Zang Fu Theory

BY : LotusMoon
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Title: Zang Fu Theory, Part 21
Author: Lotus
Pairing(s): Sanzo/Hakkai/Gojyo
Rating: NC17
While the ikkou are staying in a town, Sanzo and Hakkai are called away in the middle of the night to help a severely injured farmer. Gojyo is left babysitting a dragon, who behaves very strangely. At the farmhouse, Hakkai is possessed by a fire oni, & the oni’s attempt to draw heat results in a sexual situation with Sanzo. Upon Hakkai & Sanzo’s return to the inn, Gojyo & Goku realized what happened & Gojyo attacks Sanzo. Hakkai attempts to be peacemaker, sending Sanzo & Goku to the bathhouse, leaving him with Gojyo. Sanzo & Goku have a chat in the bath, and Sanzo is attacked by the fire oni. Back at the inn, afraid he is losing his friend to Sanzo, Gojyo uses his special brand of persuasion with Hakkai. Hakuryu flies back to the inn for help, leading Hakkai & Gojyo to the bathhouse. They battle the fire oni, and just when all seems lost, Gojyo remembers Jien’s magic beans. Hakkai & Gojyo wash the ash off each other. Returning to the inn, Gojyo & Goku are kicked out of the room & Hakkai tends Sanzo’s wounds. Goku gets embarrassed in the bathroom in front of Gojyo, who ends up lending him a helping hand. The healing session becomes intimate between Hakkai & Sanzo. Hakkai remembers the past when he was at the temple with Sanzo and Gojyo seeks solace after accidentally eavesdropping on Hakkai & Sanzo. Goku follows the upset Gojyo & gets free dumplings from a vendor because he’s a companion of the Chosen One. During a passionate moment, Sanzo loses control & Hakkai leaves to look for Gojyo. Goku leads Hakkai to the bar he had followed Gojyo to the night before. At the Red Kimono, Gojyo is attacked & mysteriously declared to be the Chosen One. The purpose of the Chosen One is revealed to be a companion for the fire oni. And the villagers chose Gojyo! Trapped by a talisman next to his heart, Gojyo decides to say goodbye to Hakkai. Hakkai’s passion is released. Sanzo meets up with the rest of the ikkou at the Red Kimono. He and Gojyo had a confrontation over Hakkai sleeping with both of them, and Sanzo realizes something is wrong. Hakkai realizes Gojyo is being coerced by the owner of the Red Kimono. He says good-bye to Gojyo so he can discuss strategy with Sanzo. Sanzo and Hakkai discuss Gojyo’s predicament, but Sanzo makes it clear he’s not going to talk about anything else.

Chapter 21: Goku reviews his feelings for Gojyo.
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Goku was miserable. The picnic lunch they’d had a couple of hours earlier sat in his stomach like a big rock. Every bump in the road made the rock roll around and increased his queasiness. Goku stared at the bench across from him where Gojyo was normally sprawled, and felt his throat tighten. He couldn’t count the number of times the kappa had made him nuts, riding in Jeepu with his long legs taking up too much room, chucking pebbles at him and endlessly teasing. But there were also the the funny jokes and stories, playing games and how, out of the whole ikkou, Gojyo was the one who was always willing to make time for him.

In the beginning, Gojyo’s dirty jokes and constant flirting with all things female had grossed him out. After a while, it just became annoying. Then one night it had changed into something completely different. That had been the first night he had masturbated listening to Gojyo.

It had been one of those nights when the four of them each had their own room, and just as Goku had been about to fall asleep, he had heard voices coming from Gojyo’s room:

“We have to be quiet, honey,” Gojyo whispered. “I don’t want to wake my friends.”

A woman’s giggle. “Then maybe I should put something in my mouth.”

With a sigh, Goku turned his back to the wall and screwed his eyes shut. He was irritated by the idea of being kept up half the night by the pervy kappa’s fooling around. And he knew from experience it could easily be half the night. At least it was only one girl this time.

“Well, if you insist...” Gojyo said.

"Oh!" The woman gasped. "It's so long."

"So I can reach those special places," Gojyo responded.

