Prove Me Wrong

BY : abeastofprey
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Ryuuzaki laid curled next to Raito, blushing warmly against
the cool sheets as he listened to the brunette moan in his sleep.

Raito whimpered and gave a small thrust of his hips. He
licked his lips and for a moment they reflected the moonlight streaming in
through the window. He moaned again, “Ryuuzaki…”

The thin boy groaned. It was nearing impossible to keep his
hands off of the brunette. After Raito gave a quiet whine, Ryuuzaki finally gave
in and slid closer to his lover. He wrapped his hand lightly over the brunette’s
arousal and started stroking. Raito moaned breathily at the physical touch and
Ryuuzaki smiled. He dipped forward and lapped at the brunette’s nipple.

Panting, Raito spread his legs invitingly.

Ryuuzaki quietly voiced his approval. He gasped as Raito
shifted against his need, and whimpered as the brunette sporadically continued
to. Bringing his free hand up to tease Raito’s slick nipple, the sugar-addict
stretched across Raito to lap at its twin.

Raito blinked sleepily in the dark, moaning as pleasure
assaulted his waking mind. His head lolled to the side and he gasped as another
wave of pleasure crashed over him. He whispered the other’s name in question,
unsure if he was still dreaming. He moaned again when Ryuuzaki stroked him more

Ryuuzaki growled quietly; Raito’s husky voice went straight
to his erection. He teasingly slowed his strokes again, shifting to fully
straddle the brunette.

Raito groaned, “Ryuuzaki…” He splayed his hands over the
detective’s bare hips and thrust against him.

Ryuuzaki blushed, realizing he had woken Raito. He turned
his attention from Raito’s chest to glance up at the brunette and smiled when
their eyes locked. “Look what you’ve done,” he whispered, short of breath.

“Me?” Raito grinned, “You’re the one molesting sleeping

“You started it,” he said defensively.

“Oh? I’ll be sure to finish it then,” he replied, pulling
Ryuuzaki down for a kiss. He flipped them over, tugging the sheets off their
heated bodies. He contently explored Ryuuzaki’s mouth with his tongue, slipping
his hands into the boy’s hair. He pulled away after a moment and said, “Touch
yourself, love.”

Ryuuzaki nodded dazedly and did as he was told. He looked to
Raito through half-lidded eyes, aroused further by the brunette’s attentive gaze.
When Raito ran his hands smoothly over Ryuuzaki’s thighs, the boy moaned and
sped up his strokes.

“Slow,” came Raito’s terse response to the action. He lightly
cupped his hand over Ryuuzaki’s and drastically slowed the pace. Ryuuzaki
whimpered at the change. “Good pet,” he whispered and Ryuuzaki moaned again.
Raito watched Ryuuzaki close his eyes and bite his lip to stay committed to the
leisurely pumps. Raito slid down his lover’s form and took the tip of the boy’s
cock into his mouth without warning.

Ryuuzaki gasped and thrust, stopping his hand completely.

Raito tapped his index finger against Ryuuzaki’s idle hand
as he continued to lick. Ryuuzaki unsteadily resumed stroking himself.


The brunette hummed in question and smirked at the
unintentional result.

Panting as the burst of pleasure faded, Ryuuzaki mumbled,
“Raito, one of us should be inside the other.”

“How eloquently said,” Raito smiled as he sat up.

“Well, had I said one of us should take the other, you would
have replied, ‘Where to?’”

Raito agreed playfully, stretching out over Ryuuzaki to nip
and mark his neck.

Ryuuzaki mewed. “How do we decide top and bottom?” He tilted
his head further back to offer more of his throat to the brunette.

Raito wrapped his hand over Ryuuzaki’s stilled one and began
pumping again. Ryuuzaki shivered and closed his eyes. “I have an idea,” Raito
replied. He leaned over the edge of the bed to stare at the mess of poker cards
on the floor. They had been left there, earlier in the night, after both boys
had been too tired to be of any challenge to each other. He grabbed a random
selection and returned to Ryuuzaki. He tapped them against the boy’s hip to
even the edges, and then fanned them out, face down.

Ryuuzaki smiled at the cards before saying, “Black, I top;
Red, you top.”

The brunette nodded and held the cards out to Ryuuzaki. The
boy drew and turned the card over for both of them to see: ten of diamonds,
red. Raito flipped his hand to reveal four black cards and two red.

Ryuuzaki stuck his tongue out at Raito. “I didn’t say it was

Raito shrugged, took the singled card, and tossed the group
back to the floor.

“Nightstand,” the detective instructed.

