A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Disclaimer: I by no means own the rights to Sailor Moon. (Sure wish I did thought) This story is for fun only.

Chapter 10



Kunzite sat his bag on his bed. The whole train ride to Osaka, his mind had been preoccupied. For the last few weeks, since he met Serena and the girls, he had been having dreams. Dreams of another place, another life. He sighed and walked to the window looking out over the landscape.

‘Are these really dreams? Could they be something more?’ he wondered.

“Kunzite, you okay?” Nephelite asked, exiting the bathroom.

“Just thinking.” Kunzite answered.

Nephelite sat on his be and studied his friend. “You haven’t been sleeping well.”

“Figures you would be the first to notice.” Kunzite sighed.

“Talk to me brother.” Nephelite insisted.

Brother. That one word was all it took. Kunzite, Jadeite, Zoisite, Nephelite and Darien had all met in the same orphanage. The five had been drawn to each other and had formed their own family. Like Darien, they all had been orphaned by wealthy families. Kunzite’s parents had died in a plane crash while traveling for business.

Like Darien, they all had come into large amounts of wealth and were emancipated by the time they were sixteen. Kunzite and the others bought a house and the four lived together while Darien had got his apartment.

“I’ve been having dreams Neph. Dreams of another life. Yet, we’re all there. Us, the girls, Serena, Darien. They began when…”

“When we met Serena.” Nephelite interrupted. Kunzite’s head jerked up. “Yes, I’ve been having them too. I don’t think they’re dreams though. I honestly believe they are memories. A previous life we all lived together.”

“If you’re right, that means Darien and Serena are out Prince and Princess.” Kunzite stated.

“Yes. I say, when we get home on Sunday, we talk to Darien.” Nephelite suggested.

“Yes.” Kunzite agreed.

“For now, let’s get changed and meet the ladies for dinner.” Nephelite smiled.







Saturday dawned cool and beautiful. Serena stood in the clearing that Darien chosen. After her talk with Rei, she had called him. He told her he had the perfect place to train and agreed with what Rei and Jadeite suggested about awakening Kunzite and Nephelite. He had also told her about Luna’s visit and she in turn told him of Luna’s request.

“Serena?” Darien asked.

“Yeah?” Serena replied facing him.

It was just them now as they wanted to be there first. “I think after training today, you should grant Luna’s request.”

Serena smiled and reached up to stroke his cheek, “I was thinking the same thing. I know she said I could keep our identities veiled but...”

“You don’t want to.” He finished. She nodded. “Then after we’re finished, go home, clean up, and bring Luna to my place. We can do this together. Alright?”

Serena wrapped her arms around his waist. “Thank you, my love.”

“Anytime.” He said, resting his head atop hers.

“Oh, get a room!” Jadeite yelled. “I swear you two are as bad now as you were then.”

“Kiss my ass Jadeite.” Serena shot back.

Serena and Darien laughed as Rei smacked Jadeite in the back of the head, glaring at him. Behind them Ami and Zoisite approached holding hands. This made Serena smile. Her Scouts and Darien’s Generals were as close as she and Darien were. Like them, the Scout and Generals were soul mates.

“Let me guess, Jadeite opened his big mouth as usual.” Zoisite teased.

“Yep.” Darien grinned.

Ami giggled, “So, um, how do we start?”

Jadeite went from playful to serious in a blink. “First, we should all stretch. We will start without our powers. Ami, I know fighting is not something you are used to in this life. Taking that into account, Zoisite will work with you there. The rest of us will pair off for a time.”

“He’s so sexy when he gets all bossy.” Rei whispered to Serena.

“Don’t I know it.” Serena replied looking at Darien.

When Jadeite glared at them, the two became focused again on why they were there. “Anyway. Once Ami feels comfortable, she and Zoisite will join us. We will then move to training with our powers. Ami, that’s when Zoisite, Darien and I will help you with your mental focus. I think you were right in what you said after the last fight. Once we help you throw off whatever mental block you have, I suspect you will be a force to be reckoned with.”

“I’m ready.” Ami nodded.

“Then let’s begin.” Jadeite smiled.






Marksman moved through the crowded city. He managed to hide his sneer. ‘These weak humans. So pathetic and only good for providing energy for the Nega Verse.’

He stopped when he spotted a poster hanging in a shop window. It was advertising a kimono festival the following weekend. He as a plan began to form. Yes, that would be perfect. He could not only gain lots of energy, but he could also lure out the Scouts and Generals. With that many people, they would almost certainly show up to protect them.

Walking away from the window, Marksman continued down the street a while before ducking into an alley. He disappeared and reappeared at the mansion Pyrite used as his base on Earth. He found the General sitting on his throne-like chair.

“My lord.” Marksman bowed.

“What news do you have for me Marksman?” Pyrite asked.

“I have the perfect plan to collect energy and draw out our enemies.” Marksman answered with a flick of his wrist.

Pyrite reached out and took the flyer that appeared before him. “A kimono festival?”

“Yes. There will be lots of humans there. I can set up something to draw them in. When the time is right, I will make my move. If I am right, the Scouts and Generals should be in attendance. Then I will draw them into battle.” Marksman explained.

