Zang Fu Theory

BY : LotusMoon
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gensomaden Saiyuki, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Sorry it took me so long! Now that the holidays are over, I should be able to pick up the pace (mmm, hot sauce...). Thanks to the amazing, beautiful sharpeslass for the Beta!

Title: Zang Fu Theory, Part 18
Author: Lotus
Pairing(s): Sanzo/Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC17
While the ikkou are staying in a town, Sanzo and Hakkai are called away in the middle of the night to help a severely injured farmer. Gojyo is left babysitting a dragon, who behaves very strangely. At the farmhouse, Hakkai is possessed by a fire oni, & the oni’s attempt to draw heat results in a sexual situation with Sanzo. Upon Hakkai & Sanzo’s return to the inn, Gojyo & Goku realized what happened & Gojyo attacks Sanzo. Hakkai attempts to be peacemaker, sending Sanzo & Goku to the bathhouse, leaving him with Gojyo. Sanzo & Goku have a chat in the bath, and Sanzo is attacked by the fire oni. Back at the inn, afraid he is losing his friend to Sanzo, Gojyo uses his special brand of persuasion with Hakkai. Hakuryu flies back to the inn for help, leading Hakkai & Gojyo to the bathhouse. They battle the fire oni, and just when all seems lost, Gojyo remembers Jien’s magic beans. Hakkai & Gojyo wash the ash off each other. Returning to the inn, Gojyo & Goku are kicked out of the room & Hakkai tends Sanzo’s wounds. Goku gets embarrassed in the bathroom in front of Gojyo, who ends up lending him a helping hand. The healing session becomes intimate between Hakkai & Sanzo. Hakkai remembers the past when he was at the temple with Sanzo and Gojyo seeks solace after accidentally eavesdropping on Hakkai & Sanzo. Goku follows the upset Gojyo & gets free dumplings from a vendor because he’s a companion of the Chosen One. During a passionate moment, Sanzo loses control & Hakkai leaves to look for Gojyo. Goku leads Hakkai to the bar he had followed Gojyo to the night before. At the Red Kimono, Gojyo is attacked & mysteriously declared to be the Chosen One. The purpose of the Chosen One is revealed to be a companion for the fire oni. And the villagers chose Gojyo! Trapped by a talisman next to his heart, Gojyo decides to say goodbye to Hakkai. Hakkai’s passion is released.

Chapter 18: Sanzo meets up with the rest of the ikkou at the Red Kimono.

Warning: Language, Sexual Situations, Anal

Disclaimer: Kazuya Minekura’s beautiful boys. If they were mine, there’d be more stops at onsens, secluded woodland bathing pools, shower scenes and overall general nudity. And fewer female wait staff.

Arms locked, Gojyo pushed his hips straight back to meet Hakkai’s gentle thrust. He moaned at the jolt of molten pleasure as Hakkai hit his sweet spot with dead-on accuracy. Hakkai’s left hand gripped his hip and the right caressed Gojyo’s ass and back as they fucked. Gojyo on his hands and knees, Hakkai kneeling behind him. They had a nice, easy rhythm going, and it was taking a while to work up to this last orgasm. It would be Gojyo’s fifth and Hakkai’s fourth time.

Gojyo couldn’t remember ever having been so completely satisfied by a lover. He’d never met anyone with the stamina to stay with him this long. Normally, it took two to three bed partners to get him to this languid, bone-melted state. And all those years of massaging sore muscles and healing wounds had provided Hakkai with an intimate knowledge of Gojyo’s body that Hakkai had been applying mercilessly for the past several hours.

Gojyo couldn’t imagine Heaven would be sweeter.

Another tingling jolt, and the throbbing deepened at the base of his cock. Shifting his weight onto his left hand, Gojyo reached down between his legs, but was intercepted.

“Allow me,” Hakkai murmured, brushing his hand away.