“Don’t be lazy,” Raito replied, taking Ryuuzaki’s length
into his hand.

Ryuuzaki moaned, waiting a few seconds as the brunette stroked
him before twisting to reach for the nightstand’s drawer. He retrieved a small
bottle of oil. Before he could uncap it, Raito had him pinned in a kiss. He
smiled, setting the bottle aside to run his hands through Raito’s hair.

Raito took the abandoned bottle and opened it with one hand,
using the other to brush his fingertips over Ryuuzaki’s ribs. He was happy that
the bones were no longer protruding dangerously, though it was still a chore to
get the boy to eat anything nutritional.

Ryuuzaki stretched under Raito’s warm touch. He let his left
hand fall from the brunette’s hair to tangle it in his own. He reached behind his
ear and pulled the small sliver handcuff key into the open. He had taken up the
habit of unchaining Raito from himself, in hopes of convincing Raito that he
had faith in his current innocence – Raito had been sulking quite a lot lately,
and Ryuuzaki would rather see him confused than sad. He unlocked Raito’s cuff
dexterously and broke their kiss as he pulled the boy’s hand away from his
ribs. He pressed his lips gently to Raito’s bare wrist.

Raito relaxed against Ryuuzaki, nuzzling his neck before
kissing his jaw. “Why?” he questioned softly. He still wasn’t used to finding
himself unbound to the detective. This was the first time he had ever truly
witnessed the boy freeing him.

Ryuuzaki licked across Raito’s inner wrist. He shrugged.

Raito smiled at the unusual sensation. Only Ryuuzaki could
make him take notice of every part of his body. When Ryuuzaki kissed his wrist
a final time and placed the key into his hand, Raito unlocked the metal
circling the thin boy’s wrist.

After Raito passed the key back, they both pushed the undone
chain away from them. Ryuuzaki wrapped his arms around the other and pulled him
close. He squirmed against him when he felt the oil dripping onto his cock.
“Raito? You’re going to waste it.”

Raito returned the boy’s earlier shrug as a response. He teased
the tip of Ryuuzaki’s slick length with the pad of his thumb.

“Ahh…” Ryuuzaki thrust as much as he could, whimpering as
heavy drops of oil continued to travel down his erection, tickling his
sensitive flesh. He felt Raito moving against him oddly but couldn’t focus
enough on it.

Raito swiped his tongue over Ryuuzaki’s lower lip when the
boy started to teeth at it a little too fiercely. He fisted Ryuuzaki’s erection
to steal the excess oil and finished circling his own opening with the

Ryuuzaki mewed against the brunette’s neck when Raito’s firm
palm turned into fleeting pressure from his fingertips. “More,” he murmured.

Raito oiled his fingers and easily pushed a digit into
himself. He paused at the new feeling and whispered to Ryuuzaki, “Patience,
kitten.” He tipped the bottle over Ryuuzaki’s member again, quieting any
protest the boy was about to give. Raito lightly stroked Ryuuzaki, and
continued to prepare himself, now stretched enough for two fingers.

Ryuuzaki hugged the brunette tightly to him. “You’re wasting
it,” he repeated quietly, distracted by the oil.

“Am I?” Raito moaned, slipping in a third finger. He let out
another, drawn-out moan at the discovery of his prostate. He experimented with
varying pressures, eventually too aroused to take notice of the different
effects. His supporting arm buckled beneath him and he collapsed heavily, eyes
shut tight in pleasure. Panting, he thrust against the boy beneath him. The
friction on his trapped arousal had him whimpering, and he pulled away,
pressing back unwittingly against his fingers. He groaned and thrust forward
again to escape that pleasure only to rush into more.

“Raito?” Ryuuzaki loosened his hold when the brunette groaned
deeply enough for him to feel it reverberate inside his own ribs. He finally
realized the reason for Raito’s strange movements. He nearly came at the
display of the brunette pleasuring himself and had to shut his eyes for a brief
moment. He licked his lips and slid his fingers through Raito’s hair when the
boy bit his shoulder gently. He opened his eyes to watch, whispering into his

Raito whimpered in response to Ryuuzaki’s stimulating
whispers. He shuddered, panting softly against Ryuuzaki’s skin. When the boy
purred, “Beautiful,” into his ear, Raito licked affectionately at the pale
flesh beneath his lips.

“Weren’t you going to top?” Ryuuzaki received a quiet moan
as a reply. “Why use a game of chance if we don’t obey the results?” he asked.

“Results,” Raito echoed huskily before groaning, moving back
against his fingers.

“This is the opposite,” the detective informed, glazed eyes
fixed on the brunette.