“Then proceed.” Pyrite nodded. Marksman bowed again before disappearing. “What do you think Shimmer?”

Shimmer stepped out of the shadows. “I think it is a sound plan. If he is right about them attending, I should be able to observe them better. I will be there moving through the crowds to see if I can sense them. Perhaps we can prove my theory as well as collect energy.”

“You don’t think he can defeat them?” Pyrite snorted.

“No, my lord. Marksman is formidable yes, but so are the Scouts and Generals. I remember them from the Silver Millennium and these Scouts and Generals seem…stronger than before. I can’t explain it.” Shimmer answered.

“I agree. There is something different. Plus, there are only three Scouts when before there were five. Perhaps the other Scouts have yet to come into their powers. You may proceed with your mission Shimmer but remain hidden. If Marksman were to see you, he will not take to that kindly. I will not protect you.” Pyrite stated.

Shimmer nodded, bowed and faded away. Pyrite sighed and rose from his chair. Yes, Shimmer was one of his favored spies because there were none better than she at collecting information. That still was not enough to save her should Marksman discover her.






Ami stood panting over Rei. Rei looked up eyes wide. Slowly, the raven hairs priestess smiled. “Wow. That was impressive Ami.”

“Really?” Ami asked in surprise, helping Rei to her feet.

“Rei’s right. You were amazing.” Serena agreed. “I was right, you do have your mother’s fighting spirit.”

Ami turned to look at the other who were all smiling. For the last two hours, Zoisite had been working with her on her fighting skills. After the first hour, he felt she was ready to join the others. Her first opponent had been Jadeite. She had not won, but that did not deter her. She had then engaged Darien, Zoisite and Serena. It had ended in a draw with Zoisite, she lost to Darien, but beat Serena. Rei had been the last. It had ended in another win for Ami.

“I…I honestly didn’t think I would be good enough.” Ami admitted.

“Ami, I never got to see your mother fight but did hear the stories. I would say you are just as good if not better.” Darien said.

“It seems whatever mental block you had is gone. What do you say we try training with our powers now? See what other surprises you have for us.” Jadeite smiled with a wink.

The group transformed. Serena couldn’t help but notice how they all paired up. She with Tuxedo, Mars and General Jadeite, and Mercury with General Zoisite. It was quickly decided they would face off as pairs. The first to go were Mars and Jadeite versus Moon and Tuxedo. Instead of Mars facing Moon, it was Moon against Jadeite and Mars against Tuxedo.

“Mars Fire Ignite!”

Tuxedo pulled out his can and spun it. Her flames were caught in the vortex and at the right moment, he sent the attack back at her. Cursing, Mars leapt away. Jadeite sent an energy attack toward Moon. She simply smiled, pulling out her Moon Scepter. Like Tuxedo, she spun it absorbing his attack.

“Nice try. Moon Reversal Attack!” Moon said.

Jadeite’s eyes widened a second before his own attack slammed into him, knocking him off his feet. He landed on his back ten feet away. “Damnit. Ugh, where…did that…come from?”

Moon giggled walking over, her scepter resting on her shoulder. “From me. After I received the scepter, I started playing around with it. I know it’s mainly a defensive weapon, but that was how Mother used it. I discovered I could also use it as an offensive one.”

“Well done, love.” Tuxedo said, kissing her cheek.

“That’s pretty cool. I have to admit, I was shocked when it appeared the other day.” Mars added, pulling Jadeite to his feet.

“Me too. Alright, Mercury, Zoisite, you’re up. Pick your poison.” Moon replied.

“Actually, if he’s up for it, I would like a one-on-one with Jadeite.” Mercury answered.

“Is that a challenge Sailor Mercury?” Jadeite grinned.

“Yes.” Mercury nodded.

Everyone stepped to the side as Mercury and Jadeite stood facing each other. While Mercury knew that for the most part her powers were for protecting the others and defense, she suspected there was more. After working with Zoisite and feeling that mental block left, she had also felt something else take its place.

Jadeite made the first move, “Inferno Tempest!”

“Aquarius Tidal Surge!” Mercury cried.

A wave of water flowed from Mercury’s palms at Jadeite. He cursed jumping in the air just in time. He formed green orbs and fired them at Mercury. She smirked, crossing her arms over her chest. The water retracted and surrounded her in a sphere of water. Jadeite’s orbs disintegrated on impact.

Before he could form another attack, she extended her right arm. A rope of swirling water shot out and wrapped around Jadeite, pinning his arms and legs. Mercury whipped her arm over her head as if she were holding a lasso. Jadeite cried out as he was flung around. When Mercury snapped her wrists, the water released him, and he crashed to Earth.

“Owww.” Jadeite groaned.

“You yield?” Mercury asked, walking to him.

“Y…yeah.” Jadeite nodded, getting to his knees.

“Damn, guess we know not to piss off our sweet Mercury.” Mars grinned.

“That was a sight to behold Sailor Mercury. Your mother would be so proud.” Sailor Moon said, hugging her.