Happy to comply, Gojyo resumed his previous position as Hakkai’s fingers wrapped around his cock. Hakkai matched hand to pumping hips, and Gojyo was at the edge in moments.

“Oh, yeah,” Gojyo groaned.

Hakkai’s hips and hand moved faster, and Gojyo tipped over into ecstasy, pleasure pulsing out from his groin. Muscles weakening from the release, he dropped down onto his forearms, bracing himself for Hakkai’s thrusts. When Hakkai kept stroking his over-sensitive cock, Gojyo reached down and pulled the hand away.

“I came, babe,” Gojyo advised.

“But, there wasn’t...” Hakkai’s voice trailed off, hips stopping.

“You milked me dry,” Gojyo chuckled.

He pushed back, and Hakkai resumed thrusting.

“Oh. I... see.” Hakkai cleared his throat.

Gojyo grinned. He’d bet Hakkai’s face was all kinds of red. Gojyo moaned as Hakkai’s unerring aim hit his prostate. He felt both hands firmly grip his hips, and Hakkai’s thrusts grew more earnest. Gojyo spread his knees and arched his back to open himself up and give the other man as much as he could. He guessed from the ragged breathing behind him that Hakkai was close to his own orgasm.

“Hey,” Gojyo said over his shoulder, “since I can’t see you, let me hear you come.”

In response, Hakkai stopped thrusting and squeezed Gojyo’s hips. He shifted, pushing Gojyo’s legs together with his knees, then pressed down gently on the small of his back. Taking the hint, Gojyo lowered himself until he was lying flat on his stomach, legs straight. Hakkai lay down on top of him, bracing himself on his forearms. Hakkai couldn’t pull out very far in this position, and didn’t hit Gojyo’s prostate anymore, but Gojyo didn’t care. So much skin-on-skin contact felt great.

It was unusual for Gojyo to assume such a passive position during sex, and it made him feel a little guilty. To compensate, he squeezed his ass tightly around Hakkai’s cock when it slid inside him. He was immediately rewarded with a deep groan near his ear.

“Mm, yeah,” Gojyo murmured his approval. “You make the sexiest sounds.”

“Ha,” Hakkai laughed softly, a puff of air tickling Gojyo’s cheek.

Balancing on one arm, Hakkai pulled the hair that had slipped free of the ponytail away from Gojyo’s face. Gojyo looked up into the green eyes, dark and light at the same time. The pale skin was flushed and sweaty, mouth open slightly as he grunted with the slow, deep thrusts.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” Gojyo whispered.

Bending down, Hakkai kissed him. Gojyo craned his neck to catch the kiss. The angle was awkward, and it ended up being an open-mouthed affair with exposed tongues chasing each other. Hakkai pulled back and pressed his face into Gojyo’s neck, hips bearing down hard.

“Nnnh!” Hakkai cried out softly as he came.

Gojyo clenched the cock pulsing in his ass, imagining he could feel the other man’s seed spurting inside him. For a moment, Hakkai’s full weight dropped down on him, pressing him into the futon, then Hakkai started to lift up.

“Hang on,” Gojyo said, touching Hakkai’s forearm.

“Are you all right?” Hakkai asked, freezing in place.

“Yeah.” Gojyo wriggled from his shoulders down the length of his body to his toes. “I just like the feel of your body on top of me.”

“Ah,” Hakkai said softly.

Hakkai slowly lowered himself back down, pressing his chest to Gojyo’s back, groin to ass, legs bracketing him. It felt so good to have Hakkai draped over him like a living blanket, enveloped in his scent. Gojyo sighed in contentment as Hakkai caressed his right side and pressed kisses on the back of his shoulders and neck.

Gojyo felt... cherished.

Almost as soon as the feeling coalesced, pain squeezed Gojyo’s heart. He pressed his face into his forearm. Sweet Merciful Goddess, how was he supposed to give up Hakkai now? Like most of Gojyo’s plans, this one was turning out to be a spectacular failure. The idea had been to sleep with Hakkai once, a memory for Gojyo to take with him when he escaped from this fucked-up village and left the ikkou. Something to keep him company in their empty house...

