Zang Fu Theory

BY : LotusMoon
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Title: Zang Fu Theory, Part 13

Author: Lotus

Pairing(s): Sanzo/Hakkai/Gojyo

Rating: NC17

Summary: P1: Sanzo and Hakkai are called away in the middle of the night to help a severely injured farmer and Gojyo is left babysitting a dragon. P2: Hakkai is possessed by a fire oni, & the oni’s attempt to draw heat results in a sexual situation. P3: Upon Hakkai & Sanzo’s return to the inn, Gojyo & Goku realized what happened & Gojyo attacks Sanzo. P4: Hakkai attempts to be peacemaker. P5: Sanzo & Goku have a chat in the bath. P6: Gojyo uses his special brand of persuasion. P7: Battle in the bath house. P8: Gojyo remembers Jien’s magic beans. P9: Hakkai & Gojyo wash the ash off. P10: Hakkai tends Sanzo’s wounds. P11: Goku gets embarrassed in the bathroom. P12: Hakkai remembers the past and Gojyo seeks solace. P13: Goku follows Gojyo & gets free dumplings. Sanzo loses control & Hakkai leaves to look for Gojyo.

Warning: Language, Sexual Situations

Disclaimer: Kazuya Minekura’s beautiful boys. If they were mine, there’d be more stops at onsens, secluded woodland bathing pools, shower scenes and overall general nudity. And fewer female wait staff.

Goku pulled two extra chairs over to the cleared table for the majong game. He was in a great mood. He thought eating alone with Gojyo would be weird after what had happened in the bathroom, but it’d been great. The redhead had treated him normally, joking around, smiling and laughing. Gojyo had even let him have the last dumpling.

When Gojyo offered to fetch Sanzo and Hakkai for a game of majong, Goku had watched the redhead saunter across the room and felt a burst of happiness. He wondered what would happen tonight in their room. Even thinking about it gave him a funny tickle in his stomach and made his heart race with excitement. Would they go all the way? Maybe Gojyo could teach him how to do blow jobs. He felt himself get all hard and shifted on the wooden chair.

As awesome as the hand job had felt with Gojyo, he couldn’t imagine how amazing a blow job would be. Goku hoped he wouldn’t embarrass himself and that he tasted okay. Whatever they ended up doing, they could sleep together afterwards in the same bed. It’d be like all those times in the back of Jeepu, but better because they’d both be naked and could hold each other for real.

Goku’s thoughts were interrupted as a familiar pair of boots and long legs came into view on the stairs. He bounced up out of the chair with a grin, but when the redhead reached the bottom of the stairs, he turned towards the exit. The smile dropped off Goku’s face. Something was wrong. Gojyo’s face was pale and pained, like he’d just been punched in the gut.

“Gojyo!” Goku called out.

The other man kept going as if he hadn’t heard him. Goku sprinted over to the staircase and saw Gojyo walking toward the inn’s main exit. What happened? Did he get in a fight with Sanzo or something?

Frowning, Goku turned and raced up the stairs, taking them two at a time. As soon as he reached the top, Goku caught the odor of Gojyo’s cigarettes, much stronger than it should have been just from lingering smoke. He spotted the glowing red dot on the ground and jogged down the hallway. Frown deepening, he ground out the smoldering cigarette under the ball of his boot. It wasn’t like Gojyo to leave burning butts on the ground, especially indoors.

Looking up, Goku realized he was standing in front of Sanzo’s room. He reached out to open the door when a sound stopped him. He felt his face grow hot as he realized what he was hearing. Quietly, he backed away from the door and crept down the hall to the stairs.

If Sanzo and Hakkai were... busy, then obviously Sanzo and Gojyo didn’t have an argument. So why had Gojyo dropped his cigarette and left looking so upset?

Goku was halfway down the stairs when it hit him, like a big gulp of ice water on an empty stomach. Gojyo was afraid of losing Hakkai just like he’d been afraid of losing Sanzo. Goku jumped off the staircase, landing at the bottom with a solid thump that drew eyes to him from the common room. He didn’t care.

