Prove Me Wrong

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Raito woke just before 6h, as he was accustomed to. He was
confused when he didn’t hear Ryuuzaki’s laptop running. Usually the
raccoon-eyed detective was up before him, diligently working. Lifting his head,
Raito found Ryuuzaki’s bed completely empty. ‘Okay, Raito, so think this one
through rationally.’ Raito tore his gaze away from the perplexing bed and
lifted his wrist to his face. The silver handcuff winked at him in the morning
light. He quickly followed the delicate chain with his eyes to come upon a
sleeping Ryuuzaki. Raito blinked. ‘What the hell? Why is he in my bed?’ Raito
stared silently; confused more than upset. Letting the chain settle noiselessly
to the mattress, so as not to wake Ryuuzaki, Raito shifted to face him. Taking
in the other’s peaceful features, he smiled. ‘I wonder if this means anything.
Does he want to be more than friends?’ Raito blushed at the thought, and found
himself unexpectedly elated. ‘Or did he just not find his own bed appealing?
How lazy would he have to be to avoid the two steps required to reach his own
bed?’ Raito bit his lower lip and gathered enough courage to run his fingers
through the other’s hair. He was hoping it would be soft, but was pleasantly
surprised when the felt something akin to kitten fur.

“Raito-kun…” Ryuuzaki slurred, voice heavy with sleep.

Raito froze. ‘Have I been caught?’

Ryuuzaki stirred, moving slightly closer to Raito. He gave a
small sigh, but remained asleep.

Raito let go of the breath he’d been holding. As risky as it
was, Raito stilled his shaky hand and continued to pet Ryuuzaki for a moment
longer. After his small adrenalin rush passed, Raito began to sulk. ‘What if he
isn’t interested in me, but in Kira? Did he sleep next to me because the
thought of sleeping next to a killer is thrilling?’ The thought disgusted
Raito. ‘I’m not Kira. I can’t be.’ Raito withdrew his hand. ‘There’s no way I
could murder someone. I couldn’t. Why would he find that appealing in me,
anyway?’ Raito felt ill. Just the thought of killing had his stomach
twisting. Raito shook his head, as much as his pillow would allow, to get rid
of the images. He grit his teeth and shut his eyes tightly. ‘This whole Kira
thing is just another façade. This is the only one I don’t want to present by
choice. Ryuuzaki wants me to be Kira, so I am Kira. The talk
about wavering suspicions last night was obviously shit.’ Raito suddenly felt
exhausted. ‘I’m so sick of this. I want to be rid of it.’ He looked to
Ryuuzaki. “I wouldn’t mind being something more to you…if it meant you liked me
and not the thought of me being Kira…” he mumbled, lying heavily against the
sheets. He closed his eyes.

Ryuuzaki wasn’t sure how long the brunette had been awake
before him, and he was very surprised to find he had slept so long. However,
rather than open his eyes immediately upon waking, Ryuuzaki had gladly faked
sleep if it meant Raito would continue to offer gentle attention. If he hadn’t
woken himself up by saying the other’s name, Ryuuzaki would have missed all of
it. He waited quite a while after Raito’s hand disappeared, debating on whether
or not to “wake up.” He listened to his interest’s unexpected words before he
snuck a peek. His heart skipped a beat as a lonely tear traveled down Raito’s
cheek to hit his pillow.

“I’m not Kira… I’m not Kira…” Raito repeated quietly to
himself, the words beginning to run together wearily. Raito stiffened when he
felt arms wrap around him.

“Raito-kun, please don’t cry.”

Raito bit his lip and tried to turn his face away. Ryuuzaki
let him, but kept him in his arms.

The detective ran his hand across Raito’s back soothingly,
and placed a chaste kiss against his temple. He watched in silence as the
brunette tried to will his tears away, eyes shut tight. ‘Surely this can’t be an
act. The cunning Raito Yagami would not show vulnerability if he were Kira,
would he? No, Kira is far too proud for that. If Kira were to pull a trick, it
wouldn’t involve tears. Well, perhaps if they were my tears… This is the
true Raito, frustrated and helpless. And even if I’m dead wrong…’
Ryuuzaki slipped his fingers into the brunette’s hair. “Raito-kun.”

