Zang Fu Theory

BY : LotusMoon
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Disclaimer: I do not own Gensomaden Saiyuki, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Zang Fu Theory, Part 11:

Author: Lotus

Pairing(s): Sanzo/Hakkai/Gojyo/Goku

Rating: NC17

Summary: P1 - Sanzo and Hakkai are called away in the middle of the night to help a severely injured farmer and Gojyo is left babysitting a dragon. P2 - Hakkai is possessed by a fire oni, & the oni’s attempt to draw heat results in a sexual situation. P3 - Upon Hakkai & Sanzo’s return to the inn, Gojyo & Goku realized what happened & Gojyo attacks Sanzo. P4 - Hakkai attempts to be peacemaker. P5 - Sanzo & Goku have a chat in the bath. P6 - Gojyo uses his special brand of persuasion. P7 - Battle in the bath house. P8 - Gojyo remembers Jien’s magic beans. P9 - Hakkai & Gojyo wash the ash off. P10 - Hakkai tends Sanzo’s wounds. P11 - Goku gets embarrassed in the bathroom.

Warning: Language, Sexual Situations

Notes: Just a reminder that in Kazuya Minekura's notes she states that Goku is 18 years old, and that he had been trapped for 500 years, so technically, he's 518.

Disclaimer: Kazuya Minekura’s beautiful boys. If they were mine, there’d be more stops at onsens, secluded woodland bathing pools, shower scenes and overall general nudity. And fewer female wait staff.

Jealousy churned Goku’s stomach as Hakkai pushed Gojyo out into the hall and firmly shut Sanzo’s door. Jealousy wasn’t a demon he had to fight often. Sometimes he felt left out by the others because he knew they treated him like a kid and kept secrets. He had never had anything to be jealous over. Until now. He scowled at the source of his distress.

Gojyo frowned at the closed door a moment, then turned and flashed a grin at him. Goku’s scowl faltered. The taller man slung an arm around his shoulders as they walked. Gojyo smelled like Hakkai’s flowery soap.

“Lemme guess,” Gojyo said as he opened the door to their room. “You’re hungry.”

“No. Yes,” Goku stammered a bit, unsure how to deal with the ugly feelings upsetting his insides.

“Then why are you rubbing your stomach?” Gojyo laughed.

The hanyou kicked the door shut and slipped the bathrobe off, letting it fall as he walked to his bed. Lean muscle rolled under tan skin as Gojyo squatted and sorted through the pile of clothes on the floor. After smelling them, he chose a shirt and pair of pants, tossing the shirt on the bed as he straightened.

A lump rose in Goku’s throat when Gojyo bent over to slip a leg in the pants. He could see the other man’s balls, swinging slightly between the long legs. Goku’s own balls tightened as Gojyo slipped in the other leg and shimmied the pants up, lean buttocks tightening. For the first time, he noticed Gojyo had dimples, one over each cheek. He felt a pang of disappointment as they disappeared underneath the black material.

An image of the shirtless Gojyo, writhing and lifting his hips beneath Hakkai on the onsen floor flashed through his mind. Goku felt his penis harden, and was dismayed to see the front of the borrowed shirt tented outward. Crap! Goku ran to his bed and grabbed a change of clothes, holding the bundle over his crotch. There was no way he could change in front of Gojyo. He’d see his boner, and then he’d know.

Glancing around the room, Goku sprinted into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Since the inn had its own onsen, the tiny bathroom didn’t actually have a bath, just a washiki, a squat toilet, and a small sink. He had just started unbuttoning the shirt when there was a soft knock.

“Yo, monkey,” Gojyo called out, “you okay?”

“Yeah.” Goku’s fingers fumbled with the buttons. One was missing. Had he done that? “Just changing.” Finally! He pulled the shirt off and threw it down.

“Since when are you too shy to change in front of me?” Gojyo sounded amused.

“Can’t a guy have a little privacy?” Goku snapped.

He wished the door had a lock. He’d forgotten to grab underwear. Oh, well. Gojyo never wore any. He bent down to pull on the pants. In his haste, he jerked up too soon and lost his balance, falling sideways.

“Ow!” His shoulder slammed into the wall.

“I’m coming in,” Gojyo announced.

“No!” Goku yelled as the door knob turned behind him.

Of course the stupid kappa ignored him, and the door swung inward, hitting Goku in the butt and knocking him forward onto his hands and knees. With his bare ass in the air and pants tangled around his ankles, Goku was dealing with another unfamiliar feeling; total embarrassment.

