A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Chapter 7



“Serena?” Luna began once she and Serena had returned from Darien’s apartment.

“Yes Luna?” Serena replied, pulling on her pajama top.

“I know you said you would explain in due time, however…” Luna sighed and lowered her head. When Serena sat on the bed, she lifted her head and faced her charge. “I meant what I said when I told you I trusted you.”

“What’s on your mind Luna? I can tell it’s something.” Serena said.

“After tonight and the things you and Darien said, I can’t help but feel You two were dropping hints. I noticed that Rei and Jadeite seemed to be catching your hidden meanings.”

“You’re not wrong about Rei and Jadeite. Those two were probably the most protective of Serenity and Endymion. While Venus and Kunzite were the closest in terms of confidentiality, Mars and Jadeite were heads of their security. Wherever Serenity and Endymion went, those two were never far behind.”

Luna nodded, “Serena, I also got the feeling, when you found me that is, that you were not…too keen on me.”

It was Serena’s turn to sigh. Should she explain to Luna her worries when the feline of Mau didn’t remember everything? When she looked into Luna’s eyes and saw the slight fear, she knew she should.

“It’s not that I wasn’t keen on you. Luna, you don’t remember how it was back then when it came to the Princess and Prince and you. You were not an advisor to the Princess but you were one to Queen Serenity. When it became obvious Serenity and Endymion were falling in love, Queen Serenity, Queen Ember and King Cathious were thrilled.”

“Those were Endymion’s parents I gather?”

“They were. They were generous monarchs, a lot like Queen Serenity. Which explains why the three were such good friends I imagine. Anyway, back then you were so hell bent on propriety and protocols. You had appointed yourself Serenity and Endymion’s chaperon. I also remember you being very…snobbish in some ways.”

“What? Snobbish?” Luna gaped.

Serena giggled, “Yes Luna, snobbish. When Endymion and Serenity first met, you felt he was not worthy of her. You had forgot that at the time, he was only thirteen and she was ten. They were children. When they began their courtship, he was nearly twenty and she was eighteen. In fact, you didn’t hold much store by the people of Earth.”

Luna frowned, “I…I didn’t?”

“No you didn’t. Compared to the other members of the Silver Millennium, Earth was relatively young. Their advances were not the same as the Moon or the other planets. Earth had only joined under Serenity’s grandparent’s reign. The other planets however, had been members for nearly ten centuries by then.” Serena explained.

“Was I truly that narrow minded? I can’t seem to recall.” Luna stated.

“Oh Luna.” Serena smiled, gently picking her up and putting her in her lap. “It’s not entirely your fault. Your home planet of Mau, an ally of the Silver Millennium, was a planet of diplomats. Your race was raised on propriety and protocol. That’s why you and others were sent as advisors to the Silver Millennium. You were very, very good at your job.

“Having said that, I can safely say that Serenity and Endymion were not keen on you appointing yourself chaperon when their own parents didn’t care. In fact, they both believed their parents were trying to all but force them into bed together. Queen Serenity and Queen Ember had so longed to join the Moon and Earth in union through marriage. Those two would have taken a child from Serenity and Endymion anyway they could have. Even out of wedlock.”

“I…I can’t believe that!” Luna gasped.

Serena laughed, “Oh believe it. That is also why, the night of my first date with Darien, I told you the things I did. This time is so much different than the Silver Millennium. I think Queen Serenity would have quite enjoyed this time. She wasn’t always one for protocols when it wasn’t required.”

Luna sat in Serena’s arms taking in everything she had said. Was she right? Had she been too concerned with the rules? Serena made a fine point of this time being different. Maybe she should take the time to get to know this new time. Perhaps Ikuko would be her tutor in this.

“Serena, I know this may be too much to ask, but…”

“Ask what Luna?”

“Well, do you think it possible to return my memories? I know you want to wait, but from everything you have just told me…I think I need them. If I am to not make the same mistakes I apparently made in the past. If you can, you can even keep the Princess and Prince’s identities veiled. If you can. I’m also going to talk to you mother tomorrow about her…tutoring me in how things are done in this time.”

Serena thought about Luna’s request. Would it help? Could she still give Luna he full memories, yet keep her and Darien’s true identity secret? She decided that she wanted to run this by Darien first. After all, it would involve him too. She did think that her mom helping Luna to understand this time would be beneficial.

