A Thousand Years and a Thousand More

BY : TiffCutshall
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Disclaimer: I by no means own the rights to Sailor Moon. (Sure wish I did thought) This story is for fun only.

Chapter 11



Kunzite and Nephelite had just met back up after dropping Mina and Lita off at home. They then headed for Darien’s. Both men knew this couldn’t wait if their suspicions were correct. While both men were nervous on the inside, outside they were the picture of calm. In moments it seemed they were in the elevator heading for Darien’s floor.

“So, do we just jump in or….” Nephelite began.

“I say we just jump in.” Kunzite replied. “If we’re right, I’d rather just get this over with.”

The two stepped off the elevator in perfect step and walked to Darien’s door. They both took a slow breath before Kunzite knocked. Darien didn’t keep them waiting long and he looked a bit surprised to see them.

“Kunzite, Nephelite. What are you doing here?” Darien asked.

“We need to talk.” Kunzite said walking in first.

Darien merely lifted a brow but followed them. He sat in one of his armchairs while the other two sat on the sofa. “You guys look serious. What is it?”

“Darien, are you Endymion?” Kunzite blurted out.

Darien sighed. “I suspected you two were remembering. Yes, I am Endymion.”

“Dar, we’ve both been having dreams since we met Serena and the girls. Dreams that I believe are actually memories.” Nephelite stated.

“I wonder if Zoisite and Jadeite were having them too before they were awakened. And before you two get upset, when they awoke, so did Rei and Ami. They were together and it triggered their awakening. In the middle of a youma fight I might add.” Darien replied.

“Darien, can you awaken us? And will it awaken Mina and Lita?” Kunzite questioned.

“Yes, I can. As for Mina and Lita, Luna doesn’t think it will. Serena wants to wait a few more weeks to awaken them. If we can.” Darien answered. “Now, clear your minds of everything.”

Darien watched his Generals do as he commanded. He focused on his own crystal and summoned it. Like Serena had done yesterday, he used the Golden Crystal as a focal point and aimed it at his men. The apartment was silent for a long time before the light of the crystal faded. He hid the crystal once more and watched as Kunzite and Nephelite opened their eyes.

“I…I remember everything.” Nephelite breathed. That last day we were all together. The battle. Watching you and Serena die just before my eyes closed.”

“Darien…I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you and Serena.” Kunzite spoke, his voice wavering.

“Kunzite, there is nothing to apologize for. That day we all made a plan and we followed it. What we did not factor was the hate of Beryl. This time, we know better and will not make those same mistakes.” Darien said.

“So what now?” Nephelite asked.

“Now, you two will join me, Serena and the others as we train. We are meeting next Sunday since Rei has to help her grandfather at the Kimono festival on Saturday.” Darien smiled.

“Will you tell Serena?” Kunzite inquired.

“Yes, but tomorrow. For now, you two head home and tell Jade and Zoi what has happened here.” Darien nodded.

“Yes, my liege.” Both men bowed, causing Darien to laugh.

“Oh, Luna gave me these. This way, when the girls need us, they can communicate with us too.” Darien added, handing them the communicators that Luna had given him.

“This will be useful.” Kunzite nodded, slipping his on.

“I agree.” Nephelite replied, examining his.






Serena and Lita were laughing about something as they walked out of the school on Friday. For the last week Serena had felt a mixture of calm and trepidation. Monday afternoon Darien had told her that Kunzite and Nephelite had their memories and would be joining them on Sunday for training. This had relieved Serena. Darien had all four of his guardians and that meant more protection for him.

Since the Nega Verse had reemerged, Serena had sensed that they were somehow stronger this time around. That worried her and she had yet to say anything to Luna or Dairen. On Wednesday, Luna had told her and Darien that she had found Artemis. She had also been right about him being Central. Now, Artemis was now living with Mina, even though she had yet to be awakened.

“We’re all going to the Kimono festival, right?” Lita asked as they headed for the arcade.

“Yep. Rei is helping her grandpa there. We haven’t talked about meeting up there or anything though.” Serena nodded.

“Then we can just ask everyone at the arcade.” Lita pointed out.

