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From this chapter on, there will be very few connections between the two
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be able to apply character’s personalities, opinions, and past experiences to
either version. For example, the characters in version one express more
opinions than those in version two, but the opinions are shared. So if Ryuuzaki
claims to have a certain belief in version one, you will have to assume he
holds the same belief in version two – I will not make the versions redundant
by restating every conversation because that would defeat the purpose. Reading
only one version will deprive you of this; you won’t be able to see the implied
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“I’ve decided we’re going to

Raito glanced over at the other.
He had finished his report, and Ryuuzaki was currently typing up his own. “We are
going to forget. You can’t decide that now.” He looked back to the security
monitor at his side, watching the ground floor’s lobby intently. They had
effortlessly beaten the rest of the investigation team to headquarters, and the
brunette was anxiously waiting for their arrival.

“No, we’re going to forget.”

Raito replied, “Putting emphasis
on words doesn’t help me understand.” Ryuuzaki laughed
around his thumb and Raito sighed. “You’re going to have try really, really
hard to make sense, Ryuuzaki; I’m having enough trouble as it is.” He rubbed at
his wrist where the handcuff had once rested. He found it slightly odd that he
missed the feel of cool metal against his skin. ‘When father approaches, do I
meet his gaze or avoid it? What do I normally do?’ He focused and concluded, ‘I
usually turn to greet him when he walks in. Meet his gaze. His expression will
be one of frustration due to Higuchi’s death; I mustn’t let his stare shake me.
He’ll notice if anything is wrong.’

“Hm. Alright. We’re going to
forget,” he ducked as Raito swung a fist at him. He grinned and continued.
“Naturally, I mean, we’re going to forget. But I’ll surely read this all
tomorrow morning, and you claimed you want to know if I know, so you’ll read
it, too.” He glanced over and smiled. “Following?” The brunette nodded and
Ryuuzaki turned back to the laptop. He saved his finished document and bundled
both his and the brunette’s together. He saved them to two locations on his
laptop, then proceeded to send them to Watari’s personal computer. The man had
free access to anything Ryuuzaki gave him, and he wondered for a moment if
Watari would read.

“So we forget, then remember
again. Then…?”

“Your turn.”

“My turn?” Raito asked, tilting
his head.

“That’s my half of the plan,
where’s yours?”

Raito glared. “That’s not a plan!
That’s what’s going to happen without us even trying. I’ll still remember you
writing down Higuchi’s name,” Raito’s memories as Kira were already starting to
develop gaps; days that were uneventful were missing completely and other days
were quickly fading, but he could clearly recall Ryuuzaki’s frustrating
behavior in the helicopter, “and you’ll still remember my actions as Kira.
We’ll both remember this conversation. The only problem is the confusion we’ll
experience soon.”

“I suppose I’ll put more thought
into it.”

Raito made an annoyed noise,
turning away. “How do we explain the missing note?”

There was a stretch of silence
before Ryuuzaki hesitantly replied, “I’ve told you already. Twice.”

Shocked, Raito turned back. He
stared, hoping Ryuuzaki would claim it was a joke. When the other simply stared
back he said helplessly, “Tell me again.”

Ryuuzaki studied the brunette for
a moment. He reached beyond Raito for the notebook replica. “I’ve made this to
fool them. Don’t you remember? You were just holding it…” He stared. Raito
stared back. “It’s the reason I unlocked the handcuffs; I had to get supplies.
Are you okay, Raito?”

“That’s why I’m not bound?” Raito
reached for the notebook and hesitated a moment. He laughed nervously when he
realized how foolish he was being – Kira’s memories wouldn’t return. ‘It’s not
a true note, right? And I already have Kira’s memories…’ He grabbed it and
thumbed it open. “Where are the rules?”

Ryuuzaki blinked. “Raito…we’ve
already had this conversation.”

Raito looked over blankly.

Sighing, the detective repeated
himself, “I don’t plan on letting anyone, including you, touch the replica when
we’re all gathered. I’m going to state my insecurities in anyone handling it.
Thus, no one will be able to ask, ‘Weren’t there rules written here?’ Besides,
I don’t think anyone took the time to open the damned thing – after catching
sight of Remu, everyone kind of lost their heads.”

“Okay,” he nodded. Turning back to
the book, he asked, “How will you keep it away from us?”

Ryuuzaki growled and restated,
“I’m going to lock it up, as destroying it in front of everyone would only
raise questions. Thoughts such as, ‘That book is important to the case,’ ‘He
worked hard to obtain it,’ ‘Why destroy it, regardless of its power?’ They will
then birth paranoid thoughts of deception, or something they can’t understand,
and generally be uneasy around me. And if we have this conversation again, I’m
going to kick your ass.”

Raito laughed. “Alright, alright.
I’ll try to remember.” He stared at the book in his hands. Ryuuzaki couldn’t
have spent more than an hour on it, as Raito had finished his report shortly
after they arrived. And according to Ryuuzaki, Raito had held it before. In that
small amount of time, the detective had managed to create an amazing
look-alike. Ryuuzaki had gotten the cover to look worn, and he skillfully hid
both staples in the book’s binding. The only difference was the weight; the
book he held now seemed lighter. “Very impressive.”

“You’ve said that.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“You’ve said that, too.”

Raito sighed. “Are you going to
handcuff us together again?”


“Said that, I bet. What’s the
answer again?”

“I gave you the option,” Ryuuzaki
answered sincerely. “You didn’t give an answer, either time.”

‘If father walks in, and I’m not
bound to Ryuuzaki will he be happy, assuming Ryuuzaki’s suspicion of me has
been lifted and I’m innocent? Or will he see two people with a secret in plain
sight? If Ryuuzaki binds us again, dad will be displeased, but the routine of
seeing the chain between us will ease him. Right? Yes, then Ryuuzaki can
pretend to gradually drop his suspicions of me and free me later.’ Raito turned
back to the security monitor. “Are you really going to protect me from
punishment?” he asked, recalling the other’s words to Remu.

“Hey, no you don’t. You did this
same exact thing the last two times!” Ryuuzaki spun the brunette’s seat to face
him. “You stare at me blankly, then turn to that damn screen and change the
subject. I need your answer. Do I handcuff you again? Is it what you want?”

Raito blinked. “I’m sorry,
Ryuuzaki. Yes, handcuff me. You’ll pretend to find me innocent over time, and
eventually you’ll free me.”

“Okay. Good. Answers are good.”
Ryuuzaki smiled and took the boy’s wrist into his hand. He slipped the metal
ring over Raito’s wrist and clicked the teeth into place, listening for the
double lock. “Comfortable?”


“Back to your other question,”
Ryuuzaki sighed, “again…”

Raito smiled. “You’re going to
protect me, but you’re leaving me the choice to tell my father. His job is law
enforcement, as you unnecessarily reminded, and his choice might differ from
yours. Overall, you’re going to protect Misa from any punishment so as to save
me from Remu’s wrath.”

Ryuuzaki blinked. He smiled and
nodded. “Great. So you were listening.” He played with the handcuff’s chain
before he ran a finger over Raito’s locked ring. “Was it this? Do you need this
to focus now?” he teased.

“It helps,” Raito admitted in a

Ryuuzaki looked up and blinked.
His gaze softened. “I wasn’t aware.”

“Well, apparently I was a mess,
wasn’t I?” Raito frowned.

“You had me worried,” Ryuuzaki
replied. He smiled. “It was like watching myself.”

Raito’s frown deepened. “I hope
this isn’t how you feel all the time.”

Ryuuzaki shrugged. He stood and
led them to the sofa, tugging on his open handcuff when Raito momentarily
refused to leave the surveillance feed. He settled on a cushion and opened his
arms for the brunette. Raito hugged him tightly and he kissed the brunette
warmly, bringing him closer. He could feel the other’s tension slipping away.
Without any warning, he pushed Raito against the armrest and reached into the
brunette’s pants to tease his length through his boxers.