Goku rolled his eyes. Gojyo pretty much said the same lines over and over. That was his standard response when girls said something about his dick. The other one he said a lot was "In this bed you can have what you want," or something like that.

Goku reached back and prepared to pull the pillow up over his ear, when a soft thump against the wall made him stop. It was above him, about where Gojyo's head might hit if he were standing.

“Aw, fuck, babe,” Gojyo said with a strangled groan.

For a moment, Goku thought something might be wrong because Gojyo's voice sounded different than usual.

"You like that?" the woman giggled.

"Baby," Gojyo said, sounding slightly breathless. "Do you know what a rare talent you've got? I hardly ever meet a girl who can take the whole thing, let alone fucking swallow it."

"Do you want more?" the girl asked.

"Honey, if you let me come while you're swallowing my cock, I'll eat your pussy until the sun comes up." Gojyo's voice sounded ragged.

Frowning, Goku lowered the pillow and rolled onto his back. He knew what they were doing. In the book Hakkai had given him, was called fella-something, and Gojyo called them “blow jobs” or “getting head.” He had never heard Gojyo talk to a girl about swallowing his dick, though. How could someone swallow a dick?

His thoughts were interrupted by the girl's laughter.

"You can come in my throat," she said. "As long as you can get hard enough again to do it."

"Not a problem," Gojyo assured her. "You won't be able to walk straight for a week when I'm done."

Gojyo moaned again, and Goku’s penis twitched in response. He scooted closer to the wall to hear better. Almost of its own volition, his hand slipped under the waistband of his boxers and gripped his erection.

Gojyo was both quieter and noisier at the same time. Usually he talked a lot during sex; how it felt, what he was going to do, blah, blah, blah. Now he wasn't really saying anything, just moaning and murmuring an occasional "aw fuuuck.” The moaning got louder, and there was a scratching on the wall, like Gojyo was digging his nails into the plaster.

Goku's eyebrows rose even as he pumped himself. What exactly was she doing to Gojyo? His curiosity was temporarily overridden when Gojyo spoke.

"Gonna come," Gojyo said.

Goku felt a jolt to his groin at the thick, throaty tone of Gojyo's voice. He pumped faster.

"Nnngh!" Gojyo thunked his head against the wall again.

Biting his lip to hold back his own groan, Goku came, shooting inside his boxers.

"That was fantastic," Gojyo said.

Grimacing, Goku wiped his hand on his underwear. It had been a larger load than usual, and he was a gooey, wet mess.

"My turn to return the favor," Gojyo said.

Goku heard a squeal, footsteps, then a soft thump like something being dropped on the bed in the next room. The girl's giggles were father away, and Goku pressed closer to the wall as he jimmied out of his soiled boxers. He knew from playing cards earlier that all the rooms were laid out the same, and Gojyo's bed was against the far wall.

Using his boxers, Goku started wiping his dick off, but when the woman's increasingly loud moans filtered through the wall, the wiping became squeezing. It didn't take long before he was hard again.

"Oh, oh!" she exclaimed. "Yes!"

Goku jumped, and stopped squeezing himself. He strained his hearing, but couldn't hear anything at all from the next room. It couldn't be over so soon. Goku was pretty sure Gojyo hadn't even put his dick in her yet.

“Please,” the woman gasped. “Please, oh, please...”

The begging had started. Goku shook his head and smothered a snort in the crook of his arm. This part always amazed him. No matter how shy or reluctant a girl was, or how much sweet-talking Gojyo had to do, once he had her in his room, at some point she would start begging. They'd beg for Gojyo to "stop teasing,” "please put it in me,” "do it,” and, with varying degrees of aggressiveness, "fuck me." Goku had no idea what the pervy kappa was doing to these women, but it apparently drove them all nuts.

“Whatever you want, baby,” Gojyo said. “In this bed, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

There it was. The line that usually came right before...

"Ahhhh!" the woman cried out. "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Under her cries, Goku could hear the sound of slapping flesh and Gojyo's soft grunts. He started jerking off again in time to the sounds.

"So good, baby," Gojyo said between thrusts. "You're so soft and wet."

"I'm... I'm... Goj-yo!" her voice rose on the last syllable.

"That's it," Gojyo said. "Come nice and hard for me, baby."