“Hey, it’s a full moon,” Gojyo joked behind him.

“Get out!” Goku yelled, desperation making his voice crack. He pressed his thighs together, hoping to hide the evidence.

“Calm down, monkey,” Gojyo said, voice way too close. “Lemme help you up.”

Goku felt Gojyo grab his left upper arm and tug. He let the redhead pull him up, keeping his body angled away. His right hand had a death grip on the waistband of his pants, and he managed to jerk them up to his knees. He couldn’t get them up the rest of the way with one hand, and any minute Gojyo was going to see.

Despite himself, the backs of his eyeballs began to prickle, and Goku bit his lower lip to hold back the tears. When his vision blurred, Goku averted his face and wrenched his arm free of Gojyo’s grasp.

“Don’t need your help,” Goku sulked.

He quickly hiked the pants up to his waist, then faced another another problem. There was no way he could button them up with his thingie sticking out like that. How could he stuff it back in with Gojyo hovering over him? Before he could stop them, a few fat drops spilled over and ran down his cheek. He sniffed.

“Are you - hey, are you crying?” Gojyo’s voice was completely devoid of the usual teasing.

Warm hands reached out and grabbed the sides of his face. Goku looked up into a concerned pair of crimson eyes as long thumbs wiped off the tears. The open concern and gentleness undid him, and Goku dropped his forehead onto Gojyo’s bare chest. Something inside gave way, and the tears came for real. It was too much crammed into one day. First, finding out about Sanzo and Hakkai, then almost losing Sanzo to the stupid fire oni, then, seeing Gojyo and Hakkai making out. It was one thing to jerk off in the dark while he listened through the wall to Gojyo screwing someone he didn’t know, and something else to see him dry-humping another friend.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Gojyo asked gently, arms going around Goku’s shaking shoulders.

Goku felt himself calm down within the familiar warmth that had wrapped around him countless nights in the back of Jeepu. Gojyo had always been a willing pillow. It was one of Goku’s favorite ways to fall asleep; curled up on the bench, the steady thump of a heartbeat beneath his cheek, watching the glowing cherry tip of a lit cigarette arcing through the dark, the low rumble of laughter in response to something Hakkai whispered from the front seat.

The sobbing slowed down to a wet hiccuping as hands smoothed down his back, pressed him closer.

“Shh,” Gojyo soothed, “It’s okay.”

The same words Goku heard whenever he was half-awake, half-emersed in one of the cave nightmares. He’d hear that voice, smell a waft of cigarette smoke as a warm hand stroked his back, and he’d fall into a peaceful sleep.

For a moment, Goku forgot why he was hiding from Gojyo in the first place. He snuggled closer, rubbing his nose in the hanyou’s comforting scent. Then his stiff penis jabbed Gojyo’s thigh. He froze, sending a short, frantic prayer to the Merciful Goddess that the redhead wouldn’t notice. Apparently she didn’t listen to monkeys.

“Er - Goku?” Gojyo didn’t sound disgusted, just surprised.

Gojyo’s hands slipped around to grip Goku’s shoulders and pushed their bodies apart enough to peer down between them. Goku squeezed his eyes shut, his face so hot it felt sunburned.

“Soooo,” Gojyo drawled, “can I assume this is why you didn’t wanna change in front of me?”

Goku nodded, eyes still screwed shut so tight he was starting to see little white dots.

“Hey, a guy should never be ashamed of a healthy hard-on,” Gojyo said.

Goku dared to open one eye. Gojyo was smiling down at him, face totally normal, like they were discussing wrestling moves or something.

“When I was your age, I’d get hard in a stiff breeze,” Gojyo winked at him.

“You were never my age,” Goku argued automatically.

Crimson eyes rolled. “You know what I mean, monkey.”

“Don’t call me that!” Both his eyes opened as he stuck out his chin.

“I’m just saying,” Gojyo ruffled his hair above the limiter, “we’re all guys here, kiddo.”

The embarrassment turned to hurt anger, and Goku knocked Gojyo’s hand away. Crimson eyes widened in surprise.

“Quit that!” Goku took a step back. “Stop treating me like a stupid kid.”

“Whatever.” Gojyo raised his hands in surrender.

As the hanyou backed up toward the doorway, Goku noticed Gojyo hadn’t buttoned up his trousers, and the dark material hung open on the slim hips, revealing a curly thatch of red hair. Goku quickly closed his eyes, swallowing hard. It was too late. He felt his cock jump in response to the tantalizing peek.