Raito gasped. He whimpered and
clutched Ryuuzaki’s shoulders. “Ryu-” His lips were sealed with the other’s
again, preventing his objection.

Ryuuzaki continued to rub against
the soft cotton that hid the boy’s growing need. The brunette pulled him closer
and Ryuuzaki smiled. He contently pleasured Raito through the material,
dragging his nails up the boy’s length, before massaging. Raito groaned and
thrust against his hand. Ryuuzaki summoned Raito’s tongue with swift swipes of
his own, pressing closer when Raito’s body language screamed for more. He
eventually slid his hand through the opening of Raito’s boxers and stroked him
expertly, having learned the boy’s hot spots. He reached down with his other
hand and undid Raito’s belt and pants to give himself more room. Raito wriggled
beneath him, spreading his legs in an attempt to offer more of himself.
Smiling, Ryuuzaki unbuttoned a single button on the brunette’s shirt to slip
his hand in. He lightly rubbed his palm in small circles over Raito’s left
nipple, and worked until Raito was thrusting into his hand, moaning into his
mouth. He finally released the boy’s lips; Raito’s head fell back, moans loud
without Ryuuzaki’s mouth to hinder them.

“Ahh… More…” Raito fisted his own
shirt tightly when Ryuuzaki’s lips suddenly slid over his arousal. He groaned
and whimpered as Ryuuzaki teased him ceaselessly. Letting out small, clipped
moans, his head lolled to the side and he was reduced to a shivering mess. He
nearly ripped his shirt open when the detective hummed around him.

Ryuuzaki reached up and gripped
Raito’s shirt just over the opening to keep the delicate buttons from tearing
off. He hummed again, taking the brunette entirely. He reached up with his free
hand and raked his nails over Raito’s side through his taut shirt. Raito tensed
and arched into Ryuuzaki’s mouth, moaning as he came.

Raito’s shirt slipped free from
his hands and he faintly felt Ryuuzaki smoothing out wrinkles in the material.
A strong beep made his brow furrow in confusion.

“You have only a few minutes to
get rid of that flush, Raito-kun,” Ryuuzaki whispered as he leaned down to kiss
the boy’s reddened cheeks. He buttoned the boy’s shirt again and tended to his
jeans. Raito mumbled incoherently and Ryuuzaki smiled. He stood from the
brunette’s side and retrieved his laptop and the fake note. When he returned,
he finally locked himself to the other. Raito opened his eyes and tried to sit
up. “Stay there, Raito-kun.” Ryuuzaki gently fixed the brunette against the
sofa again.

“What about you?” Raito managed to
say as he slumped back into place. He looked at the boy’s glazed eyes and could
tell Ryuuzaki had yet to find release.

“I’ll be okay.” Ryuuzaki pulled
his legs up to hide his need. He set the replica notebook next to Raito and
opened his laptop. “If you fell asleep, that would help my story.”

Raito’s eyes slid closed. “What…?”

“You’re too nervous, Raito.” He
smirked. “Or you were.” He brushed Raito’s bangs out of his face and
kissed his forehead. “Your fear of your father’s opinion will be our downfall.
Let me take care of this.”

“You always have a plan,” Raito

“Anything for you,” Ryuuzaki
returned softly.

Matsuda stepped in, disheveled.
“Ryuuzaki, Higuchi didn’t make it.”

Raito fell asleep before he could
hear the detective’s reply.


Raito woke to a heavy hand on his
head. He could tell, even with sleep-impaired thoughts, that it wasn’t Ryuuzaki
brushing his hair away. His eyes fluttered open to find his father gazing down
at him. Raito’s eyebrows dipped in guilt and he opened his mouth but didn’t get

“Raito, don’t worry. Ryuuzaki told
us everything. I want you to get some rest now, alright?”

Raito nodded, afraid to say
anything that would go against the detective’s story. His father stood and
left, heading up the stairs toward his room.

Raito sat up and glanced to
Ryuuzaki questioningly. The boy was sitting at a strange angle, but in his
current position, his laptop as able to face the brunette while still looking
natural. In dark text the words Don’t Speak, Raito were typed upon a clean

Raito kept his mouth closed and
looked back to Ryuuzaki. The detective subtly motioned toward the computers
next to them. Raito glanced discretely to find Matsuda staring solemnly at one
of the computer screens. Ryuuzaki began typing again and Raito turned back.

I Told Them You Were Distressed At
The News Of Higuchi’s Death.

‘Okay. That works.’

Ryuuzaki continued, You Then Began
Reading The Death Note. You Continued To Read Here, At Headquarters. You Became
Unresponsive, Until Your Tears Caused You To Fall Asleep.

Raito sighed.

I Explained The Book Was Full Of
Names. I’ve Typed Out The Entire List For The Team.


Ryuuzaki turned at Raito’s small
noise of confusion and smiled. Photographic Memory. Though I Fear I Have Omitted
At Least One Page. Either That, Or Higuchi Skipped A Great Deal Of Time Between
Killings. Matsuda Is Currently Reading.

Raito shook his head in disbelief.
He stared at the blank screen, waiting for Ryuuzaki to continue.

Everyone Has Retired For The
Night, Save For Matsuda. I’ve Explained My Loose Theory Over The Second Kira
Having Killed Higuchi To Silence Him. I’ve Locked Away The Note. Your Father
Was Displeased – As You’d Probably Assumed He Would Be – At Seeing You Still
Chained To Me, But I’ve Hinted Toward Waning Suspicions.

There was a long pause. Ryuuzaki
stretched and popped his shoulder. You May Speak To Matsuda, Now That You Know
The Basic Outline.

“Matsuda?” Raito turned in his
seat. “Are you alright?”

Matsuda picked his head up. He
smiled faintly and nodded. “I’m fine. How are you?”

Raito shrugged. Matsuda nodded
again, glancing away.

“I thought we were going to
finally solve the Kira case,” he mumbled gloomily.

Raito frowned. “We’ve made
progress, Matsuda, a lot of progress. We’re nearly done.”

Matsuda glanced back and
straightened in posture. “Yeah. Okay.” He smiled. “Thanks, Raito.” He stood and
turned toward the stairs Soichiro had used. “Good night, Ryuuzaki, Raito.” He
left after both boys bid him goodnight in turn.

Raito turned back to Ryuuzaki.

Ryuuzaki smiled. “You can’t deny
that you’re sensitive, Raito-kun.”

“The same can be said for you,”
Raito purred, running his fingertips lightly down Ryuuzaki’s neck. The boy
shivered. Raito gently traced the front of Ryuuzaki’s jeans to discover the boy
was still slightly hard. “Come, kitten,” Raito whispered. He stood.

Ryuuzaki whimpered at the
suggestive command. He quickly grabbed his laptop and followed the brunette to
the bedroom. As soon as he entered, his laptop was taken and set aside by the

Raito reached up to thread his
fingers in Ryuuzaki’s hair. He nipped lightly at the detective’s throat, taking
the hidden key between his fingers. He freed them both and let the handcuffs
fall to the floor. He pulled Ryuuzaki closer, turning him around before
reaching for his pants.

Ryuuzaki tried to thrust into
Raito’s hand; the brunette ignored him and continued stroking him unevenly
through the denim of his jeans. Raito walked backward toward the bed, arms
wrapped around Ryuuzaki, hands teasing. The detective followed willingly, steps
carefully guided by the boy behind him.

Raito moved back onto the bed to
rest against the headboard. He fixed Ryuuzaki’s back against his chest and
finally unzipped the boy’s pants. He pushed both the jeans and boxers down to
Ryuuzaki’s thighs to free him. He moved his hands up to slide his palms over
Ryuuzaki’s hips and ribs, savoring the feel of Ryuuzaki’s heated flesh beneath
his palms. Tilting his head, he bit and licked at the other’s neck.