The slapping stopped, but Goku doubted they were done. That would be a very short session for Gojyo.

"Here, honey, roll onto your side for me," Gojyo said. "That's it. Gimme your leg."

The slapping resumed.

"Ah!" The woman's cries were a little quieter. "Ah! Ah!"

"Oh yeah," Gojyo said. "That's good, baby."

Goku wondered if he could last as long as Gojyo, but he almost shot his load again when the woman cried out Gojyo's name a second time.

"I love how you come, baby," Gojyo said. The slapping stopped. "Here, roll all the way over onto your stomach. Good. You can rest your head on your arms. Wanna lift up that pretty ass?"

The slapping resumed.

"Spread your knees for me, baby. Oh yeah," Gojyo said.

The woman's cries turned into ragged moans, and Gojyo's grunts got louder as the slapping became stronger and faster. Goku's hand sped up.

"Wanna come again, honey?" Gojyo asked.

"I can't," her voice was so hoarse Goku could barely hear her.

Gojyo chuckled. "Sure you can. A little one. I just need to do this..."

"Oh Merciful Goddess!"

"Don't pass out on me, honey," Gojyo said. "I'm gonna come now, okay?"

The woman made an unintelligible noise. The slapping was going hard and fast now, Gojyo's grunts closer and closer together.

"Nnnngh!" Gojyo's guttural cry triggered Goku's own release.

Over his own harsh breathing and pounding heart, Goku tried to hear what was going on in the next room.

"...the night?" Gojyo asked.

Goku couldn't make out what the woman said.

"Better get under the covers before you get cold then, honey," Gojyo said.

Goku thought that was a good idea, and pulled the covers back up over himself. Grimacing, he dropped the icky boxers onto the floor. He would sneak them into the bath with him tomorrow and try to wash them out before Hakkai did the laundry. His eyelids growing heavy, he was starting to fall asleep when he heard something next door. Someone got out of bed and crossed the room. The door opened and closed, and there was the click of a lighter. A few moments later, the familiar scent of Gojyo's brand of cigarettes filtered into the room.

Puzzled, Goku had listened as Gojyo walked up and down the hall, smoking. He had struggled to stay awake, but had ended up falling asleep to the sound of Gojyo's footsteps in the hallway.

After that night, Goku would close his eyes and replay the sounds he had heard while he jerked off. When the ikkou got separate rooms, instead of trying to fall asleep as soon as possible, Goku stayed awake and masturbated in the dark, listening to Gojyo having sex. He tried to picture the positions they were in from Gojyo's directions to the girls, but a few of them had him completely baffled. And, although Gojyo said a lot of the same things, sometimes he would speak sweetly, and sometimes he would say such nasty stuff it made Goku's ears burn. A few times he used rope and things referred to as toys that Goku could only guess at, and a couple of times he spanked the girls. In a million years Goku never would've guessed that sex could involve spanking.

Goku never heard Gojyo talk to a girl about swallowing his dick after that first time, although he got plenty of blow jobs.

Afterwards, if the girl spent the night, Gojyo would wait until she was asleep and go out into the hall to smoke and pace. If the girl left afterwards, Gojyo would smoke and pace in the room.

The times Gojyo "went cruising for chicks" and spent the night away from the ikkou totally sucked. Goku had trouble falling asleep those times, and Hakkai often had to give him mint tea for an upset stomach.

Still, the thought of actually doing anything sexual with Gojyo never occurred to Goku. Not until the first time he saw Gojyo doing it with another man.

It had been during the rainy season and the ikkou had been forced to seek shelter at an inn for several days to wait out a nasty storm that was practically a typhoon. The inn had been packed with similarly stranded travelers, so the ikkou had shared a room. It had been so boring that Goku wanted to jump around screaming and kicking everything in sight. Hakkai had been distant, Sanzo moody, and Gojyo had been flirting with every female that came within range.

Goku had managed to convince Hakkai and Sanzo to play a game of mahjong in their room, when Gojyo had popped his head in.

"Hey, Gojyo!" Goku said. "We're gonna play-"

"Sorry, monkey," Gojyo interrupted, ruffling his hair. "Got a private game tonight." Gojyo's crimson eyes shifted away to look at Hakkai. "It'll probably go late, so don't wait up, okay?"

