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BY : LotusMoon
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Author: Lotus
Pairing(s): Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: P1 - Sanzo and Hakkai are called away in the middle of the night to help a severely injured farmer and Gojyo is left babysitting a dragon. P2 - Hakkai is possessed by a fire oni, & the oni’s attempt to draw heat results in a sexual situation. P3 - Upon Hakkai & Sanzo’s return to the inn, Gojyo & Goku realized what happened & Gojyo attacks Sanzo. P4 - Hakkai attempts to be peacemaker. P5 - Sanzo & Goku have a chat in the bath. P6 - Gojyo uses his special brand of persuasion.
Warning: Language, Sexual Situations
Notes: The function of the Hizou is to transform food and drink into chi and blood and transport these substances around the body. Cold hands and feet and poor concentration/over-thinking can be signs that the Hizou is weak.

Hakkai had been witness to countless females faltering in Gojyo’s sights like a startled deer in Jeepu’s headlights. Age, class, romantic status, none were mitigating factors. Granted, Gojyo was handsome, perhaps even exotically alluring as a Taboo Child, and charismatic. But, as an outside observer, Gojyo’s phenomenal success with women still perplexed Hakkai.

Sitting on the tatami mat in close proximity to the redheaded lothario, caught in the molten gaze, Hakkai knew now his lack of comprehension was derived from a single fact. He had never before been the direct object of Sha Gojyo’s sexual focus. He could almost feel the heat radiating off the hanyou; the hand cupping his cheek felt hot even though Hakkai knew his face was flushed.

It was like being in a crucible where everything was burned away except for the desire in crimson eyes. Hakkai was as completely immobilized by Gojyo’s stare as he had been by Sanzo’s Aikido arm lock.

A thumb stroked across his left cheekbone, and the warmth of Gojyo’s hand slid under his ear to loosely grasp the back of Hakkai’s neck. No pulling or pushing, it just rested there, a familiar weight that suddenly seemed completely strange.

Long fingers lightly stroked the nape of his neck, and Hakkai automatically leaned back into the touch. Without hesitation, the idle stroking became firmer, and Hakkai recognized his own relaxation technique as Gojyo’s confident fingers kneaded pressure points at the base of his skull.

Suspicion flitted through his mind, and Hakkai’s eyes widened as he sat up straighter. He was being seduced. Deliberately and methodically seduced by his best friend, who for some reason believed he was in sexual competition with a monk.

“Gojyo, I believe you have misunderstood the situation-”

“I like your hands,”Gojyo interrupted.

Hakkai stopped, nonplussed at the non-sequitur. Then Gojyo squeezed Hakkai’s right hand, still cradled to the redhead’s chest. Keeping crimson eyes locked with his, Gojyo lifted the hand and began kissing the knuckles. The tiny touches were so delicate, Hakkai barely registered each warm caress before it was lifted away. As if he was opening a flower petal by petal with his lips, Gojyo kissed each finger open until Hakkai’s hand was spread, palm bared.

Gojyo bowed his head over the palm and Hakkai felt a soft gust of warm breath just before a kiss was pressed to the center of his palm. Hakkai couldn’t slow down his breathing or move or speak. He gasped when he felt the wet tip of a tongue flick lightly along the lines os his palm. His fingers convulsed and Gojyo kissed the center again, rubbing his cheek into the hand. Crimson eyes looked up at him through long amber lashes.

Hakkai struggled to gather his stuttering thoughts. He shouldn’t allow this to continue. Gojyo was overreacting to the situation, using his sexuality to...

Gojyo pushed up the edge of Hakkai’s shirt sleeve and hot lips seared his wrist. Hakkai’s breath caught when he again felt the tip of Gojyo’s tongue dance along the exposed veins and he had to bite his lower lip to hold in a moan. Then the other man’s mouth opened, and Hakkai felt every nerve in his body pull to the square centimeter of flesh Gojyo was sucking on.

“Goj...yo...” Hakkai couldn’t catch his breath.

Red eyes flicked up at him, and something softened, the heat became less raw, more like banked fire. The fingers on his nape resumed the light stroking and Gojyo’s mouth released his wrist with a soft kiss.

“Shh,” Gojyo soothed, in the tone one might expect to hear used with a spooked horse.

The hanyou placed Hakkai’s hand behind his own shoulder under the curtain of red hair and maneuvered himself closer. Suddenly, Hakkai found himself thigh to warm thigh between the other man and the side of the bed. Gojyo bent his taller frame and lay his cheek on Hakkai’s right shoulder. Hakkai felt himself relaxing into the familiar position. Gojyo often rested his head on Hakkai’s shoulder, sober and drunk and had even fallen asleep in that position more than once.