Ryuuzaki whimpered and turned his
head to rest on the brunette’s shoulder. He offered more of his throat and
whined at the lack of touch on his arousal. His hand drifted down to stroke

Grabbing the boy’s hand, Raito
smirked against the flesh beneath his lips. “Naughty pet.” He stroked Ryuuzaki
firmly, once; whispering huskily, “Mine.”

Ryuuzaki moaned. He pushed back
further against the warm chest supporting him, whimpering. “Yours.”

“You had so much self control
earlier, kitten. Where is it now?” He stroked lightly again, using only his
fingertips. “Were you hard the entire time they spoke with you?” Ryuuzaki
shivered against him. He smeared the boy’s pre-come around the length’s head
with a single fingertip, smiling as Ryuuzaki quickly offered more. “You’re
wonderful, Ryuuzaki. Your will is so strong.” He nuzzled affectionately before
kissing over the other’s pulse. When the detective planted his hands firmly
over the brunette’s thighs, Raito smiled. He dropped his unoccupied hand to
rest over Ryuuzaki’s, threading their fingers together. He wrapped his hand
around Ryuuzaki’s leaking arousal and began stroking gently.

Ryuuzaki moaned quietly. He fisted
the other’s jeans in his hands and panted softly. He thrust upward, echoing the
brunette’s moan when he moved back against Raito’s arousal.

Raito’s erection strained in its
confined space and he shivered. He pulled Ryuuzaki closer to him, lifting his
hand from the boy’s fist to support his hip. He thrust lightly against the
detective, encouraging the other’s small movements. “You’ve given me so much,
kitten,” he whispered warmly. He kept their movements slow, happy to find
Ryuuzaki content with the pleasurable torture. Ryuuzaki squeezed his thigh
lightly, moaning in reply. He removed his hand from the boy’s erection to slip
both hands under Ryuuzaki’s shirt. He crossed his arms over the lightly panting
chest to tease the boy’s nipples.

“Ahh…” Ryuuzaki turned his head to
rest the tight muscles in his neck, inadvertently offering the other side. He
continued to thrust upward slowly, now into the air alone, but his downward
pushes brought the other pleasure and he was happy to continue.

Raito nipped along the pale column
– Ryuuzaki’s fingers twitched at the unexpected sensation. Raito hummed against
Ryuuzaki’s quickened pulse and he supported the boy as he arched sharply into
his next thrust, groaning, “Master...” The detective fell back limply, stunned
for a moment in pleasure. “I can never repay you for what you’ve given me,” he
murmured, thumbing the boy’s nipples with contrasting pressure. He let his
hands trail down Ryuuzaki’s sides. Using two joined fingers, he teased
Ryuuzaki’s sac. He hummed lightly again into Ryuuzaki’s pulse. Ryuuzaki let out
a long moan, and Raito watched still more pre-come race down the boy’s length.
Raito could feel his own climax approaching and he moved away from the other’s
teasing hips. “I love you, Ryuuzaki. I’ve never felt so at east with anyone
before.” The other boy ran his thumb comfortingly over Raito’s thigh. Ryuuzaki
reached up to take Raito’s hand into his, squeezing. Raito smiled and returned
the gesture. He let his hand return to the other’s sex, dragging his fingers up
lightly. Raito continued to pleasure Ryuuzaki unhurriedly until the boy was
whimpering quietly. They were both trembling against each other, at the very
limit of their pleasure. Ryuuzaki tilted his head to kiss Raito’s jaw, begging
submissively. Raito smiled lovingly and reached down to firmly palm Ryuuzaki’s
length. He wrapped his arm around the boy’s chest and hugged him.

Moaning, the detective stilled his
hips as much as he could, pressing his weight back into the brunette. Raito
moaned into his neck. They tensed at the same moment, pressed close to one
another. For a long breath, Ryuuzaki left his head resting against the other’s
shoulder, face turned toward the ceiling. He opened his eyes for a moment, only
to close them again as he nuzzled Raito. “Mm…”

Raito smiled, cradling the boy to
him securely as he finished tugging the undone pants down. Ryuuzaki helped, but
shifted too far and caused them both to slide against the headboard until they
were resting on their sides. Raito laughed and kissed the corner of Ryuuzaki’s
lips before easily slipping Ryuuzaki’s shirt off.

Ryuuzaki turned in Raito’s arms
and he quickly unbuttoned the other’s clothes. When the brunette was as naked
as he was, he pressed close to the smooth expanse of Raito’s body.

Raito drew the covers up, kissing
Ryuuzaki warmly when the boy moved close enough.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Raito-kun.”

Raito smiled at the comforting


Ryuuzaki’s laptop whirred quietly
next to Raito’s hip. Raito opened his eyes ruefully. It was before sunrise, by
and hour or two. Groaning, Raito pushed Ryuuzaki’s screen forward to meet the
keys. ‘They’re not really that well acquainted, are they?’ he mused.

“Raito, I was reading.”

“You should be sleeping.”

“This is more important.”

Raito hummed in doubt. He shifted
to peek up at the other, tugging blankets to his chin. He smiled and grabbed
Ryuuzaki’s hand away from the detective’s mouth, pulling him down.

Ryuuzaki pouted, but gave in to
the other. When he was lying next to Raito, the brunette smiled and nuzzled
warmly. He relaxed against Raito, laughing lightly when the boy pressed closer
to inhale his scent.

Raito pulled the thin boy closer
to breathe him in a second time. He closed his eyes and carded his fingers
through Ryuuzaki’s hair. He hummed contently before mumbling, “I had a weird

“Oh…?” He brushed Raito’s hair out
of they boy’s face, smiling when Raito moved into the soft touch.

“Yeah. We finally went after
Higuchi...” Raito tensed. “…I…” He opened his eyes, eyebrows dipped fearfully.
“What were you reading, Ryuuzaki?” he asked quietly.

“I was nearly done reading my
report from yesterday…” Raito cursed, under his breath. “I’m not sure how I
feel... Would you like to read with me?”

Raito reached for the laptop
silently and together they fixed the screen to face them. They tangled their
legs together beyond the device, pressing their heads close enough to feel the
tickle of each other’s hair. Ryuuzaki scrolled to the top and they read

“Where are you?”

“Line thirty-four.”

Ryuuzaki hummed and scrolled

As they finished, Raito sighed. He
reached up to comb his fingers through his hair, smiling despite the situation
as he felt Ryuuzaki’s hair mixed with his. He reached further to run his
fingers through the other boy’s hair as well. “I’m Kira… It’s true? You killed

Ryuuzaki waited a moment. “Do you
remember anything of yesterday?”

“It’s hazy. Like I said, I
thought…it was a dream. Do you? Remember, I mean.”

“No, not entirely. I remember
wrestling with you, and a discussion with the investigation team… You created a
report, too. Do you remember?”

Raito chewed his lip before
replying, “Let’s read mine, then.” He watched nervously as Ryuuzaki opened
another document, hoping desperately that it would be blank. He was

For a long beat they stared at the
words before them.

“It would be great if I woke up.”

Ryuuzaki glanced up at Raito to
find the boy’s eyes shut tight.

“Or, you could tell me it’s a
joke,” he muttered, opening his eyes to look at Ryuuzaki.

“Sorry, Raito-kun.”

Raito sighed. “No, Ryuuzaki, I’m sorry. No one was supposed
to know… It wasn’t… I didn’t think…” He looked at the other boy guiltily,
“You…you murdered for me… I’m so sorry.” He brought the heels of his palms to
his eyes and groaned. “I’m Kira.”

“You were Kira.”

“I murdered.”

“You won’t again.”

“Have we had this conversation

Ryuuzaki smiled and pulled Raito’s
hands away from his eyes. “We’ve been looped in the same conversations for a
while now. It’s alright.”

“What happens now? I’ve murdered,
your job-”

Ryuuzaki smiled softly. “I’d
rather we jumped out of the repetition, Raito-kun. Let’s read, then I’ll answer
any of your questions.”

Raito nodded and turned back to
the screen.

