A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Chapter 8



Serena approached the park and spotted Rei. During lunch, Rei had texted her and asked if they could meet. Alone. Serena agreed and sent a text to Darien telling him she would talk to him later. The two friends smiled and headed for a semi secluded area of the park. After they sat, Rei began.

“Serena, I’m curious about something. I get why you don’t want to awaken Mina and Lita just yet, but what about awakening Kunzite and Nephelite? If nothing else, it’s added protection for not just you but Darien too.” Rei said.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing. Funny enough, after the last fight Luna and I had a talk. I explained a few things to her, and she made a request. She asked if I could restore her memories and if I could keep mine and Darien’s identities veiled. I told her I would think about it.” Serena replied.

Rei chuckled, “I remember how she was between you two. Always with you so you guys were never alone. It pissed you off so bad. Endymion too.”

“Yeah, it did.” Serena giggled. “I told Luna that me and Darien honestly believed our parents were all but forcing us to sleep with each other. They wanted our kingdoms united and what better way than a baby and a marriage.”

Rei and Serena looked at each other before bursting out laughing. That topic had been heavily talked about between Serena and her Scouts. Serena had to admit, it felt good to laugh with Rei again. In the past the two were the closest. While she was close with all of her Scouts, she and Rei had a bod that was deeper than the others.

When Rei calmed down, she got a serious look in her eyes, “Serena, perhaps we should start training. Those of us that are now awake. Ami brought up a good point. She was never much of a fighter like the rest of us. Even in the past. She was our brain. That was her strength, to gather information during a fight. I always believed she was stronger than even she thought.”

“Serena nodded in agreement, “Yes, I thought so too. After all, her mother was a skilled fighter according to Mother. I agree that we should train together. I will talk with Darien and see what we can come up with.”

“Good. What about awakening Kunzite and Nephelite?” Rei questioned.

“I’ll mention that too. But I feel Jadeite will probably talk to him about that like you are with me. You two were always in sync like that.” Serena grinned.

“Yeah, we were, and it seems still are.” Rei smiled.







Luna sat at the console of Central, “So Mars and General Jadeite are awakened.”

“Good. That’s more help for Sailor Moon.” The male voice said. “Luna, what is it? You look…worried.”

“Not worried exactly. Serena and I had a talk last night. She told me a bit about my past, and it unsettled me. I told you what happened the night she had her first date with Darien and well, she elaborated on why she said the things she did. I asked her to restore my memories and if she felt it would be best, to leave the Princess and Prince veiled till it is time. She said she would consider it. Was I wrong in asking?” Luna sighed.

“No, I don’t think you were. I think it was smart.”

“I feel that I have made mistakes before and I do not want to make the same ones again. Especially with the Princess.”

“Then you did the right thing. You also told me that Darien is in fact tuxedo Mask. Has your opinion of him changed?”

“It has after the last fight, and we went to his place where things were explained to Rei and Jadeite. It’s strange, but I think Rei and Jadeite remembers as much as Serena and Darien. Ami is remembering more, and I suspect Zoisite remembers all.”

“Hmmm, that is interesting. Perhaps you could speak with Darien. He might have a theory about the Generals. It would also give you a chance to really get to know him. You and Serena are getting to know each other so why not try and get to know him. He is important to her and an ally.”

  “Yes, I think I will. Thank you. I will let you know if anything more develops.” Luna said and ended the connection.

She left Central and headed out. She glanced at a street clock and saw the time. Taking a chance she headed for Darien’s apartment. After the talk with Serena and then the day with Ikuko she had felt that at the very least she owed him an apology. She reached his building and slipped inside.






Darien sat on his couch reading as soft jazz played from the stereo. When Serena texted him about meeting Rei, he knew Jadeite had been right. He decided to relax and wait for Serena to call him later. She had said after their talk, she and Rei were meeting the girls for a study session at Lita’s. His attention was interrupted by a scratching at his door. Frowning, he marked his place and walked over. He opened the door and looked down.


“May we talk?” Luna nodded.

