Bits and Pieces of Weiss Kruez

BY : fareys_delight
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Title: Sick Little Hacker 1

Pairing/Characters: Nagi/Omi

Prompt: turning away

Drabble #: 231

Date: Nov. 11, 2012

Word count:

AN: I am sorry for disappearing for so long! My computer died on me quite suddenly and I wasn’t able to get online. I now have working computers again and I’m able to get on and so I hope that you will enjoy my newest drabbles.


Please note that I have something like 2 weeks worth of drabbles that must be posted. So I’m kinda combining like drabbles together and posting them that way.


Thank you for your time, for your reviews and for your patience. Thank you.




He blinked that the hacker that was currently curled up under blankets as he perched on the sill. Nagi had been told that Omi wouldn’t be home, along with Yohji and Ken, leaving the very sick Aya alone long enough for Nagi to copy every file on their computers. But here was Omi, coughing and sniffling in his sleep.


Sighing, Nagi slipped silently into the room, making sure that he didn’t disturb the sleeping Omi. Slipping out of the bedroom, he looked around the house with a heavy frown. Aya was indeed in his bedroom, while the other two were out. Finding the computer, he found that the codes he had wouldn’t work, not surprising him and it just made him work harder to get to the wanted information.


Once he had what he wanted, he cleared the steps that he had taken to hack. Packing away the CD’s and flash drives he had used, he grabbed his bag and left the computer room, heading for Omi’s room once more. A soft moan came from the bed, making him pause as he stared to climb out of the window. Looking to the bed, he frowned as the younger male buried his face into the pillow under his head, curling up even tighter and pulling the blanket closer to him as he panted.


Nagi felt a pang and sighed, putting his bad down before closing the window quietly. Using the laser thermometer he found on the desk, he sighed at the slight fever as he decided to make the two very sick men something easy to eat.


In the kitchen he found canned broth that came from a nearby health food store and cold cans of ginger ale next to a storage bowl of leftover chicken that had been seasoned with what smelled like taco seasoning. Taking the broth, he poured it into a pot and added some water to it. As soon as the soup was hot and bubbling, he took the bowls into the rooms, along with the ginger ale, some cold medicine and some saltines, setting them onto the bedside tables.


Tucking Omi in, he left as blurry eyes watched him before turning to the bowl, cup and medicine, a smile on his lips as the sick young man cuddled under his blanket.


Title: Sick Little Hacker 2

Pairing: Nagi, Farfarello

Drabble #: 233

Date: Nov. 13, 2012

Word count: 257




“You seem…contemplative,” Farfarello drawled, standing in Nagi’s doorway as the young man went through the files that he had grabbed from the kitties computer, making the silver haired man worry.


“I’m just thinking. Two of the kittens are sick but were left alone while the other two were doing whatever they were working on,” Nagi told him, switching out the discs. As it loaded, he looked up at the Irish man with dark eyes. “It was if their mission or whatever was more important than taking care of their own people.”


“Even Crawford takes care of us,” Farfarello rumbled, frowning heavily at that thought. “I have noticed that Abyssian and Bombay have been ignored for the most part by their fellow assassins,” he said. Nagi frowned heavily at the bit of news.


“That’s not really right,” Nagi complained, crossing his arms as he sat back in his seat, foot twitching every so often. “Do you think that Crawford knows about it is planning on doing something about how they’re being treated?” he asked. Farfarello shrugged one shoulder.


“I have no idea, Nagi-kun. I’m sociopathic, not Schuldig,” Farfarello snorted, shaking his head as his good eye glowed. “But… Knowing him, he probably does have plans for them whenever they’re ready to leave the people who are trying to drag them down.”


“I hope it’s soon. I really do,” Nagi sighed as he turned to the computer and started to go through the files, finding a copy of Omi’s and Aya’s journals, staring to read them when he did. 

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