They repeated the same process of
announcing progress to each other before scrolling to display new lines. They
quickly grew tired of lying on their sides and they moved to lie on their
stomachs, with Ryuuzaki’s chin propped up on Raito’s extended arm. When they
tired of that, Raito folded himself around Ryuuzaki as the detective adopted
his usual crouch. Ryuuzaki rested his head against the brunette’s shoulder,
wrapped warmly in Raito’s arms as their eyes scanned the long lines.



Raito sighed, letting his arms
slip from the other boy as he fell back to the mattress. “Well, I apparently
had a plan, didn’t I?” He sighed again, “You can’t say that you’re surprised,
though. Not with the amount of evidence you had against me.”

“It was very extensive, yes; both
your plan and my evidence,” Ryuuzaki said as he reflected on the boy’s report.
“Very interesting…”

“Ryuuzaki… You’ve saved me.”

The detective looked over his
shoulder at Raito, closing the open windows on his screen by touch alone.

“You stopped me.”

“You stopped on your own,
Raito-kun. You were the one to tell Remu-”


Ryuuzaki blinked.

“I think…witnessing you kill
Higuchi woke me up.” Raito shifted to rest on his elbows, facing the other.
“I’m usually very stubborn; my plans are my core. But you’ve come to mean so
much to me. If it weren’t for you, I would still…” Raito glanced away. “Higuchi
was a killer, just as I am, and we deserve our punishments. But…I caused you to
murder. I didn’t want…” He turned back, “I’m sorry, Ryuuzaki.”

Ryuuzaki turned completely to face
him. “You forced me to do nothing, Raito-kun. I did what I did by my own will,
and it is not to rest on your conscience.” He smiled. “Your motives with the
death note were pure, Raito-kun. You weren’t killing for personal gain, as
Higuchi was. Only…your logic was that of a seven year old.” Raito blew his hair
out of his face and glanced away. Ryuuzaki laughed. “I don’t mean to insult. To
say, ‘Bad people should die,’ is understandable, and as you mentioned in your
report, it is a common way of thinking. But life is precious, Raito-kun.”


Ryuuzaki ran his hand through his
hair. How to explain…? “Executions…are usually used only after all other
options have been exhausted. Imprisonment, reintegration, surveillance…
Execution takes place only after those chances have been wasted, and the
offender continues to wrong. Many people deem these extra chances unnecessary,
as most feel that a criminal can never again be trusted. Everyone has his or
her own listing of wrongdoings in accordance to severity. Many would agree that
a purse-snatcher has committed a crime that is less severe than someone who has
raped. But when we compare a rapist to a murderer, opinions vary on which
criminal should be punished most. And while it is true that many criminals go
unpunished, it is also true that innocent people have been killed for crimes
they did not commit, all in the name of justice, all because we rushed to erase
the ‘criminal.’ When one person’s word against another’s is the only thing
balancing lives, it is very difficult to find the truth, and it is not uncommon
for the government to be falsely led. ‘Killers should be killed’ is a common
belief; should rapists be raped? This endless cycle would lead us all to become
criminals. And we would defend our actions by claiming we’re ‘punishing’ other
criminals? Everyone should be given the chance to repent, Raito-kun. All cultures
have different views on crimes and punishments, but it is a universal that life
is significant; something that should be celebrated.” Ryuuzaki sighed. “Capital
punishment…the most ‘humane’ form of the death sentence is lethal injection – a
process that defies logic in itself as it causes a person from the medical
field, someone who has sworn above all else to hold life as something precious
and use all methods to delay death – to kill.” Ryuuzaki glanced away and
murmured, “People in that profession have proven throughout time that their
trusted positions and available…methods…allow for…easy prey… ‘Mercy killings…’
The psyche of the killer is…” Ryuuzaki stared blankly at the blankets. He
looked back to Raito when the brunette pressed a warm hand to his thigh. He
continued quietly. “I, personally, don’t approve of the death penalty. There
are strong arguments for it, most of which are societal financial concerns,
however invalid they may be. All regions have their own action either for or
against executions…for many people, a life-sentence with no chance of parole is
too much of a grey area.” Frowning, he rubbed at his shoulder. “Executions and
murder have existed long before civilization. Mutual wars and nonconsensual
‘hunting.’ There have always been, and always will be, killings, both in and
out of the name of justice. I suppose I have a Rousseauan way of thinking – or
perhaps it’s Tolstoy syndrome – and any theory can be rebutted, but…but it’s
not your place to decide wrong from right for everyone, Raito-kun. And your
plan was quickly reaching a scale so grand that levels of crimes were no longer
seen; ‘if you do wrong, you die’ was your logic, and you were the only one
deciding what was wrong. If you had continued to follow that line of thinking,
everyone…everyone would have been a wrongdoer in your eyes. As smart as you
are, that was very immature.” Ryuuzaki smiled. “Did I make any sense? I hope I
wasn’t too scattered.”

Raito sighed. “But…there are so
many needless victims, Ryuuzaki. I see them everywhere. The innocent are
unsuspecting of the blackness in the hearts of others, and they’re vulnerable
at those sinner’s hands. They have no protector.”

Ryuuzaki nodded solemnly. “Yes, it
is quite a task to protect them all. But we’re trying, Raito-kun. The justice
system has its flaws, just as anything does, but we’re trying.”

“I…only wanted to help.”

“Acting upon broadcasted case
files and accusations that may have been incorrect doesn’t… It wouldn’t be…”

“I… I may have killed innocents?”

Ryuuzaki’s expression softened in
sorrow. His gaze slipped to the blankets again.

After a lengthy silence, Raito
said, “Father will suspect…what I’ve done. I want to tell him.”

“I’ve already started to lead them
away from that theory, Raito-kun.”

“They’ll find it hard to believe
you deduced wrong.”

“They want to believe you’ve
always been innocent.”

“It’s a lie, and they’ll never
forget the true theory.”

“Theories can be proven wrong. And
besides, your father’s job is law enforcement.”

Raito nodded. “His position may be
the reason I feel obligated to confess. I have to.”

“If they learn that you were Kira,
then they’ll know Misa was the second Kira. When faced with two criminals, your
father will be forced to act as his title commands; this is assuming that he
wouldn’t send you away to face punishment in the first place. I’ve literally
sworn on your life that Misa will be free from punishment. I’ll not lose you to
Remu. I’d given you the decision before, but I’ve decided against it; you must
not tell your father.”

Raito glanced away.

“You’re not failing him,
Raito-kun. He has faith in your innocence.”

“It’s a lie, Ryuuzaki.”

“Were you not lying to him when
you were Kira?”

“I didn’t lie, I just didn’t tell

“Then don’t tell him this,

Raito sighed. He glanced away,
still relaxed against the bed. He brought the blankets closer to him and shut
his eyes. Frowning, he pushed the blankets away and reached for Ryuuzaki
blindly. He smiled when the detective settled against him. Pressing closer to
the boy’s warmth, Raito sighed gently. “You confuse me.”

Grinning, Ryuuzaki replied,
“You’re the illogical one, Raito.”

“Hm…” He ducked his head beneath
the detective’s chin and frowned. “What do I do about Misa?”

“It’s not my decision to make,
Raito-kun. However, I must ensure her safety above all.”

“Yes… I feared you’d say that. I
don’t want to make the decision alone.” He hummed in thought, running a
fingertip over Ryuuzaki’s ribs. “She still feels for me.”


Raito nuzzled Ryuuzaki, smirking
when Ryuuzaki’s laugh met his ear as his hair tickled the detective’s neck.
Ryuuzaki stopped him with a gentle touch. “I’m not sure what to do. I’ve
already tried to talk to her.”

“I’m sorry that I ruin-”
Ryuuzaki’s apology was cut short as the brunette leaned up to kiss him. He
relaxed against him, and they leisurely enjoyed each other.

Raito slipped his hand into
Ryuuzaki’s hair. “It’s in the past.” He stared at him softly. “As long as
you’re alright.”


