A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Disclaimer: I by no means own the rights to Sailor Moon. (Sure wish I did thought) This story is for fun only.

 Chapter 2



As Serena and the girls walked through the mall, Darien and his guys entered. The second they entered, Darien felt something hit him. A feeling of recognition somehow. Keeping his face schooled, he tried to figure out what it was.

‘What the hell was that? It was like this…warmth just hit me.’ He thought. Then a thought hit him. ‘Could it be she’s here?’

“So, what’s the plan?” Jadeite asked.

“I know I have to run by the book store for a book for my English class.” Darien said.

“I could use a new set of knives. The ones I have at home are not cutting it anymore. Literally.” Nephrite added.

“Okay, how about we all split up, then meet back at the food court in say…half an hour?” Kunzite suggested.

They all agreed and Darien turned in the direction of the book store. He didn’t want to appear too eager to go off on his own. If Serenity was actually here in the mall, he wanted to find her. He figured he would pick up the book he needed first then start searching. 






“This was such a good idea Serena.” Mina smiled as the walked out of the department store.

“Thanks. Oh damn.” Serena sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Ami asked.

“I told dad I would swing by the book store. He ordered a book for mom for her birthday and it came in yesterday.” Serena answered.

“Well, why don’t you go on grab it then meet us at the food court.” Rei suggested.

“Sounds like a plan. See you guys in a bit.” Serena smiled.

She gave them a little wave before turning and heading in the opposite direction. The closer she got to the store, a feeling started washing over her. She frowned a little. The feeling was warm and almost familiar to her. Like she had felt this before. Brushing it off she walked into the store.

“Hello, how can I help you?” the clerk smiled.

“Hi. I’m here to pick up and order for my dad. It’s under the name Kenji Tsukino.” Serena replied.

The clerk leaned down and looked under the counter. “Ah, here it is. I see that it’s all paid for. Was this all you needed or did you want to browse? If so, I can hold it up here for you.”

“Thanks, I think I will browse for just a minute.” Serena nodded. 

She headed for the romance section. A few years ago, before discovering who she was, she would have made a bee-line for the manga. Now it was romance, thrillers or Stephen King. She felt herself smiling. Who would have thought discovering you were a reincarnated Princess would have such a big impact. But she would admit, she was glad for the change. Since that discovery, her school ethic, hell her ethic in life, had changed. For the better too.

Reaching the romance section, she stood there perusing the books. She reached out to pick up a book when she felt that feeling again. Turning her head her eyes locked onto a guy standing in the fiction section. She gasped.






Darien searched the titles and finally found the book he was looking for. He grabbed it and turned it over to read the synopsis to make sure it was the correct one for his class. Seeing that it was, he turned to go pay when he locked eyes with the most beautiful woman he had ever known.

“Serenity.” He breathed.

“Endymion.” She smiled.

 He was rooted in place as she moved closer. His mouth felt dry. For nearly five years he had been searching Tokyo and now here she was. Standing before him looking as beautiful as she did the last time he had seen her that fateful day on the Moon.

“I…I can’t believe you’re here.” He said.

She giggled, “Believe me, I know the feeling. For the last four years I’ve been keeping an eye out for you. Oh, I’m not called Serenity in this life. I’m Serena. Serena Tsukino.”

“Darien Shields.” He smiled, extending his hand.

Serena slipped her hand into his. Instead of shaking it, he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it, never taking his eyes from hers. The smile she gave him was bright. He had a million questions but with her here now, his mind went blank.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Serena asked, nodding to the book he held.

“In more ways than one. What about you?” Darien smiled.

Serena held out the book she had selected. “A friend suggested I should read this so I figured I would give it a shot.”

“Beyond the Highland Mist. Hmm, seems interesting.” He replied. “Um, are you here alone?”

She took the book back and shook her head, “No, I’m here with the girls. We’ve been friends since junior high, but I’m the only one that remembers. Plus, there’s been a few changes, but this isn’t the place to discuss that. What about you?”

He frowned when she mentioned changes but knew she was right. The middle of a book store was no place to talk about that. “I’m here with the guys. Like you and the girls we’ve been friends for years and they don’t remember either. In fact, I’m going to meet them at the food court.”

“That’s where I’m meeting the girls. Well, should we go?” she grinned.

Darien nodded. He then smirked when he plucked the book from her hand and added it to his. “My treat.”

Serena laughed, “We just meet and already you’re taking charge.”

Darien leaned down and whispered, “I don’t recall you complaining back then.”






Mina, Ami, Lita and Rei dropped into their chairs at the food court to wait for Serena. Ami smiled at her friends, “I really needed this. It’s nice to relax.”