“Fuck,” Gojyo muttered.

Tears stung his eyes, and Gojyo scrubbed at his face with the back of his hand.

“Gojyo?” Hakkai asked, concerned.

“Mm?” Gojyo tried to keep his face hidden in his folded arms.

“Was... was the last time too much?” Some of the earlier doubt crept back into Hakkai’s voice. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Gojyo could feel the body over him stiffen with tension. Reaching back to touch Hakkai’s hip, Gojyo shifted, rolling onto his back and pulling Hakkai close.

“Of course you didn’t hurt me,” Gojyo said.

The green eyes dropped, and Gojyo jostled Hakkai’s head with his arm until he recaptured his gaze.

“Hey, Gojyo said. ”You were incredible.”

Hakkai frowned slightly and pressed his lips together the way he did when someone complimented him on a meal he wasn’t totally satisfied with. Gojyo reached out and cupped the side of the Hakkai’s face.

“Seriously, Kai,” Gojyo insisted. “When I say someone’s good in bed, I know what I’m talking about.”

The green eyes searched his for a moment, then Hakkai’s frown deepened. Hakkai brushed his fingertips over Gojyo’s damp cheeks.

“Then what’s wrong, Gojyo?” Hakkai asked.

“I-” Gojyo hesitated. I love you. I’m leaving. I’ve got a talisman shoved into my chest.

He closed his eyes a minute, then smiled, letting his hand slide down to rest on the side of Hakkai’s neck.

“I’ll tell you later,” Gojyo said. “What were you going to tell me earlier, before I seduced you?”

Hakkai made an indignant noise. “I am not a woman, Gojyo.”

“And I’ve got the sore ass to prove it,” Gojyo grinned.

He rolled his hips against Hakkai, and watched the pink flush rise up into Hakkai’s face, dark eyelashes fluttering over the green eyes.

“You think just ‘cause you’re a man, you can’t be seduced?” Gojyo dropped into his husky voice, and the flush darkened. “Don’t underestimate me, Cho Hakkai.”

Very slowly, keeping his eyes locked with Hakkai’s, Gojyo bent his head and... licked the tip of the other man’s nose. Bursting into laughter, Gojyo moved back as Hakkai rubbed his nose with the back of his hand.

“Honestly, Gojyo,” Hakkai muttered, trying to hide a smile.

“Seriously,” Gojyo said. “What were you going to say?”

The smile dropped from Hakkai’s face and Hakkai started to draw back, but Gojyo hooked a leg over the other man’s and pulled. Hakkai resisted a moment by stiffening his limbs, then relaxed and let their bodies press together. Their faces were so close now, Hakkai was blurry and Gojyo could feel Hakkai’s breath on his cheek.

“I know you heard Sanzo and me at the inn,” Hakkai began.

Pain ripped through Gojyo’s chest, but he forced his body to stay relaxed. He stroked Hakkai’s neck with his thumb.

“Yeah,” Gojyo whispered.

“I have been so selfish,” Hakkai’s voice was full of anguish. “And hurt you both so terribly.”

“Everybody wants to be loved.” Gojyo kissed Hakkai on the forehead. “Nothing wrong with that.”

“But not everyone deserves it,” Hakkai said bitterly, voice breaking.

Tears glistened in the green eyes, twisting Gojyo’s heart. Gojyo pulled Hakkai against his chest and wrapped his arms around him, squeezing tight.

“Hey, hey.” Gojyo pressed his cheek against the top of the brown head and stroked Hakkai’s shaking back.

“You know,” Gojyo said, rocking them gently. “All this stuff about not deserving love, having a small heart, that’s all bullshit.”

“Gojyo,” Hakkai’s voice was muffled. “You don’t know all that I have done. Unspeakable things...”

“I don’t need to know,” Gojyo said firmly. “I know you.”

“But-” Hakkai started.

