Zang Fu Theory

BY : LotusMoon
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gensomaden Saiyuki, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Zang Fu Theory, Part 27

Author: Lotus

Pairing(s): Sanzo/Hakkai/Gojyo

Rating: R

Warnings: Language, sexual innuendo, kissing, masturbation

Summary:  Gojyo and Sanzo form an alliance.

Author's Note: I received a very moving note from a reader on another site that inspired me to finish this story.

It felt great to be outside.  Gojyo took off his shirt and tied it around his waist, enjoying the sunshine on his skin and the slight breeze that dried the light sheen of sweat.  Hakkai had warned him not to overexert himself, but Gojyo felt restless and wanted to bake the chill out of his bones from yesterday.  Besides, he wasn’t exactly comfortable being surrounded by monks after recent events.

“Do ya think that’s good enough?”

Lowering his face from the nearly cloudless sky, Gojyo looked over at Goku, who was standing next to a dead tree, hefting an axe in his hands.

This morning, Sanzo had issued detailed orders to the monks on cleaning and repairing the temple.  Figuring the monks lacked the muscle for it, Goku and Gojyo were trimming and clearing dead trees and limbs.  This particular tree was the biggest, leaning dangerously far out over one of the outer buildings.  Hakkai had drawn them a quick diagram on where to chop, the angle to apply pressure, expected fall trajectory and some other stuff.  The paper was stuffed in Gojyo’s back pocket.

“Yeah, that looks good.”  With a tug of chi, Gojyo summoned his shakujo.  “Now, step back so I can pull it down.”

Goku gave him a worried look as he backed away.  “Er - maybe we should look at Hakkai’s drawing.”

“I can pull down a tree.”  Gojyo slung out the chain, wrapping around the truck above Goku’s cut.

Goku glanced a couple of times between the tree and the building, then moved farther out of range.  Bracing his feet wide, Gojyo gripped the shakujo and pulled back hard.  A few leaves fluttered to the ground, but the tree didn’t budge.  Gojyo frowned.  Goku peered up at the tree, shielding his eyes.

“I think the top branches are tangled up in that other tree,” Goku said.  “Maybe we should get Hakkai.”

“I can do this,” Gojyo insisted.

Sliding his right foot back, Gojyo dug in and pulled back with all his weight.  There was a crack, and more leaves and twigs filtered down.  Maybe he should have let Goku chop into the trunk a little more.

“C’mere and give me a hand,” Gojyo said.

“Okay.”  Goku loped over, then hesitated.

“Stand in front of me.”  

Gojyo held the shakujo out away from his body, and Goku ducked under the staff.  Gojyo had a glimpse of wide, golden eyes, then Goku turned around, hands grasping the shakujo between his arms, back brushing Gojyo’s chest.

“Pull hard on three,” Gojyo said.  

The brown head nearly under his chin nodded.

“One... two... three!”

Gojyo jerked back, Goku moving with him, and he felt the strain in his arms and shoulders.

“Keep... pulling,” Gojyo gritted out.

Goku pressed back against his chest, and Gojyo saw the cords of muscle flex in Goku’s forearms.  A loud crack split the air, loud as a gunshot.  The resistance on the shakujo vanished, and Gojyo stumbled backwards, falling hard on his ass, Goku on top of him.  The tree slowly fell sideways, then with a strange grace, like a ballerina on point, pivoted and changed direction.  It was going to hit the building.  Wincing, Gojyo watched through one eye as the tree landed in a small explosion of leaves and dirt.  When the debris cloud settled, he saw the tree had cleared the building by a few feet.

Releasing the breath he’d been holding, Gojyo laughed and banished the shakujo.  Sitting up straighter, he ruffled Goku’s hair.

“See?  Told ya we could do it,” Gojyo said.

Goku turned around, sitting on his knees between Gojyo’s legs.  Gojyo’s grin faded when he saw the discomfort in Goku’s face, the way the golden eyes were averted away from his bare chest.

Fuck.  Gojyo sighed and rubbed his face.  There had been a time when they could have both stripped down and bathed together without any awkwardness; now everything was completely messed up.  And Gojyo knew it was his fault.  Scooting back a little, Gojyo rearranged himself so he was sitting cross-legged in front of Goku.  He plucked a long stem of grass and put it in his mouth in lieu of a cigarette.  As he sucked on the blade, he looked at Goku, hunched over, playing with the laces of his boots.