“Opposite,” he slurred. He whimpered as he thrust forward
again, eyes closed.

Laughing, he asked, “Are you listening?” Raito didn’t
acknowledge him. He smiled and gently stopped all of Raito’s movements.

Raito panted, struggling weakly against Ryuuzaki’s hold. He
moaned incoherently when he wasn’t free to continue. He finally grasped the
thought he wanted to convey, and uttered, “Close…” He opened his dilated eyes
to look at Ryuuzaki pleadingly.

“Yes, we’re very close,” Ryuuzaki smirked playfully before
kissing Raito’s forehead.

Raito whined quietly.

Ryuuzaki tipped the brunette onto his back, pulling his hand
from his passage in the process.

Raito whined again.

The detective shushed him lovingly. He slicked his fingers
with the nearly empty bottle and pressed one slender finger into the brunette.

“L-left…” Raito moaned once Ryuuzaki obliged. The pleasure
was unpredictable, now that he wasn’t in control.

Ryuuzaki stroked the small pleasure spot mercilessly. He
helped Raito bend his knees, making sure his feet were planted securely against
the mattress. He watched Raito shakily reach for himself, squeezing the base of
his erection tightly.

“W-wait…” Raito stuttered, looking to Ryuuzaki. He groaned
gutturally, tossing his head back as Ryuuzaki increased his efforts.

“I thought you were close,” he cooed.

Raito nodded and moaned, “Close…”

Ryuuzaki slipped in a second finger. He worked his tongue
over the brunette’s tight sac and felt him tremble. “Closer now, Raito-kun?”
Raito groaned, gripping the sheets. “Yes?” Ryuuzaki smiled before he dragged
his tongue roughly up the boy’s arousal.

“Ahh!” Raito gasped and shivered again as pleasure raced
through his body. “Ryuuzaki…inside…” he moved meaningfully against the
detective’s cock in an attempt to avoid more teasing.

Ryuuzaki moaned, reaching to fist himself. “I don’t think
we’d last,” he panted, still pleasuring the brunette. He leaned forward and
tongued Raito’s cock tenderly.

“Ryuuzaki,” Raito whimpered, caught between the boy’s
fingers and mouth. He could feel Ryuuzaki stroking himself, and he moved back
to add to his pleasure. A moan traveled down his erection in response and he
groaned, eager to continue rubbing against the boy.

“Raito,” Ryuuzaki bit his lip and sat back, “let go of

Raito licked his dry lips and shook his head. “Inside,” he

Ryuuzaki moaned quietly, pulling his lover closer to him. He
kissed Raito’s hip and fitted a pillow under the boy. He uncapped the bottle a
final time and covered his length and fingers with the remaining oil. He mewled
quietly and closed his eyes as his hand moved smoothly over his arousal; the
forgotten bottle slipped out of his slicked hand and fell against Raito’s
thigh. He opened his eyes and laughed at Raito’s confused expression before
leaning to kiss the place of impact.

Raito returned the laugh breathlessly. He calmed himself
within the time Ryuuzaki allowed him; he wasn’t able to take his hand away as
it was the only thing preventing his orgasm, but he felt the coil in his belly
loosen slightly. He smiled when Ryuuzaki’s soft lips pressed to his. He opened
his eyes and whispered, “So patient.”

“It’s our first time,” he replied quietly before kissing him

The simple statement implied so much, and Raito’s chest
constricted at the caring expression Ryuuzaki wore. His first reaction was to
steal another kiss from him.

His stomach fluttered as Raito’s eyes cleared for him. They
held each other’s gaze for a long moment before Raito’s eyes slid shut.
Ryuuzaki pressed a kiss to his forehead and smiled, waiting for Raito’s rushed
breathing to lessen. At Raito’s request, Ryuuzaki slipped his fingers back into
the boy. He used the new angle to his advantage and quickly had Raito moaning.
Again at the boy’s instruction, he removed his hand and positioned himself at
Raito’s opening.

Raito reached for Ryuuzaki with his free hand. He pulled him
forward and down, kissing him as the motion caused the pale boy to slide in.

“Tight,” Ryuuzaki groaned, breaking their kiss. He pressed
forward slowly, biting his lip. “Nngh…tight…” His breath hitched and he hid his
face against the brunette’s neck. He swallowed thickly when he was fully seated
and paused to let Raito adjust, clenching his teeth to deny his hips the urge
to thrust.

Testing the new experience, Raito shifted and Ryuuzaki
moaned deeply. He smiled and ran his thumb over the boy’s nipple in light
circles, turning his head to nip and lap at Ryuuzaki’s neck. He tightened
around the boy’s thick length and continued to squeeze moaning quietly whenever
Ryuuzaki moved.

