It Was Never A Love Story

BY : Evermist
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One last thing! I procrastinated in actually learning anything about Aoyama until long after plot points were in place, and I don't think there's actually three high schools in the area. I can only find info on one. Ignore this discrepancy, if you would.


May 18 2005

"Okay. What do we know?" Light asked, staring at a large map of Aoyama spread across the table.

"Kira's probably a chick, she's in Aoyama, and I personally believe she's killing people because of a particularly nasty case of PMS," Matt drawled, hanging upside down from a couch. "Why?"

"Restating known information is often very helpful in cases like this, Matt. Light-kun is merely trying to give his brain a bit of a boost, and to make sure he is not forgetting anything vital," L mumbled around the thumb stuck in his mouth. He was crouched at the other end of the couch in his usual position, but with his legs spread wider to accommodate his growing stomach.

Light nodded, looking towards the redhead. "You could be taking this a bit more seriously, Matt. If PMS caused women to become mass murderers, the entire human race would have been wiped out long ago. Now, here is where the most drastic drop in population due to death has been," he said, making a large circle on the map with a red marker, "and there are three different high schools in the area, all within a half hour from each other by train." He made three more circles, and held the map up so L and Matt could see.

The redhead groaned. "Tell me again why we're going over this at three in the morning?" He yawned loudly, thumping his head against the couch.

"Because Ryuuzaki here has such horrid sleeping patterns," the brunet replied, stifling a yawn of his own. "Honestly, Ryuuzaki. Most pregnancies have insomnia in the first and third trimester. You slept like a baby for the past three months, and now you're waking us up at all hours of the night to go over the case!"

"I cannot help if I experience a unique pregnancy, Light-kun. And I do my best work at night, when there is no one else around. I woke Matt because he is in training to take over for me, and you woke yourself when I passed your room."

Light sighed. "That's a terrible lie, you know. You came in and pushed me out of bed to find out where the potato chips were at."

L stared silently at the younger man, slipping a cheese-flavored chip past his lips. "What is Light-kun's point in accusing me of such things?"

Light sighed again, shaking his head. "Never mind. To get back on topic, we have these three schools to choose from. Kira is most likely attending one of the, correct?"

"It does seem that way."

"So, what the hell are we going to do with that?" Matt whined, sliding from the couch to the floor. "'m soooo tired. Can't even think straight..."

"We need to find a way to study the students at these schools. It would be useful if we could get someone at each one to agree to act as an informant, but that would be rather difficult; not to mention risky," L said, stacking triangular chips on an end table. "There would be no guarantee we would not accidentally get into contact with Kira, and make them aware of our actions." He carefully took three final chips, propping them against each other to give his tower a pointed top.

"I could do it," Matt offered, waving a hand in the air.

L glanced at him for a moment before tipping the chip bag up and swallowing the remaining crumbs. "No. It would be far too dangerous for you, Matt. We will find another way that does not compromise your safety."

The redhead shoved himself into a sitting position, glaring at the detective. "Oh, c'mon, L. You just said we need someone on the inside, and I'm almost old enough to be in high school here! I can hack myself into their systems easy, and we can say I'm some advanced transfer from America or something."

"I said no, Matt," L snapped, standing and walking towards the kitchen. "Clearly you were correct earlier when you said you were unable to think properly. You will not leave headquarters without my permission, and you will not go to Aoyama. I think we have done enough for tonight. Go back to bed."

Matt was silent for several seconds after L left the room, then groaned loudly. "I'm not a child; I can take care of myself, damn it!" he growled, leaning back against the couch. "It's not like I'm gonna be stupid enough to go get myself killed. I'd find a way to cover my face." He turned to the brunet hopefully. "You'd let me do it, wouldn't you, Light?"

Light shrugged. "Honestly, I probably wouldn't. L did just name you as his heir, and it wouldn't be a good idea for you to go and get yourself killed. He didn't choose you until after he found out he was pregnant, did he? I heard you say something about how long it took him to decide to Matsuda once."

Matt sighed and nodded. "So?"

"So, I wouldn't be surprised if he's planning to retire as L after capturing Kira so he can focus on the baby," the brunet explained. "If something happened to you, he'd have to continue working until he could choose someone new to take his place. Considering how long it apparently took him to decide on you, he would probably miss a large chunk of the baby's childhood. It's really no wonder he wants you to stay safe."

"Whatever," Matt mumbled, shoving himself onto his feet. "I'm going to bed. Night."

Light rolled the map up, tossed it onto the couch, and followed Matt out of the room.


May 30 2005

"Where is he?!"

A collective jump ran through the task force as L slammed the door open. Matsuda looked up at the detective nervously. "Where's who, Ryuuzaki?"

"Matt," the raven-haired man growled, crossing the room to check the surveillance tapes. "I noticed a short while ago that he had not shown up yet today, and it is nearly noon. I went to check his room, and not only was he not there, but neither were his laptop or his portable game system, and his closet was nearly half empty." He punched a command into the computer he sat at, and a tape from nearly midnight the night before flashed onto one of the monitors lining the wall. A small, red-haired figure could be seen carrying a fairly large suitcase towards the doors leading out of the building. A blonde was walking alongside him, holding a smaller bag. "Amane..," L hissed angrily, turning and rushing out of the room.


Misa sighed and stretched. Living at the headquarters for the investigation to find a mass murderer really wasn't anywhere near as interesting as it sounded like it would be. She almost wished she had work today, so she could have an excuse to go out and do something. All the girl ever got to do lately was lay around her room, playing with her hair or napping. She hadn't even gotten a good magazine to read in ages, and she'd fallen weeks behind in Jump because she was too embarrassed about liking it to ever risk Light finding out. He thought most manga was stupid, especially shonen.

A sudden knock on her door got Misa's attention, and she hopped off her bed, crossing the room in a few large strides. She frowned slightly at the look on L's face when she opened the door. "What's wrong, Ryuuzaki?"

"Where is Matt?" he asked quietly.

"Aoyama. Misa helped him leave last night. Matt-kun said Ryuuzaki told him to go look into some schools to try and find Kira, and since it's such a long trip, he had to leave before midnight if he wanted to be able to start classes today. Why?"

"I specifically told him not to do this," L said, sinking down onto the edge of Misa's bed. "Why must children so steadfastly refuse to listen to others?"

Misa frowned. "Was Matt-kun running away?"

"Not running away; no," L sighed, shaking his head. "Around two weeks ago, Matt suggested to Light-kun and myself that he go to investigate the schools in Aoyama we believe Kira may be attending. I told him that we would find a safer way than putting him so close to the danger, and believed that would be the end of it. Apparently, I thought incorrectly."

ďMisaís sure Matt-kun will be fine. Ryuuzaki needs to keep himself calm, and make sure he doesnít do something stupid,Ē the model said, flopping onto the bed next to L. ďRyuuzaki has to remember to think of the baby.Ē She poked Lís stomach, giggling at the annoyed look she received. ďAnd besides, Misa let him take one of her cell phones with him! It was one she doesnít use much, so he shouldnít get any calls about work or anything. We can call him after he gets out of class.Ē

L nodded. ďI suppose that would be acceptable. He should be released in a few hours, and I would certainly hope that Matt can keep himself out of trouble for a single day.Ē

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