“I don’t want things to be weird between us, man,” Gojyo said.

Goku glanced up at him out of the corner of his eye.  “Whaddya mean?”

“You know what I mean.  Don’t play dumb.”  Gojyo punched Goku lightly in the shoulder.

“Ow,” Goku said without conviction.

“I was trying to help you out.”  Gojyo spoke slowly, choosing his words with care.  He didn’t want to screw this up.  “And I think I crossed a line.”

“If you didn’t like me,” Goku mumbled, “then why would you do that stuff in the bathroom?”

“Because I’m kind of an idiot sometimes.”  Gojyo was gratified when Goku hid a giggle in the crook of his arm.  “For me, jerking off feels good, and it’s just something guys do.”  

He twirled the long stem in his mouth, squinting up at he sky.

“I’m not gonna tell ya your feelings aren’t real, ‘cause when I was kid it always sucked when adults said shit like that to me.  But, it can be easy to get confused, especially when you’re inexperienced.  Trust me, I’ve been burned myself a few times on that score.”  Gojyo snorted and spit out the grass.

“Yesterday at the Red Kimono, there was this girl.”  Goku’s face was half-hidden in his folded arms across his raised knees.  “She tried to, uh, give me a, um... blowjob.”

Gojyo was glad he had spit out the grass, or he might’ve choked.

“Hey, that’s great!”  Gojyo stopped.  “Wait, she tried?  Why did you stop her?”

“Well, we were trying to rescue you,” Goku began.

“Oh, man.  To think I hindered a guy’s first BJ.”  Gojyo heaved a dramatic sigh.  “I don’t think I can live with the guilt.  We gotta find that girl.”

Goku sat up straight, visibly perkier.  “Really?”

“Shit, yeah!”  Gojyo grinned at him.

The loud sound of a throat clearing made Gojyo jump and turn around.  Hakkai was standing several feet behind him near a fallen log, holding two earthen jugs.  Hakkai was dressed neatly as ever in the familiar tunic and trousers, but there were lines of strain around his eyes.  He had been working nearly non-stop in the temple’s infirmary.  

“I thought you two might need a refreshment break,” Hakkai said.  

Gojyo jumped to his feet and reached to take the heavy jugs, but Hakkai only relinquished one, holding the other out to Goku.

“If you would please take this to Sanzo, Goku,” Hakkai said as he handed it over.  “He is in the courtyard.”

“Sure!  Thanks, Hakkai!”  Goku grinned and jogged off toward the temple gate, sloshing out water as he ran.  Gojyo wondered if there would be any water left in the container by the time he reached the monk.

“How is his holiness?” Gojyo asked before sitting on the log and swigging down a large gulp of water.

“Sanzo is - ah- directing the monks in reestablishing proper temple order,” Hakkai said tactfully, sitting down next to him.

Gojyo laughed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  “Heh.  Bossing everyone around, you mean.”

Hakkai smiled.  “Well, the monks here do lack direction.” Hakkai looked straight into his eyes, and Gojyo’s pulse quickened.  “It was kind of you to inquire, Gojyo.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not a completely insensitive jerk,” he joked.

“Quite the opposite, actually,” Hakkai murmured.

A flash of green from under those dark lashes was enough to get Gojyo’s blood flowing.  Fuck, Hakkai was sexy.  Lowering the jug, Gojyo shifted a little closer, letting his bare shoulder press against Hakkai’s.

“I’m not the only one who can be sensitive,” Gojyo murmured.

“I was referring to your handling of the Goku situation,” Hakkai said.

“Hm,” Gojyo hummed.

He saw Hakkai’s face flush and the pulse above the neck of his collar jump.  Gojyo traced his middle finger lightly over the top of Hakkai’s thigh, and smiled when the muscle jumped.  They couldn’t do a lot here, but maybe a quick hand job...

Hakkai pulled away and folded his hands primly in his lap.  Frowning, Gojyo set the jug on the ground and swung a leg over the log so he was straddling it, facing Hakkai.  

“Is this when we continue the it’s not you, it’s me talk?” Gojyo joked.

