Sohma Secrets

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Well, i have finally updated! WOOT WOOT! lol. School's been hectic, so i am trying my hardest! Well this chapter isn't very long, but it's still an interesting chapter!

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“Kyo, when Takara hugs one of the Sohmas, they don’t transform, boy or girl.” Shigure explained.

“But it’s only her, I hugged Momiji, and he still transformed.” Tohru finished.

They all peered into the living room, looking at Takara….

Shigure knew exactly why the members of the Jikkan Junishi were not changing. It was because Takara is the daughter of him and Akito. But Shigure could not tell them, because Akito ordered him to be silenced.


“Shigure, you will not speak of Takara to any of the Sohmas, or Ms. Honda. If you do not obey me, I WILL have Takara killed. I will not have an embarrassment to me revealed. Do you understand?”

“Yes Akito…I understand.”

“Now leave.”

“Yes Akito.”


“Maybe we should ask Akito, maybe he would know.” Tohru requested.

“NO!” Shigure hurriedly remarked. “ I mean, we don’t want to bother Akito with this, and I don’t think Takara should be involved with the Sohmas that way.”

Kyo looked at Shigure oddly. “What the hell’s your problem Shigure? You don’t even know this girl.”

“He’s just worried that’s all.” Tohru answered for Shigure.

“Excuse me.” Shigure added before walking to his room.

Momiji walked down as he finished putting on the top for his uniform. “Did you talk to Shigure about Takara Tohru?”

“Yes, but he didn’t know why it was happening.”

“No, but he was acted pretty damn weird.” Kyo added.

Tohru eyed Kyo, reminding him to be nicer. Momiji walked over to Takara and sat down on the couch next to her.

“Where did you go Momiji?”

“Oh, I had to you the bathroom.”


Momiji got really close to Takara as they joked around and laughed at the show they were watching. Momiji was so happy he could be normal around Takara. Because at no time, could he change into his bunny form by her.

“Momiji really likes her doesn’t he.”

“Pfff.” Kyo spat.

“What’s wrong Kyo?”

Kyo looked down at the floor. “Why couldn’t you have that ability. Why is Momiji so lucky?”
Tohru smiled and placed her right hand on his left cheek. “You are lucky. And I don’t need that ability to know that I love you Kyo.”

Kyo turned a light shade of pink. He leaned in to kiss her, then stalled when he saw Momiji staring and giggling. He stopped and pointed at Momiji and began angrily screaming at him. “WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOU DAMN BRAT!?” Takara lightly giggled as Momiji began making goofy faces at Kyo. Momiji knew he couldn’t wine and cry in front of Takara. Kyo got steamed up and walked upstairs to his room.

“Kyo…wait.” Tohru worriedly followed him.

Momiji and Takara continued giggling. They looked at each other and slowly stopped giggling. Takara leaned in and kissed Momiji’s left cheek. Momiji blushed a little then grabbed her right hand with his left. Takara’s eyes looked down at his actions, and smiled. They continued watching TV and Takara and Momiji ended up falling asleep next to each other. Shigure walked into the living room.

“Takara, what time…” He stopped when he saw them sleeping. Shigure smiled and walked towards them, placing a blanket over the two of them. Shigure shut off the TV and all of the lights, then went to bed himself.

As he lay down in his bed, he wandered about Takara. He never saw her in himself, all grown up. The only time he saw her was when Akito gave birth to her. The memory flashed threw his mind.


“Breathed Akito breathe.” Shigure screamed at her.

“I’m fucking breathing!” Akito hissed.

“One more push.” The Doctor ordered


Akito didn’t even want Hatori to deliver their baby.

Shigure cooed, “It’s a girl!”

Akito shot a glare at Shigure, then at the unnamed baby. “Get her away from me.”

“It’s our baby, how can you say….”


Shigure grabbed the baby that was wrapped in a pink blanket, and walked her into the other room. The kind hearted dog, talked to the baby, as if she could actually understand him.

“I will call you Takara, the gifted one.” Shigure smiled and cradled her to sleep.


Shigure began to drift of to sleep with dreams filled with his only daughter, which was just in the same house as him. He cuddled himself under the cotton covers, as his hand rested in his pillowcase with the pictures of


Wow, that was a heart breaking ending. Poor Poor Shigure.... Well be sure to update and tell me what you think! And be sure to let me know if you want to see a Yuri scene with Uo-Chan and Hana!

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