A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Disclaimer: I by no means own the rights to Sailor Moon. (Sure wish I did thought) This story is for fun only.

Chapter 6



Graphite stood there under the tree staring out across the park. There were people everywhere. He sneered watching them. Families, couples and others out alone. ‘Yes, these pathetic humans will do nicely.’

He lifted his hands and a glow drifted from his outstretched palms down into the park. “Come on Sailor Moon. Time to rid myself of you once and for all.”






Rei and Jadeite entered the park. “What are we doing here? It’s dark.”

Jadeite chuckled and slipped his arm around her shoulder, “You’ll see.”

Lifting a brow, Rei let him lead her toward the center of the park. She quickly saw where he was taking her. She had seen the flyers for the concert, but never suspected that Jadeite would bring her. She stopped him and when he faced her, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome Rei, but for what?” He asked.

“Tonight, has been…beyond perfect. The flowers, the dinner and now a concert in the park. You are too good to be true.” She answered.

Jadeite kissed her temple, pulled her closer and lead her to where he had Nephelite set up their spot. They reached the area and saw Nephelite give a wave and walk away toward the exit. Oh yeah, Jadeite owed his friend big time for this. He and Rei took their seats on the blanket spread out for them and waited for the concert to begin.

About five minutes into the concert, Rei stiffened. Here eyes narrowed as she started looking around. What was this she was feeling? Something evil was here. Before she could say anything to Jadeite, she felt him stiffen beside her.

“Jadeite, something’s wrong. I feel…”

“I feel it too. We need…what the hell?”

Rei and Jadeite jumped to their feet as the violinist performing crumpled to the stage. Rei’s eyes widened as slowly people all around them began to sink to the ground. She felt Jadeite grab her hand and the pair began to run from the crowds. Rei risked a look behind her and saw a green glow emanating from the unconscious people.






Serena looked up from her history book when her communicator beeped. “Ami?”

“Serena, there’s an attack going on. It’s coming from the park where that concert was happening tonight.” Ami reported.

“On my way. If you get there before me, just wait. I don’t want you going in alone. Just observe and wait till I get there.” Serena instructed.

“You got it. What about…” Ami began.

“They’ll know. I promise. I’m on my way now.” Serena replied, knowing Ami had meant Darien and Zoisite.

Serena grabbed her broach and transformed before hurrying out her window. She quickly took to the trees and then the roof tops. Whatever was going on, she had to hurry. She knew there had to be dozens of people at the concert. Maybe ten minutes after the call, she arrived and found Mercury waiting for her.

“What’s going on?”

Mercury was typing on her microcomputer. “I’m not finding a youma, but there is a man standing on the stage. All the energy if leaving the people and gravitating to him.”

“Then he’s our target. Alright, let’s move in nice and slow.” Moon stated.

The two carefully entered the park but instantly moved to the trees. They wanted to have the element of surprise. Moon’s eyes narrowed when the stage came into sight and the man, she saw standing in the center. The gathering energy swirling in a green and black orb over one hand and his other extended toward the audience. She gasped when the man spoke.

“Come out, come out Sailor Moon. I know you’re here.” Graphite said in a booming voice.

Moon and Mercury shared a glance. Moon gave a nod and they slipped from the trees. “Just who the hell are you?”

“I am General Graphite of the Negaverse. You have been a thorn in my mistress’s side for long enough.”

Moon and Mercury jumped apart as an energy blast flew toward them. Moon got to her feet only to hiss and leap into the air as yet another blast came her way. A thought crossed her mind as she continued dodging blasts. Graphite was focusing on her and all but ignoring Mercury.

‘So, I’m his main target. Alright then, let’s see what he’s got.’ Moon thought flipping again. “That your best shot Graphite?”

“You bitch, I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” Graphite hissed.

Moon bent her knees and kept her eyes trained on him. The stolen energy continued to gather as Graphite shifted his stance. She kept her face blank as he jumped off the stage toward her. She had not missed that Mercury was using her visor and microcomputer to analyze Graphite.







Hidden behind a tree just out of Graphite’s energy stealing range, Rei and Jadeite watched the scene. “Jadeite, we have to help them.”

“How?” Jadeite asked.

“I don’t know, I just know they need us.” Rei pleaded.

He couldn’t deny that she was right. Every fiber in his being was screaming at him to get out there and help Sailor Moon. He looked at Rei and in her eyes, he saw the same need he was feeling. Before either could speak, a cry had them looking back at the fight.

“Oh god.” Rei gasped.

“Damnit.” Jadeite hissed.







Moon landed in a crouch and before she could turn around, Graphite slammed into her, knocking her into a nearby tree. She cried out in pain and saw stars for a moment. Shaking her head to clear her vision, she looked up as Graphite summoned a sword and was making his way toward her.