Goku held his breath, letting it out when he heard the door close. Good. Gojyo hadn’t noticed. Turning his back, Goku reached down and grasped the treacherous part of his body. Wincing, he tried to stuff it down the inside of his pants far enough to button them up.

“Ow, ow, ow,” he whispered.

“You’re gonna damage yourself,” Gojyo commented casually.

With a yelp, Goku spun around. The redhead was lounging against the closed door, arms crossed over his chest. A red eyebrow arched.

“Look,” Gojyo began, “the same sort of thing happened to Hakkai. It even effected Hakuryu.”

Long fingers gestured at the hickey on the hanyou’s neck. Goku frowned, completely lost at the sudden change in the conversation. His confusion must of shown on his face.

“Y’know, the fire oni,” Gojyo elaborated, waving his hand in the air. “You were possessed by it, too.”

“What’s getting hard around you got to do with the fire oni?” Goku was starting to think Gojyo had gotten hit on the head during the battle while he and Sanzo were out. Maybe he should go next door and fetch Hakkai.

“Hakkai said the oni’s need for heat kinda amps up the sex drive, or something,” Gojyo said.

“Oh.” Goku’s frown deepened. “So that’s why I feel it more today.”

“Yeah,” Gojyo nodded encouragingly. “That’s why - wait.” The smile faltered. “What do you mean more?”

“Um. Nuttin’,” Goku muttered.

His face felt sunburned again. He turned his back on Gojyo and tried to button up his pants, hissing as he pinched sensitive skin.

“Really not a good idea,” Gojyo said. The doorknob rattled again. “Better just to have a quick wank. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Goku glanced over his shoulder. This time Gojyo really was leaving; he was halfway out the door. He felt a small twinge of panic. As much as he had wanted the kappa to leave before, he wanted him to stay now.

“I can’t,” Goku whispered.

The door stopped closing.

“Can’t what?” Gojyo asked, voice slightly muffled on the other side.

“Y’know, have a quick wank.” Goku felt the sunburn move down his neck.

Gojyo’s head popped around the door, wearing a very alarmed expression.

“Hakkai said he had the sex talk with you,” Gojyo sounded puzzled.

“Oh, yeah,” Goku nodded. “I know all about sex and stuff,” he reassured the redhead. “He gave me a book.”

“A book?” Gojyo appeared skeptical.

“With pictures,” Goku elaborated.

“Yeah, he would.” Laughing, Gojyo rubbed his face with his right hand, pushing it through his hair. “So you know about jerking off?”

“Of course!” Goku said defensively. “I’m not an idiot.”

“And you’ve done it before?” Gojyo prodded.

“Yeah,” Goku said.

“So...?” Gojyo wound his hand through the air.

“So...” Goku fidgeted. “Now I can only do it when I hear you.”

It was Gojyo’s turn to look sunburned. The redhead ran a hand through his hair and fell back against the doorjamb.

“What do you mean, hear me?” he asked cautiously.

“When you’re with someone,” Goku said, eyes dropping to his bare toes.

“Mm.” Gojyo rubbed his face with both hands this time. He took a deep breath through his fingers, then dropped them, looking down at Goku.

“Well, sometimes a guy needs a little... stimulation,” Gojyo said slowly. It was the same tone of voice he used when he was breaking down a complex Judo move before a sparring session. “You’re around us all the time, so that’s all you’re getting. Next good-sized town, we’ll ditch the monk, and I’ll take you to the red lantern district, okay?”

“Okay.” Goku didn’t know for sure what the red lantern district was, except that Gojyo took Hakkai with him on his birthdays, saying “my treat”, so it probably had great restaurants.

“Hang on a sec,” Gojyo disappeared, and Goku heard the sound of a drawer opening and shutting.

Gojyo slipped back into the bathroom, pushing the door shut with his hip. He was unscrewing the cap off a little tube as he walked, and Goku caught a familiar, slightly fruity odor that he had caught on Gojyo before.

“Hold out your hand,” Gojyo instructed.

Curious, Goku held out his right hand and Gojyo squirted some oily liquid onto it, and the fruity smell grew stronger. Bending his head, he flicked out the tip of his tongue experimentally, and tasted something kinda like oranges and strawberries, but not quite.

“C’mere,” Gojyo said in his ear, and Goku realized the hanyou had moved behind him.

