Bits and Pieces of Weiss Kruez

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Title: Drabbles 1

Fandoms: Weiss Kruez, Naruto, Bleach, Saiyuki

Word counts: Various, lands between 250 and 600 words

AN: This is the first set of drabbles for you guys! I just need to say that on AO3 they will be placed into one file and marked accordingly.


This round is from March 1st to May 3ed and will be posted every Wednesday. So if you have pairing ideas, please do say something. Keep to the four fandoms above that I have listed please. And I hold the right to deny a pairing.


Thank you.


March 8

Pairing: Yohji/Aya

For: Cyny


“Aya-chan,” Yohji chuckled, getting a dark glare from the other male before he rolled purple eyes and turned back to whatever he was doing with a bit of underglaze and a pot that he was working on. “Are you ignoring me?” he asked.


Aya snorted and dipped his brush into the underglaze. “No, I’m trying to finish something for my class though,” he said, looking over the rim of his glasses, red eyebrow rising. “What’s going on in your head?” he asked.


Yohji smirked and pushed off of the kitchen counter, sprawling in a chair. “I was thinking of taking you out and having fun,” he said.


Aya once more rolled his eyes. “I’m not old enough to drink with you,” he said, slowly painting the carved lines. “And they tend to give me odd looks when I go to the clubs with you. I dislike being eyed like I am doing something wrong,” he continued.


Yohji chuckled and shifted so that he was resting against the table. “I was talking about heading out, catching that new horror flick that I know you’ve been wanting to check out, and then maybe go to my favorite jazz place,” he drawled. Aya looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. “My treat. Just good clean fun to get away from your work.”


Aya eyed his friend and sometimes lover before sighing and nodding. “Alright, just let me finish with this and we shall go out,” he said, dipping his brush into the ink again. Yohji smiled and stood, walking around the back of him, hand brushing over the pale neck, before the lanky man disappeared up into his bedroom to change.


Aya shook his head and went back to darkening the lines of the vase that he had created for his final. It was a part of an entire table set up and he still had to finish darkening the lines that he had carved into each piece. But he supposed that he could work on finishing the last two pieces out of the ten later that night after he got home.


Finishing with the vase, he stood and moved to shower and change into something that wasn’t glorified yoga pants and a shirt that he had stolen from Yohji that was one of his looser ones. Once he had showered and changed, he played with his contacts, thinking of wearing them as Yohji stood in the doorway, leaning against the sill.


“Wear your glasses, lovely. I love them on ya,” Yohji drawled, leering as his eyes swept over the tight jeans and loose sweater that was falling off of one shoulder. “It’ll look good with your clothes.”


Aya huffed and nodded, brushing out his hair before sliding the dark green square glasses on, shoving his wallet and phone into his pockets. With everything gathered, they left, Yohji wrapping an arm around Aya’s waist, holding him close and loving the blush that spread over pale cheeks. Omi peeked out of his room and smirked before going to find Ken.

“I suggest we stay in my room, Ken! Yohji is taking Aya out for a date!” he called, hearing the groan as Ken started to gather his stuff to move into Omi’s room. They both knew what a date meant for those two. And he didn’t want to listen to them fuck.

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