Sohma Secrets

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Sohma Secrets

Both Kyo and Yuki are realizing their true feelings toward Tohru. But when Kyo gets to Tohru first Yuki begins to get very jealous. Tohru is now determined more then ever to find the root of the Sohma curse so she can be with the one she cares for the most. Will Tohru and Kyo find what they are looking for?




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“Good morning Ms. Honda” Yuki lightly said as he stood at the doorway of Tohru’s room.

“Hello Yuki!” Tohru grabbed her backpack and walked toward Yuki, “are you ready to go to school?”


Yuki and Tohru walked to school as they do every day, but something was different. Kyo wasn’t trailing behind them as he usually does; he was walking right next to Tohru!

“So, you finally decided to walk WITH us this time, you stupid cat.”

“Shut up!” Kyo screamed as he stopped in his tracks

“Oh, well I think it’s nice of you to walk with us Kyo.” Kyo turned red and put his head down and kept walking.

What’s gotten into me these days, I can’t be having a change of heart. Kyo looks up and looks at Tohru, she looks different today…much… happier then usual. Tohru looked at Kyo and smiled, but Kyo realized he was STARING at her, and freaked out.

“What are you looking at cat, it’s not like you’ve never seen her before. I swear sometimes I don’t understand you felines.”

Kyo just gave him an evil look.
~LaTeR tHaT dAy~

“Oh Tohru you’re home” Shigure said with a smile.

But it wasn’t Tohru or Yuki, OR Kyo. It was…Akito.
Shigure stood up violently, “Akito! Wh..What are you doing here?”

“It’s my job to watch all of you, remember. Well I’m here just to give you the monthly photographs and information about Takara.”

“Oh, thank you. I’m surprised you even speak of her anymore. Ever since the day you gave her up that’s all I can think about.”

“She was useless.”

“How dare you say that about our daughter!”

Akito glanced at Shigure “Goodbye Shigure.” Shigure snatched the envelope out of Akito’s hands, and Akito left like it was nothing.

Tohru walked in, passing Akito, surprised that Akito didn’t say a word. “Shigure, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Tohru, umm… nothing’s wrong, welcome home.”

Shigure stood up and walked away hugging the envelope.

“That’s very odd, Shigure is always cheerful” Yuki replied.

“Well it’s a good thing that he finally realized everything can’t always be all joy and fun.” Kyo sneered while throwing his bag on the floor.

Tohru just stood there a while wondering then headed off to her room. “ I’m gonna go up to my room and start studying if I want to Ace this exam tomorrow.”

“Wait, Tohru I need to ask you something…something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.” Yuki hurriedly blurted before she left

“ I really need to study, but if it’s important.”

“Oh, no go ahead, I suppose it can wait till tomorrow.”

“Ok good, well I may eat dinner late so you guys can just start without me.” And off she went not knowing that Yuki badly wanted to share his feelings with Tohru, and finally letting her know that he really cared for her, and not just as a friend. After Tohru had left the room Yuki suddenly changed into a rat.

“I don’t remember a girl hugging you just this second, looks like someone is stressed.”

“Shut up.” And he scurried out the door

“I know how you feel.”
Yuki stopped, “What?”

“About Tohru I mean, its so obvious, but I think that she would rather be with me then some stupid rat if I do say so myself.” Kyo proudly said as he stood up and said.

But Yuki left without a fight

“Wha? Come back her you stupid rat, fight like a man.” It was no use. Kyo steamed up and just left into the kitchen to eat. There was something in the fridge with no label or anything. Kyo picked it up and took a bite, “AHHHHH LEEKS.”

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