lips. The fingers tightened in his hair and Hakkai’s lithe body arched up against him. Sanzo trailed nipping kisses down the white throat offered up to him as his hands quickly undid his sash and he pushed off his own robe. When bare flesh touched along the length of their bodies, both men groaned. Sanzo was hard almost to the point of pain, and he knew neither one of them was going to last through drawn-out foreplay. It would make it hard on Hakkai, since Sanzo didn’t doubt it was his first time with a man, but it wasn’t like they didn’t deal with pain every day of their lives.

“Roll over,” Sanzo said. “Up on your forearms and knees.”

As Hakkai followed his directions, Sanzo leaned over the edge of the bed and fished around inside Hakkai’s medicine bag for the oil the healer kept for sunburns and chapped skin. It should work. Pouring some of the golden oil in the palm of his hand, Sanzo kneeled behind Hakkai.

“Spread your knees wider,” Sanzo said quietly.

Hakkai complied, and Sanzo settled into the space between Hakkai’s thighs. Rubbing the oil between his hands, he reached under Hakkai and gripped his cock in his left hand. The healer bucked and gasped, making his balls swing back to slap Sanzo’s hand. His own cock twitched in response, and he had to fight the urge to grasp a hold of himself and jerk both of them off together. Instead, he firmly began stroking Hakkai’s cock in the same rhythm that had made him come before. The brunette responded immediately, moaning and rocking into his hand.

When the movement was established, Sanzo felt down the crack of Hakkai’s ass with his index finger until he found the small hidden pucker. He rested it there until Hakkai rocked back on the upstroke, and slipped the finger in to the second knuckle. The round ass cheeks clenched instantly, and the rhythm faltered.

As he continued to firmly stroke Hakkai’s cock, the slim hips started rocking again, and he left his finger inside, moving with him. A few more backward movements, and he slid the second finger in, shoving them both all the way in to the top knuckle. This stopped Hakkai altogether with a soft grunt, and Sanzo quickly felt for the small, smooth bump, pushing up and forward.

“Ah!” Hakkai threw his head back, and clenched so hard Sanzo thought his fingers would be broken.

Wincing until the brunette relaxed, Sanzo kept stroking Hakkai’s cock, lightly massaging the bundle of nerves until the healer was pushing back harder on his hand, reaching for more contact. Sanzo slowly pulled his fingers out, feeling satisfaction at the small mewling sound Hakkai made, and oiled up his own cock with a couple of brisk strokes.

Kneeling up behind Hakkai, he firmly grasped the slim hips and slid his slick cock along the crack of the brunette’s ass, rocking with him for a moment. When the other man started moaning again, Sanzo stilled the movement.

“I’m going to enter you now,” Sanzo said. “Take a deep breath, and when you feel me push in, let it out slowly. Stay relaxed.”

With his thumbs, Sanzo spread Hakkai’s ass and saw the most private of places for the first time. He had always found the erotic imagery of flowers for sex organs in haiku and art ridiculous, but at that moment, it was the first thought that came to him. A small pink circle inside a slightly darker one, a secret flower opening only for him. Before he even knew he was going to do so, Sanzo bent his head and kissed it.

A sigh from Hakkai, and the soft skin beneath him quivered. Straightening, Sanzo lined up the head of his cock and pushed inside the other man. Only a few inches, and it was unbelievably tight. Gripping Hakkai’s hips firmly to hold him steady, Sanzo slowly pushed in while the healer let out a shaky breath. Halfway, Sanzo stopped to let Hakkai take another deep breath, then steadily pushed in until he was fully seated, his balls brushing the brunette’s ass.

Under his hands Hakkai’s skin was twitching like an agitated horse, legs shivering on either side of him. Sanzo had never taken a virgin, and it was the tightest ass he had ever been inside. It gripped his cock like a damp silk glove. He was almost shaking from the effort not to pull out and start pumping into the tight, wet heat like a rutting animal.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“S-Sanzo?” Hakkai asked breathlessly.

“You’re so tight,” Sanzo gritted out, “it makes me want to fuck you through the floor.”