Straightening, he ran to the exit of the inn. The streets were thronged with people bartering and browsing the shops lining both sides. Making a guess, Goku turned left. A few moments later, he spotted Gojyo’s red hair, easily a foot above the shorter, dark-haired people around him.

Pushing through the crowd, Goku followed the bobbing red head like a ship latched onto a harbor beacon. He lost sight of Gojyo when the hanyou ducked into a building. Goku kept his eye on the entrance while he made his way over, but Gojyo didn’t come out. Finally standing in front of the same building, Goku read the characters on the noren. It was a bar.

Slipping inside, Goku stepped to the side of the entrance and scanned the room. Gojyo straightened up from the bar with a mug in his hand and ambled over to a table where a card game was in progress. Goku watched Gojyo flash his smile and a small roll of bills, and room was made for him at the table. Sliding onto a stool, Goku saw Gojyo spin his magic, making the other men grudgingly laugh even as they lost their money, and the women in the room began to gravitate toward the table.

Gojyo was like a light and everyone else in the room were moths fluttering around him. Only, unlike a real flame, Gojyo didn’t burn any wings. Goku still remembered the the very first time he had met Gojyo. He had never seen red hair before, and had reached out to touch it, to see if it would burn like fire.

Goku was relieved Gojyo wasn’t doing anything drastic after hearing Sanzo and Hakkai, and seemed to be acting normal, playing cards and drinking. Although Goku wasn’t real happy with the way some of the girls kept touching the redhead, leaning too close, brushing their breasts against his back. He felt another flare of jealousy similar to when Gojyo had kissed Hakkai on the cheek at the inn. He made himself let the ugly feeling go. It wasn’t like Gojyo was going to bring a girl back to their room. Goku smiled happily to himself. The hanyou didn’t need to bring back girls anymore because now they were together.

“Hey,” a gravelly voice said near his ear.

Goku looked up at the bartender, who was leaning on the counter, wiping a glass.

“Are you even old enough to drink?” the bartender ran a skeptical eye over him, eyebrows moving like bushy caterpillars.

“Uh,” Goku patted his empty pockets. “Can I have a glass of water, please?” he asked brightly.

A few moments later, Goku was picking himself up outside in the street, dusting off the seat of his pants. He glared at the two large men standing in front of the bar entrance.

“You didn’t have to throw me!” Goku protested. “I woulda left on my own!”

“Whatever, kid,” one of them snorted, before they turned their backs on him and went back inside.

Goku stood indecisively in the street, the crowd moving around him like a stream flowing around a rock. He really didn’t want to sit out here watching the bar all night. Gojyo could gamble and drink a really long time. And the redhead did seem to be okay. Shrugging his shoulders, Goku turned and started walking back to the inn.

“Boy! Hey, boy!”

Goku looked over, and saw an elderly woman at one of the market stands waving at him.

“Come here!” she called out, smiling and gesturing him over.

Returning her smile, Goku wove through the crowd and found himself at a dumpling stand. His stomach growled at the sight of all the beautiful dumplings arranged neatly inside the bamboo steamers. The old woman laughed.

“Are you hungry?” she asked, raisin eyes disappearing in a net of wrinkles when she smiled.

“Starving!” Goku said, then remembered. “Oh! But I don’t have any money,” he admitted.

“That’s alright,” she said, picking up dumplings with a pair of chopsticks and placing them on a square of rice paper. “You’re one of the companions of the Chosen One, right?”

“Uh...” Goku hesitated. Sanzo hated it when they took free stuff because of him. On the other hand, Sanzo wasn’t there. “Yep!” Goku beamed up at her.

The woman neatly folded up the corners of the rice paper, twisting them closed, and placed it in Goku’s outstretched hands.

“While you’re here, boy,” she said, “you’ll never have to pay for my dumplings. Make sure the Chosen One knows.”

