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Tohru sat next to Kyo, on his bed, comforting him as best she could after the whole scene with Momiji. She ran her fingers threw his bright orange hair. The moon outside made his deep red eyes glow, making them remarkably beautiful. Tohru stared into his florescent eyes and ran her index finger over his lips. She leaned in and kissed his soft lips. Kyo wrapped his right hand around the back of her neck, making the kiss more intense as he separated her lips with his tongue. Tohru pulled back.

“What’s wrong Tohru?”

Tohru blushed, “I’ve never kissed anyone like that before.”

Kyo grinned and kissed her earlobe and whispered, “It’s ok, there’s a first to everything, I’ll just show you.”

He ran his lips over her cheek, to her mouth, and passionately kissed her as his left hand rested on her outer thigh. The orange haired boy once again separated her lips with his tongue. This time Tohru allowed his tongue to enter with ease. He brushed her tongue and his hand traveled from her outer thigh, to her inner thigh. After a moment of making out, Kyo’s curious hand slithered up her skirt, and brushed her pussy that was hidden by a pair of white-laced panties. Kyo laid her down on her back, being sure not to embrace her.

Tohru rested her hand on his ass, letting him know she wanted to go further. The cat then released his mouth and his tongue from the young girl and began to unbutton her skirt. He slowly unzipped her piece of clothing, and pulled it down past her ankles, and dropped it onto the floor.

Tohru sat up and undid his uniform top. She ran a finger down his muscular toned chest, then slid his top, off of his shoulders, allowing it to fall behind him. The red eyed boy kissed her forehead and untied the yellow ribbons that were wrapped in her hair. His hand traveled up her top, taking it off. He stared at her round breasts that rested in her white bra. Kyo ran his fingers up and down her chest and stomach, then slowly leaned her backwards, onto her back once more.

Kyo kissed the little flower, keeping a good amount of space between their chests. The curious cat’s hands made their way to the back of her bra, and unsnapped it. He slid the bra down her arms and onto the floor. The sweet little girl’s body quivered as she got chills from the cold, making her nipples hard. Kyo’s fingers lingered over her nipples, as he gently rubbed her breasts.

The brown haired girl slightly moaned to the new feeling that had come over her. Kyo’s lips surrounded her left nipple, as he began to suck on it, rubbing the other with his middle finger. Another moan released from the young girl’s body. The orange haired boy’s back was now arched from her and his covered groin gently touch her thigh. He became more erect to each of the girl’s moans. Tohru could feel him become more erect, which gave her an unknown feeling.

Tohru’s tiny hand traveled down Kyo’s left side sending goosebumps all down his body. The little rice ball unbuttoned Kyo’s pants, sliding in her thumbs, making it easier to slide down the boy’s pants. Tohru pulled them down as far as she could; because of the position she was in, she only got them passed his black boxers. Kyo released himself from Tohru’s nipples, and finished stripping of his pants. As he was sitting up, Tohru saw his large bulge, causing her to blush.

Kyo grinned evilly, ‘Mmm, a virgin, always the best’ Kyo slyly said to himself. Tohru had no idea that if Kyo could not control himself during sexual contact that he could become more aggressive than usual. But Kyo knew he couldn’t be rough on Tohru. He loved her.

The curious cat leaned forward as he kissed Tohru’s navel. His kisses lowered towards her silky panties. Kyo’s fingers slid down her panties, slowly sliding them down to her ankles. Tohru kicked them off with her feet. The red eyed male ran his index finger from her navel to opening of her pussy.

Tohru’s hips twitched upwards to the foreign feeling. The cat boy leaned down smiling and planted a kiss on Tohru’s sweet lips. He stuck his index finger in his mouth and started sucking on it for temporary lubrication. His finger lingered to Tohru’s pussy. He pushed open her legs, sliding in his finger inside of her. Tohru’s head flew backwards, moaning out of pleasure.

Kyo ran his tongue up her body and up to her nipples once more. His tongue played with her right nipple as he fingered her pussy. He went in deeper rubbing her pussy walls feeling her tighten around his finger. His middle finger lingered inside opening her even wider. The little flower screamed between moans. “Ahhhh!”
The orange haired teen moved his fingers in a corkscrew motion entering her further, reaching for her G-spot. His thumb fiddled with her clit as he nibbled her nipples.

“KyOOO! …Ahhhh, …Mmm.” Tohru yelped.

Her juices flowed down Kyo’s fingers in sign of pleasure. Kyo removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth, a licked them. After sucking off all of her juices, he licked her neck right on her collarbone, and started sucking on her pulse spot. Kyo pulled away and laid on his back in front of Tohru. He lifted his ass from the bed so he could take off his black boxers with ease. Tohru lightly bit her bottom lip when Kyo’s cock was revealed. The young male sat himself up on his elbows giving the girl a better view. Kyo grabbed her arm, pulling her closer. He wrapped his left hand on the back of her neck and began kissing his flower passionately. Her hair brushed his cheek and her breasts hung only a few inches from his chest.

Tohru’s pussy brushed against Kyo’s cock causing it to twitch. Kyo released his mouth and pushed Tohru’s head down to his length. Tohru got the hint, and grabbed a hold on his cock. She moved her mouth down and her lips touched the head up his cock. Kyo nodded for her to continue so she licked off the pre-cum leaving it temporarily clean. The handsome boy licked his lips and closed his eyes.