Raito had no intention of speaking, afraid his voice would
be embarrassingly chocked. He knew Ryuuzaki’s constant suspicions and
accusations were getting to him, but he wasn’t aware of how much until now.
‘Hell, I haven’t cried since I was a damn kid. This is embarrassing.’ He kept
his face turned away from Ryuuzaki, the other’s kindness eventually calming
him. His tears were silent and few, but as much as he wanted them to stop, they

Ryuuzaki pulled the other closer to him, and Raito gave a
sniffle in response. Curling his shoulders in a protective fashion around
Raito, he rested his chin atop his distressed friend’s head. “Raito-kun,” he
repeated quietly.

Raito buried his face against Ryuuzaki’s neck. He’d stopped
crying, but he still felt miserable. He wondered quietly what it would feel
like to scrub away all the fake layers of himself; to start new, and get rid of
the heavy feeling he was burdened with. ‘Ryuuzaki must have a wonderful life,’
he decided. ‘No one can expect much from him, because he’s just a name. If you
don’t know someone, there’s no way to attach personal disappointment to their
failed attempts. And when he succeeds, he’s the one who’s pleased most.’

“I don’t think you’re Kira, either, Raito-kun. Something’s
changed you back to Raito.”

Those words bit, hard, and Raito glared. “So you
truly believe I’m Kira…” Raito’s words were muffled against Ryuuzaki’s neck.

Ryuuzaki’s toes curled and he pressed his lips tightly
together in a smile as he fought the urge to laugh. A laugh would definitely be
taken the wrong way at this point. He struggled to will the tickle away. “I
believe you were once. All evidence points to it, Raito-kun. It’s hard to
deny.” He hoped he wasn’t further depressing the brunette. Being truthful was all
he could think to do.

Raito sighed. He said nothing.

Kissing the top of the brunette head and squeezing him
affectionately, Ryuuzaki took a steadying breath. “Raito-kun, I love you for
you… I can only hope you’re not acting, because at the risk of you being Kira…”
He lifted his hand to Raito’s hair and ran his fingers through it again. “It
matters not. I’d throw away my life for your companionship…” Ryuuzaki laughed,
“Raito-kun, you’re the only one that causes me to make illogical decisions.”

Wrapping his arms tightly around Ryuuzaki, Raito whispered,
“You love me?”

“That’s not all you heard, was it?” Raito asked jokingly.
“Yes. I do. I have since we first met. At first I figured you were at the
center of all my thoughts because I was simply curious of your character. I now
know better.”

‘He loves me? He has a fucked up way of showing it.
Although, being chained together for so long…I admit our friendship has jumped
a few levels due to constant contact. I’ve never really been in a relationship
for myself, and he’s more appealing than the others in numerous ways.’ Raito
inhaled Ryuuzaki’s soft scent, deciding he’d definitely like more than a simple
friendship. He put aside the previous pain Ryuuzaki had brought him and
cleansed his mind. He kissed Ryuuzaki’s neck in silence, to which he received a
kiss to his head.

After a few moments, Ryuuzaki felt Raito’s hold on him fall
slack. “Raito-kun?”

“Mm?” came Raito’s sleepily hummed reply.

“Are you falling asleep?”


“You can’t. The others will return soon.”

Raito shrugged. He smiled against Ryuuzaki’s skin when he
felt the other laugh.

Ryuuzaki slipped easily out of Raito’s arms and stood beside
the bed patiently.

Pouting at the sudden lack of warmth, Raito blindly reached
for the covers.

“Raito-kun,” Ryuuzaki said, smiling. Lifting his right hand
to suspend Raito’s left, he pulled the sheets out of the stubborn boy’s grasp.

Raito made a disapproving noise and grudgingly got out of
bed. He followed Ryuuzaki to the dresser and uncaringly pulled out the clothes
he’d be wearing that day.

As they entered the bathroom, Raito paused. ‘Now what?’ The
first day they had been chained together, they had opted to only wash their
hair, having been unsure around each other. The day after, they had showered,
alone, and as far apart as the chain and shower curtain would allow. Pretending
to not know you were being watched while you washed yourself was something
Raito quickly learned to do. He idly wondered if Ryuuzaki had been watching
back then for other reasons than to “catch Kira.” Raito liked showering first
because he liked the water hot to make up for loss of his warm bed. Then
Ryuuzaki would shower; his water temperature cooler to supposedly wake him up –
perhaps a naturopathic approach – as well as cancel out the warm steam produced
by Raito’s shower. Now what would happen to their system? ‘Am I over-thinking?
Maybe things will stay the same.’