“Wow, thanks, grandma!” Goku grinned and waved at her as he stepped back into the stream of people.

Goku hummed happily to himself as he made his way back to the inn. This was turning out to be one of the best days ever!

Movement brought Sanzo from sleep to instant wakefulness. His left hand was already reaching up toward the gun under his pillow even as it registered that the weight pinning his right arm was Hakkai. His left arm lowered back to the bed. He had never slept with sex partners before, and harsh years had trained battle-ready reflexes into his body.

Sanzo snorted softly at himself. He’d never slept with another man in his arms, and now he’d done it twice with Hakkai. In the past, taking a man to bed was strictly for fucking. There was no actual sleeping involved; that denoted a certain amount of intimacy and trust that Sanzo wasn’t prepared to offer. When he was finished, money was exchanged if that had been the arrangement, then they parted ways.

A light tickle on the inside of Sanzo’s right arm drew his attention, and Sanzo realized it was the flutter of Hakkai’s eyelashes. The healer was dreaming. That small movement was what had awoken him. Sleeping across the room, nothing short of a thrashing nightmare would have woken Sanzo, but laying in his arms, Hakkai’s quietest dream, the tiniest butterfly wing movement, was there for Sanzo to have. If he wanted it.

In the golding light of the setting sun filtering through the paper window, Hakkai’s naked body was gilded in reflected warmth. Sanzo’s eyes traveled along the contour of the neck, the shoulder slightly hunched because Hakkai was clasping his own hands to his chest, the slowly expanding ribcage, the long, tapered waist, the rise of the narrow hips. Sanzo frowned when the dark smudges on the hipbone caught his eye. Fingerprints of his own grip from when he took the healer. He reached out to touch the bruised flesh, but his hand hovered over the marks. For the first time in his life, Sanzo wished he knew how to be a gentle man.

Hakkai’s breathing changed, and his legs shifted. Sanzo pulled away his hand and let it drop back to the bed as the brown-haired man woke. For a moment, Hakkai held himself still as they all did, to orient themselves. Years of living on the road meant waking up in a different place almost every night, where the only constant was the faces of your companions.

Sanzo gave no indication he himself was awake as Hakkai carefully extricated himself and rolled out of the low bed. The healer’s walk was slower than usual as he crossed to the bathroom. Sanzo didn’t doubt Hakkai was sore. It had been the healer’s first time and Sanzo had taken him hard. The bathroom door clicked shut. The soft groan preceding the sound of urinating confirmed Hakkai was indeed suffering some tenderness. Personally, Sanzo couldn’t imagine taking another man’s cock up his ass. One time a partner had slipped a finger inside him during a blow job and Sanzo had punched the sneaky bastard.

He had been assured by ukes that it felt good, especially when the prostrate was stimulated, but Sanzo was not interested. He made sure to stretch out his partner and hit that little bundle of nerves, like he’d been taught early on, but he refused to open his body to someone else like that. The muffled sound of running water came from the bathroom. He wondered briefly if Hakkai would heal himself. It would be an easy thing for the chi kung master to do; a brief pull of chi and the bite mark, the bruises, even the soreness, could be banished. Hakkai was more than capable of removing every physical sign that Sanzo had ever entered his body.

The bathroom door opened, and Sanzo watched surreptitiously from under his eyelashes as Hakkai returned to the bed. Hakkai’s movements were a little less graceful than usual as he bent over to retrieve the blanket and flare it out over Sanzo’s body. Sanzo hadn’t realized he’d been holding his breath until he let it go. Hakkai hadn’t taken anything away. The bed dipped slightly as the healer slipped under the covers with him. Laying on his right side as before, Hakkai carefully scooted backward toward his previous spot.

Impatient, Sanzo reached out and grabbed the pale hip, pulling Hakkai backward. Sanzo winced as he realized he had touched the bruises, but Hakkai gave no sign of discomfort. Quite the contrary; the healer settled back into Sanzo’s arms and when Hakkai retrieved the hand still gripping his hip, it was only to kiss the fingers and cradle it to his chest.