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” He laughed. “And here we thought you were some tough opponent.”

“You haven’t…beaten me yet.” Moon hissed, struggling to her feet, using the tree as support.

“Oh we’ll see about that.” Graphite sneered, raising the sword.

Before Moon’s eyes, something, or rather someone charged from behind her and tackled Graphite to the ground. Her eyes widened as she realized it was Jadeite. Seconds later Mercury and Rei were at her side, helping her stand.

“Sailor Moon are you alright?’ Rei asked.

“Ye…yeah.” Moon gaped.

“You fool!” Graphite roared, tossing Jadeite off him. “You’ll pay for this!”

Jadeite landed on his feet and took a fighting stance. “Bring it on asshole.”

As the two men circled each other, Luna came running up followed by Tuxedo Mask and Zoisite. Tuxedo caught Moon as she stumbled, “Sailor Moon, are you alright?”

“She was slammed into that tree.” Rei supplied without looking back from her protective stance in front of Sailor Moon.

“I’m fine. Rei and Jadeite protected me from Graphite.” Moon groaned, standing up straight.

“Oh my! Sailor Moon, she’s one of us!” Luna gasped, seeing the blazing mark of Mars on Rei’s forehead.

Rei spun, “Did that freakin’ cat just talk?”

Luna didn’t hesitate. She flipped and summoned a transformation stick. “Rei, take this and yell ‘Mars Power Make-up!”

Rei caught the stick just as Jadeite yelled in pain. “Oh, that does it! Mars Power Make-up!”






Jadeite cried out and clutched his arm where Graphite’s sword had caught him. Glaring up, he felt a power building inside him. A fire that was consuming him. Without taking his eyes off Graphite he surrendered himself to that fire. His vision went white just a woman, that looked an awful lot like Rei, dove at Graphite.

He could feel this strange power coursing through him but was not afraid. It felt so familiar. Like an old friend. When his vision returned to normal, he saw that he had been right. It was Rei and she was dressed as a Sailor Scout. Her, along with a guy in a tuxedo, Sailor Mercury and another man were fighting Graphite. It was then he noticed he was dressed similarly to the other man. Only his tunic was lined in flame red.

“Mercury Bubbles Blast!” Mercury cried as a fog surrounded them.

“Not this time.” Graphite laughed. With a wave of his hand Mercury’s bubbles disappeared. “Nice trick, but not good enough.”

“Then how about this? Mars Fire Ignite!” Rei cried.

The flames shot from her hands toward Graphite. He smirked, lifting his sword. The flames hit the sword but did no damage. Mars wasn’t letting up and threw everything she had into it. Jadeite had enough of this. He stepped up behind Mars and lifted his hands over his head.

“Inferno Tempest!” Jadeite cried.

A swirling column of fire formed in Jadeite’s hands. He spread his arms and brought them down so they were on either side of Mars. His flames shot forward joining with hers and raced toward Graphite.

“No!” Graphite screamed as the combined flames shattered his sword and hit him full blast.

“Now Sailor Moon!” Tuxedo yelled.

“Moon Healing Escalation!” Moon cried, pointing her wand at Graphite.

His screams echoed into the night. Slowly they faded and his body turned to an ash like powder before being scattered by a light breeze that chose that moment to appear. The six warriors turned and looked over the dozens of people in the park. They watched as their energy returned and they began coming to.

“We better get out of here.” Moon said, before her knees gave out.

“Sailor Moon.” Tuxedo gasped, catching her before she fell. He scooped her into his arms and faced the others. “Come on, follow me.”







“Pyrite, I summon you!” Queen Beryl ordered.

In a swirl of greenish orbs, Pyrite appeared and took a knee. “Yes, my Queen.”

“It seems that Graphite has been defeated by Sailor Moon. And now we have yet another Scout and another man!” Beryl bellowed.

“Graphite’s weakness was his over confidence. He was too hasty my Queen.” Pyrite replied, keeping his head bowed.

“You think you can do better?” Beryl questioned.

“I do. With three Scouts, Tuxedo Mask and two unknowns, this makes things more interesting. With your permission, I plan to send out youma. Their task will be to collect energy yes, but they will serve another purpose. I plan to use them to better observe these thorns in our side.” Pyrite explained rising to his feet.

Beryl sat on her thrown and thought about what her General just told her. “Hmm, yes. That would be useful. I remember there were four Scouts that protected that pesky Moon Princess. However, I do not recall a Scout of the Moon.”

“Nor do I my Queen. It could be that before, the Moon Scout was not called upon. I will however find out more about her. Along with this Tuxedo Mask and those two other men.” Pyrite stated.