He stepped aside and let her in. He walked over and sat back on the couch. Luna hopped onto the coffee table. She looked nervous and he had to fight the urge to laugh. After a few minutes, the feline sighed and lowered her head.

“Darien, first off, I want to apologize. After that first fight, I just automatically suspected you. I have no excuse. You gave no reason for me to doubt you. I’m sorry.”

Darien smiled, “Luna, I accept your apology. I know this is frustrating for you. Serena and I remember everything while you don’t. She and I have known the truth for a few years now. If I were in your shoes, I would probably feel the same way.”

“Thank you for that.” Luna replied, smiling a little. “After the last fight, at home, Serena and I had a talk. I made a request of her. I will let her be the one to tell you as I believe she will. Darien, I am curious though. Do you remember how I was in the past?”

“I do, very well.” Darien chuckled. “You were…well…”

“Snobbish?” Luna supplied.

“Yes, I suppose that would be a good word for it.” He nodded. “You made it your mission to watch of the Princess and Prince, especially after they began courting. I can tell you that neither were thrilled with it.”

“Serena said the same thing.” She sighed. “Today, I spent the day with Ikuko. She took me out around the city. Explained about how things are in this time. It was a valuable lesson I must say. I do not want to repeat my past failings. With the Princess, the Prince and the others.”

“I can see that. Just let Serena be Serena. That will be the first step. You know who the remaining Scouts and Generals are, don’t try to confront them. Not yet. Serena knows what she’s doing. I will tell you that Jadeite has suggested that we start training together.”

“That would be good.” Luna stated.

“I agree. I believe Rei was meeting to talk with Serena today about that.” Darien agreed. “In the past, Ami was the weakest fighter. She was the strongest at analyzing a situation and didn’t focus much on the physical. I think it would be a good idea to train and help her with that.”

“I saw her look after the fight. She looked as if she had failed.” Luna commented.

“I saw it too. If we start training together, that will help take care of that insecurity. If Ami is anything like her mother, Queen Aquaria, she will be a formidable fighter. According to the stories I remember, Queen Serenity’s Scouts were all fierce warriors. Before you ask, yes her Scouts were the mothers of Princess Serenity’s Scouts.” Darien explained.

“Thank you for sharing that with me. For listening to me Darien. I had better get back.” Luna said.

“You are welcome Luna. I’d say call anytime you want to visit but…” Darien trailed off.

Luna’s eyes widened as a thought came to her. Would it work? Well, she could try couldn’t she? She did a flip, concentrating. When she landed on her feet, she felt pride that it had worked. On the coffee table were five watch looking communicators.

“It worked! I wasn’t sure if it would.” Luna said in surprise looking up at Darien. “Here are communicators for you and the Generals. Obviously, two of them will not be used right now. Now, you can communicate with Serena and the Scouts.”

“Thank you.” Darien replied. He picked up the black one with the rose on it and slipped it on. “Well, now you can call if you ever want to visit. I will give Jadeite and Zoisite theirs tomorrow.”

“You’re welcome. Thanks again for the talk.” Luna nodded.

“Anytime.” Darien smiled.






Mintour smiled evilly as he studied the vial before him. It was nearly six feet tall and filled with energy. With a wave of his hand, the vial disappeared and an empty one appeared in its place. He had been surprised at how easy collecting energy had been. These human were such feeble creatures.

“Well done Mintour. Beryl has been pleased with your collection.” Pyrite praised, appearing beside the youma.

“Thank you General. Is it time to engage the Scouts?” Mintour asked, bowing.

“It is. They are tough fighters, although it seems the weakest link is Sailor Mercury. She does not appear to have the fighting instinct the others have.” Pyrite explained.

“Then I know my quarry. I will not fail you.”

“I leave you to it Mintour.”

When Pyrite vanished, Mintour turned from the vial and slipped back to his human disguise. Exiting the room and locking the door, he walked fully into the shop. The shop was filled of tea sets of various sizes, colors and materials.

“Soon, I will be honored for destroying those Scouts.” Mintour chuckled, unlocking the door.

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