“Damn!” Gojyo shook Hakkai a little. “You’re so fucking stubborn. Don’t make me kick your cute ass. I’m too worn out from the fuck-a-thon.”

Gojyo heard a noise that sounded like a cross between a laugh and a hiccup, and Hakkai mumbled something that sounded like “incorrigible”. But he stopped arguing, and he wasn’t crying anymore.

Humming softly, Gojyo riffled his fingers through the soft brown hair. He felt wrung out, like the dirty dishrag Sanzo had once accused him of being. Hakkai’s acute distress only affirmed his decision to leave the ikkou. Gojyo had broken one of his own rules; he had taken another man’s lover. For how many years had he and Hakkai lived together? And not once had Gojyo done anything more than flirt and tease. He hadn’t even really thought of his best friend in a romantic way until someone else got serious about Hakkai. It just happened to be the pissy monk. Gojyo sighed.

“Kai.” Gojyo squeezed Hakkai.

“Mm?” Hakkai responded sleepily.

“Maybe you should go back to the inn now,” Gojyo suggested, trying to sound normal despite the fact his stomach felt like he had swallowed broken glass. “Before the monkey starves to death and the monk gets his panties in a twist.”

“Goku!” Hakkai exclaimed.

Gojyo jerked in surprise as Hakkai bolted upright, wide-awake. Gojyo sat up, concerned.

“Something up with the monkey?” he asked.

Green eyes turned to him. “He’s here.”

“Yeah, I know,” Gojyo stopped. “Wait. You mean, he didn’t leave?”

“No.” Hakkai rubbed his eyes with a thumb and forefinger. “He refused to return to the inn. He was very upset about not being allowed to see you.”

Gojyo relaxed. “Oh, that’s all. You know how the kid gets about being excluded from stuff.”

“No, it’s more than that.” Hakkai touched Gojyo’s knee. “He was acting, well, jealous.”

Gojyo stared at Hakkai a minute, then laughed.

“I’m serious, Gojyo,” Hakkai said, sounding a bit peeved.

“It’s just that, you almost made it sound like the kid has a crush on me or something,” Gojyo grinned.

Hakkai gave him a level look and waited. Gojyo’s grin faded. Oh, crap. When did this happen? Why would the monkey suddenly get a hard-on for him? The image of Goku trying to hide his erection in the bathroom, and the subsequent wanking session, flashed through his mind. Gojyo slapped his face into his palm.

“Ah, fuck,” he muttered.

He peeked through his fingers at Hakkai, who was waiting patiently for an explanation. Gojyo sighed.

“I think maybe he misunderstood something,” Gojyo said.

“Apparently,” Hakkai said. “Would you care to elaborate, Gojyo?”

“Not really,” Gojyo admitted.

With a groan, Gojyo levered himself to his feet, then reached down to pull Hakkai up. After a brief search, he found his robe under Hakkai’s pants. Slipping it on, he gave Hakkai a quick kiss.

“I’ll go straighten it out, okay?” Gojyo said, trying to sound confident.

He turned toward the screen door, coming up short as Hakkai pulled him back with a firm hand on his shoulder. Gojyo turned around, raising a questioning eyebrow. Hakkai looked pointedly down at Gojyo’s exposed cock.

“Oh, yeah,” Gojyo snickered.

Reaching up, he pulled the robe sash out of his hair and tied it around his waist, pulling the robe closed. When Hakkai nodded his approval, Gojyo turned and walked over to the screen door. He frowned. It sounded like there was a ruckus going on in the hallway. He lifted his hand to push open the screen, and it suddenly flew open.

Startled, Gojyo found himself staring into a pair of flashing purple eyes.

Sanzo pulled the sutra scroll out of his sleeve and settled it over his shoulders as he walked away from the bathhouse. He wouldn’t use it against people, but Buddha knew what kind of things these idiot villagers had summoned.

“Hakuryu!” Sanzo barked as he stepped out into the pathway of dead sakura trees.