"Please be careful, Gojyo," Hakkai said.

Frowning, Goku glanced between Gojyo and Hakkai. It was one of those moments when it felt like they were talking in code and he was being left out. Again.

"Later." Gojyo flashed a bright smile and left.

With Gojyo's departure, the others lost their interest in the game. Hakkai returned to mending clothes and Sanzo disappeared behind a newspaper. Sighing, Goku left the room. He didn't have a specific destination in mind, but when he saw Gojyo going downstairs, he decided to follow. Goku expected Gojyo to head toward one of the small groups in the common room playing cards or mahjong. In one corner there was even a rowdy group of men with fighting crickets. Instead, Gojyo turned left, through the door that opened onto the inner courtyard.

After waiting a few moments, Goku slid open the door and peeked outside. A roofed, railed walkway ran all along the inside wall, framing the courtyard, which was currently a large mud pool with a few drowned sakuras in the center. Bamboo blinds had been lowered on the open side of the walkway in an attempt to block the blowing rain. Gojyo strolled along the walkway with his hands in his pockets, red ponytail swinging behind him.

Goku frowned, thinking Gojyo had ditched them just to take a walk outside. He watched Gojyo turn the corner, and start to walk past a doorway with a noren flapping in the wind. Just as Goku pushed open the door all the way so he could call out to Gojyo, a hand reached out past the noren and grabbed Gojyo’s arm. Gojyo’s hands came out of his pockets as he was pulled inside. Goku immediately stepped out onto the walkway and ran the length of it. When he reached the corner post, he hesitated. He hadn’t gotten a good look at that hand; maybe Gojyo was meeting a girl. The thought instantly excited him. Sharing a room in the crowded inn had left no place for privacy, and before that they’d been stuck in a tent. He hadn’t jerked off in a week.

Cautiously, Goku pressed himself against the wall and crept closer to the doorway. When he reached the opening, he slid down the wall and peered under the noren. It was a storage room.

“I tipped the cook, so we won’t be disturbed for at least an hour,” a man’s voice came from somewhere in the back.

Goku frowned. Not a meeting with a girl, then. Maybe it was just a poker game after all. Still squatting, he crept inside and slipped behind a row of barrels stacked two high. Peeking between the barrels, Goku saw Gojyo standing with a man he recognized as another traveler at the inn. He was about a head shorter than Gojyo and a couple of years older, with long, black hair pulled into a neat braid. A blanket was spread on the wooden floor next to a lantern, but Goku didn’t see any cards or mahjong tiles. The man seemed nervous and kept flexing his fingers and shifting his feet.

“That’s cool, man,” Gojyo said.

Gojyo’s body language was the opposite of the anxious dark-haired man’s; he seemed relaxed and alert at the same time. Suppressing a sigh, Goku considered going back to the main part of the inn. If there wasn’t going to be a fight or sex, maybe he could sneak some food out of the kitchen. Goku shifted on the balls of his feet, preparing to back up toward the door, when Gojyo did something completely unexpected.

Reaching out, Gojyo lightly stroked the back of his hand down the other man’s cheek.

Goku froze. The pervy kappa must’ve gone seriously stir-crazy. Goku waited for the other man to haul off and punch Gojyo, but instead, he closed his eyes and leaned into the touch.

What the hell?

Gojyo stepped closer, cupping the man’s face in his hands, and kissed him full on the lips. Another kiss, and another, then Gojyo tilted his head and pushed his tongue into the man’s mouth. Goku’s heart started beating faster. He had seen Gojyo kiss plenty of times. Gojyo kissed Hakkai on the cheek, sometimes lightly on the lips, he kissed Goku on top of the head. He’d even seen Gojyo steal quick kisses from girls. But this... this was completely different.

Gojyo’s thumbs stroked the other man’s cheeks as he angled his head, stretching his neck so his adam’s apple was a sharp point. Goku could see Gojyo’s tongue, not just thrusting inside, but kind of rolling, his lips moving against the other man’s as if he were whispering. And there were sounds... Goku had assumed Gojyo was kissing the girls in his room, but he couldn’t hear it through the wall. Soft, wet smacking, heavy breathing and a low humming from Gojyo. Goku had no idea Gojyo hummed while he was kissing.