“You handled the talk with Goku quite well,” Hakkai said.  “I was hoping you would afford me the same courtesy.”

Gojyo rolled his eyes.  “Goku is a confused kid who’s never dipped his wick.  I am a full-grown man who damned well knows what he wants.”  He leaned forward, close enough that he could smell Hakkai’s soap.  “I want you.”

The pulse in Hakkai’s neck jumped again; Gojyo wanted to dip his head down and kiss it.  “Gojyo, please.”

“I know you want me,” Gojyo whispered, voice becoming husky as lust heated his blood again.

Gojyo squeezed Hakkai’s closest knee while running a hand down his back.  He felt Hakkai shiver in response, and could smell the musk of arousal mix in the with soap.  Slowly, Gojyo released the knee and pushed his hand up the inside of Hakkai’s thigh until he met the resistance of clasped hands.  Hakkai’s knuckles were white.  He knew it wouldn’t take much to push Hakkai past his over-rationalizing, to get him to that place of pure, carnal reaction.

Ignoring the rough bark scraping his knuckles, Gojyo squeezed Hakkai’s firm ass and bent his head to kiss the tell-tale pulse in his throat.  For a moment, Hakkai swayed slightly towards him, tilting his head and Gojyo thought he had him, then abruptly Hakkai stood up.

“Enough, Gojyo,” Hakkai’s voice was tight and angry.

Gojyo rose to his feet, swinging out his arms.  “What the hell is this?”  His sexual frustration morphed into exasperation.

“It has to go back to the way it was,” Hakkai said firmly.  “It’s the only way for the ikkou to remain whole.”

“What if I don’t want to be just friends anymore?” Gojyo insisted.

“The decision has been made, Gojyo,” Hakkai said.

Turning, Hakkai started walking back to the temple entrance.  Gojyo pushed stray hair off his face as he watched the straight back walk away from him.

“Not by me, it hasn’t,” he muttered.

There was no way in hell he was going to give up Hakkai without a fight.

Gojyo’s confidence was starting to lag.  Hakkai was a crafty bastard.

Since their talk, Hakkai had been careful to ensure the two of them were never alone.  And, despite him having said they were going back to the way it was before, casual touching was not allowed.  If Gojyo tried to put an arm around Hakkai’s shoulders, he’d stiffen up and move away.

Shuffling cards just to occupy his hands, Gojyo watched Hakkai give Sanzo his nightly eye treatment.  He felt a pang of jealousy that Sanzo was at least being touched by Hakkai, then he noticed Sanzo’s hands fisted in the blanket.  Surreptitiously, he watched the monk, and noted Sanzo’s clenched jaw, lips pressed into a tight line, the tension in his entire posture.  Gojyo knew the pain was too minimal to warrant that kind of reaction.  Sanzo didn’t like being touched, but he tolerated it reasonably well from Hakkai.  

Then Gojyo thought about how it would feel if Hakkai was touching him and he couldn’t do anything about it.  His jealousy vanished.  It would suck worse than no touching at all.

“We done?” Sanzo asked tersely.

“Yes, Sanzo,” Hakkai replied.

“I have work to do,” Sanzo said, rising to his feet.

Without another word, he strode out of the room, robe snapping around his ankles.  Gojyo watched out the window as Hakkai put away the medicine and bandages, and Sanzo appeared, heading towards the tree line.  Maybe it was time for them to discuss their mutual problem, even if it meant risking being shot.

“Hey, Gojyo.”  Goku touched his leg.  “Wanna play cards?”

“Not right now,” Gojyo said, standing.  “I need a smoke.”

He mussed Goku’s hair as he passed by, trying to ignore Hakkai’s subtle leaning to avoid accidentally brushing against his leg.  

It wasn’t hard to spot Sanzo’s white robe in the dark woods.  He was facing a tree, leaning his forearm across it.  Gojyo squatted behind a clump of nearby bushes, thinking Sanzo was just taking a leak and he’d wait it out.  Then, he heard the familiar soft slapping sound, and realized he wasn’t the only one with blue balls.  His holiness was jerking off.

Gojyo started backing away to give the guy some privacy.

“Hakkai,” Sanzo cried out softly as he came.

