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Well, folks, this is where the story should start getting interesting. Why, you ask? Well, first of all, I’m gonna be around from now on, not to mention that some exciting stuff is gonna start up, too. I’d explain in more detail, but…y’know…it’s my story, and if I start telling things out of order, it’s just going to get too confusing, so just wait a bit, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Okay? Good.


April 15 2005

L sighed, twisting his head to press against his left shoulder in a failing attempt to crack his neck. It had been sore and stiff all morning, and he really had no one to blame but himself. As his pregnancy wore on, it was only to be expected that he wouldn’t be able to keep up his old habits without some protesting from his body. He supposed this ache was a sign that staying up hunched over a laptop until he simply couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer probably wasn’t a good idea anymore.

Not that it was a particularly good idea in the first place; even if that bit of knowledge had never stopped him before.

But still. L’s neck was in quite a good amount of pain, and he would like nothing more right now than a good massage. Unfortunately, that was not an option, seeing as it was both the middle of the day, and L highly doubted anyone on the task force even knew how to give massages. He also had a headache. It had started out as a dull throb a few hours earlier, but the detective had neglected to pay it any mind, and it was now a very distracting pounding in his right temple. L wasn’t sure that much of anything could really occur to put him in a worse mood at the moment.


L cringed at the high-pitched shriek, mentally berating himself. Something could always make things worse, and inevitably would if one thought they couldn’t.

Light grunted as Misa threw her arms around his neck, happily snuggling his cheek. “Misa-Misa’s missed you, Light! She’s been so busy with photo shoots, and you’ve been trying so hard to find Kira! We haven’t gone on a date in so, so long!” The blonde giggled happily, kissing the corner of Light’s mouth. “But Misa finally got some time off today, so she decided to pay you a surprise visit!”

“Unfortunately, Amane-san, Light-kun and I are busy at the moment. We have found no leads on Kira for several months now, and will need to continue devoting all our time to looking for one. I am afraid that you will have to wait for another day to spend time together,” L said rather tiredly, rubbing his forehead.

Misa blinked, looking a bit surprised. “So Kira’s not in Aoyama, then?”

Light pried the girl off, looking at her curiously. “What makes you think he would be? Nothing’s been said on the news about criminals dying around there.”

“Well, they’re not,” Misa started slowly, leaning against the computer desk. “But a lot of normal people are, so Misa thought maybe Kira changed his mind about who he wanted to kill.”

“Why have we not heard anything about this, Amane-san?” L asked, popping a strawberry into his mouth. Glancing at the bowl, he frowned at the realization that he only had two left. He’d have to get himself some more. “We have been listening for any rumors of Kira, but this is the first I have heard about Aoyama.”

The model made a happy-sounding noise, clapping her hands together. “Well, most reporters don’t think it’s Kira. Most of the deaths aren’t heart attacks.”

“Why do you think it is Kira, then?” Light asked, opening a search engine on his computer.

Misa smiled, clearly pleased to be possibly contributing to the case. “Well, it just seems weird that so many people are dying all at once. It’s gotten so bad Misa won’t go there, even for work! She actually had a shoot scheduled this afternoon, but told her manager that she would much rather miss a day of work than risk getting killed.”

Light blinked, turning from his screen to stare at L. “Ryuuzaki, look at this.” L rolled his chair so he could peek over Light’s shoulder. The brunet clicked a link from his search results, and started reading. “‘The mortality rate in Aoyama has skyrocketed in the past two months. An unprecedented rise in accident, disease, and suicide rates have led many people to believe that the city has fallen victim to some sort of curse. Authorities believe that these mysterious deaths may be linkable to some sort of gas leak that may be causing illness and possible loss of sanity, although it has yet to be confirmed.’ Even if it doesn’t turn out to be Kira, this is pretty big. How on earth did we miss this?”