Gojyo’s entire body seemed to be involved in the kiss and it made Goku wonder what it would feel like to be the center of that kind of undivided attention. The thought made his dick throb. Sitting on his folded legs, Goku rubbed his crotch through his pants.

The other man’s hands had been hovering on either side of Gojyo, not quite touching. Gojyo swayed slightly so he bumped one of them, and both the man’s hands gripped his narrow waist. The humming got louder, and Goku suspected Gojyo had moved on purpose. Stepping forward so their fronts were pressed together, one of Gojyo’s hands trailed down the man’s back. Cupping one ass cheek in his large hand, Gojyo squeezed and pulled their pelvises together. Still kissing, Gojyo rolled his hips and the other man groaned loudly. Gojyo’s other hand grabbed the guy’s ass, too, and he started kneading and grinding.

Goku’s pants were becoming painfully tight on his erection. Trying not to look away from the erotic sight in front of him, he fumbled open the front of his trousers. When he pulled his dick free of the binding clothes, he had to hold back a sigh of relief.

Apparently he wasn’t the only one who had gotten uncomfortable. The man reached between himself and Gojyo and started unbuttoning. Because they were pressed so tightly together, Goku hadn’t realized the man had actually unbuttoned Gojyo’s pants and not his own until he broke the kiss and pulled back. The man dropped to his knees beside the lantern, turning Gojyo’s hips toward him. Goku was unsurprised that the kappa wasn’t wearing underwear. The man pulled out Gojyo’s dick, and Goku’s eyes went wide. He’d seen Gojyo’s dick before: the ikkou bathed together, and Gojyo was not shy about his body.

But Goku had never seen Gojyo’s dick when he had a hard-on. Suddenly some of the girls’ comments made sense. Gojyo’s dick was long even when it was soft, but it was a lot less intimidating lying against the inside of his thigh than when it was several inches longer and jutting straight out.

“Holy shit,” the man muttered.

Chuckling, Gojyo reached down and stroked the top of the man’s head. “So I can reach the special places.”

The man laughed, looking up at Gojyo. “Does that line keep the girls from running away screaming?”

“Usually,” Gojyo laughed.

Goku shook his head. He wasn’t sure how he would handle it if some guy was laughing inches away from his dick. Then again, Gojyo laughed a lot more than Goku thought someone would during sex. Some of his romps sounded more like giggling wrestling sessions than screwing. Goku’s attention returned to the black-haired man, who had dug a vial out of his pocket. It looked like something Hakkai would carry in his “fix-it” bag. The man poured an oily liquid into the palm of his hand and set the vial down next to the lantern.

“Still,” the man said. “I’m not sure I can take all of you. It’s been a while.”

“‘Skay,” Gojyo said, still stroking the man’s head. “I promise I won’t give you more than you can handle, and we can take as long as you want.”

The man smiled up at Gojyo before rubbing the oil between his hands. “You are a smooth talker.”

“I’m a lot of things,” Gojyo winked.

Reaching out, the man stroked the oil onto Gojyo’s dick until it glistened in the lamplight. Goku pumped his own dick, unable to take his eyes off of Gojyo’s bobbing erection.

“Mmm. Feels great,” Gojyo murmured.

The man started unbuttoning his own pants, and Gojyo knelt down.

“Here,” Gojyo said, and helped him.

Facing each other on their knees, Gojyo leaned in to start kissing again. Clever fingers making quick work of the buttons and belt, Gojyo had the man’s pants and underwear pulled down without breaking the lip-lock. Holding both their dicks together, Gojyo slowly stroked up and down, smearing the oil onto both of them.

The man groaned, and dropped his head on Gojyo’s shoulder. “So good,” he moaned.

Rubbing the man’s back through his shirt, Gojyo nuzzled his temple. Goku was mesmerized by the double-cock stroking and felt his balls grow heavy as he matched Gojyo’s hand.

“Wanna come like this?” Gojyo asked softly.

“I want to come with you inside me,” the man whispered into Gojyo’s neck.

“Whatever you want, babe,” Gojyo responded. “Right now you can have whatever you want.”