Sanzo felt a strong sense of rightness with the other man’s body pressed against his. Nosing aside the soft brown hair, he kissed the red mark on the white neck. Closing his eyes, he mouthed the words against the soft skin he could never say aloud.

Let me gentle with you, Oshiego.

The next time Sanzo woke, the dark gold light in the room had been replaced with the grey of early dawn. He frowned at the window, surprised he had slept all the way through the night without waking. Except when he was severely injured or ill, he hadn’t slept through the night since he was a boy. Not since he shared quarters at the temple with Koumyou. He rubbed his face into Hakkai’s soft brown hair.

“And when was the last time you slept through the night, my friend?” he whispered.

Hakkai stirred. “Sanzo?” he murmured sleepily.

“It’s morning,” Sanzo said.

“Hm?” Hakkai’s face tilted up toward the window.

Under the covers, Sanzo stroked down Hakkai’s side, breathing in the clean, familiar scent of the healer’s hair. He was starting to understand the kappa’s penchant for hanging all over the brunette, touching him constantly. Without quite realizing how it happened, the easy stroking became more exploratory, and Sanzo found himself kissing and sucking on Hakkai’s neck and shoulder. With a sigh, Hakkai arched his neck, and out of the corner of his eye, Sanzo caught the glint of the limiters. For some reason, Sanzo remembered wintertime at the monastery, when the young disciples would dare each other to lick the large gong outside the main temple. He would watch in contempt as boy after boy would get his tongue stuck to the copper disk.

Reaching up with his left hand, Sanzo lightly grasped Hakkai’s chin with his fingers. Leaning down, he could feel the faint chi vibration emanating from the magically articulated metal. Cautiously, Sanzo touched the top one with the tip of his tongue. A mild jolt of chi shocked his tongue. He closed his mouth around the limiter, and the frisson of energy tickled the roof of his mouth, the second limiter buzzing against his lower lip. He sucked gently, the metal clinking lightly against his teeth. The limiters were clipped tight to the cuff of Hakkai’s ear; it would take much more force than this to pull them off. He ought to know.

Sanzo was so involved in tasting the chi, experimenting with lips and tongue, it took a moment to realize Hakkai was moaning and pushing his ass back into his groin. His hardening groin. Apparently Cho Hakkai was almost as addictive as cigarettes. Releasing the healer’s chin, Sanzo slid his palm down Hakkai’s chest and scarred abdomen. Moving away from the limiters in case Hakkai jerked, Sanzo grasped the brunette’s erection. With a moan, Hakkai pushed into his hand.

As Sanzo squeezed, Hakkai twisted partially around and reached up to pull down Sanzo’s head for a kiss. A milder chi shock shivered over his lips as their mouths met. Sanzo didn’t know if it was an echo from the limiters or something else and he didn’t care as Hakkai’s tongue rubbed against his, soft and warm and wet. Tilting his head, he sucked hard on that delicious bit of flesh, hips automatically canting forward to slide his hard cock up and down Hakkai’s ass.

They broke apart, gasping for air, and Hakkai reached down with his left hand, pulling his ass cheeks apart and bending his left leg. Looking down, Sanzo could see the quivering offering, and his cock twitched in response. Closing his eyes, he dropped his forehead onto Hakkai’s shoulder and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

“Please, Sanzo,” Hakkai’s voice was rough, “take me.”

“No,” Sanzo’s voice was muffled.

He felt the shoulder beneath him twitch, and Hakkai’s entire body stiffen.

“I... see,” Hakkai murmured. “Perhaps there is something wrong with me, after-effects of the fire oni possession...“ The brunette started to roll away, toward the edge of the bed.

“Don’t be an idiot,” Sanzo said.

His right arm snaked up under Hakkai’s neck to strap his chest while his left went around his waist. He pulled Hakkai tight against him, feeling some of the tension release from the slender body at the forceful embrace.