Between the familiar rhythm of breath against his neck and the fingers idly playing in his hair, Hakkai’s defenses dropped. Perhaps Gojyo had taken this as far as it was going to go. The thought brought both relief and regret. Gojyo nuzzled deeper into his neck and Hakkai automatically stroked the silky red hair he had recently combed. Good. Now that Gojyo had gotten this nonsense out os his system, they could talk it over like sensible-

A hard jolt, like a backwash of chi, ran over Hakkai’s skin as Gojyo started sucking on his neck. Hands cupped his face, tilting his head as Gojyo’s talented lips and tongue worked their way up the column of his neck. The base of his jaw was mouthed, than an earlobe sucked into the wet heat.

Hakkai’s fingers tightened in the silky strands, but he didn’t know whether to pull Gojyo away or closer. It was becoming more and more difficult to think rationally. He felt Gojyo nose aside his hair, the hands tightened on his face, then Gojyo blew a gentle puff of air into his ear.

“Ah!” Hakkai couldn’t hold back his startled response as goosebumps shivered over his body.

Before he could recover, Gojyo flicked the tip of his tongue inside his ear. The idea that someone might find having a tongue in one’s ear pleasurable was bizarre, yet at that moment, Hakkai found himself becoming more aroused. He was beginning to despair of ever gaining control over his own body. The hanyou was recreating nearly the same effects as the fire oni possession, and Hakkai was struggling not to give in as he had before.

“Shh, ‘Kai, shh, it’s okay,” Gojyo murmured, nuzzling Hakkai’s temple, thumbs stroking his face in soothing circles. “I’ll take care of you.”

Hakkai could not imagine why Gojyo was shushing him until he heard the low whimpers in the room and realized they were coming from his own throat.

Gojyo rubbed his nose lightly against Hakkai’s and nudged his cheek. Hakkai’s eyes fluttered close as he realized his friend meant to kiss him. Sanzo’s “kiss” had only been a means to withdraw the oni. It had been hard and abrupt and over before Hakkai’s possessed body could register much of it. Gojyo’s approach was slow and sensual, a co-mingling of breath, the strange feel of another man’s slightly stubble-roughened cheek.

The number of people who had kissed Hakkai on the mouth could be counted on one hand: a little girl the orphanage; a prostitute before he could stop her; Sanzo last night; and, of course, Kanan. Only with Kanan had Passion’s kiss been shared. And that sweet nectar had fermented into bitter poison.

Hakkai knew he must never lose control again. Not in anger, not in love, not in passion.

Warm lips brushed across his, once...

Sanzo was safe. The monk was made of control; he had helped Hakkai contain the beast behind three tiny bars.

The lips passed a second time, lingering half a breath longer...

Gojyo was the opposite of restraint. He was flamboyant, impetuous, uninhibited. The hanyou was a dangerous temptation.

On the third passing, Gojyo caught and held Hakkai’s lips with his own. The redhead’s mouth slanted across his, nibbling, sucking, murmuring exotic secrets completely foreign to Hakkai.

Gojyo was... sinfully seductive.

When the tip of the other man’s tongue darted against the edge of his bottom lip, there was no hesitation. Hakkai opened his mouth immediately, and felt the vibration as Gojyo hummed in approval. Despite the ready admittance, Gojyo’s entrance was leisurely; he licked at Hakkai’s lips and traced his teeth as if he had all the time in the world. When Gojyo finally slid fully inside to roll his tongue against Hakkai’s, the blood roared in his ears. Lips and fingertips tingled as if he had just come in from the cold half frost-bitten and been suddenly immersed in warmth.

Being kissed by Gojyo was exquisite torture. Hakkai moaned, and fisted the front of Gojyo’s shirt so tightly he felt a pop and heard the ping of a flying button he’d have to sew back on later.

The tongue withdrew and Gojyo kissed him lightly on the lips before nuzzling his temple and licking at the rim of his ear. Hakkai tensed in anticipation of another invasion, but Gojyo just trailed light kisses and tongue flicks along his ear and neck, rubbing his nose in Hakkai’s hair.

“Breathe,” Gojyo whispered. “You’re gonna pass out on me.”

Hakkai would have responded if he wasn’t actually slightly disoriented. Gojyo brought Hakkai’s head to his shoulder and large, warm hands soothed over his back and arms. It wasn’t until he stilled under the easy touches that Hakkai realized he’d been shaking. A kiss dropped onto the top of his head before Gojyo rested his chin there.

As he collected himself, Hakkai realized his hand was still clutched in Gojyo’s shirt front. He forced his hand open, automatically smoothing out the crumpled fabric.

“The kid was right,” Gojyo murmured. “I smell beans too.”

Hakkai managed a weak laugh. “Sanzo and I slept on the floor of a storage shed.”