Raito blinked. He frowned and
said, “Is that the percentage of it happening again?” Raito dreaded a possible
repeat of the boy’s fearful behavior. But as high as the figured percent was,
it wasn’t staggeringly high.


“Care to explain?”

“Though we’ve ended the case,
there are still loose ends. And my fears have been proven and dealt with, but
more have come to replace them.”

“I see… I want to help.”

Ryuuzaki smiled, pressing close
enough to feel the rise of the brunette’s chest. “All I ask is that you do not
tell your father.”

“You have my word,” Raito said
sincerely. “I may have a lot to be concerned about, Ryuuzaki, but a lot of it
has fallen away. You’ve done so much for me.”

“I’m still new to all things to do
with relationships, but isn’t that what you do in them? If we give Misa her
life back, routine, I think that will solve it. Routine… The investigation team
deserves a break, anyway. They deserve more than that, as the case is truly
solved. We still have to do something to support Higuchi’s death. I’m not
exactly sure how… We could gather recent instances of natural heart attacks and
strange accidents, make connections… How to arrest-” He paused when the
brunette kissed him fleetingly.

“Are you speaking to me, or
thinking aloud?” Raito gave a small smile. “If you’re speaking to me, you have
to give me time to respond.”

“I was speaking? Yesterday… I
haven’t been able to slow down.” Ryuuzaki shut his eyes and bit his lip.

Raito frowned, “Oh. Focus on me,
alright?” He presented his chest to the other and placed Ryuuzaki’s hand
squarely over his heart. The boy’s fingertips were cold and Raito shivered. He
ran the pads of his fingers over the detective’s neck and smiled when the boy
sighed silently.

After he managed to banish his
memorized charts and knowledge concerning the functioning of the human heart,
Ryuuzaki focused solely on Raito’s warmth and the strength of the beat beneath
his palm. When the brunette’s fingers met his skin, his mind slowed to a thick
syrup and his hand slipped from the other’s chest. He opened his eyes only wide
enough to replace his hand.

Raito smiled. “Better?”

“Much,” he whispered.

“Good,” the brunette murmured,
smoothing back the detective’s hair. “What causes it?”

“I think I told you once,”
Ryuuzaki replied quietly. “I’m forced to hear myself over my own thoughts. When
I’m unable to find an answer, I’ll recall anything remotely relevant in hopes
of supplying one.”

“I see. Yesterday was taxing.”

“Yes, many questions…”

“Which questions remain?”

“At the moment, I’m considering
relationships. Before this, it was mythology and religion to help me understand
the existence of shinigami and the possibility of other unknowns. Your concern
over religion had me taking another look – my stance hasn’t changed, though I
suppose I’m more understanding of other viewpoints. As objective as I already
am, that’s pretty impressive. I realized that my security in ‘proven facts’
could be categorized as ‘faith;’ if I were to have all of my believed theories
stripped away, I’m sure it would be devastating. Beyond all that, for some
strange reason,” Ryuuzaki made an irritated face, “I can’t stop thinking about
chinchillas.” His expression relaxed as he murmured, “Soft…” He cleared his
throat, “But more importantly, there’s still the need to explain Higuchi’s

Raito blinked. “What’s your most
pressing worry?”

“Most pressing… I’ve never before
felt so empowered and imperfect at the same time. I know I have many flaws and
quirks; I don’t want to fail you. I’m used to going days without speaking and
even longer without human contact. But now I crave you… And…after reading your
report…I…feel that if Misa was such a burden…and not truly your love, I might
not be…If I’m not-”

“No, Ryuuzaki. Open your eyes,” he
coaxed. Once his eyes met the other’s, he smiled. “I love you. Never doubt it,
kitten.” He kissed him gently, fixing his hand over the detective’s to press
more firmly against his chest. “My heart became yours when it was free of
Kira’s influence,” he murmured, resting his forehead against Ryuuzaki’s. “I
care about you more than I have anyone before. I’ve never trusted anyone enough,
to allow someone this close… I never want to lose this.”

Ryuuzaki smiled. “I just… I’m
sorry. I don’t want to burden-”

“You are not a burden, Ryuuzaki. I
don’t want you to change for me; I fell in love with who you are, and there’s
no chance of you failing me.”

The corners of Ryuuzaki’s lips
curled upward kittenishly, and Raito smiled before he stole a kiss from him.
The brunette pulled him closer, wrapping his arms securely around him.

“What I did to Misa was wrong. I
can’t believe I was able to… Kira’s goal had clouded my sight to the point…
You’re right, Ryuuzaki, everything I did when the note was in my possession was
childish.” He shook his head in disbelief. “I wanted so desperately to save
everyone… If it weren’t for you, Ryuuzaki…” Raito buried his face in Ryuuzaki’s
hair. “The notebook has tainted me,” he whispered.

“You aren’t tainted, Raito-kun.
You were given power without guidance, and a strong moral dilemma followed.”

“Anyone stronger would have fought
the temptation; let the book alone.”

“Temptation can be hard to
resist,” Ryuuzaki replied. “Had I resisted temptation, I would not have you in
my arms now.” He smiled, nuzzling. “Your submission to temptation was not as
severe as the justification of continued use of the book; life is precious,
Raito-kun. I only wish I’d been able to stop you sooner.”

Raito relaxed in the detective’s
arms. His relationship with the thin boy was irreplaceable, and he realized
that it easily could have missed its chance to bloom had the timing been
different. ‘Time…’ Raito squeezed warmly, “I’ll never again rob anyone of time;

Ryuuzaki smiled. “I’m glad to hear
it.” He tilted his head and lifted a cupped hand over the brunette’s exposed
eye to save them both from the sunlight knifing into the room.

Raito frowned. “You need to stop
stealing sleep hours from me.”

Grinning, Ryuuzaki replied, “I
think you’re more deserving of the hypocoristic term ‘kitten,’ as you’re more
concerned with sleep.”

Raito laughed, pulling Ryuuzaki
closer. “Hm…” He ran his fingers lightly over the boy’s neck, watching in
amusement as Ryuuzaki closed his eyes and melted into the touch. He pressed his
lips to the detective’s gently to let Ryuuzaki feel his smile. “No, I think
you’re more deserving.”

Ryuuzaki moved to tuck his head
beneath Raito’s chin. In a steady whisper, he revealed everything of himself,
starting as far back as he could possibly remember. He spoke hurriedly,
stumbling through painful memories best left forgotten, grateful for Raito’s
lack of interruption. He recounted every acquaintance, every memorable day
until meeting Watari.

Raito quietly accepted everything
the other chose to share, pulling the detective closer as he learned of L’s
less than desirable childhood. The thin boy had been bounced back between so
many foster homes it was troubling; he unfortunately had a deeply rooted belief
that showing emotion would be greeted with disgust as his past ‘families’ would
punish him both for his tears and his unexplained smiles. Remaining quiet in
the background was L’s trusted course of action, and demonstrating any of his
intelligence was out of the question – he was taken for an idiot because of it
and often further shunned. Adelina, the boy’s social worker, was his only
reprieve. The woman was spoken of fondly, and apparently always had sweets for
the pale boy. Still, it was a dim light in the dark void the detective had
grown up in. ‘How could anyone treat a child so deplorably?’ He ran his fingers
through the boy’s hair when he stopped speaking.

Ryuuzaki waited, holding his
breath anxiously. ‘Please,’ he begged, ‘don’t hate me.’ The brunette lying
beside him was the most important figure in his life, next to Quillsh. And now
that Raito knew what he truly was, L felt small against him. He closed his
eyes, seconds away from offering to change for the other. ‘Anything. I can be
anything for you, Raito.’ He licked his lips and was ready to speak when Raito
stole his chance.

“Eru, I love you so much. Never
hide yourself from me; I want all of you.”