It wasn’t long before Ryuuzaki was gripping Raito’s upper
arms tightly, whimpering. He tilted his head back and shivered when Raito bit
over his rapid pulse. He hadn’t moved since he had entered Raito; he didn’t
have permission. “Please… Oh, please… Raito…”

Raito felt the boy panting against him harshly and he
whispered in his ear, “Move, kitten.” Ryuuzaki moaned softly, nuzzling his
neck. Raito smiled and easily guided Ryuuzaki’s first thrust.

Ryuuzaki let out a strangled moan and thrust forward again.
He started a strong rhythm, making small noises against Raito’s neck.

“Gods,” Raito groaned. He focused on keeping his orgasm in
check but was quickly losing the battle. Their sweat-slick stomachs teased his
straining erection with every movement and Ryuuzaki struck his prostate with
perfect accuracy. He moaned helplessly and pushed toward Ryuuzaki to meet the
boy’s hips in hopes of bringing him to his level.

With the brunette repetitively tightening and pressing back
against him, Ryuuzaki quickly reached that final peak. “Let…let go now…” he


“Said…wouldn’t last…” Ryuuzaki panted, reaching between them
to Raito’s arousal. He wrapped his hand over Raito’s and they both pulled
upward firmly.

Raito cried out, coming almost immediately. He arched
against Ryuuzaki, bunching the sheets tightly in his fists.

Ryuuzaki gasped; his own pleasure spiked as the brunette’s
body tensed. He managed a single thrust before releasing into that tight heat,
breathless as Raito’s channel milked him of everything he had.

They fell back to the mattress in dead weight. Ryuuzaki drew
in several deep gasps of air before slipping out of Raito smoothly; the
sensation produced matching moans from them both. The only sounds that followed
were their labored breaths.

Ryuuzaki’s mind slowly cleared as his strength trickled
back. With some effort, he propped himself up over the brunette. “Maybe I can get
answers, now that you have blood back up here,” he kissed Raito’s forehead.

Raito smiled. “You were quizzing me?” He closed his eyes

Ryuuzaki wanted to press his lips to Raito’s, but the
exhausted boy was still slightly breathless. He opted to kiss his cheek
instead. “Why did you reverse the results?”

“Why did I… What? Why did…”

Ryuuzaki smiled and rested against the sheets again. “Still
recovering? It was quite a show.”

Raito averted his eyes in embarrassment. “Didn’t know it
would feel that good,” he admitted.

Ryuuzaki kissed the brunette’s shoulder.

“The chain,” Raito mumbled his answer after a moment.
“Finally realized what you’ve been up to…”

Ryuuzaki hummed thoughtfully, eyes closed as he started to
drift off. “Why…do you always lock us up again?”

He smiled softly. “I’m not sure.” He turned on his side to
face the flushed boy. He tucked Ryuuzaki against him and pulled the covers back
over their waists. His eyelids grew heavy and he rested his chin on the boy’s
head. “I love you.”

“I love you, Raito-kun,” Ryuuzaki mumbled into Raito’s
shoulder before he fell asleep.

Raito quickly followed, arms wrapped possessively around the



Both boys shot up in bed, knocking
their heads together audibly. They jerked away from each other, both growling a
string of expletives with the heels of their hands to their injuries. They sat
in silence for a moment, reflecting the other’s confusion.

Raito saw Ryuuzaki wince again,
and he pulled the boy to him, kissed and massaged his hurt away. The thin boy
wrapped his arms around Raito’s waist and sleepily pushed them back into a
reclined position. Raito could feel Ryuuzaki dozing off again, and he lazily
ran his fingers through the boy’s hair.

“Raito!” exclaimed the door.
Another set of loud bangs ensued.

Ryuuzaki gave a start and grumbled
irritably, “What the hell is that noise?”

“The door is angry,” Raito fuzzily

“Raito?” Misa’s muffled voice
carried an angry tone now. “I know you’re in there!”

“Misa?” Raito asked, twisting
beneath Ryuuzaki to stare at the door, wearing a puzzled expression.

“Raito, we haven’t seen each other
in so long!”

“Good morning, Misa,” Raito
called, finally capable of coherent thought.

She replied, “Let’s have

“Yes, let’s eat.” Raito quickly
added, “I want to shower first.”

“Okay,” she said sweetly before he
heard her skip off.

