A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Disclaimer: I by no means own the rights to Sailor Moon. (Sure wish I did thought) This story is for fun only.

Author’s Note: This story will be AU in a lot of ways so if you don’t like that don’t read. No flamers. Features a strong Serena and doesn’t quite follow the anime or manga just a warning. This story will contain sexual content and language just a heads up on that front so the ages will reflect that.       


Summary: Serena knew she was no ordinary teenager. From the time she was about fourteen, she knew that she was a Princess in a former life. Not only that, but she also knew that the Nega Verse would return to finish what they started when they destroyed her home and killed everyone she loved. Since she discovered her powers, she has been training, waiting for the day she would have to fight. Not to mention, reconnecting with her Scouts, Ami, Rei, Mina and Lita.

As the Nega Verse returns, so does Darien and his Generals. They like Serena and her Scouts have been friends for years. Like Serena, Darien is the only one of their group that remembers everything. When Serena and Darien reunite, it’s as if no time has passed. Will their Generals and Scouts remember their own past lives? Can they stop Beryl and Metallia once and for all?




Chapter 1



Serena sighed as she stepped out of the shower. She first wrapped her long hair in a towel, before wrapping another around herself. Sighing she walked to the mirror and wiped the steam from the reflective surface and studied her reflection.

Today was the first day of her senior year of high school, yet she was far from being a normal teenager. She was a reincarnated Princess of the Moon. Not to mention she was also a superhero.

“Serena, breakfast will be ready in ten minutes!” her mom called.

“Be right down!” Serena called back.

Turning from the mirror, she walked into her bedroom to begin her day. Ten minutes later, she walked downstairs as she put the last pin in place in her hair. Entering the kitchen she found her mom, dad and little brother at the kitchen table. She smiled and took her own seat.

“You were a bit late getting in last night.” Her mom commented.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I wanted to get an extra hour of training in. With school starting, I may not have as much time.” Serena explained, pouring herself a glass of juice.

Her dad sighed and sat his paper aside. “Honey, I know you have told us about…well about your previous life and that you have to train. I just…I just wish there was something your mother and I could do to help you.”

“Daddy, I know this is hard for you and mom, and even you Sammy, to grasp but it’s my destiny. The best thing the three of you can do is to keep my secret when the time comes. With any luck, the Nega Verse will NEVER discover you are my family. I will not have them using you three as bait to get to me.” Serena stated.

Ikiko reached over and squeezed her had. “Baby, I may not tell you this enough, but I am so proud of the woman you have become.”

“Thank you, mama.” Serena smiled.

“I still think it’s super cool that my big sister is not just a Princess but a super-hero. And her friends.” Sammy grinned. “Hey, when these bad guys show up, think it would be okay if I, um well…”

Serena caught on to what her little brother was asking. “We’ll see. I might be able to swing by for a quick hello when you’re out with your friends or girlfriend. IF that day ever happens.”

She and her parents laughed as Sammy blushed. Even though he was fourteen and starting his last year of junior high, he was still incredibly shy around the girls. She hoped that would change.

“Honey, I want you to promise me one thing.” Kenji replied as he stopped laughing.

“Yes dad?” Serena asked.

“This is your senior year. While I know you and your friends have a bigger destiny before you, this year, do you think for once you could try to be a normal teenager? You know, hang out with friends, go shopping, hell I can’t believe I’m saying this, but even date.” Kenji stated.

Serena smiled. “Daddy, you know there is only one man for me and that’s Endymion. I know he was reborn like the rest of, I just haven’t found him yet. As for the other things, I think I can agree to. In fact, after school me and the girls are meeting up with Rei at the Crown Café for milkshakes, before going shopping.”

“Good. You also know once you find this…Endymion, whoever he is now, your mother and I want to meet him?” he asked, giving her a stern look.

“I know that too.” She giggled.






Darien stood on the balcony of his apartment. Something was different in the air. What he couldn’t exactly tell, but there was something. ‘Could today be the day? Will this finally be the day I’ve been waiting for?’

Sighing, he turned and walked back inside. He was starting if first year of university. While that excited him, it was not what was really on his mind. For the last four years he had been searching. Searching for the other half of his very soul and his family. He knew his Princess and Generals had been reborn just like him, but he had yet to cross paths with them.

Picking up his book bag and keys, he walked out of the apartment. He stepped outside into a beautiful Tokyo morning. He could not stop the smile as he slipped on his sunglasses and headed for campus.

‘I know you’re out there Serenity and I just feel that we will find each other again soon.’ He thought.


Darien turned to see his four Generals walking up to him. Course he knew they did not remember being his Generals. Maybe once he and Serenity were reunited, their memories and that of the Scouts would return.

“Hey guys.” Darien greeted.

“You excited about starting college?” Jadeite asked.

“Come on Jade, you know he is.” Kunzite chuckled.

“Kunz is right, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually liked school as much as Dar and Zoi here.” Nephrite teased.

“I’m not going to apologize for that either.” Zoisite grinned.