Gojyo froze.  The slapping stopped, and Sanzo’s head dropped forward onto his arm.  He had never heard that tone in Sanzo’s normally harsh, clipped voice.  When he had said Hakkai’s name, it had been filled with yearning.  Gojyo knew Sanzo trusted Hakkai and considered him a friend, and liked him as much as the monk was capable of liking anyone.  But, until this moment, it hadn’t occurred to him that Sanzo might actually feel a genuine affection for him, or maybe even something deeper.

It softened Gojyo’s heart towards the cranky bastard.  An idea for a plan to get Hakkai back popped into Gojyo’s head.  He would have to ask the monk for help, which would mean swallowing a little pride and pouring on a lot of charm.

“That’s not a plan, it’s idiocy,” Sanzo said.

He glared at Gojyo, who was leaning against the window in Sanzo’s temporary office, the sunlight turning his hair into a nimbus of fire.  Gojyo gave him a lopsided smile and shrugged his shoulders, holding his hands palms out.

“We have to do something,” Gojyo insisted.

“Doing something like that would only make the situation more...” Sanzo paused. “Intolerable.”

Giving up on the work spread out on the desk in front of him, Sanzo pulled off his glasses and set them on the papers.  Picking up his cigarettes, he tapped the box on his forearm and lipped one out.  While he was fishing inside his sleeve for a lighter, Gojyo sidled over and sat on the corner of the desk.  Gojyo flicked a lighter to life in front of him, and Sanzo bent forward to light his cigarette, leaning back in the chair and observing Gojyo through the stream of smoke.

Although Gojyo had recovered physically from his ordeal, there were strain lines around his eyes, and his usually easy smile was forced.  Of course, it was impossible not to notice the physically gregarious kappa holding himself back from touching everyone.

Gojyo tilted his head, letting his hair fall to partially obscure his face.  His long fingers rubbed along the edge of the desk.

“You know,” Gojyo said softly.  “I was gonna leave the ikkou.”  He laughed.  “But I’m too selfish.  There’s only a handful of people who’ve ever given a shit if I lived or died.”

A crimson eye peered at Sanzo around the curtain of hair.

“I couldn’t give him up,” Gojyo said simply.

And there it was, Sanzo thought, taking a deep drag on his cigarette.  One of the things that bound them together; all orphans with brutal lives who had lost the person who cared for them the most.  They were three broken beads strung together on razor wire.

Gojyo’s hands tightened on the edge of the desk, his shoulders hunched.

“I gotta do something,” Gojyo said.  

The wretched tone was disconcerting coming out of the mouth of the biggest smartass in the group.  

“It can’t keep going on like this, man.”

Sanzo understood Gojyo’s need to act.  He knew the situation between the three of them needed to be resolved before they resumed the journey.  Being on the road would increase the pressure, and it was likely someone would snap.  Hakkai was being naïve believing things could go back to the way they had been.

Even if Gojyo’s plan failed, which was highly probable because it was ridiculous, at least Hakkai would be forced to abandon his self-imposed denial and deal with the situation.

With a sigh, Sanzo rubbed at the growing headache between his eyes with a thumb.

“I’ll do it,” he muttered.


Gojyo sat up straighter in surprise.

“I mean, great!” Gojyo said with a grin, shaking back his hair.

Sanzo snorted at Gojyo’s quick recovery.

“Get out,” he said, waving at the door with the hand holding the cigarette.

While Gojyo slid off the desk and strolled out of his office, Sanzo put his glasses back on and returned to the tedious paperwork.

The first part of Gojyo’s plan went surprisingly smoothly.  Leaning against the stone guardian dog, Sanzo smoked and watched Hakkai double-check the supplies Gojyo and Goku had loaded into Jeep.  Goku was going to visit that farmer’s son for a few days to help with some of the heavy moving on the rebuilding.  Hakkai was driving him there, dropping off food and medical supplies, then returning to the temple.  Hakkai and Gojyo said good-bye awkwardly without the usual shoulder squeeze or back pat, then Goku did something surprising.  He hugged Gojyo.  Sanzo frowned.  He could swear he saw Gojyo slip something into Goku’s pocket.

Standing on the passenger seat, Goku turned to wave.

“Bye, Sanzo!  I’ll be back soon, so don’t miss me too much!” he called out.