“I suppose we may have actually been a bit too focused on Kira. We have been neglecting to pay any attention to news reports which do not mention him.” L sighed, eating another strawberry. “This may or may not be Kira’s doing, but it does look to be the most promising lead we have had in some time. I only wish we had noticed it sooner.”

“Um…a-actually, I…I did know about it.”

Light turned, glaring across the room. “Matsuda, if you knew about this, then why didn’t you tell us about it earlier?” he snapped angrily.

Matsuda flinched at the angry tone. “I-I didn’t think it seemed important! Kira kills criminals, and most of the people dying in Aoyama haven’t had any criminal records.”

L swallowed his last strawberry before turning to face the other man. “Matsuda-san, for future reference, if you should notice anything as out of the ordinary as this, please inform either Light-kun or myself.” Matsuda nodded unhappily, and L stood up and started for the kitchen. Misa glanced at Matsuda, giggling at the dejected look on his face, and followed L out of the room.

The blonde watched L as he bent into the fridge, digging for something. “Can you please get Misa an apple, Ryuuzaki?”

The detective paused his hunt to hand over the fruit. He smiled slightly, seeing his prize nestled in the drawer next to the apples, and pulled it out along with a shiny, red apple. He gave it to Misa, and happily popped a fresh strawberry into his mouth.

The two ate quietly for several moments. L was a bit unnerved by the other, who was staring at his stomach. He couldn’t be showing yet, so Misa probably didn’t suspect anything. But why else would she be looking there?

“Ryuuzaki?” The model’s voice broke L out of his thoughts, and he turned his attention back to her. He nodded slightly, indicating for her to go on. “Your shirt doesn’t look as baggy as usual. Did you gain some weight?”

L was silent for a moment. Apparently, he was showing, if only a little. He supposed it was to be expected, with how thin he normally was. He ate another strawberry, giving another small nod. “I suppose I have gained a few pounds,” he murmured around the fruit.

Misa sat her apple on the counter, reaching over to touch his stomach. “Let Misa feel! She knows some diets that you could try, but she needs to know where the fat’s settling so she can choose the best one for you,” the blonde said happily, and before L could object, she’d slipped a hand up under his shirt and was gently pressing on his belly. “This feels pretty firm for belly fat,” she said quietly, moving her hand around the skin. L hurriedly suppressed a giggle that threatened to pop out of his throat at the unfamiliar sensation, and tried to step away from the prying hand.

“Amane-san, I am not entirely comfortable with this.”

Misa grabbed L's wrist, pulling him back towards her. "Oh, come on, Ryuuzaki! Let Misa help you!"

L pulled his arm out of the lolita-clad girl's grip, taking several steps away. "I do not require your help, Amane-san. My weight is perfectly healthy, I am not interested in any diet you may wish to show me, and you are out of line in continuing to touch me when I have already stated that I am not comfortable with it!" he snapped, glaring at the blonde.

Misa blinked. She'd never seen Ryuuzaki show that much emotion to anyone besides occasionally Light, and had actually thought he probably couldn't. "Misa is sorry," she said quietly, picking her apple back up. "She just wanted to help."

"That is all right, Amane-san," L said, no trace of the anger he'd shown moments before left in his voice. "Simply refrain from any unnecessary touching in the future, if you would." He was quiet for a moment, and seemed to be thinking about something. Misa smiled, glad that he wasn't too mad at her, and asked what he was thinking about. "I was just wondering if there were any pickles left in the refrigerator, or if Light-kun has eaten them all."

Misa giggled. "Ryuuzaki, you're being so weird today! Misa didn't even think you liked pickles, only sweet things."

"I suppose it is just a passing craving," L said, gazing sadly at the empty pickle jar he'd just spied sitting in the sink.

The blonde smiled, crossing the room to throw away her apple core. "If Misa didn't know better, she might think you were pregnant, Ryuuzaki!"

"...Why would Amane-san think that?"