As soon as he said the monk’s name, Hakkai felt Gojyo’s shoulder tense beneath his cheek. He watched the chest in front of him expand and deflate as Gojyo took a long, deep breath. The shoulder relaxed. One of the redhead’s hands skimmed over the side of Hakkai’s ribcage and rested on his waist. Long fingers drew lazy patterns on the sha silk shirt until it slowly slid up and Gojyo was stroking bare skin at the small of Hakkai’s back.

“If you let me be your lover, ‘Kai,” Gojyo’s voice was low and husky, “You’ll never want anyone else in your bed.”

Hakkai choked on his own breath. The spot Gojyo was rubbing felt like a hot coin had been pressed there. The warmth passed through the flesh and bone to pool in his groin, pushing more blood into his already erect member. Hakkai pressed his face into Gojyo’s neck as he struggled to even out his breathing and regain control. If Gojyo could do this much to him, push him so far with a kiss and fingertips, Hakkai knew he would be completely lost if he permitted the hanyou more liberties with his body.

Danger! Fear flared up in the back of Hakkai’s mind, hard and sharp. Hakkai lifted his head and straightened in Gojyo’s arms, looking up at the window above their heads.

Gojyo knew from experience it wasn’t that difficult to arouse a man. Hell, they were already thinking about it all the time. Hakkai was probably semi-hard right now just from talking about kissing. But, he knew it wouldn’t be enough just to arouse the chaste healer. He was gonna have to work him up to the point where the other man stopped analyzing and just reacted.

There was no way Gojyo could ever win a verbal argument with Hakkai. In the past, even when he thought he had, it turned out he was too stupid at the time to realize he’d actually lost. Hakkai was slick that way. Yeah, no doubt the brown-haired man was way smarter about certain things and could manipulate the hell outta other people. Except sexually.

Hakkai had severely limited experience in the one area in which Gojyo considered himself a master. From late night talks, he knew Hakkai had only been with one person before Gojyo scraped him off the path, his sister Kanan. He’d gathered the sexual side of the relationship had rarely been consummated because ‘Kai had been afraid of getting his sister pregnant.

The entire time they lived together, Hakkai had been celibate. On the road, Gojyo had dragged his friend with him to the red lantern district a few times, but knew Hakkai didn’t always go all the way. One girl had actually given Gojyo back some of his money because she felt bad taking it when all Hakkai had done was read to her. Gojyo had felt so sorry for the cute pouty thing, he’d handed back the money and taken care of business properly himself.

So, yeah. Not only should Hakkai not be able to anticipate Gojyo’s actions like he normally could, he also wouldn’t be able to predict his own reactions to what Gojyo was gonna do to him. The thought almost made Gojyo feel guilty, but he shook it off. This wasn’t just to keep Hakkai for himself; it was for the healer’s own good as well. Gojyo knew how to take care of someone who was sexually inexperienced. He knew he could be whatever kind of lover Hakkai needed. What did the fucking monk know? The pissy priest was probably the “bend over and shut up“ type.

So far, the plan was working. Gojyo nuzzled in closer to Hakkai’s neck and was rewarded when the healer began stroking his hair. Despite his own raging hard on, Gojyo snuggled and watched the racing pulse in front of him slow down. Hakkai had been even more responsive than he had hoped for, but he didn’t want to scare his friend away.

Just when he sensed Hakkai was at the point where he was gonna start rationalizing, Gojyo licked the pulse point and started sucking the slender neck. A gasp, and the healer’s pulse jumped up hard and fast beneath his lips, fingers spasming in his hair. Oh, yeah.

Gojyo slid his hands up to firmly cup Hakkai’s face and hold him still. A broken nose would spoil the mood fast, and he’d had intense reactions to what he was about to do. He kissed, licked and sucked his way up the white column of Hakkai’s throat towards his goal. Nosing aside damp tendrils of brown hair, Gojyo gently blew in Hakkai’s ear.


Hakkai’s cry shot straight to Gojyo’s dick. The healer’s responses to him were making him all kinds of hot. Men generally weren’t as vocal as chicks, and Gojyo loved noisy sex. Gojyo tightened his grip and started tongue-fucking Hakkai’s ear.

The response was immediate and intense. Hakkai jerked in his hands with another cry, and the fingers tightened in his hair enough to make his scalp tingle. But not enough to make Gojyo stop. A little hair pulling could be a very good thing. Hakkai was making the sexiest mewling sounds in the back of his throat. Suddenly, Gojyo wanted to hear all the sounds Hakkai could make; he wanted to draw each one out of the quiet healer slowly one at a time until Hakkai was screaming his name.

Gojyo had never been so fucking hard in his life. Gods, he wanted this man and he wanted him now. Seme, uke, he didn’t care who topped, just one of them needed to be inside of the other one.

Shit. Gojyo realized Hakkai was shaking and the mewling was starting to sound more like pleading whimpers. He was pushing too hard.

“Shh, ‘Kai, shh,” Gojyo soothed. “It’s ok.” He rubbed his face along Hakkai’s, loosening his hold and stroking circles with his thumbs. “I’m gonna take care of you.”