Once Mercury was released, she was pulled into Zoisite’s arms. “That was… sexy as hell.”

“You think so?” Mercury breathed.

“Hell yeah.” Zoisite replied before kissing her soundly.

“Um, yeah, I think we’ve had enough practice for one day.” Jadeite stated, dropping his transformation. “You did even better than I hoped Ami. I suspected you would be good, but seeing you today…hell, I don’t want to see you REALLY mad.”

“I think the next practice, we should work on combining our attacks. I know the Scouts and Generals had done that in the past. I want to see if me and my Scouts can do the same.” Serena suggested.

“Good idea Serena.” Rei agreed. I remember Mina and Lita being able to, but I don’t know about the rest of us.”

“So, next Saturday? Same time same place?” Darien asked.

“Actually, next Saturday is the kimono festival. Grandpa has set up a booth and I volunteered to help.” Rei explained.

“I forgot about that.” Serena said. “Then how about Sunday?”

“That should work.” Zoisite nodded.

A plan formed, the three groups said good-bye and headed home to get cleaned up. Serena got home, showered, and got Luna. With Luna in tow, she headed for Darien’s apartment. On the way, she told Luna that Darien wanted to be there when she granted the feline’s request. About fifteen minutes later, they entered Darien’s building. Serena had to keep from smiling.

“Hello Serena, Luna.” Darien greeted, his hair still damp from his shower.

“Hello Darien.” Luna said.

“Luna, you get on the couch. I want you to clear your mind. I think it will be easier. I know with the others, they received headaches when their memories returned. I think it was because they were processing everything since it happened right after they regained their powers.” Serena instructed.

Luna did as she was told and took a slow breath, clearing her mind. When here eyes closed, Serena summoned the Silver Crystal. Using the gem as focal point, she pointed it at Luna. A beam of light shot from the crystal and hit Luna’s crescent moon. Serena focused her mind on the past.

Darien stood behind Serena and placed his hands on her shoulders. He too focused on the crystal, adding his own memories of his interactions with Luna. He and his Princess combined their energies to unlock all of Luna’s memories. After nearly ten minutes, the light from the crystal faded.

Serena sent the crystal back to its hiding place in her subspace pocket. She and Darien said in one of his armchairs and waited for Luna’s eyes to open. Moments later, the feline’s eyes opened, tears falling. When her eyes landed on the couple, she trembled.

“Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion?” Luna breathed.

“Welcome back Luna.” Serena smiled.

“I…I’m so sorry…” Luna stuttered.

Serena slid off Darien’s lap, sat beside her advisor and hugged her. “Oh Luna. There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“I was so distrustful of Darien. I actually thought he was an enemy.” Luna sighed, looking at him. “I know I blamed you for Serenity’s death. I was so…heartbroken when I saw her die. I was unable to protect her.”

Darien moved and kneeled in front of the couch, “Luna, you loved her. Everything you did then and now was out of your desire to protect her. I can’t be angry at you for that. Now, now you know everything. What Queen Serenity and my parents wanted for us. To unite the Moon and Earth by any means.”

Luna chuckled, “I still am a bit shocked at that. To think Queen Serenity was…well..”

Serena giggled. If cat’s could blush, Luna was. “I told you so. Me and Darien tried to back then. Yet if we had not fallen in love, I don’t think they would have been so…improper.”

Darien snorted, “I doubt that.”

Serena and Luna started laughing. “Yes, you’re probably right.”

“Serena, why did you allow me to know you and Darien are the Prince and Princess?” Luna asked, after her laughter died.

“Because you said you didn’t want to make the same mistakes. In order to make sure of that, you had to know who we are.” Serena answered.

“Thank you, both of you, for that trust.” Luna bowed.

“You’re welcome.” Darien smiled, scratching her head.

“What about Artemis? Do you think he’s here too?” Luna inquired.

“I think so. I doubt it will be much longer before he makes himself known. I think he may try to approach Mina the way you did with me. He was always close to her even though he was sent with you to advise my mother.” Serena replied.

“You’re right. So, I know you want to wait on reawakening Mina and Lita, but what about Kunzite and Nephelite? Will you wait with them?” Luna questioned.

“Jadeite and Rei approached me and Serena about that. I think I may speak with them this week. I’m just worried that if we awaken them, that it might trigger Lita and Mina.” Darien sighed.

“I don’t think so.” Luna said. “I say that because they are YOUR Generals. However, I believe if Mina and Lita awakened first, it would trigger Kunzite and Nephelite.”

“Like with Ami and Rei. They were with Jadeite and Zoisite when they were awakened.” Serena pointed out.

“Exactly.” Luna agreed.

“Then I will talk to Kunzite and Nephelite next week. Something has been telling me that they may already be starting to remember. I think it’s because Jadeite and Zoisite have awakened. Their powers were always connected.” Darien spoke up.

“I want to wait at least another few weeks before waking Mina and Lita. If we can.” Serena said.

“Then we will.” Luna replied. “I will start seeing if I can locate Artemis. Although, I think he may be behind Central. Monday, while you all are in class and school, I’ll test that theory.”

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