Raito blinked out of his thoughts to find a very naked
Ryuuzaki standing before him, leaning forward inquisitively, the tip of his
index finger between his lips.

‘Or maybe things will change. A lot.’ Blushing
deeply, Raito set his clothes on the counter top next to Ryuuzaki’s before
letting his boxers fall to the tiled floor. He let his sleep-mussed bangs hide
his face as he reached to start the water.

Ryuuzaki smiled as he moved behind Raito. It was so easy to
make the brunette blush. He wrapped his arms around the boy’s muscled waist and
rested his chin on Raito’s tense shoulder. They both watched in comfortable
silence as the water began to produce steam. Ryuuzaki felt Raito begin to
relax, and he kissed the juncture between neck and shoulder as encouragement.

When Raito was satisfied with the water’s temperature, he
pulled the curtain back far enough for both of them, and led Ryuuzaki in by the

Once under the spray, Ryuuzaki began washing his hair. Raito
felt reassured by the simple decisions Ryuuzaki was making for him. He started
to wash his hair as well. The two didn’t have much moving room, so when they
had to switch places to share the water’s spray, they’d brush against each
other. Whenever they did, they’d catch the other’s gaze and their blushes would
darken. When Raito leaned back to rinse his hair, he closed his eyes. He
suddenly felt lips on his own, and he gave a small gasp. Ryuuzaki took the
opportunity to slip just the tip of his tongue in. Shyly, Raito brushed his
tongue against Ryuuzaki’s.

Ryuuzaki was glad Raito was responding. He was afraid he was
being reckless; moving too fast, but so long as Raito didn’t protest, he’d
continue to his heart’s content.

Raito felt incredibly warm. He momentarily considered
adjusting the water to cool himself down, but realized it would mean pulling
away from Ryuuzaki’s entrancing lips. Usually Raito had to initiate kisses.
Being led like this was pleasant. He’d fix the water later.

Ryuuzaki slowly broke the kiss, but his lips didn’t leave
Raito. He kissed along Raito’s jaw to his neck, where he lapped at his
collarbone. His fingers were weaved through Raito’s soaked hair, gently
massaging at the base of his hairline.

Raito hummed appreciatively, pressing closer to Ryuuzaki. He
dropped his hands to the detective’s hips and mused, ‘He’s so thin. How does he
do it? With all the inactivity and sugar intake-’ Raito’s thoughts were cut
short as Ryuuzaki gave a timid thrust forward. He moaned as his growing need
met Ryuuzaki’s.

“Ryuuzaki…” Raito reached between them, taking both of them
into his unchained hand and stroking them to hardness.

Ryuuzaki whimpered. He rested his forehead against Raito’s
chest, thrusting into the brunette’s hand shamelessly. He dipped his head to
lightly take Raito’s nipple between his teeth. He could feel the moan in the
brunette’s chest before he heard it. He licked at the hard nub for a second
before turning his attention to the other. He reached for the soap beyond
Raito, careful not to disrupt the brunette’s wonderful hand. He clumsily soaped
up his hand, nearly dropping the bar a total of three times. He found it hard
to concentrate on the task as Raito decided to switch to an over-hand position,
mercilessly teasing the head of Ryuuzaki’s cock with his thumb while still stroking
both of them. “Raito,” he whimpered, moaning as he tried to still his hips. His
thrusting was throwing the boy’s rhythm off. He discarded the soap, his
lubricated hand rushing to their arousals.

“Gods, Ryuuzaki,” Raito growled, tipping his head back into
the shower’s spray at the new sensation assaulted him. Ryuuzaki’s hand seemed
to be made of soap. Even as they were losing friction, the pleasure
continued to increase, as illogical as that was. He groaned as Ryuuzaki copied
his hand’s movements perfectly. He couldn’t keep from thrusting, and gave up on
the new grip in favor of the more comfortable one. Ryuuzaki mirrored him
swiftly, and they pumped against each other in the tunnel of their laced
fingers. Nudging Ryuuzaki with his cheek, Raito captured the detective’s lips
in another kiss.

