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IT'S FINALLY HERE! I have promised to post it soon, so here it is. I only had time for a Part I, but Part II and a possible Part III of Secrets unravel(Pondering whether or not to make it 2 parts) are soon to come! And i was thinking about a Yuri Scene With Uo-Chan and Hana. Still debating, Let me know if you would like that in or out of the fan fic!

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Takara woke up with a hot beam of light shining on her face. She blocked the sun with her hand and sat up squinting. She took a peek at the clock it read 7:26am. She got out of bed and got a sudden jolt of happiness. She hummed a song as she made her bed and as she got dressed. She ran down stairs and into the dining area where Keiko was setting the table.

“Can I help?”

“Well, you can bring on some of the breakfast if you could.” Keiko said as she placed down two plates.

Takara went into the kitchen and grabbed everything that was already cooked. “Isn’t Hiroshi eating breakfast too?”

“No, he goes to work early during the week so we will be eating breakfast together.” Keiko smiled as she helped Takara place down the food.

"So know we can get to know each other better Keiko!” Takara was actually glad because she didn’t feel very comfortable around Hiroshi anymore. Thoughts of the previous night flashed in and out of her mind. They ate quickly and Takara grabbed her backpack and began walking toward the door.

“Do you want me to give you a ride to school Takara?”

“No, I’m fine thanks. And who knows maybe I’ll meet someone nice on the way there!”

Takara smiled and walked to the door. She waved bye and headed off to school.

Takara looked so happy walking to school. She started singing a song that she wrote on her own while she was in the orphanage. Takara had a magnificent voice. There wasn’t a single discordant note when she sang. She was interrupted by a sweet little voice that belonged to Momiji.

“You have a very pretty voice!” Momiji said has he stood on his toes smiling.

Takara jumped a little bit, startled. “Oh, thank you.”

Takara smiled and stuck out her hand, “I’m Takara Takashi.”

Momiji shook her hand and smiled back, “My name is Momiji Sohma, nice to meet you Takara.”

Takara froze and her eyes shot open. “D d did you say Sohma?”

“Yes I did, Momiji Sohma.”

Takara stood silently staring at Momiji.

“Is there something wrong Takara?”

“Your name sounds very familiar.” ‘I can’t tell him my previous last name, but what if he is a family member of mine? No, it couldn’t be!’

“Well it is kind of common around here, maybe you have heard it before. So where are you heading?”

“Uh Kaibara High.”

“Wow! Me too!”

“Maybe we can walk to school together, Momiji.”

“Let’s go!”

Momiji and Takara talked and laughed all the way to Kaibara High. When they arrived at school, Momiji grabbed her hand and started running towards Tohru and Kyo.


They stopped in front of them and Takara was giggling the whole way.

“Tohru, this is my new friend Takara Takashi, she’s new here, and isn’t she pretty, and oh, she can sing reallllly good, and,”

Kyo interrupted, “You damn brat, stop talking so fast!”

Tohru eyed Kyo. “Don’t worry about him Takara, he is really a good person. So did you just move here?”

“Yea, just a few days ago.”

“Well you are going to have a lot of fun here. Momiji and I will introduce you to all of our friends.”

Takara smiled, “Thank you, you are very nice.”

“Well my name is Tohru Honda, and this is Kyo Sohma.”

Takara froze again, “Are you related to Momiji, Kyo?”

“Don’t remind me.”

Uo-Chan and Hana walked up to Tohru, “Hi Tohru, who’s your new friend?” Uo-Chan said between yawns.

“This is Takara, she’s new here.”

“Well welcome, I’m Uo-Chan and this here is Hana.”

The bell rang and everyone went to his or her classes. “Takara do you know where all of your classes are?” Tohru said as she stopped in her tracks.

“Yes, and I have a map in case I get lost.”

“Well I will see you after school, Bye!”

Momiji and Takara had almost all of their classes together so Momiji helped her around. He even took her to her Chorus tryouts for the school’s Chorus group. Takara blew everyone away with her wonderful talent. During lunch, Takara got to meet everyone.

When everybody was seated Tohru stood up and introduced everyone to her.

“Well, I think you met almost everyone except Hatsuharu, that’s him, the one with the white and black hair. And there is one more, Yuki, but I can’t seem to find him, I haven’t seen him all day.” Tohru slumped into her seat and suddenly felt bad because of that night.

“Yuki is at a student council meeting so he will not be joining us for lunch.” Haru replied as he began eating.

During lunch, everyone was talking about Takara, and how nice it was with her here and how much fun she was going to have. Momiji always interrupted with comments like, “Isn’t she so pretty.” Or. “Isn’t she the best!”

“Sounds like someone has a crush, Momijiiii.” Haru said as he began laughing.

Momiji blushed.

After lunch everyone went back to their classes as usual. Tohru finally saw Yuki in a back hallway. Their eyes met and Yuki looked down at the ground. Tohru couldn’t stand Yuki ignoring her. She walked to him and he began walking away from her.