The line, Goku thought. The line that always came right before Gojyo started screwing. Only, where exactly was Gojyo going to stick his dick? In the guy’s mouth? Goku shook his hair out of his eyes. Maybe he’d get to see what a real blow-job actually looked like.

To Goku’s complete surprise, the man turned around and got on all fours, pants bunched around his knees. Gojyo reached for the vial, poured more oil onto his right fingers, then set the vial back down.

What the hell was going on? In his puzzlement, Goku forgot about jerking off and just watched.

Left-handed, Gojyo pushed the man’s shirt up, and stroked his back before squeezing his ass again. Gojyo pulled the cheek to the side and rubbed his oiled fingers on the man’s asshole. Goku’s jaw dropped. That was where he was going to put it? Gojyo was going to put his dick inside the guy’s ass?

The man flinched, and Gojyo kneaded his ass while he rubbed the little puckered hole.

“Easy,” Gojyo said. “Trust me.”

Fascinated, Goku watched as Gojyo started pushing his index finger inside the hole in tiny thrusting movements up to his second knuckle. After a moment, he twisted it all the way inside.

“Nnn,” the man’s head dropped to hang loosely between his shoulders.

“Babe, you’re real tight,” Gojyo said softly, stroking the man’s back. “Try to relax.”

Bending over, Gojyo placed open-mouthed kisses on the small of the man’s back, licking and sucking. The man moaned and pushed back into Gojyo.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Gojyo said approvingly.

Gojyo’s long finger pulled nearly all the way out and pushed back in.

“Nnh,” the man grunted.

“You’re doing good,” Gojyo said, twisting his finger around inside the man’s ass.

“Ahhh!” Suddenly the man cried out and threw his head back, making Goku jump.

“Got it, huh?” Gojyo chuckled. He moved his finger inside the man, stroking and kissing his back.

“Fuckfuckfuck,” the man whispered. “Gods, it’s been so fucking long.”

“That’s a shame,” Gojyo said. “It’s a waste of a fine ass.”

The man’s laugh was cut short as Gojyo’s middle finger joined the first one.


“Okay?” Gojyo murmured.

“Please,” the man’s voice had gone hoarse, in a tone Goku recognized well by now from Gojyo’s nocturnal sessions. “Put your cock in. Fuck me.”

Gojyo calmly continued thrusting and twisting his fingers. “You’re still too tight, babe. I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“You don’t understand,” the man sounded desperate. “I need this. Just fuck me. I don’t care about getting hurt.”

“I care,” Gojyo said firmly. He pulled his fingers out.

“No!” The man twisted around to look back at Gojyo over his shoulder. “Please...”

“Shhh.” Gojyo leaned forward and kissed him. “It’s gonna be all right. I promise.” Gojyo straightened. “Here, push your thighs together and cross your ankles.”

“What are you doing?” Puzzlement muted some of the desperation in the man’s voice.

“We’re just going to fuck a slightly different way,” Gojyo said.

Staying on his knees, Gojyo straddled the man’s crossed calves. After giving his own cock a few strokes, Gojyo scooted up close behind the other man and pushed his rigid cock between his thighs.

“Mmm, fuck, that feels good,” Gojyo murmured. “Am I rubbing too hard on your sac?”

“No,” the man groaned as Gojyo shallowly thrust between his thighs.

When the man started pushing back, Gojyo’s hand left his hip and reached underneath to grip the man’s cock. Gojyo’s thumb swiped over the head, then started pumping him in time to the thrusting. Goku resumed stroking his own dick, focusing between Gojyo’s hand and the sight of his cock disappearing in and out between the man’s thighs.

“I’m gonna finger your ass while I fuck you,” Gojyo said in a low voice.

The man’s only response was a strangled groan. Gojyo slid his fingers into the man’s crack, following the movement of his hips, then the next time he pulled out, he pushed his fingers inside. The man grunted. Thrusting his hips forward, Gojyo twisted his fingers.

“Ah! Fuck!” The man’s hands fisted on the blanket.

Goku couldn’t imagine why having fingers up your ass felt so good, but this guy really liked it. He decided the next time he was alone in the bath he would try it out on himself.

“Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!” the man grunted as Gojyo thrust, twisting fingers inside his ass and pumping his cock.

“Oh, yeah, babe.” Gojyo’s voice dropped into the sultry, husky tone that always made Goku’s dick throb. “You feel so hot and tight. You gonna come for me?”

“Yessss.” The word ended in a moan.

Gojyo pumped the man’s cock faster, and Goku matched him. The tender skin on his dick was starting to burn from the chafing, but Goku didn’t care. His balls were pulling up and he could feel the tingling that meant he was close to the point of no return.

“Then come for me,” Gojyo said. “I want you to come nice and hard while I’m fucking you.”

“Gyyahh!” the man cried out and pushed back against Gojyo, white strings of come shooting out and striping the blanket.

Goku covered his mouth to hold back his own cry as his orgasm exploded through him. Hips pushing up, he shot his own load through his fingers, splattering against the side of a barrel. Panting through his mouth, Goku struggled to hear Gojyo over the blood pounding in his ears.

“...good,” Gojyo said. He released the man’s cock and pulled his fingers out of his ass. “Keep your legs pressed tight. Yeah, that’s it. Feels so good on my cock, babe. I’m gonna fuck you hard now.”

The man whimpered, and Goku bit his bottom lip. Gripping the man’s waist, Gojyo started snapping his hips forward fast and hard. Eyes wide, Goku watched the muscles in Gojyo’s lean, tanned ass flex as he thrust forward, his balls slapping against the other man. The air in the storeroom was heavy with the scent of male musk and sweat, and filled with the sound of grunting and smacking flesh.

“Unh, yeah.” Gojyo’s eyes closed. “Gonna come.”

Goku leaned forward, holding his breath.

“Nnngh!” Gojyo’s hips stuttered, then locked forward.

Goku was transfixed by the sight of Gojyo seized by orgasm. His long, lean body bowed as he threw his head back, ponytail swinging, adam’s apple in sharp relief. And his face... Goku couldn’t help but be aware that Gojyo was a handsome man, but awash in such intense pleasure he was... beautiful. It couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes, but the moment seemed to stretch out, and when Gojyo relaxed, opening his eyes, Goku’s breath came out in a rush.

“You okay?” Gojyo asked the man, patting his ass as he pulled out from between his thighs.

“Yeah.” The man let out a gusty sigh as he flopped over onto his back. “Gods. That was incredible. You’re an amazing lover.”

Gojyo laughed as he wiped his fingers on a corner of the blanket.

“Yeah, that was really great,“ Gojyo said.

Scooting forward, Gojyo pulled in an edge of the blanket to wipe the man’s thighs and stomach glistening with oil and semen, then his own cock. Leaning down, he kissed the man.

“And, you’re not so bad yourself,” he grinned.

Gojyo stretched out on his back, folding an arm behind his head. Lazily, he stroked the other man’s stomach with the back of his hand. Sitting up on his knees, Goku tucked himself back in and fastened up his pants.

“So, how long are you staying at the inn?” the man asked.

“Until the rain lets up,” Gojyo answered.

“Ah.” The man’s face lit up. “That’ll be a few more days at least.” He raised up on an elbow. “Will you... meet with me again?”

“Sure,” Gojyo smiled. “Any time, babe.”

Even from his hiding place, Goku could see the man’s flush as he averted his eyes. Gojyo’s eyebrows rose, and he chuckled.

“There’s no way you could possibly feel shy after that great fuck session we just had,” Gojyo said.

The man laughed, covering his face with a hand as he shook his head. He lowered his hand and smiled at Gojyo.

“No,” he said. “It’s just been a very long time since someone used that kind of endearment with me.”

Gojyo’s expression softened, and he brushed his hand across the man’s cheek.

“How long has he been gone?” Gojyo asked quietly.

“Over a year.” The man half-shrugged. “Since the world went insane. He was youkai.”

“Mm.” Gojyo scooted closer, so that the length of their bodies were pressed together.

It was something he did with Goku when Goku was upset or woke up from one of the cave nightmares. Like Gojyo felt he could transmit comfort through contact as if it were body heat. Goku felt an ache like when he was starting to get hungry, but the dull pain wasn’t in his stomach, it was in his chest. And it wasn’t food that he wanted. He wanted to be lying next to Gojyo; he wanted that kind of comfort and warmth.