“You’re too sore for me to fuck again.” Sanzo kissed Hakkai’s neck and rolled the other man onto his back. Hakkai developed an intense academic interest in the ceiling. Sanzo sighed.

“Che. There’s nothing wrong with you,” he added gruffly.

Taking one of Hakkai’s hands, he guided it to his own erection, biting back a moan when those white fingers automatically wrapped around the swollen shaft. Hakkai’s green eyes moved down to Sanzo’s cock, and he rubbed his thumb over the weeping tip. This time Sanzo did moan and jerk involuntarily. The green eyes met his.

“You’re just a man,” Sanzo said. “A man who has been suppressing his sex drive.” He couldn’t help adding, “Like everything else.”

Hakkai’s breathy laugh puffed over Sanzo’s face, and the last of the tension left his body. The healer turned over on his left side and Sanzo captured his legs with his own, bending his right arm to cradle the shoulders. Reaching between them, Sanzo pushed away Hakkai’s hand and grasped both of their cocks together. Simultaneous groans. Sanzo paused a moment to center himself with a deep breath. He hadn’t done a double hand job in a long time and had forgotten how good it felt; velvety skin moving around a hard, hot core. He had developed the habit of keeping his partners faced away from him which more or less excluded mutual masturbation. He realized he’d followed this pattern with Hakkai as well. Both during the hand job at the farmhouse and sex yesterday, he had kept the healer turned away.

Suddenly, Sanzo felt the strong desire to watch Hakkai as he came. Keeping his right hand wrapped around their cocks, he gripped Hakkai’s hip with his left to hold the brunette in place. Sanzo felt the cool touch of the healer’s hand on his own hip as Hakkai mirrored the movement.

Locking his eyes on Hakkai’s face, Sanzo slowly stroked up and down. It was a bit awkward; Hakkai was thicker than him. Hakkai’s dark eyelashes fluttered, and his cheeks were flushed. As Sanzo continued pumping their cocks, Hakkai bit his lower lip, eyes closing as the normally placid face relaxed with pleasure. Pleasure Sanzo himself was providing.

“You’re beautiful.”

Sanzo hadn’t realized he’d spoke out loud until startled green eyes opened and met his. Refusing to back down from the unintentional confession, Sanzo kept his gaze steady as he pumped their cocks together. Hakkai’s lips parted as if he were going to speak, but instead he leaned in and kissed Sanzo on the mouth. He didn’t know which one of them opened first, but soon their tongues were thrusting into each other’s mouths in matching rhythm to their rolling hips. Sanzo sped up, and the tongues became more urgent.

With a gasp, Sanzo broke the kiss, pressing his forehead to Hakkai’s. He wanted to see him, see into him.

“Open your eyes,” Sanzo demanded.

Hakkai’s eyelashes fluttered as he struggled to obey, then green eyes were looking at him. Sanzo noticed the real one was slightly darker, the pupil dilated. Without his glasses, the healer looked younger, more vulnerable somehow.

“Nna.. hah...hah...” Hakkai’s soft cries grew closer together, and the hand on Sanzo’s hip tightened.

Sanzo pumped faster, and Hakkai’s hips stuttered forward.

“Ahh!” Hakkai came, eyes squeezing shut at the crucial moment, closing Sanzo out.

Sanzo felt warm cum stripe his stomach. He never let men cum on him; he found the sensation, even the idea of it, distasteful. But feeling Hakkai spilling his seed, knowing he had brought it forth, caused a surge of heat through Sanzo’s body and pushed him to climax. As his orgasm exploded through his fingers, Sanzo darted forward and sealed his lips over the healer’s, sucking his tongue hard, like he had at the farmhouse, as if he were trying to draw something into himself.