“Yuki, please stop.” Tears flowed down her cheeks as her dear friend just walked away. She grabbed his arm stopping him. Yuki just stood silently.

“Yuki, I’m so sorry, I really am. Yes, I love you but my heart belongs to Kyo. You have been the best friend I have ever had. I know you better than any girl in this school. Please Yuki don’t be mad anymore, Please…” Tohru fell to her knees and held her face in her hands.

Yuki turned around and hugged her. * Poof * Yuki stood on his pile of clothes in his little cute mouse form. Tohru lifted her head up and lifted Yuki into her hands. “No Tohru, I’m sorry. I expected you to feel the same towards me as I did you. I will always care for you, and I want to be your best friend.” Yuki’s eyes glowed in the sunlight that shined in from the window. A tear trailed down his face and fell into Tohru’s palms. * Poof *

“Ahhhh!” Tohru turned away rapidly as Yuki put on his clothes. Yuki kissed Tohru’s forehead and walked off. Tohru smiled as if something was accomplished in her life.

“So, Takara, do you want to come over and play?”

Takara giggled. “Sounds great.”

“Do you want to go to my Gure-nii’s house? That’s where Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo stay.”

“Um sure. So they all stay there?”


“Is Tohru related to Yuki and Kyo?”

“No, they are just room mates, and good friends.”

“Oh, well maybe I should go home and let my guardians know where I am going. Do you want to come with?”

“Yea! Um, Takara, could I ask why you don’t just call your parents, your parents?”

“Well actually…I just got adopted, so I don’t feel real comfortable calling them mom and dad yet.”


“Well come on Momiji, my house isn’t far!”

They walked to her house telling jokes to each other, and Momiji even gave her one of his yummy lolli-pops.

“Well here it is.” Takara said as she opened the front door.

“It’s so big!” Momiji squealed as he skipped inside.

“Keikooo!” Takara yelled as she walked around the house. “Hmm, no one’s home, I’ll just leave a note.” She quickly wrote a note and stuck it on the fridge with a magnet.

Momiji walked up the stairs, and Takara followed right behind him. When she reached the top step, she accidentally tripped and fell on top of Momiji. She sat up and apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m so clumsy.” And then she giggled.

“It’s ok.”

‘Wait! I didn’t transform! Why is that? I know she is a girl, and I’m a boy, so why didn’t I transform?’ Momiji worriedly said to himself.

Takara sat up, and helped Momiji up. “I’ll collect some of my things and then we can go.”

“Ok.” Momiji walked down the stairs still pondering about what just happened.

The walk there was quieter then the way there. When they arrived at Shigure’s house,
Momiji introduced Takara to Yuki and Shigure.

“Takara, this is Gure-nii.”

Shigure stood in dead silence and turned ghost white. ‘Takara! How did she…was she adopted…how did she meet Momiji?’

“Uhh, Momiji, how did you meet Takara?” Shigure said as he swallowed hard.

“Oh, she goes to our school, she just moved here, actually she was adopted.”

“Oh, I see.”

“It’s nice to meet all of you.” Takara said, and then took a seat on the couch next to
Tohru, whom was next to Kyo. (Yuki is still at Haru’s =^-^= I wonder what they are doing right
now? Hee Hee Hee. Back to story!)

“Can I talk to you Tohru in the other room? And Gure-nii?” Momiji said walking into the other room.

“What’s wrong Momiji?” Tohru replied.

“Before we came here, we went to her house, and she tripped and fell on me.”

“She saw you!” Tohru squealed.

“No, that’s the problem, when she fell on me, I didn’t turn into a bunny. Nothing

“Do you think the curse is gone!?” Tohru Joyfully said with a grin across her face.

“I don’t think so.” Shigure said with his head facing the ground.

Momiji hugged Tohru to see what would happen. * Poof * (BUNNY! Slaps self, sorry I keep interrupting, :D )

Tohru put Momiji in Yuki’s room until He transformed back. She walked in the living room and walked to Takara.

“Takara, I know this sounds funny…” Tohru blushed. “Could you hug Kyo?”

Kyo shot up, “WHAT!?”

Takara looked at her oddly.

“It’s…It’s a project for something.”

“Oh, ok.” Takara faced Kyo.

Tohru whispered into Kyo’s ear, “Let her, I need to see something.”

Kyo grumbled and looked worried, and Takara leaned in and hugged Kyo. * Nothing *

Kyo had an odd look on his face, he pulled away and looked at Tohru, then Shigure.

“Takara, will excuse us for a moment?” Shigure said grabbing Kyo, bringing him with.

“Yes, of course.”

“Kyo, when Takara hugs one of the Sohmas, they don’t transform, boy or girl.” Shigure explained.

“But it’s only her, I hugged Momiji, and he still transformed.” Tohru finished.

They all peered into the living room, looking at Takara….


I know I know, I feel bad about leaving you hanging, but i've been busy with school. Part II will be coming to a computer near you!_! Remember, REVIEW and let me know what you thought, and if I should put in a Yuri scene with Uo-Chan and Hana! I would like to so let me know what you would like!


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