Feeling contrite, Gojyo reined in his own passion and looked down. Hakkai’s heart-shaped face was upturned, pale skin flushed that cherry blossom pink it got when the healer was fresh out of a very hot bath. The thick black eyelashes fluttered, and Gojyo wondered if he was trying to keep those green eyes shut or if he was fighting to open them. The trembling lashes tickled the tops of Gojyo’s thumbs as he stroked the high cheekbones. Hakkai’s mouth was slightly open and Gojyo could feel the little hot gusts of air brush across his face as Hakkai panted. Wait a minute. Cho Hakkai was struggling to catch his breath. The man who threw around chi balls while bantering, who muscled Jeepu through overgrown paths and non-existent roads with inexhaustible confidence and then fixed dinner while the rest of them were recovering, was panting.

Gojyo had made Hakkai breathless. With just a minimal amount of foreplay, he had stolen his friend’s breath away. His heart squeezed, and Gojyo closed his eyes.

“Please,” he silently begged whatever gods would listen to the likes of himself, “please don’t let me fuck this up.”

Keeping his eyes closed, Gojyo tilted his head, leaned in and brushed his lips chastely across his friend’s mouth. When Hakkai didn’t flinch or pull away, he did it again, nice and slow. The third time, he held the kiss, and felt Hakkai’s lips soften under his. A kiss was a conversation, and Gojyo was fluent. He had made girls come from kissing alone more than once. Hakkai’s lips were soft for a man’s, and Gojyo couldn’t resist sucking on the lower lip. He thrilled at the resulting moan, and moved his mouth over Hakkai’s more firmly, nipping and sucking and swallowing more of those delicious little sounds.

Gojyo felt as if he really could drink Hakkai like sake. He lightly touched the tip of his tongue against Hakkai’s lower lip, and the other man’s mouth opened immediately. Gojyo hummed his approval; he wasn’t positive the other man would let him in, and he desperately wanted a taste. He took his time, tracing lips and the smooth hardness of teeth before flicking against the roof of Hakkai’s mouth. Hakkai moaned and pressed closer, so Gojyo ever so lightly touched the tip of his tongue to the other man’s. A hard shiver ran through the body pressed to his, and Gojyo felt Hakkai’s left hand grab the front of his shirt.

Gojyo hummed again, hoping to encourage more of those wonderful noises out of Hakkai, and stroked his tongue. He slowly coaxed Hakkai into his own mouth and sucked gently on his tongue. He heard a rip and felt a button give on his shirt, but he could give a shit because Hakkai was making those incredible mewling sounds again.

Before he embarrassed himself and came in his pants like a teenager having a wet dream, Gojyo slowly disengaged the kiss. He trailed lazy open-mouthed kisses over Hakkai’s face and neck, licking the shell of his ear.

“Breathe,” Gojyo whispered. “You’re gonna pass out on me.”

Fuck, he tasted and smelled good. He buried his face in Hakkai’s wild shock of brown hair.

“The kid was right,” Gojyo murmured. “I smell beans too.”

Hakkai managed a weak laugh. “Sanzo and I slept on the floor of a storage shed.”

At the mention of the monk’s name, Gojyo felt himself tense up all over. He did not want Hakkai thinking of a love rival while he was in his arms. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, sliding his right hand over the soft black shirt. He gently eased up the hem until he touched precious skin at the small of Hakkai’s back. He felt the flesh grow warm under his fingers and Hakkai moaned softly, rocking his hips forward a little. Gojyo’s smile was hidden in his hair. He doubted the healer even knew he had made a sound, let alone moved his hips.

“If you let me be your lover, ‘Kai,” Gojyo’s voice was low and husky, “You’ll never want anyone else in your bed.”

A catch of breath, then Gojyo felt Hakkai’s hand flatten on his chest. Because of the popped button, the healer’s palm touched the smooth skin above his heart. Gojyo shifted them so Hakkai’s head was tucked more securely into his shoulder, and he could see down the straight line of his back. He eased the shirt up more, and found that he liked the contrast of his tanned hand on Hakkai’s white skin. He eased one hand down the gap in the back of Hakkai’s pants while the other lifted the shirt above the trim waist. Hakkai was panting softly against his neck.

Suddenly, the body melded against his went completely rigid. Gojyo’s hands stopped.

“‘Kai? What’s wrong?” He struggled to keep his voice calm as panic jabbed his heart.

Instead of answering, Hakkai sat up, pulling away slightly, but leaving his hand on Gojyo’s chest. The healer looked up at the closed window. Frowning, Gojyo twisted around and followed Hakkai’s line of sight. A shadow was growing on the papered panes, blocking the late morning light. The shadow struck the window with a thump, then the frames flew open, and Hakuryu burst inside the room, splattering both of them with water.


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