Both groups, except for Rei, were meeting at the arcade to study and get any homework out of the way so this weekend could be free. “From what you and Mina have told me, you guys had fun in Osaka.”

“We did. Me and Nephelite spent most of our time around the food part of the convention. I figured Kunzite would be bored, but it seems he actually likes fashion. I think it kind of ties in with the fact he has an eye for detail.” Lita replied.

The two walked into the arcade and found everyone already there. Serena slid into the booth beside Darien, who kissed her sweetly. She looked around the table at the other couples, then saw someone missing.

“Where’s Jadeite?” she asked.

“He volunteered to help Rei and her grandpa get set up for the festival.” Nephelite grinned, his arm around Lita’s shoulders.

“Well, he’s smart about that. If he wants to get serious about Rei, Grandpa is the one he has to get approval from.” Mina giggled.

“What do you mean pet?” Kunzite inquired.

The girls shared as grin and started laughing. It was Ami who collected herself first and at the guy’s confused looks, she elaborated. “You see, while Grandpa seems quite carefree and fun, when it comes to Rei and dating, he’s the complete opposite.”

“Ami’s right. I remember one guy who wanted to date Rei. The first time Rei brought him to meet Grandpa, the boy all but ran from the temple.” Lita chuckled.

“He started asking the boy about his intentions for Rei. I think Rei said marriage and kids were even mentioned. That’s when the guy bolted.” Mina grinned.

“Wow, what did Rei do about that?” Zoisite asked.

“Rei was too busy rolling on the floor laughing. Oh, the guy wasn’t anyone she was serious about. She knew what she was doing.” Serena said. “She told me he was trying to get her to go further than she wanted in terms of a physical relationship.”

“Sounds like Rei. She knew Grandpa would handle him.” Lita snorted.

After talking a little longer, everyone pulled out their books. While Serena worked on her history assignment, her mind began to wonder. ‘What is Beryl planning now? And where did these Generals of her come from? Were they from our past as well? Graphite seemed vaguely familiar, but I can’t remember from where?’

Another thought suddenly crept into her mind, ‘I wish I knew if the Outers were reborn like us? Before that final battle, I remember Mother receiving a message from them, then the battle happened.’






“There, that should do it.” Rei smiled, looking at her and Jadeite’s handy work.

“Looks wonderful babe.” Jadeite smiled, kissing her temple.

Rei giggled, “You know, Grandpa likes you.”

Jadeite chuckled, “I figured if I wanted to keep you, I would need his approval.”

“Keep me huh?” Rei asked turning to face him.

“That’s right. Of course, it works both ways. I keep you and you keep me.” Jadeite grinned, wrapping his arms around her.

Rei locked her arms around his neck and kissed him. She remembered how they had been before. Yet now, while the memories and feelings were still there, she sensed something more building between them. She and Serena had talked about that. How in this life, they all were given something they had not had in their past. No restrictions of protocols.



“I know it may be too soon, but…I love you.”

Rei’s head jerked up. She could feel herself grinning like a fool. “You do?”

“With all my being Rei.” Jadeite nodded.

“I love you too Jadeite. Even more than I did before and it’s not too soon. We are soulmates. Just like Darien and Serena.” Rei replied.

Jadeite sighed and pulled her against him again and just held her. The loneliness of the beginning of this life was washed away by this amazing fiery priestess he now held. Because of her, he knew he could do anything.

“That’s enough of that!” The couple turned to see Grandpa walking over to them. Rei studied the older man but could not read his face nor sense what he was thinking. “Rei, can you go inside and grab the decoration. Jadeite, will you help me bring the rest of the stuff.”

Rei nodded and hurried off inside the building where the decorations were stored. Jadeite had a feeling what was coming and followed Grandpa. It did not take long before his suspicions were confirmed.

“You see to have taken a liking to my granddaughter.” Grandpa began.

“I have Sir. I love her.” Jadeite nodded.

Grandpa turned to study the young man, “And just what are your intentions for her? She has plans, dreams.”

“I know that. I will do everything I can to help her achieve them. Even if they take her from me. As for my intentions, that is up to Rei. I hope that eventually, she will consent to be my bride. Once we both have reached our goals. Until then, she has the lead.” Jadeite answered.