“You totally deserve it Aims. You’ve worked so hard for as long as we’ve known you. Now, that you’re in the program you wanted you can afford to relax a little.” Rei said.

“She’s right. Maybe you could even get yourself a boyfriend.” Lita teased.

Ami blushed as the others laughed. Ami shook her head and couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped. She looked over and her giggles stopped as she watched four guys sit at the table next to them. Her eyes seemed to zero in on one in particular.

“Hey, you alright?” Mina asked, then looked where Ami was looking. “Oh, my my.”

At that moment, the four guys noticed them. All of them smiled and the girls blushed at being caught staring. As usual, Rei recovered first and spoke. “Hi.”

“Hi indeed. I’m Jadeite.” Jadeite replied, extending his hand to Rei.

“Rei.” She smiled. “These are my friends Ami, Lita and Mina.”

“Nice to meet you. These are my boys Zoisite, Nephrite and Kunzite.” Jadeite introduced.

“Would you ladies like to join us? We’re waiting on our friend Darien, but I don’t think he would mind.” Kunzite offered.

“Sure. Serena, that’s our other friend, loves meeting new people.” Mina said.

The two groups stood and moved to one of the eight-top tables. Rei couldn’t explain why she felt…connected to these guys. It was the same feeling she had felt when first met Serena all those years ago. Like they were meant to meet.

“Are you girls in high school?” Nephrite inquired.

“We’re all seniors. Rei here goes to T.A. high school and the rest of us go to Jubann high.” Lita nodded. What about you guys?”

“We’re all freshmen at Keori university. I’m in the culinary program, Kunz is in pre-law, Jade here in architecture and Zoi is in engineering. Our friend Darien is in the pre-med program.” Nephrite explained.

“Well, what do you know. Our girl Ami got her pre-acceptance letter and next year will be starting as third-year pre-med student at Keori.” Lita bragged.

“Wow, that’s great. Congratulations. We all know how hard that program is from watching Darien go through it. You must be so excited.” Zoisite smiled at Ami.

“We are so proud of our Ami.” A voice added. Everyone looked up to see Serena and Darien standing there. “I’m Serena.”

“Zoisite.” He said shaking her hand.

“Serena, these are my other friends, Kunzite, Jadeite, and Nephrite.” Darien added.

“Nice to meet you all. Dairen, this is Ami, Rei, Lita and Mina.” Serena smiled as he pulled out her chair for her to sit down.






Beryl sat on her throne. “General Graphite, I summon you.”

In a swirl of ash, the general appeared. “Yes my Queen.”

“It is time. Our great leader, Metallia is ready for us to begin. You will go to Earth and begin. We need energy to strength Metallia. We must also find the Silver Crystal and that cursed  Moon Princess.” Beryl ordered.

“Understood. I shall not fail you. I shall go to Earth immediately to begin my plan.” Graphite responded before he bowed and vanished.

‘I must be careful in my own plans. I can not allow Metallia to sense anything. If my plan is successful, she will be destroyed and I will get everything I have wanted for over a thousand years.’ Beryl thought with a smile.






Serena was on cloud nine as she walked home. The afternoon had been amazing. Not only had she found Endy…no Darien again, but it looked as if her Scouts and the Generals were hitting off. Before the two groups had left the mall, they had all exchanged numbers. When Darien had given her his, he told her to call him that night after dinner. She had agreed.

‘Wow, the connection between us is as strong as ever. Yet I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, we died for each other.’She thought as she turned onto her street.

“Hold it down.” A voice said.

Serena looked up and saw three boys kneeling around something on the sidewalk. A second later she saw it was a cat. “Hey! What are you doing!”

“Let’s get out of here!” one of the boys cried as they jumped to their feet and scattered.

Serena ran over to the cat. “Damned brats.” She knelt down and gently picked up the cat. Instantly she recognized the animal. Seeing the two band-aids on the cat’s forehead, she gently peeled them off. “There we go Luna.”

The cat’s eyes snapped open and bulged. Serena giggled. “Let’s take you inside. I think we have a few things to discuss.”

Luna was in shock. How did this girl know her name? True, Luna had felt something about this young woman, but that didn’t explain the reason she was talking so familiarly to her. Luna let Serena carry her into the house and upstairs. Serena told her to just wait there and left the room.

Luna sat on the bed and looked around the room. She frowned as she did. The walls were an eclectic mix of posters and pictures. There was a poster of the Moon in its full shinning brilliance, millions of stars in the background. Another poster of the Earth with the Moon in the background. Collages of pictures also decorated the wall. 

Two large book cases were against the wall across from the bed full of books. She spotted a small section of what looked like manga, but the majority of the books were novels. At least in one book case. The other was only half full and the books were mostly on photography or political types.