There was a placid silence before
Ryuuzaki complained, “Noisy.” He snuggled deeper into the brunette and the

Raito smiled and wrestled with the
warm boy, growling in his ear playfully. He wriggled and laughed as Ryuuzaki
spidered his hands over his sides. “Tickling isn’t fair,” he gasped out,
pinning Ryuuzaki’s arms above their heads.

Ryuuzaki submitted quickly. He
grinned and pressed closer to Raito, kissing the boy’s collarbone. He cuddled
against him again.

The brunette released Ryuuzaki’s
arms, and the boys tangled together immediately. Raito combed Ryuuzaki’s hair
meditatively, suddenly worried by the thoughts Misa’s morning greeting brought.
“Ryuuzaki,” he whispered.

Ryuuzaki shushed him, and shook
his head. “Talking…noisy…”

Raito laughed, lightly drumming
his fingers down Ryuuzaki’s spine. “Wake up,” he poked the boy’s hip. “I have
something important to say.”

He made a negative noise and
tilted his head to kiss Raito.

“Ryuuzaki,” Raito said, pulling
away from the boy’s lips.

Ryuuzaki inched forward again to
occupy the brunette’s mouth.

Raito smiled and pushed him away
gently. “Ryuuzaki.”

The detective gave in and relaxed
against Raito. “Ok.”



Raito opened his mouth to
continue, but failed to find the words to start.

After the long pause, Ryuuzaki
pillowed his head on Raito’s chest. “Sleep?” he asked hopefully. “Ten minutes.

“I have to tell her,” he said in a

“Tell her ten minutes? What?”
Ryuuzaki questioned drowsily.

Raito could feel Ryuuzaki pouting
in confusion, but it didn’t last long; Ryuuzaki was soon asleep. Raito sighed.
He eased the sugar-addict onto his side before quietly making his way to the
dresser. He carelessly grabbed a shirt for himself and tossed it to the bed. He
grinned when Ryuuzaki nuzzled the cloth that surely smelled of him. Picking a
couple of drawstring cotton pants for both of them, as well as a snug-fitting
tank top for Ryuuzaki, Raito stepped back to the bed. He left the clothes at
the foot of the mattress and climbed back in. The metal handcuffs caught his
attention and he stared at them for a moment before gathering them into his
hands. He warmed the cold chain against his chest and closed one cuff over his
wrist. Leaning over Ryuuzaki, he locked the boy up, leaving the ring
comfortably loose. Ryuuzaki shifted under the arc of Raito’s arm, pressing his
back tightly against him; Raito’s white shirt still held under his nose.

“Ten minutes,” Raito whispered
softly to the sleeping boy. He smiled and wrapped an arm around Ryuuzaki,
bringing his hand up to rest on the pale one clutching his shirt. His anxious
thoughts eventually trailed off; Ryuuzaki’s steady breathing easily lulled him
back to sleep.


Ryuuzaki flung open the bathroom
door and threw out Raito’s balled up shirt. He squeaked when Raito grabbed him
around the waist. As the brunette pushed past him for the item, Ryuuzaki tugged
on the chain and Raito clumsily dropped to the floor. Ryuuzaki laughed and
pounced on him.

“Ryuuzaki! I’m going to hit you so hard!” he smiled against
Ryuuzaki’s neck.

“Ooh, where?”

“In the face.”

Ryuuzaki grinned. “Hm. That doesn’t sound too romantic. I
think I’ll pass.”

Raito laughed. “Get off me, you bastard.” He planted his
left hand on the boy’s chest and propped him up. He stretched and reached
forward with his other hand, fingertips just shy of the shirt.

“No.” Ryuuzaki stretched out over the brunette, making a
small, content noise.

“So defiant.” Smirking, Raito
looked away from the crumpled cloth to mark Ryuuzaki’s neck; working gently
enough to ensure the mark would fade within minutes. He bit lightly before
soothing the hurt with his tongue. He took his time, listening contently to
Ryuuzaki’s soft moans. He slipped away from the dazed boy once he had the chance
and snatched up his shirt. He managed to get arms through before he was pinned
to the floor again. Laughing, he ruffled Ryuuzaki’s drying hair, giving him an
even wilder look.

Ryuuzaki moved away and sat up on
his haunches. He reached up, pouting, to run his hands through his hair and
Raito quickly finished dressing himself.

“I still want the real shirt,” he
said, eyeing the brunette’s t-shirt.

“You have a real shirt,” Raito
replied, fingering the cloth covering Ryuuzaki’s chest.

“Lies.” He ran his hands over his
bare skin, coming to a stop on his shoulders. He frowned, looking at his
exposed arms.

