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“I wonder where Yuki is.” Tohru replied while eating breakfast with Shigure and Kyo.

“Oh don’t worry, he’ll come home when he’s ready.” Shigure said between bites.

“Hopefully that’s never.”

“Kyo, don’t say that, he could be hurt, or kidnapped or anything.” Tohru said as she began freaking out. “Oh my gosh, we need to find him.”

Kyo reached out and grabbed her arm. “Tohru, he… he will be fine.”

Tohru stopped, and began crying.

“Oh, why do you always have to cry?” Kyo grumbled.

Tohru fell to her knees. “But I feel horrible.”

Kyo felt bad for being so rude when Tohru was so upset. “I’m…” Kyo swallowed. “I’m sorry.”

Suddenly everything in the house started shaking and Kyo took off running.

“Kyooooooooooo!” Kagura screamed as she ran up to the house after Kyo. She ran through the door without opening it and tackled Kyo before he could get away.

“KYOOOOO I MISSED YOU!!” She started slapping his face side to side, “WHY”
* Smack * “DON’T” * smack * “YOU” * smack * “CALL ME!”

“Ahhhhh” Kyo yelped as he tried getting away.

“Umm, Kagura.”

“TOHRU!” Kagura ran over to her and hugged her.

“Kagura, me and Kyo have something to tell you.”

Kyo walked over and sat by Tohru.

“Well you see…” Tohru began then stopped fearing the boar’s reaction.

Kyo butted in and finished her sentence. “Me and Tohru are…together.”

Kagura just sat there with no emotion on her face. The wind from the busted door blew the boar’s hair around. She just stood up and walked out the door.

“Ka…gura.” Tohru replied watching her leave. Kagura turned around and looked at Kyo and
Tohru. She began crying. “ Kyo…You promised to be with me.”


Kagura looked over at Tohru. “Tohru…”

Tohru stood up and walked to her.

“Tohru, I love Kyo. And so do you. The only reason I am going to allow this to go on is because you still love Kyo even though you know his other form.”

Kyo suddenly got angry and then his eyes watered as he thought about the day Tohru found out. He stood up and threw the closest thing he could reach. Everyone jumped. Shigure stood up. “Maybe I should leave.”

Kagura walked to Kyo and took his hand. “I will always love you Kyo.” She then walked to Tohru and hugged her. “I’m not mad Tohru. I still like you.” Tohru and Kyo watched the boar walk out the door once more. This time she left for good.

Tohru teared up and began crying again.

“Tohru, it’s ok, stop crying.”

Kyo kiss her on the forehead. “I’m going out for a walk.”

Kyo left and Tohru walked into her room. She sat in her chair by her desk embracing her mother’s picture. “Oh mom, I love Kyo so much, but I feel horrible because it has hurt two people already. And what’s going to happen when Akito finds out?” Tohru suddenly felt cold and scared. “Akito doesn’t approve any of the Sohmas to be with someone out of the Zodiac. But what if there was a way that I could be in the Zodiac. Akito is head of the Sohmas, so shouldn’t he know how to obtain the curse? I could have the ability to change, and Kyo and I could be together! And we could embrace!” Tohru suddenly got all happy again. Tohru walked to Shigure’s room and slip open his door.

“Uhh, Shigure.”

“Yes Tohru?”

“I want to talk to Akito.”

Shigure’s eyes widened and he stared at Tohru in confusion. “Why would you want to see her?”

“Her? You mean him right?”

Shigure bit his lip. “Tohru, if you are going to meet up with Akito, there are a few things you should know. First of all, Akito is really a woman. Her mother raised her as a boy, so everyone just thought of Akito that way. Everyone in the Sohmas knows Akito is a girl.”

“B But why doesn’t Akito refer herself as a woman?”

“Since Akito was raised that way, Akito has despised woman ever since her childhood.”


“I’ve said too much.” Shigure looked down on his desk. “Tohru, why do you want to see Akito?

“It’s very confusing really. Will…will you take me to her as soon as Kyo gets home?”

“If you are sure. Remember what happened the last time. He almost hurt you badly. You have no idea what Akito is capable of.”

“ Thank you Shigure.” Tohru walked off into her room looking out the window, waiting for Kyo’s arrival.

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