Ryuuzaki moaned into the brunette’s mouth as Raito bit his lip
lightly. He desperately wanted to see Raito when the boy came, but his eyes
were having trouble focusing. He shut them as another wave of pleasure hit
after Raito gave his straining length a firm twist. Ryuuzaki shuddered, moaning
as he reached completion. He swallowed Raito’s moan as the brunette’s warm seed
splashed against him. They both thrust against each other lethargically, riding
out their orgasms. Ryuuzaki rested his head on Raito’s shoulder as he caught
his breath.

Raito buried his face in Ryuuzaki’s damp hair, eyes closed
as he savored his body’s tingles. He lazily began to wash Ryuuzaki’s shoulders.
Ryuuzaki kissed him sweetly before returning the favor. Raito caringly mapped
out Ryuuzaki’s body with his hands, memorizing areas that caused reactions. As
he began to wash the boy’s neck, Ryuuzaki melted against him. Raito smiled and
pulled away a fraction to look at Ryuuzaki’s content expression. The boy’s eyes
were closed and his lips were curled upward in a soft smile. Raito pressed
forward again. ‘My little kitten,’ he thought happily while he kissed Ryuuzaki
teasingly, pulling away just as the boy began to return the kiss. He wordlessly
gave Ryuuzaki permission to outline his body as well, smiling when tentative
fingertips traced down his ribs. He shivered and pulled Ryuuzaki’s hand up

Ryuuzaki repeated the action, smiling when he was gifted the
same response. He blinked curiously as his journey brought him to the brunette’s
sides, just above his hips; Raito shifted abruptly at his touch. ‘Raito’s
ticklish,’ he grinned and attacked the brunette, pulling the laughing boy closer
once he’d had his fun. He smiled against Raito’s neck, arms wrapped around him
possessively. As they finished bathing each other, Ryuuzaki reached around
Raito to increase the level of cold water.

Raito jumped at the sudden change, catching himself before
he squeaked embarrassingly. “Hey, you idiot! You’re going to throw us into shock!”

Grinning, Ryuuzaki slid past the glaring brunette, kissing him
quickly to watch the frown disappear. He rinsed and shut off the water.

As they stepped out, Ryuuzaki violently received a towel to
the face. He removed the fluffy inconvenience only to catch a glimpse of
Raito’s laughing eyes before another towel was thrown at his face. ‘Shit. How
many towels could there possibly be?’ He decided to let the towel hang over his
head to avoid catching another with his face, rolling his eyes as Raito’s muffled
laughter reached him. He blinked as the makeshift veil was lifted to reveal the
grinning brunette. Ryuuzaki fought the smile tugging at his lips and lost
horribly. Raito’s smile softened and he leaned forward to kiss Ryuuzaki.

“I hate cold showers.”

“I can see that.”

The veil was dropped back in place unceremoniously as Raito
grabbed another towel to dry himself off. Ryuuzaki rubbed his hair dry wildly,
chain rattling noisily. He tossed the towel aside and quietly stepped behind
Raito, who was currently busy drying his hair. He pressed against the brunette,
his wet chest ruining Raito’s dry back. He took the boy’s lax cock into his
hand and started stroking firmly. He grinned when Raito gasped beneath the
towel, and swung his free arm under Raito when the boy’s knees buckled.

“Ryuuzaki, I…nngh…gods…” Raito’s stomach clenched
pleasurably as his erection returned. He pulled the heavy towel from his face,
having enough trouble breathing as it was. He looked down to watch Ryuuzaki’s
hand, and moaned as the hand supporting him teased his nipple. “Wh-”

“I’m apologizing for the water,” came a husky whisper to the
unfinished question.

Raito shivered as Ryuuzaki’s warm breath swept over his ear.

“That’s why you threw the towels,” Ryuuzaki murmured.