Darien just laughed and shook his head. Even being reborn had not taken away the connection he and his Generals shared with each other. It was what got Darien through the first part of this new life. He had been reborn as an orphan in this life. He had been lonely and felt unloved for the first thirteen years of his life at the orphanage. That had all changed on his fourteenth birthday.

That day, he had received his full memories of his life as the Prince of Earth. The same day, he had been reunited with his Generals when the four had transferred to the private junior high he had been attending.

From that day on, the five had been inseparable. They had moved from the prestigious middle school to the high school. Now, they were all attending college together. Darien was studying pre-med, Jadeite was starting the architect program, Kunzite was pre-law, Zoisite was studying to be an engineer and Nephrite was of course going into culinary.

“I don’t know whey guys, but I woke up feeling like today was going to be great. Like something big is going to happen.” Jadeite spoke up as the neared campus.

“I have the same feeling. Is that strange?” Zoisite asked.

“As close as we are, it should make sense that we pick up on each other.” Kunzite stated matter -of-factly.

“What ever you say oh fearless leader. See you guys later.” Nephrite laughed, heading for the culinary building.






“I can’t believe we are actually seniors!” Mina gushed as they left school. “I mean, just think, by this time next year we’re all going to be in college. Or in Lita’s case off at some fancy culinary school.”

“I don’t know about that.” Lita blushed.

“And why not? Lita, you are such an amazing cook.” Mina argued.

“She’s right Lita. I could easily see you becoming a world-famous chef.” Ami added.

“Says the woman who’s going to be one of the top pediatricians in the country.” Lita giggled, causing Ami to blush.

Serena laughed. “You guys are all going to do great no matter what you do.”

“What about you Serena? Have you thought about what you want to do after graduation?” Ami inquired.

“I’m thinking either political science or photography.” Serena shrugged as they turned the corner for the Crown café.

“Why not both? That way you can not only manage my future modeling career but also be my photographer.” Mina grinned, causing them all to laugh as they entered the café.

“Guys over here!” Rei called from a nearby table.

“Hey Rei.” Serena and the girls greeted.

“What were you all laughing about when you walked in?” Rei asked as they slid into the booth.

“Just Mina saying how Serena should study both photography and political science so she could be her modeling manager.” Lita chuckled.

“Oh lord.” Rei sighed, shaking her head.

“Hi girls. So, how was your first day as seniors?” Andrew asked walking up to their table.

Serena just sat there drinking it all in. Her dad was right that morning. Yes, she had a destiny, but she also knew her mother, Queen Serenity had sent them all to the future to have normal lives. Perhaps it was time to do that.

“Well, enjoy your senior year. I promise, it will fly by quicker than you think. I’ll be right back with those milkshakes.” Andrew advised before walking away.

“He’s right. I think we’ve earned the right to actually have fun this year.” Ami nodded.

“What?” Rei gaped, putting her hand to Ami’s forehead. “She’s not running a fever.”

“Oh, stop it.” Ami giggled, rushing off Rei’s hand. “I’m serious. Until I met all of you, all I’ve done is study. I worked hard to get top marks and into the top school for pre-med. Now that I’ve accomplished that, I can afford to relax a little.”

“I agree, it’s about…” Serena began then paused, staring wide-eyed at Ami. “Wait, did you say accomplished that?”

Ami smiled brightly and pulled a letter from her book bag and laid it on the table. The others looked at it and saw what it was. As one, the four started squealing and all but dog piled Ami in a massive group hug.

“What’s with the celebration?” Andrew questioned, carrying their milkshakes over.

“Ami, our genius Ami got an early acceptance letter for the med program at the university! In fact, she will be starting university as a third-year pre-med student! Isn’t that great?” Serena exclaimed.

“Wow! That IS amazing Ami. Congratulations. A good friend of mine started the pre-med program this year too. He said it’s one of the hardest courses and only a select few are chosen.” Andrew praised. “In that case, your drinks are on the house today.”

“Now we really have a reason for that shopping trip now.” Mina grinned.






“Beryl, I summon you.”

Moments later, a woman with long wavy red hair appeared and kneeled. “Yes, my Queen Metallia, you summoned me.”

“It is time. Time to begin our search for the Silver Crystal and that pesky Moon Princess. For over a thousand years we have been sealed away, but our time has come.” Metallia instructed.

“Finally, after all this time, we will have our revenge.” Beryl said, lifting her head to look at the energy before her.

“You will begin our search immediately. We know that Queen Serenity gave her life to send the Princess, that Earth Prince Endymion, those Sailor Scouts and Generals forward in time. It is too bad we were unable to maintain our hold on Endymion’s Generals. They would have powerful allies for us.” Metallia said.

“Perhaps we can find and recapture them in this time. You also said that they would have no memory of their past. That could work in our favor.” Beryl suggested.

“Yes. Yes! Perhaps we could even find the Scouts before their powers are reawakened as well. Do it Beryl. Find them. With them on our side, the Moon Princess will be helpless.” Metallia laughed evilly.

Beryl rose and bowed as she backed from the room. Once the doors closed, she stood and smiled. ‘That fool Metallia. She honestly believes I am still her servant. Well, I’ll show her. As I search for the Scouts and Generals, I will show her just who is in charge now.’



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