He blinked, speechless. He pressed
tighter against the brunette. “I…was afraid to do anything…that would push you
away. I thought, maybe, you’d like me more if I stayed indifferent and silent,
but…I couldn’t keep myself from you as easily as I’d hoped. I’ve never had a
friend. Not…not a true one, like you. I risked everything I had when I
approached you. And you’ve already seen so many of my flaws… Raito-kun, had you
regarded me as something unimportant…insignificant…I don’t think I would have

Raito frowned and smoothed his
thumb over the other’s cheek.

“I never imagined I’d ever have
something like this. This warmth… Anything I ask for, or think I need, you give
to me without hesitation. I’ve kept myself isolated in every sense of the word,
but to let you close, and still closer feels…” Ryuuzaki smiled softly and let
his eyes slip shut.

Tilting his head to kiss the
detective’s closed eyes, Raito moved closer to tangle their legs together. He
smiled when the thin boy immediately buried himself against him.

“I was terrified,” he admitted,
“when I’d realized my suspicions were correct. But you were right; you are
stronger than Kira.” He tightened his hold on Raito, nuzzling.

“No one will ever hurt you,” Raito
murmured. He smiled when his lover blinked up at him. “And nothing you could do
would ever warrant punishment from me as you suffered growing up. I will never
hurt you.” He brushed Ryuuzaki’s hair away from his face. He whispered, “I’m
unable to describe how much I love you. This feeling is unbelievable. Just to feel
you…” he ran his hand across the pale arm draped over his side, “and to know I
always have privilege to stand in awe of your intellect,” he smiled, “brings me
a feeling equivalent to nirvana. And you put it all into motion without trying.
To know that someone else truly cares for me in the same way… Just a glance
from you…” He moved forward, brushing his lips warmly against the detective’s.
He murmured, “L Lawliet.”

“Ryuuzaki,” he replied, pressing
another kiss to Raito’s lips as they broke apart.

Raito laughed. “Which do you

“Ryuuzaki is the name you first
knew me by; it’s my favorite.”

“I see. It’s that simple, is it?”
Ryuuzaki nodded and Raito smiled.

“I feel the name on my birth
certificate – which I lost long ago – wasn’t chosen with much care. Until I
learned of the death note, I didn’t believe names held much power over anyone.”
He smiled and shrugged. “I’ve taken so many names over my lifespan, the only
reason I’m convinced of my true name is through Watari; he’s insistent upon
using it. Anytime I moved, I changed my name. Though, the name Ryuuzaki holds
so much for me now…I may never drop it.”

“You…you will move again?”

Ryuuzaki watched the brunette
worry his bottom lip. “Not if you want to stay.”

“It’s…up to me?”

“I can’t say I don’t love
immersing myself in my work,” Ryuuzaki paused. “It’s often a necessity…” He
recalled a few of his more recent cases and realized that the opportunity to
explore new places was something he would have trouble giving up, but Raito
meant far more to him. “But working from afar isn’t impossible. It only
requires more dedication.”

“More dedication than you’ve
applied to this case?” Raito asked skeptically.

Ryuuzaki grinned and buried his
face against Raito’s neck. “Yes, a lot more. Since meeting you, I’ve relaxed
quite a bit.”

Raito slid his fingers through the
boy’s hair. He closed his eyes and inhaled Ryuuzaki’s scent. “Relaxing isn’t
slacking,” he murmured.

“That’s not something Kira would

Raito blinked at the simple
statement. He laughed and rolled over to prop himself above the pale boy.
“Thank you,” he whispered before leaning forward to press their lips together.


Raito placed a box of cereal
before the detective. He smiled as the crouched boy glanced up and removed his
finger from the spilled sugar he was carving spirals into. “If you must
have sugar, this is at least somewhat healthy.” He smiled softly as the
detective stretched forward to place a kiss to the wrist where the missing
handcuff would have rested. The arm felt light without the metal, and Raito
dearly craved the feeling of being attached to detective. But after voicing the
thought, they both realized it would be unhealthy to let that feeling incubate.
And although it was assuredly a rush on things, Ryuuzaki wanted the rest of the
investigation team to see how truly he believed in Raito’s “innocence.” Raito
stooped to comb his fingers through dark, damp hair as he kissed the boy’s
forehead. He moved back to retrieve the milk – rice milk, light; nearly water
as Ryuuzaki refused to drink anything from a “hoofed beast” – before taking a
seat next to the other. It proved to be only a minor problem, as Raito would
have to find an additional source of calcium for the boy.

Ryuuzaki stood and tugged
insistently on the brunette’s hand, motioning to the television when Raito
looked up quizzically. He scooped up the food items as the other boy gathered
the bowls and within minutes they were settled on the sofa, flipping through
channels while they ate.

The detective nuzzled him again and
Raito smiled. ‘This is how I always want you, kitten; to be comfortable around
yourself.’ He looped his arm around Ryuuzaki to cup his hand over the boy’s
raised knee. He kissed the boy’s throat after Ryuuzaki swallowed another
mouthful of sugary cereal. The eccentric’s free laugh made him smile and he
pulled him closer, relaxing against the sofa to view lazy clouds pass the
window while the detective watched a report on recent underwater explorations.

Ryuuzaki tucked his head beneath
Raito’s chin and mumbled, “The others are depressed.”

Smiling, the brunette replied,
“Just because they aren’t before you, saluting at 7:00 doesn’t mean they’re

“Then,” Ryuuzaki frowned, “there’s
a strange feel to the building.”

“That could easily be your lack of
sleep.” He brought his hand up to run his fingers through the boy’s hair. He
unfolded the detective’s legs and slouched backwards to pull Ryuuzaki into a
similarly relaxed position.

“No,” he said quietly,
“something’s off. I’m sure of it.” His stretched posture left him feeling

“Well, I think everything is
fine,” Raito said as he looped his arm under and around the thin boy’s chest.

Ryuuzaki turned to rest his head
on the brunette’s shoulder, sighing softly. “Instinct tells me otherwise…”

Raito thought with a frown, ‘He
would have better practice at that than I, given his upbringing.’ Ryuuzaki
shivered and Raito frowned again. He pulled the boy closer, squeezing
affectionately when the detective curled up against him. “I won’t leave your
side,” he murmured.

Ryuuzaki smiled, pressed
comfortably against the other. He pouted for a brief second when he found
Raito’s scent to be hidden behind the fragrance of soap. He nuzzled the
brunette, kissing the boy’s jaw lightly. His unexplained anxiety lessened as
Raito slipped his hands under his shirt to press gentle palms to his sides. He
glanced down in question when Raito’s hold shifted to lift both their shirts up
a fraction. Their warm skin met each other without the barrier of cloth and
Ryuuzaki pulled the other boy closer happily, eager for more contact. He
blushed when Raito laughed softly.

“I love you,” Raito whispered,
tugging his shirt up further for the boy lying across him. In their position,
it would be hard to notice the displaced shirts and the brunette was glad to
keep their pleasure private. He lifted his hand to comb Ryuuzaki’s hair with
his fingers, watching quietly as the detective sleepily brought his thumb to
his mouth. Raito smiled softly, and with his free hand he tugged lightly on Ryuuzaki’s
hand until the boy let it slip from his lips. “Be gentle, kitten,” he whispered
before kissing a path across pale knuckles.

“Sorry, Raito-kun,” he murmured in
reply. As soon as Raito let go of his hand, Ryuuzaki moved to bring it back. He
stopped, mid-motion when the coffee table that had previously only held their
empty bowls now displayed a black notebook. His mind whirred for a flash of a
second before Raito cursed vehemently above him. He squeaked when he was
suddenly grabbed, and lifted over the back of the sofa. He quickly found his
footing and stood next to the brunette behind the improvised barrier, staring
at the table. He whispered, “Raito-kun…”

“I know! I… Don’t touch it.”

Ryuuzaki moved closer to Raito
when the boy looped an arm around his waist and backed up another step.

