It Was Never A Love Story

BY : Evermist
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Before you start reading this, I want to make sure you don't get the wrong idea about anything. This is not, was not, and never will be a love story. It's just a story of two men. Nothing more, nothing less, so if you're in a particularly romantic mood, I suggest you look elsewhere for something sweet and flowery to read.

I didn't personally know the great detective known as L until I was just over fourteen, even though I'd been raised for nearly ten years being told about his many achievements, and what an honor it would be if I could be picked to replace him. Personally, whenever I heard the adults talking to me or any of the other kids about this, it left a kind of sick feeling in my stomach. They were raising us to take the place of another human being after their death; pushing such morbid thoughts and dreams into the brains of children. It's really no wonder that we're all coming out of that place so screwed up. Now, I could keep talking about what a shit job the Wammy's House did at raising us, but then I'd never get to the actual story, now, would I? So let's move on.

L told me this story in bits and pieces after I came to Japan over the course of several weeks, so it might seem a bit choppy at times. If this is the case, I apologize ahead of time. I'm a curious guy, so there was no way for him to not tell me. I would've kept bugging him until I got an explanation, and then he never would've caught Kira. I don't really know that this is my story to tell, but I think the kid has a right to know this stuff. Be glad I'm sharing with you guys, too. But before we start delving into this, a brief disclaimer. I've never really known L, so I can't guarantee that everything I'm about to tell you will be entirely accurate, especially my pathetic attempts at figuring out why he did some of the things he did, namely sleeping with Kira, other than the reasons he gave me, no matter how certain I am that he never really told me the complete truth about any of this whole thing. I can't read minds, y'know. I'm sure I'm boring you, though, so let's just get on with it already.


The first time it happened, L told me, was about a week after Light was released from his confinement. A stupid move in and of itself, if you ask me, but of course the task force wouldn't listen to reason. Anyway. Light was trying to sleep, and L was continuing work, typing away at his laptop. Light started bitching at L, claiming that the light from the computer and the noise of typing was keeping him awake. L simply told Light to close his eyes, ignore the noise, and go to sleep. This resulted in Light, in his sleep-deprived state, taking a swing at L. When I asked L how that led to what happened next, he told me that although he wasn't completely sure, he thought it was probably just another way of them trying to dominate each other, and that he won.

I don't know that I really believe he won. Yagami just never seemed the type to take it up the ass for anyone, pardon my crudeness. The whole time I was in Japan, he never once gave me the impression that he would ever let L beat him, and it was obvious that he did manage to top L at least once.

This brings us to the second occurance. It was late December, and the case was apparently at a standstill. They'd been closing in on Kira at some Yotsuba company, when a fire destroyed their HQ. The killings completely stopped, and most of the team seemed at least partially convinced that Kira was finally gone. They all agreed to stay on the case, though, in case he popped back up, and L was basically forced to let Light off the handcuffs by the rest of the force around New Year's. Matsuda somehow managed to convince L to let them have a party to celebrate. I like Matsuda. He's a good guy. Funny, too.

But anyway, there was too much alcohol too early in the evening, so all memories of the night were pretty fuzzy. All that L could really tell me about that one was that he and Yagami woke up to their respective hangovers on the hallway floor, naked and sticky, and rushed off to shower and dress before any of the task members found them.

The third time...I really don't know what to think about the third time. It was late January by then, and they were still getting nowhere on the case. Yagami practically exploded when Matsuda accidentally kicked a power strip out of the wall, and all the computers crashed, then stormed out, claiming to need some air. L followed a few minutes later while the rest of the force set the computers back up, Matsuda apologizing over and over. When he reached the kitchen, L found Light leaning against the fridge, fingers pressed to his temple. He'd looked up when L walked in, and before either of them really knew what was doing, they were apparently fucking hard and fast against the counter.

I could go into more detail here, but I'd really rather forget some of the things L told me about that particular incident.

Anyway, I think I'll leave it at that for now. We can get into what happened next another day. Jeevas out!


This is the first thing I've written in quite a while, and I'm not sure that I entirely like it, so leave me a review and tell me what you think, okay? I've got some actual inspiration to work on this, and the first actual chapter's almost done and should be much longer than this little prologue, so I'll try to get an update within a week or so!

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