“Che.”  Sanzo looked away.

He had no idea why Goku was so excited about helping a farmer move lumber around.  Of course, considering Goku’s unpleasant experiences at their home monastery, maybe he was just happy to get away from the monks.

Gojyo stood with his hands in his pockets and watched until Jeep disappeared into the woods, then turned and walked back to Sanzo.  Not saying anything, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it, leaning against the gate.  The two of them stood in silence, smoking.  It was a familiar ritual.  They often sat or stood together at the front of the tent, under the eaves of an inn or under a tree during rain, wherever Hakkai chased them, to smoke in silence.  These were the times when Gojyo’s presence was most tolerable to Sanzo.

Sanzo’s second cigarette was ashes when Gojyo broke the silence.

“Do you think they’ve gotten there?” he asked.

“It’s likely,” Sanzo replied.

“Guess we better get ready,” Gojyo said.

Not replying, Sanzo dropped the cigarette butt and ground it out under his sandal before turning and walking into the monastery.  Thankfully, Gojyo didn’t speak as they passed the prayer hall, echoing with chanting, to the monks’ cells, then their room.  They took off their shoes and stepped inside, closing the door.  Sanzo had little fear of being disturbed by the monks here; they had learned on the first day not to disturb him when the door was closed.

Walking to his sleeping pallet, Sanzo removed the sutra from around his shoulders, rolling it up and setting it on the low bedside table.  Then he removed the Banishing Gun from his sleeve, placing it next to the scroll, following with his sash and robe, so he was standing barefoot in his jeans, sha shirt and sleeves.

When he looked over at Gojyo, he saw he had removed his shirt and tossed it on the floor.  Sanzo had seen Gojyo shirtless before, had seen him completely nude, but for some reason this time it was unsettling.  Frowning, Sanzo looked away.

“Your place or mine?” Gojyo joked.

Sanzo answered the question by sitting cross-legged on his own pallet.  Ambling over, Gojyo dropped down next to him and leaned over.  Pulling back, Sanzo glared at him.

“What are you doing?” he snapped.

“Kissing you,” Gojyo said, eyebrows up.  “We can’t wait until Hakkai opens the door, we gotta look like we’ve been going at it.”

Sanzo’s frowned deepened, and he crossed his arms.  The idiot was right, and it was part of the plan he had agreed to, it was just...  He glanced over at Gojyo, who was watching him with a slightly puzzled expression.  He had expected nausea, not this nervous flutter in his stomach.  Sanzo knew his approach to sex was utilitarian.  Desire was like hunger.  He ate when he was hungry, but he wasn’t a glutton.  He had always thought Gojyo had been over-indulgent.  Recent events with Hakkai had altered his thoughts on the matter.  Now he didn’t just have sexual desire, he desired a specific person, and he wanted to give that person pleasure, but found himself ill-equipped to do so.  Gojyo, on the other hand, judging by the carnal sounds heard through thin hotel walls, was well versed in pleasuring partners.

If they kissed, Gojyo would know about Sanzo’s short-coming immediately.

“Hey,” Gojyo said, touching his knee.

Sanzo slid him a sidelong glance.

“I know we give each other a lot of shit,” Gojyo said.  “But this,” he traced a rectangle in the air over the pallet.  “Is a mockery-free zone.  I like to laugh in bed, but never at a partner’s expense.”

Sanzo frowned.  He had no idea why someone would laugh during sex, but he believed Gojyo was being sincere about not mocking him.  He always knew when someone was lying to him.

“Fine,” Sanzo said shortly.

He shifted to the left so he was facing Gojyo.  He expected the pervert to start slobbering on him immediately, but instead Gojyo reached out and lightly grasped his forearms.  Sanzo let him uncross his arms, resting his fists on his knees.  Then Gojyo ran his hands up Sanzo’s arms from wrist to shoulder.  His hands were large, and so warm he could feel their heat through the silk sleeves.  When he cupped his shoulders, Sanzo felt the light abrasion of calluses from years of wielding the shakujo.  Bracing his thumbs on the sides of Sanzo’s neck, Gojyo’s long fingers started massaging the backs of his shoulders.  Sanzo had to bite back a groan.  It was one of the places his muscles were perpetually sore, and the initial ache from the massage quickly turned into pleasure.  It wasn’t as good as Hakkai’s deep-tissue massages, but it had been weeks since Hakkai had given him one.