Raito moved to sit on his knees.
He couldn’t resist hugging Ryuuzaki to pin his crossed arms to himself. He
kissed him teasingly. “I like it.” He kissed down the boy’s left arm, pulling
Ryuuzaki’s waist closer to him to tug down the tight cloth bunched there.

Ryuuzaki smiled and waited until
the brunette made his way closer to his wrist. He turned his head and stole a
kiss when Raito was close enough. He slipped free from Raito’s hold and hugged
him fiercely. “It hurts.”

“What does? The shirt? Or this
hug?” Raito smiled and stood up, pulling Ryuuzaki along with him.

“I love you.”

“So much, it hurts?”

Ryuuzaki nodded.

Raito laughed and bowed slightly
to place a kiss over Ryuuzaki’s heart. He placed his hand squarely over the
area and smiled up at the boy. “Maybe if we get food in you, you’ll focus on
your stomach and not your heart.”

He led Ryuuzaki to the kitchen,
pausing to kiss the boy’s arms anytime he rubbed at them. When they entered,
the smell of cooking chicken and fresh vegetables greeted them. They both
peeked around the wall to find Matsuda busy at work over the stove.

“Does my sister demand she have a
man who can cook?” Raito teased, glancing at the apron tied neatly around
Matsuda’s waist.

Ryuuzaki smirked, arms finally
hanging comfortably at his sides.

Matsuda spun around. He blushed
darkly, smiling sheepishly. “Well, I thought I could surprise her. I’ve been

“She’s lucky to have you,” Raito smiled.

“Thank you, Raito.” Matsuda
happily returned to work.

“We’re lucky to have him, too,”
Raito whispered to Ryuuzaki, a mischievous smile playing over his lips. He
bunched the chain soundlessly in his hand and snuck closer to Matsuda; Ryuuzaki
followed quietly, curious. Raito grabbed a fork and handed off the chain to
Ryuuzaki. As Matsuda turned off the burner under the meat and moved to slice
more carrots, Raito helped himself to the pan of cooked chicken. He smiled at
Ryuuzaki, who was leaning over his shoulder. He offered the tip of the fork to
him, and kissed Ryuuzaki’s forehead when the boy took the chicken between his
teeth. He repeated the action twice, cleverly avoiding Matsuda. When he offered
a fourth piece to Ryuuzaki, the grinning boy guided the fork to Raito’s lips

“Raito! Can’t you wait five
minutes?” Matsuda frowned at the brunette, holding a plate of assorted vegetables
over a sizzling pan.

Raito swallowed and smiled,
“Sorry, Matsuda.” He flicked Ryuuzaki’s upper arm the second Matsuda looked
away. Ryuuzaki placed his hand over the abused skin and motioned he didn’t mean
for them to get caught.

Matsuda glanced at the silent duo
before noisily placing a lid over the finished chicken. Raito and Ryuuzaki both
laughed at the blatant hint.

“We’ll wait, Matsuda,” Ryuuzaki
said. “Can we help?”

“You can gather drinks,” Matsuda
suggested. “If we’re all crowded around the burners, I don’t think we’d be able
to move.”

“Raito! Good morning!”

Raito gasped, suddenly holding an
armful of Misa.

Ryuuzaki caught Raito’s gaze for a
moment before glancing away awkwardly.

“Good morning, Misa,” Raito
replied, turning his attention from the fidgeting Ryuuzaki to look helplessly
to Matsuda.

“Misa, could you set the table for
us?” Matsuda asked casually, winking at Raito before turning back to the stove.

“Of course, Matsuda!” She quickly
grabbed plates and tousled Ryuuzaki’s hair as she passed him. “Good morning,

“Morning,” he replied, lifting a
hand to card his fingers through his hair.

Once she turned the corner, Raito
pulled Ryuuzaki to him. He bumped his forehead against Ryuuzaki’s and smiled.
“Don’t be jealous.” He kissed him lightly.

“I’m not,” Ryuuzaki said quietly.

“Well, it’s something.” Raito
pushed him toward the fridge and followed just enough to allow a little slack
in the chain. He glanced at Matsuda after Ryuuzaki started digging around for
drinks. “Thanks.”

“Could you hand me the chicken?”
Matsuda replied.

Raito paused at the unexpected
response and then hurried to help. He waited silently as Matsuda worked.

“You still haven’t told her.”

‘Was that a question?’ Raito
shifted his weight, “No. Not yet. I…”

“Just tell her. You have to be
quick about it, Raito.” Matsuda flicked the burner to a lower setting and
turned to face him. “It’ll hurt more the longer you wait.”

“I know,” Raito quietly
acknowledged. “I’m not sure how to.”