Grandpa could feel the truth in his words. He felt his heart swell at that. He had hoped that one day, Rei would find a man that would be her partner in every sense of the word. He could tell that was what Jadeite was.

“In that case…” Grandpa paused, enjoying the slight squirming of Jadeite. “You may now call me Grandpa.”

Jadeite felt himself smile brightly. “Thank you. Grandpa.”






Darien sat nervously. When he dropped Serena off after their study session at the arcade, he had rushed home to get ready. What he had not told his beloved was that three days ago, Kenji had called him and requested they meet for dinner. Darien had agreed. While at the time, he had not been worried, he was absolutely worried now as he waited for the father of his Princess. He looked up then and saw Kenji being led to the table by the hostess. Darien rose.

“Mr. Tsukino.” Darien greeted, extending his hand.

“Hello Darien.” Kenji replied accepting the young man’s hand.

The two men took their seats. “Sir, I was a bit surprised when you called me.”

“I assumed that and was hoping you would be.” Kenji smiled.

Darien couldn’t explain it, but he felt a tickle in his mind at how Kenji smiled. Before he could think anymore on that, the waiter appeared for their drink orders. When Kenji began placing his meal order, Darien sensed this was going to be an interesting dinner. He too placed his order and the waiter walked away.

“Darien, did you tell Serena about us meeting tonight?” Kenji inquired.

“I did not. She had already told me that she and the girls were having a sleepover at the temple, so I felt I would wait until after.” Darien said.

“Good.” Kenji nodded. The older man took a slow breath. “Darien, what I’m about to tell you, I don’t know if it will change things with you and Serena.”

Now Darien was even more nervous, but his curiosity was piqued. “What do you mean?”

The waiter returned with their drinks then hurried off again. When Kenji had made this appointment, he had called the restaurant and made a few requests. The first being that he and Darien had a secluded table. The second was that their meals be delivered after a certain amount of time after ordered. He needed some privacy and a bit of time for what he was about to tell Darien.

“Darien…Endymion,” Kenji paused, seeing Darien’s eyes widen. “I am not just Serena’s father in this life. I am King Solan.”

“What?” Darien breathed.

“Yes. What do you remember about mine and Queen Serenity’s story?” Kenji asked.

“I…um…only what Serenity told me when we started courting. I remember meeting you a few times when I was a teenager. When Serenity and I started falling in love, she told me a bit more about you. She said that your marriage to her mother was political only. That you spent most of your time on the Sun ruling the Sun Kingdom, but that you made time for her when you could.”

“Yes. Serenity and I married with one purpose, to stop the ridiculous blood feud between our kingdoms. Hell, no one even remembered what it was about. Our marriage brought an end to it. Serenity and I were not in love by any shape of form, but we were friends. When Serena was born, it was agreed she would be heir to the Moon.

“The Sun Kingdom had different traditions than the rest of the Silver Millennium. One of those being that the King or Queen could take more than one wife or husband. After Serena was born, I took a second wife, the love of my life Lyrisa. With her I had a son and heir.” Kenji said.

Darien was floored. “Did…did Queen Serenity and Serena know?”

“Yes. Serena was thrilled at having a little brother. He was named Orion. He was very much like Serena. Kind, compassionate. Yet there was a…tougher side to him. I do not mean cruel. He was like you. Orion knew what it meant to be the heir of the Sun Kingdom. The Sun was a race of warriors that rivaled those of Earth and Mars.

“He, like you and Rei, was trained in combat from an early age. In fact, at the age of ten, he ordered his first execution. He was four years younger than Serena. He would visit the Moon from time to time and Queen Serenity looked at him as son and he saw a second mother in her.” Kenji explained.

“Did the Scouts know of him?” Darien asked.

“Only Rei did, since she was Serena’s cousin.”

“Rei and Serena were cousins?”

“Are cousins. That’s why of all her Scouts, Serena has a deeper bond with Rei than the others. In this life, Rei’s mother was my sister. Unlike in the past, she died when Rei was about five in this life.”

“Is…was Orion reborn too?”

“Yes, and as in the Silver Millennium, he was reborn as Serena’s brother.”


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