Leaning back against the wall, Goku watched Gojyo lightly caress the other man as they made small talk and laughed quietly. Eventually, they got up, and Gojyo rolled the blanket while the man picked up the lantern and oil. Gojyo handed the man the blanket, and kissed him on the mouth.

“Same time tomorrow?” the man asked.

“I’ll be here,” Gojyo said with a sexy smile.

Gojyo held the noren open for the man as he slipped outside. Leaning against the door frame with the noren pulled behind his head, Gojyo rummaged in his pockets and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He knocked the box against his other hand and a stick popped out, which he pulled out with his lips. He shoved the pack back into his pants pocket and retrieved the lighter. Flip, flare, snick, and the stick was lit with smooth, practiced ease.

Gojyo took a long drag on the cigarette as he put away the lighter, squinting through the smoke at the rain. Goku watched Gojyo watch the rain while he smoked, struggling with the strange aching yearning inside himself.

Gojyo had met with the man three more times before the storm let up enough for the ikkou to leave the inn. Goku had always known from the smell when they’d been together, but he hadn’t spied on them again. After that, whenever Goku masturbated, he didn’t picture Gojyo screwing the girls he heard through the walls. He pretended it was Gojyo’s hand on his dick, that he was the one Gojyo was sweet-talking. And when he came, it was Gojyo’s name he said into the pillow.

Some days the strange ache inside was stronger than others, but it never went away. When the fire oni had burned into Goku’s body, the ache had raged into an intense hunger, so all-consuming it overrode everything else. He wanted Gojyo. Even after Sanzo exorcised the oni out of him, the wanting remained.

“Are you - hey, are you crying?” Gojyo’s voice was completely devoid of the usual teasing.

Warm hands reached out and grabbed the sides of his face. Goku looked up into a concerned pair of crimson eyes as long thumbs wiped off the tears. The open concern and gentleness undid him, and Goku dropped his forehead onto Gojyo’s bare chest. Something inside gave way, and the tears came for real.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Gojyo asked gently, arms going around Goku’s shaking shoulders.

Goku felt himself calm down within the familiar warmth that had wrapped around him countless nights in the back of Jeepu. Gojyo had always been a willing pillow. It was one of Goku’s favorite ways to fall asleep; curled up on the bench, the steady thump of a heartbeat beneath his cheek, watching the glowing cherry tip of a lit cigarette arcing through the dark, the low rumble of laughter in response to something Hakkai whispered from the front seat.

The sobbing slowed down to a wet hiccuping as hands smoothed down his back, pressing him closer.

“Shh,” Gojyo soothed. “It’s okay.”

The same words Goku heard whenever he was half-awake, half-immersed in one of the cave nightmares. He’d hear that voice, smell a waft of cigarette smoke as a warm hand stroked his back, and he’d fall into a peaceful sleep.

Jeepu hit a bump in the road, eliciting a curse from Sanzo and drawing Goku out of his memories. Goku’s eyes stung. He would do anything to have Gojyo sitting across from him now. All the other stuff didn’t really matter. He could go back to wanking off by himself, he could give up on the idea of being with Gojyo that way. But, he couldn’t give up Gojyo himself. His family was broken and he just wanted it back the way it was. Nothing else mattered.

Edging closer to the front of the jeep, Goku rested his cheek on the back of Sanzo’s seat. He inhaled Sanzo’s scent and half-closed his eyes as the wind fluttered Sanzo’s blond hair against his face. The small contact comforted him a bit. Goku jumped when he felt a squeeze on his left knee. Glancing down, he saw Hakkai’s pale hand. Looking up, he met Hakkai’s eyes in the rear-view mirror. Hakkai patted his knee, then returned his hand to the gear shift.

Sanzo shifted in his seat so the back of his shoulder pressed against Goku’s face. Carefully, Goku lifted his head and rested his cheek on Sanzo’s shoulder. He held his breath, waiting for the harisen to appear, but Sanzo just sat with his arms crossed over his chest, staring straight ahead. Goku’s nausea receded a little.

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