“Hm. I wouldn’t know, either.”
Matsuda raised his hands defensively when Raito glared at him. “I’m sure
there’s an easy way though. We just have to think.” He faced the stove again
and stirred the combined food. “What do you want to tell her?”

“I love Ryuuzaki,” he said,
tugging lightly on the chain connecting him to the boy. Ryuuzaki glanced over,
pulling an empty can of soda away from his lips guiltily. Raito smiled at him.
“And she should find someone more deserving of her.”

“That’s it?”

“Pretty much.”

Matsuda raised an eyebrow and
switched off the burner.

“I was hoping she’d lead the
conversation after that. I’ll answer any questions she has.”

“I see,” said Matsuda, turning
back to Raito. He froze suddenly, eyes wide.

A wet crash echoed in the kitchen
as Ryuuzaki dropped his second can of soda.

Raito furrowed his brow at the
boys’ confusing behavior. He was jerked to the side when Ryuuzaki rushed to
clean the mess he’d created. “What’s wrong with you two?” Raito stumbled a bit
toward Ryuuzaki and spun around to face the fumbling boy when he caught sight
of Misa. “Oh…”

Misa had her hands to her mouth,
her eyes glassy with unshed tears. “Raito? What you just said…”

Raito straightened himself and
said softly, “It’s true.”

“You love Ryuuzaki?”

“Completely,” he replied, holding
her gaze sincerely.

She looked to the floor for a
moment. She whispered, “You don’t love me?”

Ryuuzaki finally composed himself
and stepped a few inches closer to Raito to allow slack in the chain. He
remained silent, glancing to Matsuda who was watching the scene somberly.

“Not the way you want me to,” he
replied. He stepped closer to her and Ryuuzaki mirrored his footfalls, popping
his shoulder nervously. Raito gave the chain a minute tug and Ryuuzaki fell
completely silent. Lifting Misa’s chin with his hand gently, Raito said, “You
deserve someone better.”

“No I don’t!” she clasped her hand
over his. “I mean… I mean, you’re perfect! Wait, Raito. What did I do wrong? I
can fix it!”

“It’s nothing you’ve done, Misa.”

“Then something I didn’t do?”

Raito smiled softly. “Misa, I just
don’t feel that way for you. I’ve said so before.”

“But! Raito… I don’t want to give
you away.”

He leaned forward and kissed her
forehead. “I’m not yours to give, Misa.”

She wrapped her arms tightly
around him before he could pull away. “Raito, please don’t do this,” she
mumbled into his chest.

Raito glanced over his shoulder at
Ryuuzaki to find the boy chewing nervously on the tip of his ring finger,
avoiding his eyes. Raito reached back to take the detective’s hand and smiled
at him reassuringly.

“Misa, please understand I don’t
want to hurt you. I don’t want to lead you along.”

“Raito, just tell me what I have
to do,” she begged, looking up to him.

Raito stepped free from her hold,
bumping against Ryuuzaki. He squeezed the boy’s hand. “I suppose you’d have to
be Ryuuzaki,” he said.

Misa looked to the currently quiet
eccentric. The boy was staring at Raito fondly; Raito was looking back just as

“Raito, I can’t stop loving you.”

Raito looked back guiltily. “Is…
Is it really love, Misa? Are you sure?” She didn’t respond immediately as she
was prone to, and Raito quickly continued. “The time we spent together, before…
Well, before all this… I hardly remember any of it, Misa. Do you? How did we
meet, for instance? You’re famous, Misa; I’m just a no-name schoolboy. It
doesn’t add up.” He glanced to Ryuuzaki for a second. ‘The same goes for
Ryuuzaki,’ he thought. ‘Under usual circumstances, would we have ever met?’ He
turned back to Misa. “If his theories are right, then you don’t love me, you
love Ki…” Raito bit his lower lip, afraid to continue the thought. His paranoia
gripped him viciously and he suddenly had trouble breathing.

Ryuuzaki felt the brunette tense as
Kira came into discussion. He could only assume his previous accusations toward
the boy were finally being considered, now that they were closer to Higuchi.
Ryuuzaki was sad to see that once he had let go of the theories, Raito had
taken them up. The brunette was beginning to hyperventilate and Ryuuzaki’s breath
caught in his throat as he watched. He took a jerky step toward Raito before he
quickly pulled the boy to him, slipping his fingers under Raito’s handcuff and
pressing his fingertips to the boy’s wrist to separate the metal from his skin.
Once he had simulated the feeling of being unbound, he held his free hand to
the base of Raito’s neck, whispering quietly in his ear. “Shh, Raito-kun. Hold
your breath.” He pressed his chest flush against Raito’s erratic rise and fall
and held his breath to encourage the brunette to do the same. “Everything’s
okay,” he murmured gently as he exhaled. His face was hidden from Misa’s view,
so he felt free to kiss along Raito’s neck silently. “Relax.”