He didn’t see the animal, but the little dragon usually didn’t wander beyond hearing range of Hakkai or himself. When the ikkou was split up as it was now, Hakuryu would often circle high to keep as many of them within range as possible. As soon as Sanzo’s sandal stepped out of the sakuras into the small courtyard at the front of the inn, the white dragon descended with a cry. Hakuryu hovered at eye level, the breeze from his wings stirring Sanzo’s robes and lifting his damp bangs. The intelligent red eyes focused on him as the angular head tilted in inquiry.

“Take me to Hakkai,” Sanzo ordered.


Pivoting in mid-air, the dragon darted to the main street and turned left, flying above the milling crowd. Sanzo followed at a brisk pace, people automatically parting in front of him. He was forced to slow down when he reached the food-stall vendors. It was nearing noon, and the thoroughfare was packed with people. Squinting, Sanzo looked up and saw the sinuous white form circle once and land on the roof of a building up ahead to the left.

Eventually, Sanzo found himself standing in front of Hakuryu’s roost. It was a dump of a bar. Exactly the sort of place the classless Kappa would chose to patronize. Trying to touch the dirty, ragged noren as little as possible, Sanzo entered the bar. A quick scan of the dim room revealed the absence of Hakkai or any of the ikkou. Several gambling tables were going, and as early as it was, some of the occupants were already inebriated. The floor stuck unpleasantly to the soles of his sandals as Sanzo made his way to the bar.

The bartender was a brute, with disturbingly bushy eyebrows. As he moved around, looking a bit like a trained bear, he favored his left shoulder, which was wrapped.

“Excuse me,” Sanzo began, careful not to lean against the filthy bar. “I’m looking for my traveling companion.”

The eyebrows bristled as the bartender gave Sanzo a bored look.

“Buy a drink or piss off, monk,” the bartender grumbled.

He slid a dirty glass of beer down the bar to a patron who caught it with a mild slosh. Sanzo’s eyes narrowed. He stepped closer.

“A man with brown hair and glasses,” Sanzo began again.

The bartender dropped the glass he was holding and it shattered on the floor. Eyes wide in a face suddenly gone pale, the bartender backed up against the shelves behind him. He clutched his bandaged shoulder. Sanzo’s gaze flicked from the injury to the man’s frightened expression. He frowned. What had the bartender done to make Hakkai hurt him? Sanzo reached across the bar and grabbed a fistful of stained apron. Using a foot against the bar as leverage, he jerked the larger man forward.

“Where is he?” Sanzo demanded.

“The Red Kimono, the Red Kimono!” the man babbled.

Sanzo released the man and he stumbled backwards into the shelves, rattling the bottles and glasses. Wiping his hand on his robe, Sanzo turned and strode out of the bar.

When he re-entered the busy street, Hakuryu launched from the roof of the bar and continued flying above the heads of the crowd. Sanzo sighed. He didn’t know why the little dragon hadn’t led him to the Red Kimono in the first place. Communication with the animal was an inexact science. It may be that Hakuryu was leading him to all the places Hakkai had been.

Sanzo followed Hakuryu, impatience growing at the crowd, the dragon having to wheel back and circle waiting for him to catch up. They turned off the main market street into an area containing the more expensive restaurants and shops. Thankfully, the crowd thinned, and finally, the white dragon lit atop a building. Sanzo angled through the crowd and glanced at the noren to confirm it was the Red Kimono before stepping inside. Floral incense wafted toward him, along with the baritone murmur of quiet conversation punctuated by the sharp laughter of women.

Glancing around, Sanzo saw merchants and decently dressed travelers sitting at tables playing cards and mahjong, a few at the bar. Attractive young women in kimonos glided about the room or sat at the tables serving tea and sake or fanning the customers. A gambling parlor.

