Sohma Secrets

BY : ToNi
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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

In case you didn't catch on, in my story shigure and akito share a child. (This doesn't really happen in manga) Of course, Akito doesn't like girls, since he is one, and was raised as a boy. Takara (daughter) was then raised in an orphanage.

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“Takara dear, your social worker as asked that you get dressed and do your hair, there is a family that is coming to see you, they will be here in about 20 minutes.”

“Ok, Thank you.” Takara got up from her bed and put away her diary. She looked in her closet and picked out a deep blue dress that went to her knees. She brushed her long black hair and sat on her bed waiting. “Could this finally be my new family?”

The social worker walked into her room, “Come with me dear.” Takara stood up and followed her social worker.

“This is a very nice family Takara, they have no kids because Mrs. Takashi cannot have children, and they are eager to meet you.”

“Do you think they would want someone of my age? Don’t they want a baby or a toddler?”

“Well you see, they want some one who knows right from wrong and they think that 14 is a good age.”

They continued walking into the room where all the orphans meet families who want to adopt. They are all so eager to be adopted, and they always act their best to make a good impression. All the way in the right corner was a family of two. A husband and Wife. They looked very happy and very nice. And you could tell by the way that they dressed that they had good money.

“Mr. and Mrs. Takashi, this is Takara Sohma.”

“Nice to meet you.” They both said with a smile across there face.

“Hello, nice to meet you too.” Takara sat down in front of them across the table.

“Takara is a very sweet behaving girl. She always helps out and takes care of orphans of younger age. She became and orphan as a new born and has grown up so well.”

“I think that’s all we need to hear, she’s a perfect daughter for us.” Said Mr. Takashi.

“Would you like to come home with us Takara?”

“Yes! I would love to. I mean if you want me to.”

“Then it’s settled, Takara meet your new family.” The social worker happily said. “All we need to do now is fill out your papers for legal issues like your name for starters.”

“My name?”

“Yes your name will no longer be Takara Sohma, it will be Takara Takashi.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Takashi smiled.”

“Takara, you can go pack all of your belongings as we do the paper work it may be a while, so you can go say goodbye to all of your friends.

“Yes ma’am.”
Takara walked to her room and packed her clothes, shoes, and other belongings. She left her suitcases by her door and left to go to her friends to say goodbye. The hardest goodbye for her was saying goodbye to her friend Yasashiku, her first kiss. They hugged for about five minutes and she cried until her new parents came up to her and said it was time to go. When she left everybody screamed, “Byeee Takara!” She looked out the back window of he car as they drove off.

“Takara, you are going to love it here. We left your room empty so you can do whatever you want with it. Tomorrow we will go shopping for some stuff and then we will stop by Kaibara High school to get your registration forms, and you will start school Monday.

High school! I can’t wait! I’ve never actually been taught at a public school before, just schooling at the orphanage.

“We’re here.”

Takara looked out the window with her mouth wide open. “It’s so beautiful!”

Mrs. Takashi smiled. They walked into the house and Mr. Takashi took Takara’s suitcases into her new room.

“Well here is your new room Takara.” Mr. Takashi said happily.

“Wow, it’s so big and so bright, thank you very much Mr. Takashi!”

“Takara please call me Hiroshi if not father, and you can call Mrs. Takashi, Keiko or mother if you want.”

“Thank you Hiroshi, I’m really grateful.” She stared into the room in awe.

“Dinner will be served in about an hour so just make your self at home dear.”

“Thank you Keiko.”

Keiko smiled and left to the kitchen with Hiroshi.

Takara placed her clothes into the closet next to her bed and hid her memory box under her bed, filled with all of her memories from the orphanage. She sat on her new bed and looked out the window. “Wow, what a beautiful site.” She laid her head down on her pillow and slowly fell asleep.

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