Misa stepped forward worriedly.
“Raito? Raito, are you ok?”

The brunette held on tightly to Ryuuzaki, fighting to hold
his breath as the boy instructed. He buried his face against Ryuuzaki’s

“You’re not Kira,” Ryuuzaki

‘Kira…’ Raito made a small noise
of distress. He pulled his wrist free from the detective’s hold to feel the
comforting metal drop into place and exhaled sharply. He inhaled Ryuuzaki’s
clean scent and focused on it desperately, closing his eyes just as he felt
another set of hands on him. He pressed closer to Ryuuzaki fearfully, but
stilled when Matsuda’s voice reached him. He was half led, half lifted to a
chair; Ryuuzaki eased him into it.

Gently framing Raito’s face with
his palms, Ryuuzaki tilted the boy’s head up. Raito was taking deeper breaths,
but still far too many. He pressed his lips gently to Raito’s, hoping to even
his breathing as well as distract him.

Raito opened his eyes, to see his
own reflection in Ryuuzaki’s.

The kiss was very light; Ryuuzaki
had his fingertips pressed to Raito’s jaw to further coax his panting to stop
by easing his mouth closed.

Raito did as Ryuuzaki was silently
asking, and was rewarded with a quick sweep of the boy’s tongue over his lips.
He relaxed and closed his eyes again, stretching to reach Ryuuzaki. He pulled
the sugar-addict closer.

Ryuuzaki slowly parted from the
brunette, happy to find him breathing properly. He smiled at him, one hand
tangled in the brunette’s hair, the other still at his jaw. “Better?” Raito
nodded with closed eyes and Ryuuzaki kneeled to hug him. He rocked them back
and forth slowly, mumbling simply into his shoulder, “Scary.”

“Sorry,” he replied quietly. He
looped his arms around Ryuuzaki. He opened his eyes; Matsuda and Misa were both
looking at him in concern.

“Here,” Matsuda nearly whispered,
offering a glass of water.

“Thank you.”

Ryuuzaki moved slightly to allow
the brunette to drink, but didn’t release his hold.

Raito placed his hand comfortingly
over Ryuuzaki’s head. He drank greedily, looking to Matsuda questioningly when
the boy tipped the glass away from his lips.

Matsuda cleared his throat. “Easy,

He nodded and began drinking
again, searching Matsuda’s eyes for disapproval of his intake. He smiled over
the edge of the glass when Matsuda caringly brushed Raito’s hair away from his

After Raito finished, Matsuda took
back the empty glass and stepped aside for Misa.

“Raito? I’m so sorry. Are you ok?”

He nodded, “Sorry, Misa, if I
scared you, too.” He sighed silently, relaxing noticeably against Ryuuzaki as
the kneeling boy began to rub his back soothingly. His eyes slid shut and he
rested his head against Ryuuzaki’s shoulder.

“Raito, I want you to know; I
don’t love Kira.”

Ryuuzaki tightened his hold on the
brunette at the mention of Kira, terrified of a repeat panic attack.

Raito returned the strengthened
embrace. He fought against the chaotic spin of thoughts and doubts that
threatened to pull him down again. ‘I’m not Kira. I can’t be.’ His breath
hitched and he felt Ryuuzaki’s warm palm press against his sternum. ‘I won’t be
weak,’ he growled to himself, forcing his eyes open.

“You’re the one I love, Raito.”

Raito blinked up at her as
Ryuuzaki’s evidence ran through his head at a dizzying pace. ‘Connections…
There are so many connections. Why can’t I remember anything?’ Misa repeated
herself and Raito could only nod. He didn’t trust himself to open his mouth,
afraid that he’d either start hyperventilating again or scream his innocence;
both of which weren’t favorable.

Misa glanced to Ryuuzaki who was
still soothing Raito. She was glad that someone could. Leaning forward, she
cupped Raito’s face.

Raito’s hand sped to cover hers.
“Misa, I’m sorry.”

She smiled sadly. “I know. There’s
no need to be.” After everything she’d seen, she was willing to leave Raito in
Ryuuzaki’s caring hands. She pulled back and bit her lip nervously before
asking, “We can still be friends?”

“Of course,” he answered quickly.
He smiled at her, grateful for her acceptance. “Thank you.”

Smiling, Misa nodded. She gracefully
hid her love for the brunette gazing up at her.





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