Sanzo saw a familiar head of spiky brown hair poking out of crossed arms on top of a table. He made for the table, hearing the snoring when he was still several feet away. Out of the corner of his eye, Sanzo saw a card dealer look at him and whisper to one of the girls at his table. With a discreet glance, the girl rose and left the main room through a doorway past the far end of the bar.

Pulling the harisen out of a sleeve, Sanzo smacked the snoring saru over the head. Goku started with a snort, and sat up, rubbing his head.

”Ow! Sanzo!” Goku groused, rubbing the sleep out of eyes with a fist.

“Where’s Hakkai?” Sanzo asked, returning the fan to his sleeve.

“They took him back there,” Goku pointed to the doorway the girl had gone through. “To see Gojyo.” Goku’s lower lip protruded. “I wanted to go too, but they wouldn’t let me.”

Keeping his head down as if he were still listening to Goku, Sanzo scanned the room more carefully. No windows. Entrance at his back and two other doorways; one where the girl had gone and another one directly across the bar. Where was the security? With liquor and money, there had to be muscle somewhere.

The noren at the back parted, and a middle-aged man in an expensive yukata entered, followed by the girl the dealer had sent. The man walked with a confident aura straight towards Sanzo. Probably the owner, feeling powerful on his home territory. Sanzo had dealt with the scenario countless times at temples where head priests were decades older than him.

Straightening his shoulders, Sanzo lifted his chin and let the power of authority settle over him. Like a stone dropped into a pool of water, the effect rippled through the room, and it grew quiet. He nailed the other man with an unblinking stare. The smile faltered, but his stride did not, and the man bowed in front of Sanzo.

“It is an honor to have a priest of your stature in my establishment,” the man said. “Even if your visit is puzzling.”

Sanzo’s eyes narrowed. A single sentence, and the man was already lying. Although his face was composed and smile polite, the hands clasped in front of his belt were white-knuckled. Sanzo decided to cut through the crap.

“Get my people out here now,” Sanzo demanded.

Goku rose from the chair and stood to Sanzo’s left, slightly behind him. The owner blinked.

“Ah, well, perhaps we could discuss this in my office.” He gestured at the doorway across from the bar.

Deciding that speaking with this man was a waste of time, Sanzo stepped around him and strode toward the other doorway - the one Goku said they had taken Hakkai through.

“Sir!” the owner called out after him.

Ignoring him, Sanzo slapped aside the noren and found himself in a long corridor bordered by shoji sliding doors.

“It smells funny back here,” Goku said, nose wrinkling.

Touching the frame of the first shoji screen with his fingertips, Sanzo opened it with a sharp flick of his wrist. A woman with a kimono pooled around her waist turned around with a gasp. He couldn’t see much of the man beneath her, but the parts he could see certainly didn’t belong to Hakkai or Gojyo. Sanzo walked to the next room and flicked the screen open. Empty room.

“Sanzo!” Goku whispered loudly. “How could that guy breathe with that woman sitting on his face?”

Sanzo grimaced. “Don’t look into the rooms,” he instructed.

Behind them, the owner apologized to the room’s occupants and slid the door shut. Flick! A young man on his knees, head angled sideways to reach the cock beneath a big belly.

“Hey!” the fat man yelled.

Ignoring him, Sanzo moved onto the next room. Touching the screen, he frowned. It almost sounded like someone inside was sobbing. The owner darted between Sanzo and the screen.

“Enough!” The man was shaking with suppressed anger. “They’re in the next room!”

Staring into the owner’s eyes until the other man dropped his gaze, Sanzo lifted his hand off the screen frame. Stepping past the owner, Sanzo flicked open the screen door to the next room. He blinked as he found himself standing in front of Gojyo, whose hand was hanging in mid-air where the screen had been.

The crimson eyes widened in surprise. The Kappa was wearing a sloppily tied black robe, red hair mussed. Movement in the room caught Sanzo’s attention, and he saw Hakkai standing up from the futon, pulling on his trousers. Sanzo felt a moment of vertigo, like when Jeepu went off a low cliff or rise in the road, and there was a moment of freefall before they landed with a bone-jarring jolt.