“Is…this what you meant, when you
said something was wrong?” Raito asked quietly. He felt Ryuuzaki shiver again
and Raito bit his lip. “I’m sorry, gods I’m so sorry,” he murmured, pulling the
detective closer.

“We can’t leave it.”

“Don’t touch it,” Raito instantly

“We don’t have to use it if we
touch it.”

Raito swallowed thickly. He shook
his head minutely, “Don’t touch it.”

“Don’t let it out of your sight,”
Ryuuzaki returned, linking fingers with the brunette. He took a steady step
toward the kitchen, glancing immediately to the book again when Raito looked
away from the table in question. “What did I just say?” he asked, a ghost of a
smirk playing across his lips. He could feel Raito’s eyes on him, and though he
dared not to blink from the book, he explained, “Matches.”

“Destroying it won’t make it
stop,” Raito whispered, turning back to the table.

“Really, now, Raito-kun, if this
is going to be common occurrence in our future, I can’t be expected to hold a
strong front by myself every time.”

Raito blushed, and nodded once he
felt Ryuuzaki’s eyes on him. “Keep your steps steady and I won’t blink.”

Ryuuzaki smiled, turning back to
the kitchen. “Can he hear us?”

“I was wondering the same thing,”
Raito replied, back pressed against the detective’s as they approached the
kitchen. “If he can, I don’t see why he hasn’t taken it back, knowing our

“Perhaps he can’t retrieve it.”

“I don’t think it’s locked from
his possession once it touches ground,” Raito said doubtfully.

“Are we sure it’s even him? What
if it’s Remu?” Ryuuzaki reached into a drawer, letting go of the brunette’s
hand for the task.

“You have to look; I need to

Smiling, the detective turned to
take watch while Raito rubbed at his eyes in his peripheral.

“The odds of a new shinigami, with
a new book chancing upon us is very unlikely, so it may be Remu. However,
wasn’t she satisfied?” Raito asked, looking back to the table to find the book

“I felt so,” Ryuuzaki replied. He
turned back to the open drawer, snatched up a box of matches and again took the
other’s hand. He nudged the brunette toward the table, pressing his back to the
other’s again as it made him feel more secure to know they wouldn’t be
approached from behind.

“Alright,” Raito said as they met
the sofa again. He carefully led the detective around to the table and they
took opposing positions, staring at the book between them. He kept watch while
Ryuuzaki slid open the small box. The detective considerately lowered his cupped
hand so that Raito could easily see both objects.

“If it’s Remu—”

“She’ll have to find another way
to contact us.”

“How many will we have to

“As many as it takes,” Raito
replied with a set jaw.

Ryuuzaki held tightly to the box
and they both struck a stick to life, dropping the pair of matches to the dark
book. The flames took instantly and they watched as the separate fires rushed
to meet. “I fear we didn’t think this through.”

Raito laughed nervously. “We’ll
find a way to control the fire once most of the book—” Raito reached for the
detective across the table as soon as the book rose from its place.

Startled by both events, Ryuuzaki
pushed away from Raito’s unexpected grasp, running into the flat screen
television behind him. He cringed when he heard the set fall and break against
the floor. He glanced to the book again and watched as it shook itself
forcefully enough to kill the flames crawling cross it. Ryuuzaki grabbed the
brunette’s forearm and they stumbled out of the mess into the middle of the
room. ‘It has to be a shinigami’s doing,’ the detective thought frantically.
‘It’s impossible for a book to put itself out.’

Raito backed up again when the
book stilled. He stepped defensively before the thin detective behind him,
reaching up to slip his fingers into the boy’s hair, starting at the base of
his neck. “I’m not sure who it is…”

Despite everything, Ryuuzaki was
immediately soothed by the other’s caring touch. He wrapped his arms around the
brunette and buried his face into Raito’s neck. “I know,” he whispered. They
tensed as the book approached, and together they leaned back in a restrained
effort to flee. The absurdity of the situation suddenly struck Ryuuzaki and he
nearly doubled over in laughter. “We’re running from a book,” he managed to
choke out.

Raito joined in the detective’s
contagious laughter, eyeing the book warily as it drew closer. “Damn it,
Ryuuzaki,” he smirked, pushing the giggling boy back further. “It’s not a book
we’re running from.”

The detective bit back the rest of
his laughter with some effort, tightening his hold on the other boy. He dragged
Raito back until they reached the wall. “You can’t touch it.”

“I don’t want to,” Raito said

“No, I mean, your memories…”

“I know, I know,” Raito said.

They watched the book rest at
eyelevel for a long moment, listening to each other’s unsteady breathing. They
were cornered and relatively defenseless, but they weren’t being forced back
further. Ryuuzaki turned his head to kiss the brunette’s clenched jaw. “I’ll do
it,” he whispered, reaching past the brunette for the offered notebook. He
blinked when Raito firmly grabbed his wrist.

“What? No—”

“The memories I’ll regain are
nothing compared to yours.” He heard the other make a small noise of protest in
the back of his throat. “Well be fine, Raito-kun.” He pulled his wrists free,
planting another delicate kiss to the other’s jaw as his fingertips touched the
cover. He glanced to the otherworldly hand holding the opposite end of the book
as his brief use of the note flashed in his mind. His eyes quickly traveled the
length of the white arm to lock eyes with Remu. He smiled in relief.

“I’ll never understand humans,”
she frowned. “So clumsy. I came in hopes of helping you two, and you greet me
with fire.”

Ryuuzaki laughed, sure to keep his
hand in contact with the cover. “We apologize, Remu. The situation was
unexpected and we panicked.”

“It’s Remu?” Raito struggled to
remember. Although he had written of her in a fondly fashion, he was still
irked. “Ask her what the hell her problem is.” He waited, watching Ryuuzaki
stare intently at the air before him. He blinked when Ryuuzaki turned and
finally replied.

“She says that, before one of us
had accepted the note, she could only hear fluctuating, indistinct words from
us; she can hear us clearly now, though, and she says you should watch your

Raito immediately took note of the
admitted limitations of the death god. He turned to face the spot Remu was
presumably standing and blushed in humiliation as he apologized to the air, “Forgive
me, Remu. I apologize for attempting to destroy your note. Your company is
welcome here.”

Remu nodded to the blushing
brunette, watching his eyes shift slightly in search of what he could not see.

“You’re forgiven, Raito-kun,”
Ryuuzaki smiled.

Raito nodded and dropped his gaze
to the notebook. “Do you have to hold onto it?” There was a pause before the
detective replied.

“Remu says I’ll have to, as I was
once a user.” He frowned when Raito looked away, tilting his head to let his
hair fall over his eyes. Ryuuzaki opened his mouth to console the boy when Remu
suddenly spoke.

“Tota approaches.” She released
the notebook to Ryuuzaki’s hold alone and stepped to the side.

“Matsuda’s coming,” Ryuuzaki
relayed to Raito, pulling the brunette into a tight hug before hiding the book
behind himself. He stepped next to the shinigami and nodded when she asked for
his attention.

“Ryuku is not pleased with the
outcome of things.”

“We’d assumed that, had we not?”
he whispered in reply.

“Raito? Ryuuzaki? Are you two alright?
I heard a loud crash,” Matsuda asked as he stepped into the room.

Raito glanced to Ryuuzaki, noting
the boy’s distant expression. ‘He’s conversing,’ he concluded before he turned
back to the concerned Matsuda. “We were wrestling again,” he said, reaching up
to rub at his shoulder in feigned embarrassment. “We broke the television.” As
soon as he’d mentioned the technology, Matsuda glanced over to it. He couldn’t
help but laugh at Matsuda’s comical expression of surprise.

“Wow. You sure did. Then again,
it’s not as though Ryuuzaki doesn’t have several.” He smiled when Raito agreed
cheerily. He moved closer to the damaged set, glancing to the tabletop. “Did it
set fire to the table?”

