It Was Never A Love Story

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March 17 2005

“Ryuuzaki, we need to talk.”

L glanced up from his cake, and saw Light standing less than two feet from his chair. “Light-kun has decided to stay at headquarters through lunch break just to talk to me. It must be serious if he will forgo getting outside for a while,” he said, poking a forkful of cake into his mouth.

The brunet pulled his chair over, and sat down. “What are you going to do about the baby?”

Straight to the point. The detective swallowed his cake, thinking for a moment. “Does this mean Light-kun finally accepts my pregnancy?” Light nodded slowly. “What does Light-kun want me to do with it? It is his child as well, after all.”

Light slowly sighed. He’d spent the last week deciding what he would say if L even bothered asking him, and he was pretty sure he could make it out of this without being tied to Kira. “I don’t know, Ryuuzaki. I’m only nineteen. I don’t know if I would make a good father or not, but it doesn’t seem fair to kill an innocent baby that’s never done anything wrong.” He sighed again, running a hand through his hair. “Really, it’s up to you. It is your body, after all, and I won’t try to fight you on whatever you decide to do.”

L was quiet for a moment, thinking over what Light had said. “So Light believes it is not right to kill a child simply because it has not done anything to warrant it. Does this mean that, if the baby had somehow already done something wrong, he thinks that it should die?”

The brunet sucked a harsh breath in through his nose. “That is not what I said. I know what you’re thinking, L, and I swear, if you even try to somehow link me to Kira from this-”

“And again, Light-kun fails to call me by my alias,” L interrupted. “Up two percent.” He popped the strawberry from his cake into his mouth, smiling slightly at the taste.

Light clenched his jaw, trying his absolute hardest to keep from punching a pregnant man. Think happy thoughts…Matsuda slipping on a patch of ice…Misa jumping off a bridge…L falling down a flight of stairs…maybe losing the baby, while he’s at it… He blinked in surprise. Had his thoughts always been this violent? Oh, well. He’d worry about that later. “Well, you need to decide soon, Ryuuzaki. The rest of the force is going to catch on before very long.”

“Catch on to what?”

L turned, and saw that the others hadn’t left the building yet. They’d just been outside the room, and Light‘s father was waiting for an answer to his question. Light-kun probably planned this so they would overhear us talking about the baby, and I would be forced to tell them. That is rather cruel of him, L thought, placing a thumb at his lip. Oh, well. Two can play this game. “Light-kun and I were merely considering when the best time would be to tell you we have been engaging in a sexual relationship.” He turned to Light, laughing inwardly at the look on the brunet’s normally composed face. “I suppose you are right, Light-kun. There really is no time like the present.” He smiled slightly as he realized Light’s face was nearly mirrored by the expression on Soichiro’s own face. “You should go have lunch with your father, Light. I am sure you two have plenty to talk about.” That said, he turned away from the task force to switch on the microphone leading to Watari’s room. “Watari, I have something of utmost importance to discuss with you. Please meet me in the kitchen in ten minutes.” L stood up, nodded to the force, and walked calmly towards the bathroom.

Light turned, nervously looking at his father. Soichiro was silent for a moment before slowly nodding. “I think a talk over lunch sounds like a good idea, Light,” he said, motioning for his son to follow him out of the building.

L, you bastard.


“Ryuuzaki, what did you need me for?” Watari asked, catching sight of the younger man at the small island in the middle of the kitchen.

L looked up from his quandary of whether he was more in the mood for a doughnut or an apple. It was quite the odd dilemma; he’d certainly never debated over the choice of a sweet, sugary treat or fruit before. “I have come to a decision, Watari,” he said, deciding on the doughnut. “This will be my last case. I highly doubt any case after this one will be enough to hold my attention, and I would also like to focus on raising my child when he or she comes along.” He took a large bite, chewing happily. Yes, this had been the right choice.

The older man nodded. “Does this mean you’ve chosen your successor?”

“Yes,” the detective said, swallowing the last of his doughnut. He frowned slightly at the realization that he’d eaten it so quickly, and decided he’d like to eat the apple as well. “You expect me to name either Near or Mello as my heir, correct?” He paused, biting into the fruit, as Watari nodded again. “Well, I will not. I believe that Matt will make an excellent L.”

Watari blinked in surprise. “Are you quite sure, sir? Matt isn’t the most motivated child in the world by far, and the academic gap between he and Mello is much larger than that between Mello and Near.”

“I am certain, Watari,” L responded, crunching into his apple again. Some juice squirted out, running down his chin and dripping onto his shirt. He licked off what was on his face before continuing to talk. “I believe that Matt has been hiding much of his abilities for the sake of Mello. If he is told he will take on the name of L, I think he may be able to surpass Near with little trouble. Also, he seems to be the most able to care for himself, and I feel it is important for future generations to be more self-sufficient that past ones.”

Watari smiled to himself. “All right, then. I will contact Roger and have him tell the children,” he said, and left the room.

L took another bite of his apple, rubbing at the juice he’d dribbled onto his chest. A slight twinge of pain shot through him at the touch, and he looked down at his chest in surprise. He placed his hand against it again, and felt a bit of discomfort. Was a more sensitive chest something that came along with pregnancy? Uncertainty washed over him as he realized just how little he really knew about his condition. What all was he supposed to expect over the next several months? He knew the obvious signs of pregnancy, but he really knew nothing of the details. L nibbled at his apple, deciding he would definitely need to be looking up some information on pregnancy.


Graaah. Short chapter is short, and I suck for it. Sorry for the wait between updates! I place all the blame on my soon-to-be-mine kitty, Stu. I’ve been visiting him at a friend’s house almost every day, and had nothing but him on my mind for the past week, so I haven’t been writing much, and I’m still not particularly happy with this chapter…Blargh. Oh, well. At least I’m giving you something to show I’m still alive!

I’m gonna try and post the next chapter on the 17th so I can brag about it being my birthday and all that crap, so don’t expect anything before then, but don’t be too surprised if I end up posting late, anyway.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot! In the coming chapters, Matt will occasionally be interrupting the flow of the story to put in his two cents, so if you guys see something written in first person that isn’t bold, that’s him, not an author’s note. Don’t wanna confuse anybody, so I thought I’d tell you now rather than later. Lemme know what you thought of this chapter, okay? Till next time!

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