Misa turned back to look at the detective, and was surprised to see that he looked rather distressed. "Well, Misa's seen more moods from you in the ten minutes she's been here today than she can remember ever seeing before. Misa doesn't think she's ever seen you even think about eating something other than cake or strawberries before, either, and you almost looked like you wanted to cry when you saw that the pickles were gone." She tilted her head to the side, placing a finger against the corner of her mouth and studying his stomach again. "Plus, there's the weight gain. Misa had a friend one time who was about the same size as you, only shorter, and she got pregnant from Misa's boyfriend." She scowled at the memory. "We're not friends anymore. Anyway, after she'd been pregnant for a couple months, she gained about as much weight as Misa thinks you probably have, Ryuuzaki. Plus, your tummy's all firm like hers was!"

L frowned, placing a hand on his stomach. Had he really been that obvious? He knew Light didn't feel ready to tell the force yet, and they'd come to the agreement that they would tell them at the beginning of May. He thought he'd been doing an acceptable job of hiding his pregnancy, but apparently, he had not, if Misa had figured it out. He sighed inwardly, deciding that as long as he could keep her quiet for now, he may as well tell her the truth. She'd find out eventually, with how often she came to hang off of Light. "You have better deductive skills than I thought, Amane-san."

Misa blinked. "What?" she said quietly, watching L gently rub his stomach.

The detective lifted his shirt a little, showing the slight bump more fully. "I am indeed pregnant." He dropped his shirt back down when the blonde reached out to touch it again.

"'re a man, Ryuuzaki. Misa doesn't understand." She frowned. "If this is some kind of joke-"

"It's not a joke, Misa," Light said, walking into the kitchen. "He really is pregnant."

The blonde looked confusedly from one man to the other. "But..."

"I am a hermaphrodite, Amane-san," L said, reaching over to grab another handful of strawberries. "My body is one of a kind in the fact that it can support another human life within itself while still having an almost entirely male physical make-up."

"So...why does Light know?" Misa asked, staring at L's stomach even more intently than she had before. The detective took a step back for his own protection; there was a 79% chance that Misa was going to attempt to touch him again.

Light thought quickly. He didn't want to tell Misa it was his baby; she'd go nuts! "He needed someone to tell, Misa. He'd been sleeping late, morning sickness was kicking in, and he just needed someone to help cover for him until he felt ready to tell the rest of the force."

The blonde nodded, surprising L with her willingness to just accept this. He supposed the surprise was probably due to a mix of her slight gullibility and how hard it was to convince Light, and stuck another berry into his mouth. "Whose baby is it?"

The fruit suddenly shot down L's throat, and it took several moments and several smacks on the back from Light to get it loose again. "What was your question again, Amane-san?" he asked when he could breath again.

"Misa asked who got you pregnant," she repeated, taking advantage of L's recent choking fit to try and touch his stomach again.

The detective stepped out of her reach, frowning. "I am afraid that is classified information. I would like to keep it to myself for the time being."

Misa gave a quiet, "Aww,", dropping her hand back to her side. "Okay. Misa's gonna go out with Light for a while now, okay Ryuuzaki?" she said, latching onto the brunet's arm.

Light sighed. "I can't go out, Misa. This information you gave us about Aoyama is the closest thing we've had to an actual lead in a long time, and I need to look into it."

The blonde's face fell, and L smiled to himself. "Actually, Light-kun, I believe it would be good for you to accompany Amane-san into town. I will be fine looking into this lead myself for a single afternoon." He ate his last strawberry, ignoring the dirty look Light threw at him while Misa cheered happily.

"Isn't this great, Light? Now we can go out! Come on, Misa wants to go shopping, then have lunch. Ooh! Then we can do some more shopping, then dinner!" the blonde squealed happily, pulling her reluctant boyfriend out of the building.

Before L could leave the kitchen and get back to work, the door opened again, and Matsuda walked in, holding L's laptop. "Um, Watari said you have a call from Winchester and asked if I could give this to you," he mumbled, holding the computer out.

The detective took the laptop and sat it on the counter. "Thank you, Matsuda," he said, watching the other start to leave. "It is perfectly all right to make mistakes, you know. I do not think any less of you simply because you did not tell us what you had heard of Aoyama."