Raito couldn’t tell if it was a question or a statement. He
nodded his head, unsure if Ryuuzaki expected a response at all. He groaned as
Ryuuzaki slowed his movements to a torturous pace. He rested his head on the
shoulder supporting him, exposing his neck. He couldn’t help but thrust forward
when Ryuuzaki licked a line up his throat. “Aaah, faster…” Raito thrust forward
again, hoping to persuade the other.

The detective quickly complied, sealing his lips over the
other’s neck to feel the moans emitting from it. He slid down Raito’s trembling
form and stopped pumping to move in front of the brunette. He waited.

Raito was confused by the missing heat against his back, and
whined at the lost of Ryuuzaki’s hand. When his foggy mind realized there was a
complete lack of contact, he opened his eyes and looked down when he felt a
hand placed gently against his hip. He found Ryuuzaki kneeling before him,
glazed eyes gazing up beneath dark eyelashes. His breath caught as he watched
Ryuuzaki lean forward, lips parted.

Ryuuzaki ran his tongue roughly over the head of Raito’s
length, watching Raito’s eyes become impossibly dilated. He rolled the stolen
drop of pre-come over his tongue before taking the first seven centimeters into
his mouth, palming the rest. He suckled gently, tongue constantly running along
the flesh in his mouth; he hoped to please this way as much as he could.
Ryuuzaki had never done this before, and was afraid to try to take the entire
length his first time.

Raito groaned throatily, head tossed back. He had never
experienced this before, feeling awkward even thinking about asking for it in
the past. He slid his shaking fingers through Ryuuzaki’s hair, forcing himself
to keep his grasp light. He bit his lip – he was determined to keep his hips
from thrusting into that heavenly wet heat. He shuddered as Ryuuzaki moaned
around him, vibrations twisting up his arousal. He panted, focusing desperately
to keep his hips still.

Ryuuzaki couldn’t get enough of the brunette’s reactions. His
own arousal throbbed between his legs and he moaned. Realizing Raito wouldn’t
be gagging him with any unwanted bucking, he willingly removed the hand that
had been pushing lightly against the brunette’s hips. Unable to wrap it around
his other hand over Raito’s sex without making things difficult, he chose instead
to cup it around the whimpering boy’s tight sac. He moaned again, listening to
Raito’s harsh panting and incoherent mumblings.

Muscles tight with the effort to keep still, Raito’s head
dropped forward. He opened his eyes to meet Ryuuzaki’s heated gaze. When the
detective had his attention, he doubled his efforts, squeezing the warm flesh
in his cupped hand rhythmically before pressing his thumb firmly against the
brunette’s perineum. He laved the pulsing length in his mouth, lightly dragging
his teeth over it and he pulled away, only to sweep back down again, all while
stroking tightly. He moaned consciously for the first time, to send vibrations
along Raito’s sex.

Raito’s belly coiled almost painfully, he gasped, and having
failed to bring in enough air, gasped again. He shivered as another set of
vibrations traveled up from Ryuuzaki’s throat. He tried to pull away, tugging
lightly on Ryuuzaki’s hair to free himself. He couldn’t voice a warning, and
didn’t know if Ryuuzaki wanted him coming in his mouth.

Ryuuzaki felt the brunette’s attempts to remove his mouth and
smiled inwardly at the considerate gesture. He pulled in more of the boy in
response, massaging the velvety skin of his perineum to stimulate the hidden
bundle deep within.

Raito whimpered, body tensing as he climaxed. It felt
unbelievable, and even as he was losing himself, Ryuuzaki continued to pleasure
him. He tried in vain to get his lungs working, mouth open in a silent scream.
It felt endless, and he hoped it would be.

Ryuuzaki felt his own orgasm rush upon him as he felt Raito
tense. He was utterly surprised, having not touched himself the entire time. He
groaned as he felt his slick splatter against his own stomach, and greedily
swallowed what Raito offered. The taste wasn’t all that unpleasant, but not
sweet enough to truly be enjoyed. He kept working his tongue around Raito, set
on milking him dry. It almost became cat-like as his own mindless pleasure took
from him all thought. He let Raito slip from his wet lips when the boy shuddered
a final time, too exhausted to keep himself upright. He caught the brunette
before he hit the floor, their chests pressed together tightly. They sat for a
moment, sated, unsteady breaths slowing to a normal rate.