The redhead gripped his hips and guided Goku so he was standing at the foot of the toilet trough. Warm hands slid inside his pants and pushed them down past his butt. Goku started to twist around.

“Hey, what’re you doing?” Goku said.

“Helping you out,” Gojyo said. “Just relax back into me.”

Goku leaned back into Gojyo’s tall, lean frame, and felt the hanyou’s chin settle on top of his head as his arms slipped around his waist. They had started hundreds of Judo lessons this way, often shirtless in the heat, and it felt perfectly normal as Gojyo’s bare chest molded to his naked back.

Then Gojyo grasped his right wrist and guided it toward his cock. Goku took hold of himself automatically, then wriggled back into Gojyo in surprise.

“It’s cold!” he protested.

“I know,” Gojyo chuckled. “It’ll warm up fast.”

Fisting himself, Goku starting pumping as fast as he could. Gojyo was right; the gooey stuff warmed up, and the slickness felt good sliding around his dick. There wasn’t the usual friction burn that sometimes made the sensitive skin a little raw.

“Y’know,” Gojyo said softly, “jerking off is just an expression. You’re not actually trying to pull the thing off.”

Before Goku could respond, Gojyo’s long fingers wrapped around his, the grip firm but gentle, and slowed down the strokes. Goku tensed up at first, then relaxed into the easier rhythm. Closing his eyes, he let Gojyo take the lead.

“Feel good?” Gojyo murmured.

“Yeah,” Goku sighed.

He hadn’t been touched like this since the tool shed meetings at the monastery, and never with such a confident, experienced hand.

“You gotta experiment, find out what you like.” Gojyo’s thumb slid over the head of his cock, and Goku bucked forward with a moan. “So you can tell your partner.”

Gojyo grasped Goku’s left hand and moved it down toward his crotch. At first, he was confused, then Gojyo guided his hand under his balls, cupping them up against his cock. Goku had never touched his balls while jerking off. Long fingers rolled the hard nuts gently inside the sacks. Goku moaned again as the sensation intensified the pleasure.

“And it’s not just about the cock,” Gojyo said.

Gojyo’s fingers trailed up his abdomen to his chest, leaving a wake of goosebumps. The very tip of his index finger flicked an erect nipple, and Goku felt electric tingles shoot down his center to his tightening balls. He moaned and pressed the side of his face against Gojyo’s chest. Fingers plucked at his nipples, drawing lazy patterns on his chest, while his cock was steadily stroked.

His legs started to feel wobbly, and Goku reached up, hooking his left arm around Gojyo’s neck. His scent mixed with Gojyo’s, and he inhaled as deeply as he could. It made his mouth water, and he remembered licking Gojyo’s neck in the onsen.

“So... good,” Goku moaned.

Releasing his own cock, Goku raised his right arm and clasped his hands behind Gojyo’s neck. The redhead kept going without skipping a beat, and Goku thrust his hips into Gojyo’s hand. The buildup was so much sweeter than it had ever been, the slow gathering of tingling heat, that he almost didn’t want it to end. Then his balls drew up and Gojyo’s hand pumped him faster, there was a sharp spike of a pinched nipple and the world exploded.

“Ah!” Goku’s back arched and he rose up on the balls of his feet as he came.

Strong arms supported him as he sagged backward, and Gojyo lowered both of them to the floor. He found himself sitting between Gojyo’s raised knees with the hanyou bracing his back against the wall.

“Holy shit!” Goku gasped.

Gojyo’s chest rumbled with laughter behind him, and a tanned hand stroked his arm.

“How do you feel?” Gojyo asked.

For a moment, Goku couldn’t answer. There were so many feelings going off inside him, he couldn’t confine them to one word. Relaxed, excited, happy, curious, good. Then his stomach rumbled, and he was rescued from his dilemma.

“Hungry,” Goku answered.

Gojyo laughed again, and stretched out a long arm to grab a handful of washi, wiping paper, and handed it to him.

“Here, clean off the lube. It dries sticky,” Gojyo said. “Then we’ll feed you.”

Sitting between Gojyo’s long legs, wiping off the fruity lotion with the washi, Goku saw that the porcelin trough of the washiki was streaked with his cum. He felt a warmth settle into the pit of his stomach, replacing all the nauseating feelings from before. It didn’t really matter if Sanzo and Hakkai had sex together. Sanzo had said it didn’t affect their relationship. And now he had Gojyo.

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