Matsuda stopped, turning back. "But I make so many," he said quietly. "You and the chief and Light never screw up like I do."

L's gaze flicked to his stomach for a moment, and he gave Matsuda a very small smile. "Trust me, I have made my share of mistakes, Matsuda." He turned to the laptop, then spoke again. "And from the look that was on Aizawa-san's face while Amane-san was telling us of Aoyama, I believe there is a 92% chance that he also knew of it."

Matsuda blinked, clearly surprised at the impromptu pep talk, and smiled. "Thanks, Ryuuzaki," he said. "I'm gonna get back to work."

L nodded, and waited for the other man to be out of the room before turning his attention to the laptop. He turned on his voice scrambler, just to be safe, and sent the call through. "This is L."

"L, this is Roger. There's a bit of a situation here at the House."

"What is it?" L was used to these kinds of calls. It was a fairly common occurrence for the children at Wammy's to get into fights with one another, and it was not unusual for the fights to escalate to the point that Roger would call L for advice on the children's punishments.

"When Watari contacted us so we could inform Matt that you had chosen him, the boy didn't take the warning of keeping the selection to himself quite as seriously as we would have hoped."

L nodded to himself. It had been agreed upon shortly after the incidents with A and B that it would be for the best if the children were to be told when L selected his heir, but not be given a name to take their anger out on due to the instability both boys had shown. "Go on."

"Mello apparently asked him only days after the choice was made. He sent Matt to the infirmary with a black eye and a bloody nose."

“Roger, it was nearly a month ago that I selected Matt. If that were all that happened, you would not be contacting me.”

The voice from the computer sighed. “True. There was another occurrence of Mello showing his displeasure towards Matt about two weeks ago.”

“Roger,” the detective interrupted. “If something more occurred, why am I only be notified now?”

The other man was silent for a moment. “We thought it would be best if Matt explained what happened to you himself, but he hasn’t been willing to even tell us all the details until just this morning. We weren’t even sure who attacked him until yesterday.”

“It was Mello who hit him first, was it not? Why was he not immediately suspected? He is the most likely culprit for a repeat of his initial attack, even if the two are such good friends as they seem to be.”

“Well, we were unsure of whether either of the boys had told anyone else that you chose him or not. If word had gotten out, it could have been almost any child in the House.” Roger sighed again before continuing. “But yes, it was Mello who initiated the second fight as well.” He paused. “Although, considering the fact that he came away with no injuries, I suppose it was really more of a beating than a fight. We probably never would have gotten Matt to tell us who attacked him if Mello hadn’t come to visit him yesterday.”

“What happened yesterday?” L asked, glad the scrambler would mask the worry in his voice. How bad a beating had Mello given the other boy if Matt was still in the infirmary after two weeks?

“Mello attacked Matt again. It all happened quite fast, really. One moment, Mello was sitting next to Matt’s bed. They were talking, and seemed to be getting along perfectly fine. The next moment, Matt was screaming, and Mello was biting him in the neck. He left quite a nasty wound.”

L was silent for several moments. He’d always thought the blond seemed a bit unstable; he almost reminded the detective of B when he was younger; and that was one reason he had decided not to choose the boy. “Is it safe for me to assume that he is now willing to talk, if you are calling me, Roger?”

“Yes. Are you busy at the moment, or would you like to talk to him now?”

“Now, please.”


Oh, yeah baby! Now this is more like it. I am so much happier with this chapter than the last one, both lengthwise and with the content. And I know, I said I'd update on the 17th, but it's eleven o'clock now, and I don't know if I'll have time to get this up before I have to leave tomorrow morning, so I'm just posting now. Enjoy!

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I had fun writing Misa in this, too. It's the first time I've ever gotten to really try with her. I might write her and Light's date in the next chapter, but I'm not making any promises; it depends on if I get the inspiration to do it. :grin:

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