The brunette just tongue teased his cock head, but when she inserted his cock into her mouth, his eyes shot open mumbling a moan. She paused a moment, not completely sure of what to do next. Her tongue glided around his cock, causing him to groan, “Mmm.”

Tohru continued these actions since it had a good affect on him. Her tongue circled his shaft as her hand rubbed his chest. The cat’s back arched has he lightly bit his index finger’s knuckle. The young girl became wetter as an effect of Kyo’s moans. Her herself, groaned, making vibrations around Kyo’s cock, causing him to moan uncontrollably.

Cum shot into the back of Tohru’s throat causing her to pull away. She swallowed all of the remnants and went down for some more. She began sucking on his cock swallowing everything that entered her mouth. When she pulled away for the second time, Kyo sat up and licked a little of the cum that rested on the corner of her mouth. His tongue slithered into her mouth, rubbing against her tongue.

The frisky feline rolled Tohru onto her stomach with her back facing the ceiling. Kyo’s finger traced down her back, making her shiver. He separated her legs and moved down to her earlobe and whispered, “Are you ready Tohru? It will hurt at first, but it will feel good after.”

Tohru paused for a moment then muttered, “Yes I’m sure, I want it to be with the one I love, and I love YOU Kyo.” She sat up on her hands and knees and turned around and kissed him gently, then faced the wall again.

Kyo opened the small cabinets that where in his nightstand and pull out a bottle of lubrication. He flipped the top and squirted a fare amount into his hand and put the bottle back. He rubbed the lube onto his shaft being sure to cover every part of his length. Tohru just sat there eagerly pondering about how it would change their relationship.

The young male separated Tohru pussy lips with his left index and middle finger. His other hand took a hold of his cock, as he began to tease her slit with the tip of his shaft. Tohru let out a low moan that consisted of Kyo’s name. He separated wide enough to enter. Kyo slowly slid his cock into Tohru’s small opening inch by inch. As Tohru widened, she screamed in pain.

~*~ In Shigure’s room ~*~

Shigure’s eyes shot open as he heard a scream from the other room. He got out of bed drowsily and paced to Kyo’s room where he heard the scream. He knocked on the door before entering, “Uhh Kyo what was that scream? It sounded like Miss. Honda.”

Tohru freaked out and Kyo muttered with a pant, “Oh, uh, I’m sorry Sh…Shigure.”

“You’re going to wake everyone. What are you doing anyway? And why is Tohru in there?”

Tohru blushed even though Shigure didn’t even know what was going on. “Mind your own damn business!” Kyo hissed.

“You better not be USING Tohru in there.” Shigure slid open the door just a hair.

“No!” Kyo squealed.

Shigure laughed and just left to his room


Tohru sighed in relief.

“Damn dog ruined the moment…bastard.”

“Well Kyo, not exactly.” Tohru ran her finger down his partially inserted cock.

Kyo smiled and held her left hip with his hand, and his cock with the other. He kissed her back as he pushed in a little bit more. Tohru screamed again letting her head hang freely.

“Tohru, I’m going to go all the way in this time, so it’ll hurt, I’ll be as gentle as possible.”

Tohru nodded slowly as she closed her eyes. The young male grabbed a hold of both of her hips. He waited a few seconds then pushed all the way in, breaking her. The little flower screamed louder than before, her arms collapsing to the bed and her face hitting the pillow. Tohru panted as her blood and juices flowed from her onto Kyo, and onto the bed. Tears hit her eyes but she stopped when Kyo ran his hand up and down her back, comforting her.

He pulled away, wiping the blood off him and Tohru with the corner of the sheets. Tohru fell to her left side and stared at the wall. Kyo looked at her for a moment, and kind of felt bad. ‘But she said she wanted to go threw with it’ Kyo said to himself. He laid in front of her, so they were face to face. He kissed her lips and then her forehead.

“I’m sorry.” Kyo said as he look down at the stained sheets.”

Tohru smiled, “It’s ok, it’s what I wanted. If you don’t mind, could we finish this tomorrow? I mean, I want to continue but, I’m a little sore, and I think it would be better if we…”

Kyo cut her off with a sweet kiss. “I understand.” He kissed her once more. After about ten minutes, Kyo himself fell asleep. Tohru looked at him in awe, while he slept. ‘I wish I could hold him, embrace him, and cuddle with him. But he would just change. I have to talk to Akito. If there is no way the curse can be broken, maybe there is a way I could take on the curse, and then I can hold Kyo.’

Tohru brushed his cheek with her hand. She stood up and pulled away the stained sheets and put them into his laundry basket. She took the covers and pulled them over him. She got under the covers, but she had her head at the end of the bed so her feet were at the head of the bed by Kyo’s head. ‘I have to make sure we don’t accidentally embrace.’ Tohru smiled and closed her eyes as she drifted off to sleep.


Wow, is Tohru on crack? She could have fucked Kyo all night long! ( Giggles ) Well this isn't something you would think Tohru would be doing, but hey, maybe she had a change of heart you never know. Well i guess since she was hurting and she was shocked she was capable of such awesomeness things, she wanted to wait, but hey at least you'll get another chapter of these two! :D =^-^=

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