“Do it.” Beryl hissed. Pyrite bowed and vanished. Beryl sighed, ‘I must succeed. I must find the Silver Crystal, destroy the Moon Princess and find my dear Endymion. My plans will not fail. Soon, I will be the supreme ruler of the universe.’






Tuxedo Mask led the others through the night. With the awakening of Mars and General Jadeite, he knew he and Moon needed to explain thing together this time. He made sure the coast was clear before leaping up to the balcony of his apartment. In mere minutes the six and Luna were safely inside.

“Tuxedo…” Sailor Moon began when she saw where they were.

“Sailor Moon, after tonight, we have to tell them together. Let me heal you and then we can begin.” Tuxedo whispered, sitting her on the sofa.

“Wait a second. I know where we are.” Jadeite gasped, looking around. He then turned and stared wide eyed at Tuxedo as he began healing Sailor Moon. “D…Darien?”

“What?” Mars gasping, looking at him as well.

“Yes. Let me finish and we’ll tell you everything.” He said.

Mars and Jadeite looked from Tuxedo and Moon and studied Mercury and General Zoisite. Their eyes widened as they realized it was Ami and Zoisite. They then looked at each other and took the other in. Jadeite had to admit, Rei looked pretty incredible in that uniform. He was about to say so when he groaned and clutched his head.

“Jadeite!” Mars cried.

“He’ll be alright in a few moments. Let it pass.” Zoisite instructed when his friend and fellow General dropped to his knees.

Jadeite felt like his head was about to explode as memories poured into his mind. Memories of a time and place he knew no longer existed. He remembered training with his friends and his Prince. Falling in love with Mars. As the memories faded, he slowly lifted his head to find everyone looking at him.

“So, you remember?” Moon asked, slowly standing.

“Yes. Everything.” Jadeite gasped.

With those words, every detransformed. “Everyone have a seat and Serena and I will explain.” Darien instructed.

Once everyone sat, Serena spoke, “Rei, first off what do you remember?”

Rei rubbed her head as the memories hit her. “I…I remember…fighting Beryl. Her army was so strong. I…”

She gasped meeting Serena’s eyes. Serena smiled. It didn’t surprise her that Rei remembered more than Ami did at the moment. “Yes, you died trying to protect Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. You and Jadeite both did. Now, Ami told me earlier that her memories haven’t fully returned, but slowly more and more are returning.”

“That’s true.” Ami nodded. Since I became Mercury again, my memories are slowly returning. Yet, like Luna, I still can’t see Princess Serenity or Prince Endymion clearly. It’s as if I am seeing them through a haze.”

“Serena and I believe that the more of the Scouts and Generals that awaken, your memories will become clearer.” Darien replied. “Now, yes Serena and I know who the other Scouts and Generals are, but for now…”

“It’s Lita, Mina, Kunzite and Nephrite, isn’t it?” Rei asked.

“Yes, but we can’t tell them yet.” Serena nodded.

“What? You mean your other friends are the remaining Scouts!” Luna screeched.

“Luna, I have already told you why I will not awaken them until it is time.” Serena stated, leveling a fierce look at her.

“But…Serena, after tonight…” Luna stuttered.

“She’s right Serena.” Ami agreed. “Tonight, was a close one. Had Jadeite and Rei not been there, I’m not sure even I could have protected you.”

Seeing the look of distress on her friend’s face, Rei moved from Jadeite’s side to Serena’s. “Serena, Ami and Luna are right. Graphite was strong. Beryl is only going to send someone who is stronger. I get you want to let them stay in blissful ignorance a bit longer, but we may not have a choice.”

“Queen Serenity sent us all here for a chance at a normal life. I only want to honor that. Honor her sacrifice.” Serena sighed.

“Then let’s wait.” Jadeite shrugged.

“Wait? General Jadeite, that is not wise.” Luna argued.

“Luna, you don’t remember everything. If you did you would know that what I’m suggesting would be fine. Rei and I were quite a pair back in the Silver Millennium. As were Ami and Zoisite as I recall. If Serena wants to wait, I think we should. At least for a short time.” Jadeite pointed out.

“He’s correct Luna. Think about it. When Beryl sends the next Negaverse General, we can study them. The more information we have, the better equipped we are when it’s time to awaken the next ones.” Zoisite added.

Luna looked around at the six warriors. As much as she hated the idea, she could also see the logic in the Earth General’s thinking. “Very well. I will relay this to central.”

“Good. Luna, I promise, once the whole truth is revealed, you will understand why I’m thinking this way. I promise. Just trust me.” Serena pleaded.

“I do trust you Serena. I may not like this, but I will go along with it. For now.” Luna said.

“Thank you, Luna.” Serena smiled, scooping her up and hugging her.

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