Sohma Secrets

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Hello again. Yes I have FINALLY written a new chapter. It's been forever. Well I felt bad that it took me so long to write, so i made back to back sex scenes, GOODY! Don't worry, my story isn't anywhere near to ending, WOOP WOOP.

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Oh yea, if you havn't noticed by the name of this chapter, this includes chocolate syrup! XD


Yuki stared out into the night, sitting on a coach that stood by the window. He stared deeply at the bright moon that floated upon the sky. Yuki ate one last bite of his vanilla ice cream covered in sweet chocolate syrup. Hatsuharu noticed the amazement in Yuki’s eyes, and walked up behind him. His hand rested on the purple-eyed boy’s left shoulder removing Yuki’s focus from the view, to Haru. Haru placed his right hand on Yuki’s cheek; “ You are even more beautiful in the night light.” Yuki lightly blushed and the sweet cow touched his lips to Yuki’s neck slightly nibbling him.

Yuki leaned his head in the opposite direction, revealing his complete neck to Haru. Taking the bait, the eager teen kissed Yuki’s neck once more, lightly sucking on his neck. A low moan snuck from the mouse’s mouth. Hatsuharu set his hand on Yuki’s left hip, passionately kissing his soft lips. Haru dipped his finger into Yuki’s partially eaten ice cream that was almost fully melted. He brought his chocolate covered finger to his own mouth, tasting it. He licked his lips clean, then leaned to kiss Yuki once more.

The smoky gray haired boy nudged Haru’s tongue, licking the ice cream taste. Haru had a good idea of what he wanted, but they would need more chocolate syrup. (* Drools * Just imagine Yuki and Haru covered in chocolate sauce, : D )

Haru laid the mouse down onto his back. (Yuki is on bottom, Haru on top.) Yuki’s hand rested on Haru’s right thigh, while they continued kissing.

The white/black haired teen slithered his hands up Yuki’s chest, to the top button of Yuki’s shirt. Haru released himself from the kiss and began unbuttoning the other one’s shirt. As each button was released Haru’s lips trailed behind sending goosebumps down his lover’s chest.

Yuki pulled him closer to kiss him. Haru slid off Yuki’s shirt off of his shoulders. Haru removed his lips from Yuki’s and kissed Yuki’s right shoulder. The cow’s lips traced from Yuki’s shoulder to his collarbone. The little mouseboy closed his eyes as he felt Haru’s lips caress over his soft skin.

Yuki’s hands traveled to Haru thighs, feeling them up and down. His hands trailed from Haru’s thighs, to his firm hips, up to his slim sides, and stopped at his broad back. Haru sat up and slid off his own shirt, revealing his muscular chest. Yuki looked Haru up and down, admiring his toned figure. Yuki reached for Haru’s button on his pants, slowing unbuttoning it as he stared up at the white/black haired male.

Hatsuharu sat back and slid off his own pants. He leaned back over Yuki, running his fingertips up the other male’s chest feeling his creamy skin. Haru’s lip gently touched the purpled eyed one’s chest, slowly licking down to his navel. “I’ll be back, stay here.” Haru quickly replied as he dashed out of the room.


Hatsuharu came back moments later with a bottle of Chocolate Syrup in his right hand. Yuki oddly looked at the bottle. “And what is that for?”

“Oh, you’ll see.”

Haru walked over to Yuki, whom was still lying on his back. He straddled him, and popped open the top on the bottle. Haru eagerly poured a trail of chocolate syrup down Yuki’s chest. Yuki shivered as the cold toppings covered his chest.

Hatsuharu smirked and licked the syrup, sucking on his chocolate covered nipples. (Wow, that’s different, lol.) “Ngnnnh!” Yuki groaned has he became erect to Haru’s touch.

As Haru felt Yuki’s bulge, he unbuttoned Yuki’s pants with one hand, still sucking Yuki’s chest clean. As Haru became more erect himself, he quickly yanked off Yuki’s pants, licking his lips. “Delicious.”

Yuki thought to him self, “I think Black Haru has come out.”

Haru aggressively kissed Yuki, rubbing Yuki’s tongue with his own. Yuki pushed him off and sat up.

“I don’t want to do this if I am with Black Haru. Hatsuharu, I love you, I want to make love to YOU, the REAL you.”

Yuki faced the window to glance at the moon. ‘I really do love you.’ Haru Ran his fingers through Yuki’s hair, and down to his cheek. “I love you too.”

Yuki turned to him and smiled brightly. Yuki threw his arms around Haru, nearly knocking him off balance. Yuki gently kissed him then giggled. Haru looked at him oddly.

“What? What’s so funny?”

* Giggle * “You have chocolate syrup on your face.” Yuki wiped it off with his finger and licked it.

“Come here.” Laughed Haru, as he pulled Yuki to his chest and held him tightly.


Awww, no complete sex scene, but hay, they are sooo KAWAII anyway, right!? There will be more chapters to come that are all about these two, so don't worry. The next chapter is all about Takara.


‘I will call you Takara, the gifted one.’

‘Get that child away from me’

‘Takara Sohma…Sohma.’

Takara woke up looking around oddly. “Phew, it was just a dream. What was that dream? All I could hear was my name and I saw people turning to animals, and a woman, she looked just like me.”
Momiji looked up at Takara whom was partially laying on her. “What’s wrong?”
“Oh, nothing, I just had a strange dream.”
“What was it about?”
“Well, there was a group of people, some teens, some adults. And suddenly they turned into animals. Then a woman and one of the animal guys were arguing about me. And the guy said he named me Takara, the gifted one. And the lady didn’t like me very well.”
Momiji just stared at her in panic.
“Weird huh?”
Momiji gulped, “Y yea.”
‘How could she be dreaming about us? She doesn’t even know about our secret. But maybe it has to do with the fact we don’t change from HER touch’
“I..I’ll be right back.” Momiji ran up to Shigure’s room. He slammed open the sliding door. Shigure jumped right out of his sleep.
“Momiji, don’t you know how to knock?”
“She had a dream about us!”
“Who? What?”
“Takara, she dreamt about us turning to animals, and then some woman. And then a guy talking to her saying ‘I’ll call you Takara, the gifted one.!”
Shigure froze. ‘How could she know was I said when she was just a BABY?’


Well there's a little part of the next chapter. Wanna know how she knows about them? ANd how she remembers when Shigure named her? Well you are gunna have to check in daily and leave some reviews! *snickers* MWUAHAHAHA. But seriously Pleaze review! :D THANKYA!


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