“Thought…I was going to die…” Raito finally mumbled, words
strung together slowly. He moved, or tried to, knowing his slumped weight
couldn’t be comfortable for the thinner boy. He slipped on something with more
substance than sweat when he tried to find purchase on Ryuuzaki’s hip and
looked down in confusion. “You came?”

Breath still a little shaky, Ryuuzaki nodded against Raito’s
shoulder. He let Raito slip his hand beneath his jaw and smiled when he was
kissed sweetly.

“You’re unbelievable,” he said, licking at the detectives
swollen lips. “Was that the first time you’ve come without being touched?”
Another nod. Raito smiled, kissing him again. “This time, you won’t be able to
stop me from touching you.” Ryuuzaki shivered in his arms and Raito slipped his
hand through his hair to bring him closer. He nipped lightly at Ryuuzaki’s

Ryuuzaki doubted he could go again, but his sensitive body
was apparently considering the idea. Before Raito could continue, a quiet beep
resounded in the room, announcing the approach of people from the ground floor.
He should have insisted on more than one day for the others to take as break.

In the silence after the small notification, Ryuuzaki
sighed. “They’re back. They should be up in about five minutes.”

“I don’t want to stop.”

“Neither do I.”

“We should hide!”

“What?” he asked in disbelief, a smile tugging at his lips.

“I don’t know. That was strange.”

“Yes, very illogical,” Ryuuzaki agreed, grinning.


Raito glanced up from his warm udon to shake his head at
Ryuuzaki. The other boy was eating sugar cookies and coffee so laden down with
sugar cubes it must have been far past its supersaturation point.

“Have some udon.”

“I don’t care for it.”

“Your diet can’t consist solely of sugar.”

Ryuuzaki paused as if to consider the possibility. He opened
his mouth to respond but Raito cut him off.

“Really, you should have some udon.”

Pouring a second cup of coffee, Ryuuzaki eyed Raito’s udon.
He grabbed a handful of sugar cubes and dropped them carelessly into his glass.
He lifted the glass to his lips and took a sip without taking his eyes off of
the brunette’s bowl.

“Guh…” Raito stuck his tongue out in disgust as he watched

Looking over the rim of his cup to Raito, Ryuuzaki smiled.
“Is that an invitation, Raito-kun?”

Blushing, Raito looked down to his food. “C’mon, Ryuuzaki,
it’s not healthy… You might as well be drinking syrup.”

“I’ve tried it. It’s not as satisfying.”

Raito looked up in disbelief, but couldn’t tell if Ryuuzaki
was joking or not. “Anyway, you’ll eat some udon if you love me.”

Ryuuzaki’s jaw dropped, and Raito couldn’t help but laugh.

“How much must I eat?” Ryuuzaki asked, grimly reaching for
Raito’s bowl.

“Just a little.”

Ryuuzaki slurped a single noodle and made to push the bowl

“More than that.”



Sighing, Ryuuzaki ate a bit more, looking pitiful. When he
assumed he had done well enough, he looked up to Raito for confirmation to find
the brunette leaning over the table.

Raito smiled and kissed Ryuuzaki gently, cupping the
detective’s face to hold him close. “Thanks.”

Ryuuzaki took his time opening his eyes. When he did, he
smiled slyly. “If I eat more, do I get something else?”

Raito smiled and put a finger to his chin, looking skyward
to mimic thought. As he opened his mouth, the door opened noisily.

Raito’s father stepped in. “Good morning, Ryuuzaki.”

Ryuuzaki turned in his seat to address him, “Yagami-san,
good morning.”

Soichiro smiled and turned to his son. “Raito, your mother
made you this.” He placed a small cake before the boys. “She misses you and hopes
to see you soon.”

“Thanks, dad. Thank her for me. I’m sure we’ll solve this
case soon, and we’ll be able to spend time together again.”

Soichiro nodded before walking toward Mogi and Matsuda, who
had just entered.

Raito looked over to Ryuuzaki, the sugar-addict was staring
a hole in the cake. Swiping his finger through the delicate frosting, Raito
grinned, noting how Ryuuzaki’s eyes followed his movements. He pressed his
finger to Ryuuzaki’s mouth and blushed when the other took the digit in.

‘It’s going to be very difficult to focus on Yotsuba today.’



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