“Ah,” Raito paused for a second,
stepping beside the officer. “Yes, it did. We extinguished it quickly.” He
glanced to Ryuuzaki and smiled when the detective pocketed the box of matches
with a wink.

“Oh, good. Shall we clean this
up?” Matsuda asked, unplugging the shattered television.

Ryuuzaki leaned back against the
wall as the other two left earshot. “Is Ryuku planning?”

“He’s very frustrated. He checks
up on Raito occasionally, and he becomes easily irritated by your influence
over him. He wants Raito back.”

Ryuuzaki gave a feral grin,
flashing canines. “He can’t have him.”

Remu glanced down to the
detective, once again noting the boy’s strong posture when Raito was discussed.
“No, I suppose not.” She watched as the boy slouched back into his more casual

“So then, he definitely wants
something done?”

“He’s quite restless, yes. He
refuses to touch the note Raito discarded, however, I fear he has plans.”

“We truly attacked your note,
then?” Ryuuzaki glanced up, smiling sheepishly.

“It’s of no concern, L. The damage
will vanish as soon as I return to my realm.”

‘So we can destroy notes.
We have to be quick, however. And if there is even a scrap left, will their
entire book be restored? If two shinigami each have a ripped page from the same
note, does the note regenerate twice? What becomes of a note-less shinigami?’
He murmured, “Thank you,” for the dropped hint and turned his attention back to
the brunette. He watched Raito laugh as Matsuda picked up a shard of the
screen, bringing it to his eye curiously. Raito reached for the same shard once
Matsuda had gotten all he needed from it.

“Humans express themselves in
waves. Waves of fear, hope, happiness, regret… It is endless. We’re privileged
and damned to feel them all in close proximity. It’s the only way we’re able to
truly feel. However, we easily become addicted and try to rouse those emotions
we prefer from the humans we shadow. Ryuku surely misses what Raito unwittingly
offered. You’ve taken much from Ryuku. He will find a way to gain it back.”

Ryuuzaki quietly mulled over the
information. “Would either of you like a drink?” he offered loudly enough for
the others to hear. His sudden craving for sugar struck fiercely and he was
headed for the kitchen before anyone could reply. He caught the request for two
sodas and he quickly set to the task. “What wave do I currently express, Remu?”
he asked in a hushed voice, curious for the answer.

“Determination,” Remu replied
casually. “It’s quite strong. Very energizing. There is fear, as well, though
it pales in comparison. Your emotions are quite scattered, but determination reigns
over all.” She leaned closer, peering into the detective’s unguarded eyes.
“Along with emotion, we can detect intention. I am grateful for your honest
promise to ensure Misa’s safety. Though, I hope you both soon tend to her, as
she may fall into depression. In thanks, I will share something with you.
Return to the others first; keep the note hidden.”

Ryuuzaki nodded in mild confusion,
slipping the notebook into his shirt to hide it. He glanced to Remu and
received a nod before taking into his hand three bottles. He returned to the
others, stepping close to Raito while smiling in acknowledgement when he was
thanked. He shivered when Remu’s hand pressed against the nape of his neck,
glancing over to Raito as Remu repeated the action for the other boy. Raito
frowned at the strange sensation, opening his bottle to mask his surprise. They
stared at each other in silence as Remu went to work. Their expressions
softened and the rise of their chests slowed to mimic the deep, placid breaths
of sleep. Ryuuzaki watched Raito’s eyes dilate and he could only assume his had
done the same. He was slowly filled with a strong sense of love, searching
Raito’s eyes as the brunette’s subconscious reasons for loving him surfaced.
His scent, his smile, his intellect, his eyes, the softness of his hair, the
provoked need to comfort and protect, the amusing way he slept, the fact that
he was so easy to please, the way he would bring his fingertips to his mouth
when he was sleepy as well as in analyzing efforts and insecurity alike, and
above all, his gentle touch.

Raito’s shoulders dipped as he
relaxed into the warm feeling coursing through him. He could feel Ryuuzaki’s
strong love, unwavering trust, and insatiable craving for him; Raito blushed
lightly. The detective’s attraction focused on his eyes, all the unguarded
smiles he drew from him, the comforting rumble of his voice, his unique scent,
his endless consideration, his strong embrace, the way he would chew his lip
while in deep thought, his witty conversation, his need to get in the last
word, and the simple pleasure of being allowed to hold his hand.

Remu removed her hands to watch
Raito and L blink at the loss.

Raito smiled softly and Ryuuzaki
mirrored it immediately. He was quickly embraced, and as close as they were, they
managed to kiss each other warmly with turned faces. They broke apart for a
moment’s breath, whispering against the other’s lips, “I love you.” Smiling,
they pressed forward for another kiss.

“L, it will be rather difficult
for you to correctly remember all I’ve told you once you let go of the note. It
is best to share with Raito now.”

“Remu advises I recite everything
to you now,” Ryuuzaki whispered, nuzzling the other’s neck. “Ryuku frequently
spies on you and plans to regain your company, though it’s unsure whether by
force or persuasion. He is frustrated by my interference and feels I am
misguiding you. Remu’s note will restore itself upon reaching the realm of
shinigami. Shinigami can feel both emotion and intention that humans
unknowingly express – it is how the shinigami feel alive. We must be more
considerate of Mia, and tend to her soon to guarantee she does not become
depressed.” Ryuuzaki paused after the summarized report to listen to Remu.

“Keep your guard up, L. Perhaps we
will meet again.”

“We’re instructed to keep up our

“Thank you, Remu,” Raito
whispered, watching Ryuuzaki blink dazedly as the notebook was removed.

Ryuuzaki stepped out of Raito’s
arms and tugged his shirt back down into place, frowning as the last several
minutes faded into a hazy memory. He could only recall fragments of what had
transpired, as if waking from a dream. He looked to Raito when the brunette
wrapped an arm around his waist.

Raito leaned forward to quietly
restate everything the detective had shared, using his exact phrasing. He felt
Ryuuzaki’s smile against his throat when the detective realized he’d been
quoted directly.

“I see,” he murmured. He sighed
quietly, leaning heavily against the brunette. He felt uncomfortably drained
and he fisted the other’s shirt in frustration.

“I’ll retrieve another flat
screen,” Matsuda said with a smile.

Raito turned and replied, “Thanks.
I’ll toss out the broken set.”

As Matsuda passed them to search
for another television, Ryuuzaki was moved back to the sofa. He blinked at
Raito, following the boy’s guidance in question but without protest. The
brunette helped him settle against the cushions to lie down, closing his eyes
when Raito smoothed his wild hair back.

Raito leaned forward to kiss the
boy’s forehead, smiling when the pale boy reached for him. He moved closer,
letting his weight press lightly against the detective as he was tugged closer
insistently. “Ryuuzaki,” he murmured, nuzzling affectionately. He kissed the
boy’s pulse, dragging his fingers lightly across Ryuuzaki’s neck.

Smiling, Ryuuzaki turned his head
to kiss Raito’s wrist. He tangled his hand in Raito’s hair at the back of the
boy’s head and weakly pulled him closer. He pressed his lips to Raito’s,
content with the brunette’s leisurely pace of soft brushes of his tongue. After
a long, greedy moment, he pulled away, letting his kisses travel across Raito’s
chin and up his jaw. “Ryuku can’t have you,” he mumbled in a voice even quieter
than a whisper, resting against the conforming cushions below him.

Raito smiled, leaning forward to
hug the tensionless boy. He tugged on the detective’s ear and said, “No, I’m
your burden alone.”

The detective hummed quietly, lips
curved upward. His breathing deepened further, expression softening in sleep.

Standing to quickly trash the
broken flat screen, Raito left Ryuuzaki’s side, returning with two bottles of
water. He sighed, realizing the boy would of course drink his soda before the
water, but as long as he didn’t maintain a diet solely of diuretics, the effort
was worth it. Raito took a seat on the carpeted floor next to the sleeping
detective and let his head fall back to rest on the sofa while he waited for
Matsuda to return.




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