Hakkai moaned, hips pushing back, and the anal muscles fluttered around Sanzo’s cock. His eyebrow twitched up in surprise. Who would have thought the polite healer liked dirty talk? Sanzo filed that interesting bit of information for future reference, and reached down to grasp Hakkai’s cock. Another surprise greeted him; the brunette was still hard. In Sanzo’s experience, sometimes the bottom lost his erection when he was being breached and it had to be coaxed back. The thick cock twitched in his hand, and he stroked it, eliciting another moan from the man beneath him. The tightness around him eased a bit.

Steadying himself with one hand on Hakkai’s hip, Sanzo pulled out halfway and pushed back in. Both men moaned, and Hakkai writhed beneath him. Slowly, he pulled out and and thrust again. A fine sheen of sweat covered Sanzo from the effort to restrain himself.

“Please,” Hakkai’s voice was muffled against his forearm. “More.”

Apparently begging was one of Sanzo’s turn-ons. Deciding Hakkai was a grown man and could take it if he was asking for it, Sanzo released the brunette’s cock and grasped the slim hips firmly with both hands. He pulled out so only the head of his cock was still inside, and spread his own knees to brace himself.

“Please,” the voice was naked with need.

“I’m going to fuck you hard now,” Sanzo said quietly. “And you’re going to take it.”

“Yes,” the word was almost a sob.

Hakkai was trembling beneath his hands, but he arched his back and tilted up his ass. Sanzo could not resist that invitation. With grunt, Sanzo snapped his hips forward and buried his cock to the hilt in the brunette’s ass. Hakkai cried out, but followed him when Sanzo pulled out again. All the way to the crown, then he thrust in again, twisting his hips to angle for the prostate. He knew from Hakkai’s muffled scream that he’d hit the mark. Sanzo methodically fucked Hakkai deep and hard, the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh, harsh breathing, his grunts and Hakkai’s cries. Hakkai’s arms had given out at some point, and the healer had collapsed on his chest, only his ass raised up, held in place by Sanzo’s hard grip and ramming cock.

Sanzo felt his balls tighten, and the familiar throbbing warmth in his cock that meant his orgasm was close. While he was planted deep inside the other man, he leaned forward over Hakkai’s sweat-slicked back, propping himself up on his right elbow. With his left hand, he reached under Hakkai and grabbed the blood-swollen cock, weeping semen. With a moan, Hakkai thrust into his hand as much as he could move in the more restricted position. Sanzo couldn’t pull out as far this way, but that didn’t matter now that they were both so close. He started pumping his hips and Hakkai’s moans turned to sobbing whimpers as he was caught between Sanzo’s firm hand and merciless cock.

Sanzo was on the edge, about to go over, and he tilted his head, biting down on the nape of Hakkai’s neck as his release exploded violently. The moment his teeth latched onto the tender white flesh, Hakkai let out a strangled scream and Sanzo felt hot strings of cum spurt over his hand. He kept milking Hakkai’s cock, hips stuttering as his own seed pulsed into the other man. It wasn’t until the final tremor faded away, and Hakkai’s penis twitched dry in his hand, that Sanzo released his grip on the back of the brunette’s neck. He pulled slowly out of Hakkai’s relaxed ass, and rolled them onto their sides.

Sanzo noted his breathing was slowing down but Hakkai’s was not and the healer was trembling. He hooked his leg over the healer’s, and wrapped an arm around the heaving chest, pinning their bodies tight together. Despite the quivering in his own thighs, Sanzo squeezed hard so Hakkai could feel that he had him. Slowly, Hakkai’s breathing evened out, and the trembling ceased. Sanzo studied the rough circle of red teeth marks on the back of the neck in front of him. He licked the mark, savoring the salty sweetness, and Hakkai moaned, pushing back into him. Gradually, Sanzo loosened his hold on Hakkai as he licked and sucked at the bite mark and the healer relaxed more and more into him.

Sanzo fell asleep with his lips on Hakkai’s neck.


Oshiego - student, disciple

Shishou - master, teacher

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