Releasing their cocks, Sanzo shifted his arm up under Hakkai’s neck. Using the grip on the healer’s hip, he pulled, pressing their cum-splattered bellies together. Still, he refused to release Hakkai. They breathed harsh and fast through their noses as he crushed their mouths together. The healer’s body was completely unresisting, physically open to him. The harder Sanzo pushed, the more Hakkai softened.

Sanzo knew Hakkai would allow him to keep taking. But, there was something the healer was holding back, something kept locked away behind masks, glasses, fake smiles and false laughter. And Sanzo wanted it.

Growling in the back of his throat, Sanzo rolled Hakkai over without breaking the kiss. He raised both his hands to the healer’s sweaty face, their tangled breathing hot and damp, ears roaring, but he refused to let go until he got what he wanted. He would not let the other man go. He would not.

A soft whimper.

Sanzo’s heart slammed hard against his chest, and the room started to spin as dizziness overtook him. He ripped his mouth away with a coughing gasp, and dropped his head onto his forearm next to Hakkai on the pillow. Beneath him, Hakkai gasped, heaving chest actually lifting Sanzo. He could feel the healer’s heart pounding under his own.

Sanzo squeezed his eyes shut against rivulets of stinging sweat and gasped against the pillow. Closing his mouth, Sanzo forced himself to take deep breaths, ordered his heart to calm, exerted control over his body. When had he lost control?

“Sanzo?“ Hesitant hands touched his back, and Sanzo jerked.

Lifting himself up on his arms, Sanzo rolled off Hakkai and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. Not looking back at the other man, he grabbed his cigarettes from the night stand and tapped the pack, pulling out a stick with his lips. He ignored the unpleasant sensation of fluids drying on his stomach in the open air as he flicked his lighter. The bed dipped behind him as Hakkai sat up and scooted to the edge next to him.

“I’ll see about a bath,” Hakkai said quietly, rising off the bed.

Out of the corner of his eye, Sanzo watched the brunette pick up his discarded robe and slip it on as he walked toward the door. Frowning, Sanzo turned, tossing the lighter back on the night stand and stared out the window. What difference did it truly make if he had all of Hakkai, or just the parts the healer was willing to give him?

“Oh!” Hakkai’s startled cry broke through Sanzo’s thoughts.

Cigarette clamped between his teeth, Sanzo dropped back on the bed and snagged his gun from under the pillow, rolling back up and pointing it at the open doorway. He glared through the tendrils of smoke, scanning for the source of the cry. Hakkai was standing still, looking down at something by his feet. Lowering his gun, Sanzo slid off the bed and walked over to the healer. Hakkai squatted and picked something small and white up off the ground. Peering over the other man’s shoulder, Sanzo saw it was a crushed cigarette. He raised an eyebrow at Hakkai, who turned a worried face toward him.

“It’s Gojyo’s,” Hakkai said.

Sanzo wasn’t sure exactly how Hakkai knew the destroyed stick was the kappa’s, but he didn’t doubt it. The healer wasn’t wrong often. He just wasn’t certain why Gojyo leaving trash in the hall was obviously upsetting the healer. Then Sanzo saw Hakkai’s gaze dart back at the bed and knew. Why would the kappa drop a mostly unsmoked cigarette outside their door and not come in, or knock?

“He heard us fucking,” Sanzo said flatly, closing the door.

“Sanzo,” Hakkai gave him a reproving look. “I have to find him, talk to him.”

Sanzo folded his arms across his chest and leaned against the closed door. The banishing gun was a cold, dead weight in the crook of his arm. He watched Hakkai walk into the bathroom and wipe his stomach with the washcloth, then come back into the main room and start gathering his clothes.

“He’s not a child,” Sanzo said.

“You don’t understand,” Hakkai said, dressing with speedy efficiency. “He gets... hurt.”

Hakkai paused as he opened the door.

“I’ll tell them to set up a bath for you,” the healer said. Hakkai gave him a small, fake smile, then left.

Sanzo’s eyes narrowed, and he felt his chest tighten. There it was. There was the part of Hakkai he couldn’t have. It was the part Gojyo had taken.

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