Sohma Secrets

BY : ToNi
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Tohru woke up to a beam of light in her face. “I must have fallen asleep when I was studying.” Tohru quickly got dressed and walked downstairs. Kyo was in the living room practicing his martial arts. Kyo kicked over a lamp and startled Tohru.

“You stupid cat, are you TRYING to break everything in the house!” Yuki remarked as he walked into the house.

“Oh Yuki, did you just get home?” Then Tohru looked at his right shoulder. “Yuki you’re hurt!” Tohru rushed to Yuki and grabbed his other arm pulling him upstairs. “You can’t go to school now, let me fix your shoulder.”

“Miss Honda, I’m fine really.”

“Don’ be silly Yuki you’re bleeding.”

Tohru quickly bandaged him up and put him to bed. “You need to get rest so you will heal faster, I will check up on you when I get back from school.”

She walked downstairs and met up with Kyo outside.

“Are you ready to leave now?” Kyo said

“Yes” Tohru walked next to Kyo.

Kyo thought, This is my chance, my chance to tell Tohru how I really feel.

“Umm, Tohru.”

“Yes Kyo?”

“Since we are early, would you liked to umm, go for a walk to the park?”

“Kyo, that’s very nice of you, I would love to.”
Kyo’s face turned ten different shades of red and pink.

“G great.”
Tohru and Kyo took a detour to the park. The whole time Tohru was admiring the flowers and birds, and took a peak at Kyo every once in a while. “He’s acting strange today, he’s being really nice, I, I like it.” Tohru thought to herself. Kyo sat down on a bench and Tohru sat next to him.

“Tohru, can I ask you something?”

“Of course Kyo.”

“What do you think of me?

“W What?”

“Just as a friend or more?”

“Kyo?!” Tohru blushed as she looked at Kyo in awe. “Actually I’m glad that you sad something Kyo.”

Kyo stared at Tohru in confusion.

“What I mean is, I really like you Kyo.”

Kyo was happy and embarrassed all at the same time. “I…I like you too.”

They stared at each other as their faces got closer and closer. As they were about to kiss, their lips almost touching… “Tohruuuuu come on we’re gunna be late for school!” Momiji yelled as he came up running to towards Tohru and Kyo. Kyo punched Momiji in the back of the head.

“You brat, I could have kissed her!” Kyo screamed.

“Tohruuuuu Kyo hit meee.”

“Come on you two lets go to school.”

They all walked to school Tohru in the middle. Kyo and Tohru glanced at each other the whole way there.

All day at school Kyo and Tohru didn’t act like themselves

“Tohru, what’s gotten into you today, you are acting funny. No one hurt you did they!” Uo-Chan said with her fist in front of her face.

“No no, nothing happened like that at all.” Tohru said instantly

“I sense something odd from you Tohru. It’s not pain or fear. It’s love.” Hana-Chan replied.

“Eh, how did you know that?”

“It was easy, anybody could have told just by looking at you.”
Tohru blushed.

“With who Tohru?” Uo-Chan hurriedly asked.

“Well, it’s…” She looked over at Kyo and Hana and Uo-Chan followed Tohru’s glance.

“Kyo Eh?” Uo-Chan said and smiled. She grabbed Tohru and hugged her while she caressed her head. “I’m so happy for you, but if he EVER hurts you!”

Hana glowed up, “We will hurt him.”

“No its ok, really, he’s not like that.” Tohru hurriedly said.

They all looked over at Kyo as he began to tease Momiji. Hana and Uo-Chan looked over at Tohru thinking, I told you so.

“Uhhhh” Tohru said as she lightly giggled.

“I’ll just talk to guys later, ok.” Tohru replied as she walked over to Kyo.

“Our little Tohru is growing up so fast.” Uo-Chan said as they watched her leave to Kyo.

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