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BY : fareys_delight
Category: Weiß Kreuz > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Weiss Kreuz, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Soups and Malls
Fandom: Weiss Kruez
Pairing: Ken/Aya
Requested by: Moreena
Word Count: 1187
AN: This is actual an idea of a story that has been buzzing around my head for the last month or so. I might actually write the story.

For now, I’m tired. Going to bed now. *noms*


Humming softly as he moved around the apartment, Ken smiled to himself as he shook his head and ignored the giggling that came from Yohjis bedroom, knowing that Yohji was happily entertaining his lover. Aya, or Ran as they had gotten permission to call him after so long, was holed up in his own room, having said something about some class work needing to be done. It had surprised them all that the usually stoic male was actually nearly as young as Omi, only older then the younger male by 3 months.

Shaking his head, the brunet twitched a few of the decorations back into place before heading into the kitchen to make some dinner, maybe something American. Licking his lips, Ken started to gather the needed food that he would make soup, the weather outside of the apartment perfect for it. Once he had the chicken broken down into parts and bubbling happily in the crock pot and his area cleaned up, he worked on chopping up various vegetables, listening for anyone to come down.

Jumping and nearly nicking his fingers, he jerked around at the touch to his arm, meeting blinking violet eyes and a raised crimson eyebrow. It seemed Ran was just as quiet as always and had come out of his room to do something, deciding to investigate what Ken was doing. Maybe. At least that’s what Ken figured.

“Hey, Ran-kun,” Ken greeted, moving around the other to put the cut vegetables away, he raised an eyebrow when the lean male followed after with a curious look on his face.

“What are you doing?” Ran finally asked as he watched Ken poke at what looked to be a full chicken that had been cut up in a crock pot.

“Making soup,” Ken replied, smiling lightly as curious purple eyes turned to him. “I spent some time with some Americans when I was still in the league and they always made soup when it came to really cold days. Though, this is a faster way of making it instead of the all day cooking. It’ll be ready in a couple of hours here,” he explained, watching a red eyebrow hitch upwards, making him snicker softly and shake his head. “What are you doing out of your room anyways? I was expecting you to stay in there for most of the day.”

“I came down for something to drink,” the red head replied, holding up a cup before reaching around Ken and pulled out a bottle of juice. “I smelled someone cooking and got curious. Where is Yohji and Omi?” he asked in return, putting his cup down and opening the bottle before pouring a bit of the red juice into said cup.

“Hiding away in Yohjis room doing a movie date or something. They were talking about going out later for dinner and the midnight premier of a new movie,” Ken replied, getting a nod from his companion as he stuck the juice away. “What about you? What are you planning on doing?”

“I have to go brave the mall for Christmas shopping. Omi made me promise I would try this year,” Ran admitted, playing with his cup before sipping it. “I’m trying to avoid the mall but I can’t find Omis gift anywhere else. I have everyone elses,” he continued, shrugging one shoulder as he looked towards the window to watch the rain come down outside with disgusted eyes.

“The dreaded mall, and so close to Christmas time. You’re gonna have a hell of a time dealing with that mess,” Ken teased, getting a glare that he just smiled at and shrugged off.

“That’s why you’re coming with me,” Ran drawled lowly, watching Ken gape at him with a smug look on his face. “That’s right, Yohji was supposed to come with me, but then Omi wanted to spend a bit of time with him since missions have been keeping us so busy lately. He then volunteered you so I don’t end up killing someone in the middle of the mall.”

“Ah, man,” Ken whimpered, watching Ran wave as he headed back up the stairs.

“Tell me when your soup is done so we can go deal with this. It sounds like Omi and Yohji are getting ready to head out here soon,” Ran threw out as he walked before opening his bedroom door and slipping into it. Sighing, Ken groaned lowly before going to pack up some things to take with them so that he could stop Ran from killing any body at the mall.

A few hours later found them standing in one of the mall computer stores, Ran muttering about needing just the right hard drive parts as he went over the things. Ken had, slowly but surely, dragged out of the small male what he was planning on giving Omi and was surprised to know that the red head wasn’t doing something so mundane as giving the kid a computer. Apparently, Ran had a way with building computers, or rebuilding as the case was.

He had started picking things up from Omi and took some online classes while he was acting like he was much older then he actually was. He didn’t understand them but he could build a rather good one if he had the time. And he was rebuilding Omis, not only for a final product for his class but from Christmas since the think had died after a particularly nasty virus had hit it.

Scratching his head, Ken looked down and picked up one of the parts that Ran was supposedly looking for, holding it out in offering, getting a look before the smaller male smiled and took it, holding it close. Apparently he didn’t trust people to not steal his prize as he continued to look for the last part, making a sound of triumph when he did find it. Grabbing Kens jacket arm, he dragged the soccer player over to the counter, quickly buying the parts and then out of the door, bag clenched to his chest.

Laughing the moment they were in the car, Ken dodged the swatting hand, getting pouted at from the small red head. Reaching over, he tugged the small man into a hug, pressing a kiss to the soft locks of hair, enjoying the closeness.

“At least we’re not in there any more, huh?” he hummed, feeling the vibrating body calm and relax against him with a huff.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” Ran responded, nuzzling into the other mans chest with a smile, feeling Ken start the car and pull out of the space. It wasn’t often he got to just relax with the older man, with his boyfriend. It was novel, having a boyfriend and not just a friend or a co-worker. Not that they were lovers just yet, Ran having not really been able to do much due to his age. But they were together and that was a perfect Christmas present to the red head.

Not that he would admit it. He wanted the katana polishing kit that he knew one of the three had bought.

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