Bits and Pieces of Weiss Kruez

BY : fareys_delight
Category: Wei▀ Kreuz > Yaoi - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Weiss Kreuz, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Interesting

Fandom: Weiss Kruez

Pairing/Characters: Yohji/Nagi

Prompt: ropes

Drabble #: 9

Date: April 4, 2012

Word count:

Next pairing: Fred/Teddy

AN: *chuckles and shrugs* Let’s just say this was interesting to write. *rubs back of head*




Staring at each other was interesting to say the least. Nagi could feel his eyebrow twitch as his lips tugged downwards into a scowl as his supposed enemy just smirked around his cigarette. Waving a hand before his face, the young telepath waved away the smoke and scowled even more.


“Must you smoke?” he asked, trying to sound polite.


“Yep,” Yohji drawled, chuckling at the snarl that he got. “Calm down. Your group will be here soon, no worries,” he said, Nagi pouting and going limp in his bonds.


“I hate you all. Capturing me while I was distracted,” he muttered, blushing at the chuckle from Yohji.


“Yeah, Aya-kun has a nice ass, doesn’t he? Especially in those pants of his,” Yohji drawled, making Nagi moan and drop his head back.


“Oh don’t remind me. I can’t afford to get hard,” he whined, once more getting a chuckle.

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