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Drabbles from November 17, 2012 to December 8, 2012

Please note that I'm about a month behind on posting these. Getting them out of the way. 


Drabble 237: November 17, 2012

Pairing: Farfarello, Omi

Title: Sick Little Hacker 3


Omi blinked at the silver haired Irish man as the other just stared at him with a steady gold gaze, his cross bow pointed at the pale man. “What?” he asked, surprise written all over his sweet face.


“Did your cold clear up okay?” Farfarello asked again, a silver eyebrow hitching up over his eye patch. Omi tilted his head as a memory of Nagi leaving his bedroom via his bedroom window.


“He told you?” Omi asked in surprise, Farfarello nodding his head in answer. “It cleared up fine after he put the bottle of medicine nearby for me and Aya,” he said, watching pale lips quirk upwards in what he could only guess was self-satisfaction.


“Good. Now tell me about why the two others left you alone while you were so sick,” Farfarello demanded, getting blinked at by the younger male once more.


“They had a mission to do…” Omi said, Farfarello snorting at that, his gold eye narrowing. “What?”


“Was the mission very important?” Farfarello asked. Omi shook his head. “Would it have hurt them to wait until you were well?” Again, Omi shook his head. “Your partners are idiots and I can’t help but think that they consider both you and Aya-san expendable.”


“No… They…” Omi spluttered as his crossbow lowered, blue eyes wide as he gazed up at the man as he walked up to him. Farfarello used one finger and tipped his head back until their eyes met.


“Yes, dear Omi. They left you and Aya-san sick and unable to take care of yourself, so they could do an unimportant mission. That is not a team mate I would want at my back,” Farfarello stated. Brushing his thumb over Omi’s chin, he soon left, closing the door behind him as Omi thought about the words.


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