Trust no one. Believe in no one. Love no one.

Gojyo blinked, and his startled stare slid from Sanzo to Goku.

“Hey, monkey,” Gojyo smiled. “I was just coming to talk to-”

“You guys had sex!” Goku interrupted.

The freefall ended with a jolt, and Sanzo had to use all his concentration not to gasp at the sharp pain. Hakkai slipped on his unbuttoned shirt as he walked briskly toward them, the ends fluttering around his narrow hips. He hadn’t buttoned up his pants, and Sanzo could see curly brown pubic hair. Even now, his cock stirred, and Sanzo wanted to shove past Gojyo and push Hakkai back down onto the futon. He wanted to jerk the pants down and re-possess what he had lost, take Hakkai back, make the healer cry out his name while Gojyo watched...

Sanzo closed his eyes and took a deep breath. With discipline born from years of meditation, he took a firm hold of his emotions and ripped them out by the roots, like jerking weeds out of the garden. He was not a flower. He was bamboo. His heart should be immaculate like the bamboo; clean, hard and empty. Calm immediately descended as Sanzo embraced the image. He opened his eyes.

“Goku,” Gojyo pleaded.

Gojyo reached a hand out to grasp Goku’s shoulder, but Goku twisted and stepped back. Gojyo stepped out into the corridor, brushing Sanzo’s shoulder. Sanzo’s eyes narrowed. There was something wrong with Gojyo’s chi. Automatically, Sanzo stepped between Gojyo and Goku. Instead of destroying the fire oni, had Gojyo become possessed? Sanzo glared into the crimson eyes. No, there was something else.

“Sanzo, please,” Hakkai’s quiet voice fell on him like broken glass.

Sanzo’s eyes flicked over to Hakkai, who had moved to stand beside Gojyo, one hand on the back of Gojyo’s shoulder. Sanzo’s nostrils flared as he breathed deeply through his nose. Bamboo heart.

“It’s okay, Kai,” Gojyo murmured, reaching out with his left arm to push Hakkai back a little.

The movement opened the front of Gojyo’s robe more, and Sanzo saw the source of the chi disruption. It was coming from a diagonal line across the hanyou’s heart. Sanzo couldn’t discern its exact nature without getting closer; he needed to touch it.

“If you want to fuck the Kappa, that’s your problem,” Sanzo said to Hakkai, watching the green eyes widen in shock. “But don’t think I’ll allow your whoring ass in my bed again.”

“You fucking prick!” Gojyo shouted.

Even expecting the swing, Sanzo was barely able to duck fast enough to dodge the blow. Gojyo’s knuckles clipped his right cheek hard enough to make his eye water. Sanzo reached out with his right hand and palm-struck Gojyo in the chest, throwing him backward into the room. Sanzo followed Gojyo’s fall, keeping his hand pressed to his chest. There it was; a talisman burned into the flesh, wrapped around Gojyo’s pounding heart.

Sanzo felt his legs caught in a wrestling vise as Gojyo rolled them over. The red eyes above him were bright with fury. Around them, Hakkai was trying to calm down a yelling Goku, and the owner was calling for them to stop fighting. But they weren’t fighting. Gojyo had him pinned, and was glaring down into his eyes. It was very similar to the night Sanzo had come to take Hakkai out of Gojyo’s hovel to face justice at the temple. Only then, the red eyes staring down at him hadn’t been furious; they had been desperate.

“I saw the marks on his body,” Gojyo hissed at him. “That better not happen again, or I’ll find you.”

Sanzo frowned. The idiot Kappa was making less sense than usual. Obviously he was not having sex with Hakkai again, and why would Gojyo need to find him? The red eyes pulled away as Gojyo’s body was lifted off of him. Sitting up, Sanzo found himself surrounded by a dozen men in black. The security that had been missing from the gambling parlor in the front, with extra to spare.

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