“Still suspicious even after all this time huh Luna?” Serena asked walking into the room. “Come on, I know you can talk, just spit it out.”

Luna gaped, “How…how did you…”

“Like I said, we have a lot to discuss. I know you can talk because we’ve met before. Course it was over a thousand years ago. I’m Serena in this life now.”

“You’re from the Silver Millennium? You remember?”

“I am and I do. What do you remember?”

Luna sighed, “Not much I’m afraid. I do know that I’m supposed to find Princess Serenity, the Silver Crystal and her Sailor Scouts. I’m also supposed to find Sailor Moon and give her this.” Luna did a flip and a broach, and a crescent wand appeared on the bed. “This will allow Sailor Moon to transform. The Cresent wand will also help her fight the Nega Verse.”

Serena picked both items up. “Well, this will come in handy.”

“What do you mean?” Luna asked.

With a wink, Serena held the broach, “Moon Prism Power.”

“You…how did you know what to do?”

Sailor Moon sat beside Luna, “Luna, I’ve been Sailor Moon since I was fourteen. I was able to transform by just concentrating. I knew what to do because I’m the one you’re looking for.”

“Do you know where the other Scouts and the Princess are?” Luna questioned.

Serena de-transformed and sat the broach on her nightstand. She hated lying, but she had figured a long time ago that it was safer for her and her family if her identity as the Moon Princess was kept secret. Only her family and now Darien knew that fact. It would stay that way till the time was right.

“I do know where the Scouts are. In fact, we’re all friends. As for the Princess, I don’t know where she is. I’m sure Queen Serenity would had placed her somewhere safe. When it’s time, I have no doubt that she will reveal herself. Same with the Silver Crystal.” Serena answered.

“We should find the Scouts immediately and…” Luna began.

“No. Not yet Luna. Trust me on this. When we need them, we will know. I have been training for this since I discovered my memories and that I was Sailor Moon. For the time being, I can handle the Nega Verse. This morning I sensed that they will be attacking soon. For now, let’s hold off until we absolutely have to reawaken the Scouts. Alright?” Serena said.

“Very well.” Luna agreed.

“Good. Now, my family know who I am. That I’m Sailor Moon and that I have been training for this. That way you don’t have to be careful about talking when it’s just us.” Serena smiled.

“Okay. So, at least I know I can stay here and it will not be a problem.” Luna nodded.

“Yep. Come on, dinner is ready. Mom even has a plate for you.” Serena giggled.






Serena sat on her balcony staring up at the moon. Luna was currently curled up on the bed asleep. She pulled out her phone and called Darien. “Hey.”

“Hello my Princess.” Darien said.

“Well, you and the guys weren’t the only ones to find me today. It seems Luna found me too.”

“Luna huh? That means that Atremis must be around somewhere too. He always favored Mina as I recall.”

“Yeah he did. I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds her. Anyway, Luna doesn’t have all of her memories. She doesn’t recognize that I am Serenity or remember that there wasn’t a Sailor Moon back then. She gave me my transformation broach and the Cresent wand.”

“Wait, you’re Sailor Moon? Serena, you shouldn’t be fighting. You’re too…”

“Darien, it’s okay. I have been training since I was fourteen for this. Mother knew what she was doing when she did this. Once Mina is awakened, she will take over as leader of the Scouts. Until then, I will lead them. Don’t you remember that I wanted to fight? I begged mother to let me train with the Scouts. This is her gift to me.”

Darien sighed, “I remember. Serena, you seem…different than you were back then.”

Serena smiled, “Yes I am, but there’s still a lot of Serenity in me. I have the skills of diplomacy and love of politics that she had. Yet I also have none of the inhibitions I had back then. I get the feeling it’s the same with you. I mean, yes I see Endymion in you but something more.”

“I see what you mean. You’re right about that. It appears your mother sent us to this time with the best of our past but also the chance to just be normal. Maybe it’s those parts that will help us prevent the past.”

“Well said my Prince.” She giggled. “So, since we are, just normal people in this life, that means we don’t have to worry about all the protecals we had back then.”

Darien chuckled, “Very true. That means if I wanted to take you out, we could actually be alone. Just us.”

“Why Darien Shields, did you just ask me out?” Serena teased.

“You’re damned right I did. Say Friday night? I’ll pick you up at seven?”

“Seven it is. Good night Darien.”

“Good night Serena.”

Serena hung up the phone and slipped back into her room. She had told her parents after dinner that she had found Darien. They agreed to not push in meeting him. They would let Serena tell him that they knew and then go from there. Sighing, she climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep.

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