“As for your request, I think it would be useful to talk to my mom. It could also help you once all the Scouts, Generals and the Prince and Princess are revealed. As for your memories, can you give me a day or two to think on that. I can tell you that the Princess and Prince are safe, I swear on the Moon they are. Can you grant me that at least?” Serena questioned.

“Yes. Thank you, Serena. For being so honest with me.” Luna nodded.






Pyrite sat in a large throne looking chair at the mansion Graphite had chosen. He would admit that was one of the smartest things his predecessor had done. Choosing a location so well hidden from the humans. It would offer Pyrite the seclusion he needed.

Now, he just needed to select his minions carefully. Unlike Graphite, Pyrite was a planner. He would do his best to gather energy for Beryl and Metallia, but he would also gather as much information on the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask and these two other men as possible.

‘Hmm, perhaps I should use two youma. One to gather energy and draw them out and the other to collect information. The second youma could also send the energy to the Nega Verse before the other is destroyed. Yes, that will work.’ Pyrite thought happily.

He would also make sure that the first youma knew nothing about the second. At least this first round. “Mintour, I summon you.”

“Yes Master.” Mintour bowed, appearing.

“I have a mission for you. You are to go and collect energy from these humans. Unlike your failed predecessors, I want you to be subtle. At least at the beginning. I will let you know when it is time to draw out those meddlesome Scouts.” Pyrite instructed.

“My pleasure, Sir. I will be ready when it is time to battle them.” Mintour replied then disappeared.

Pyrite smiled, “I will bide my time. I will not fail.”






Jadeite stood outside Darien’s building waiting. After what had happened the other night, he wanted to talk to him. He looked up just as Darien walked out. “Hey Darien.”

“Jadeite, what are you doing here?” Darien asked in surprise.

“I wanted to talk. I figured, maybe we could walk to class and talk at the same time.” Jadeite shrugged.

“Sure. What’s on your mind?” Darien nodded.

“Well, I understand why Serena doesn’t want to awaken the others just yet. Rei does too after we talked when I took her home. I have a feeling she’ll be having a similar conversation with Serena that I’m having with you.” Jadeite said.

“Probably. You two were always on the same page when it came to most things.” Darien chuckled.

“That’s true enough. I was thinking, since she doesn’t want to awaken the other, perhaps we, those of us awakened that is, should start training together. That fight was a tough one and Ami brought up a point when she said that had Rei and I not been there…”

“Yes, I agree. I know Serena has been training on her own since she was fourteen. That’s when her memories returned, and she discovered she was Sailor Moon.”

“Then perhaps you can talk to her and we can figure something out. I also was curious about Kunzite and Nephelite. Do you think it would awaken Mina and Lita’s memories too soon if you were to awaken them?”

“Hmm, I honestly don’t know. But why?”

Jadeite sighed, “Darien, I fear what Beryl will throw at us now. That Graphite was strong. If she were to send anyone stronger, we could use all the help we can. You saw what happened to Serena before you got there. I don’t want you to blame yourself, not at all…I’m just…”

Jadeite paused trying to phrase his thoughts into words. “If the rest of my brothers-in-arms were awakened, without awakening Mina and Lita, that’s just further protection for Serena, Ami and Rei. Or, should an attack happen when all eight of us are together, Kunz and Neph could be there to keep Mina and Lita from worrying or getting involved before it’s time.”

Darien thought over his General’s words. They made sense, but then again, Jadeite and Rei were the battle strategists of their group. Ami and Zoisite were the analysists, Nephelite and Lita had been the fighters and Kunzite and Mina the leaders. They reached the campus and Darien faced his friend.

“I think you might be on to something. If you’re right and Rei talks to Serena about this and she talks to me, I will bring it up with her. As for us all training together I think that will be a great idea. You and Rei recalled combining your powers quickly. Ami and Zoisite, didn’t that first battle, but that doesn’t mean anything. I will run that by Serena and let you know what she says.” Darien replied.

“That’s all I ask for. Well, I gotta run. Let me know what she says about both ideas.” Jadeite smiled.

He waved and headed off to class. Darien headed to his first class as well, thinking over what Jadeite had suggested. Serena had been right when she said that things were different now. In the past, she would not have been included in any planning nor would she herself put forth any plans. Perhaps because of Queen Serenity’s sacrifice, she had also given them the tools to prevent the past from repeating.


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