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Disclaimer: I do not own Weiss Kreuz, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Flashes of Color
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho and Weiss Kruez
Pairing: Yusuke/Aya-kun/Kurama
Word count: 983
AN: This…popped into my mind and refused to let go. It just dug in and went “Nah! I ain’t moving until you move me!”. So I wrote it and this is what came out of it. Enjoy!

And yes! I made Aya younger then Omi! You have a problem with it, I don’t care! This is fanfiction. Remember this.

It all started with a flash of red and a glint of icy violet that started their fascination with the slim man known as Aya-kun (or Ayan if you asked Yohji).

Kurama had heard about the famous Konoko reopening after nearly six months closed due to rebuilding and had begged Yusuke into going with him to see what type of plants and plan supplies they offered. Once there, they had been greeted by cornflower blue eyes surrounded by wild dirty blond hair that called themselves Omi.

Kurama had been pleasantly surprised by how knowledgeable the young man was, especially since he did admit to not getting into plants until he was 16 and had barely turned 19. He and Yusuke had both heard the teasing greeting to “Ayan” by Yohji, looking up to see hair darker then his own disappearing up the stairs, violet eyes glancing over one lean shoulder with a book strap hanging off of it. Both of the men had wondered if the rather gorgeous man was free and willing.

They started to visit the flower shop often, spending a pretty penny on various items to create a garden at the home they found and were flipping to make into their own. They had somehow gotten Aya as their personal contractor between them and the shop, despite the fact that Kurama knew as much as he did. Yusuke teased that he was a smooth talker and that was the only reason that they had him. But it did give them a reason to get to know the icy male and by the time the end of summer he was warm enough to come to the house warming party.

That night, the two lovers found out that the slim male went by his sisters name, forgoing his own due to the memories attached to it and that he was about four months younger then Omi. Apparently they shouldn’t have handed him more then one glass of the plum wine they had supplied for the party.

After the party had broken up, Aya had stayed the night and woken up the next morning to the two men doting on him and his headache, leaving him confused until he talked with them about why. After some fussing and denial from him, Yusuke and Kurama had convinced him to go out with them, setting the date for a week later.

A week later found Aya staring at his mirror, frowning lightly and tugging at his shirt in worry, wondering if he looked good enough for a date to the rather lovely little restaurant that Kurama had chosen for them. The cur of the shirt did flatter him and his pants looked good but he still worried. It had been so long since he had gone out on an actual date and going out with two did not make his worry any less.

Shaking his head, the slim man bounded down the stairs to the main living area, hand brushing through the hair by his ears. Ignoring the looks he got, he went about making some tea to sooth his frazzled nerves, the scent of pomegranate and green tea floating around him in the kitchen. He was on his second cup of the tea when the knock to the main door came.

Blinking a few times, Aya looked at the wall clock, finding that the two men were at least prompt. Pushing away from the counter, he moved to answer the door, beating Yohji to it barely.

Opening the door, he stopped and stared at the sight before him. Kurama, as he had been told to call his fellow red head, was dressed in a pair of pants that hugged his hips and legs, hinting at what was under it along with a dark, gem green shirt while Yusuke was wearing a pair of dark jeans that hugged lean hips and a long sleeved shirt that showed just how big the man was. Aya was feeling decidedly ragged before he caught the eye sweeps from the two men, causing him to blush softly.

“Would you like to come in?” Aya asked, stepping back and letting the two step inside with a smile. “If you don’t mind waiting for a few moments, I’ll go get my jacket.”

“There’s no rush,” Kurama replied, glancing over to where the other three men were standing, gaping at them. “I take it you didn’t tell them that you were going out two men?” he asked curiously, Aya already heading for the stairs.

Pausing with a foot on the bottom stair, the lean man looked over his shoulder and quirked his lips up into a smile as he said “I did. They didn’t believe me.” That said, he padded back up the stairs.

Watching the ass that was so lovingly encased in black, the two shook themselves free from the thoughts that flooded their thoughts and turned to Ayas roommates. Yusuke snorted softly as he shifted on his feet, snapping the three out of their daze.

“So, he wasn’t lying when he said he had a date with two guys huh?” Yohji drawled, raising an eyebrow as he shifted on his feet.

“No. I rather doubt that he would lie about something like this. That just doesn’t seem like Aya,” Yusuke returned, watching their eyes turn slightly cold.

“And what would you know about Aya-kun?” Omi asked, voice frosty.

“Lots considering how much we actually talk with the man,” came the dry reply, making the three other men twitch.

“Stop teasing them, you two, and take me out. I have my jacket,” Aya drawled as he came back down the stairs. Pulling on a light brown sued jacket, he flicked Yohjis nose before taking Yusukes arm. Walking out, Kurama closing the door behind them, all three found themselves enjoying the nigh tout together. And all of the dates that followed afterwards.

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