“Man, you’re tight as a bowstring,” Gojyo murmured.  “Harder?”

Sanzo nodded slightly, and the fingers pressed in deeper.  Closing his eyes, Sanzo leaned forward as Gojyo’s digits worked out knots of tension in his shoulders and neck.  After a few moments, Sanzo had extended past his center of gravity, and his hand automatically reached out to brace himself.  His eyes opened when he touched Gojyo’s bare chest.  He felt the steady thump of a heartbeat under his palm, and noticed the scar visible between his spread thumb and forefinger from when he had shot Gojyo.  He brushed his thumb over the small, white pucker.

“I didn’t know if you were going to save me or kill me,” Gojyo said with a chuckle.

“Neither did I,” Sanzo responded.

Moving his hand to Gojyo’s left shoulder, Sanzo rested his forehead on top of his hand.  It was more comfortable than leaning.  Gojyo’s left hand kept rubbing his neck, while his right moved down his back, slowly squeezing his spine.  When Gojyo pressed his cheek to Sanzo’s head, he tolerated it because now those strong fingers were pushing deep into the small of his back, releasing pockets of aching pleasure.  As the tight muscles loosened, warmth spread through his pelvis and Sanzo felt himself getting hard.

His eyes opened.  He realized he was in Gojyo’s arms, practically in his lap, and not only was he comfortable, he’d become aroused.  How the fuck had the kappa managed that?  And he had thought Hakkai was the sneakiest bastard in the group.

Gojyo was tracing circles with his fingertips over his back now, left hand lightly rubbing Sanzo’s scalp and sifting though his hair.  He hadn’t been held like this since he was a...

Shaking his head free, Sanzo pushed on Gojyo’s chest and straightened enough to look him in the face.  He expected to see smugness, or gloating, but instead, Gojyo smiled warmly at him.  Sanzo’s gaze flicked down to Gojyo’s mouth.  He remembered looking at Hakkai’s lips, swollen and split from his rough kisses, and wishing he knew how to be gentle.  He met Gojyo’s eyes.

“Kiss me like you kiss Hakkai,” he demanded.

The hand stroking his back paused, then resumed.

“I can’t,” Gojyo said.


Sanzo started to pull away, but Gojyo held him in place.

“Wait,” he said, and Sanzo stopped.

“A kiss is like a conversation you can only have once,” Gojyo said.

He leaned in close, rubbing his nose against Sanzo’s, nudging his cheek as his hand slid up to cup the side of his face.  Gojyo brushed his lips very lightly across his, creating a tingling, almost ticklish sensation.  Just before it faded, he did it again, a little firmer, then again, until their mouths were pressed together.  As they kissed, Gojyo’s lips moved as if he were actually shaping words, but Sanzo couldn’t decipher their meaning.  Then he felt the tip of a tongue touch the crease of his lips.  When he opened his mouth, Gojyo didn’t push inside as expected, but traced the edges of his lips and teeth before sliding his tongue all the way inside to rub against his.

The slightly acrid taste of Gojyo’s cigarette brand didn’t bother him as much as he thought it would.  As Gojyo rolled his tongue in his mouth, he felt his whole face grow hot, and his erection strained against the front of his pants.  He had never been so aroused by a single kiss.

Unable to hold back, he grabbed the sides of Gojyo’s face, tilted his head, and thrust his tongue deep inside the other man’s mouth.

Then he heard the door open.

The kiss broke apart as they both turned, breathing heavily, to look at Hakkai, who was standing by the door holding a tray.  His face was completely blank except for a ring of white around his green irises.  Sanzo felt a brief moment of satisfaction at the complete and utter shock Hakkai emanated.  A surprised Hakkai was very rare.  Gojyo shot him a sideways look, and Sanzo realized the idiot was not going to be able to go through with it; he was going to crack.

So, as usual, Sanzo pulled the trigger.

“Join us or get out,” he said shortly.  “Either way, shut the damn door.”

Without waiting to see which choice Hakkai would make, he turned Gojyo’s face firmly towards him and resumed the kiss.

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