Prove Me Wrong

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Today’s goal was to verify the findings on Yotsuba. It would
be very “unfortunate,” according to Ryuuzaki, if the investigation team ran in
headfirst without strong evidence. Mogi and Yagami had been out since dawn
performing background checks on the eight members of Yotsuba. It was an
uncertain lead, but if anything strange could be found, perhaps Kira’s identity
could be determined. Matsuda was pacing before the spread of computer monitors,
glancing at Raito and Ryuuzaki occasionally, in hopes that he’d be given a
task. The man hadn’t left the building since they had successfully faked his
death. Ryuuzaki assumed it was out of fear of being seen and recognized, but
said nothing in respect. The alert detective was currently busy keeping
communication lines open between himself, Watari, Aber, and Weddie. Raito had
spent the entire morning gathering online and hard copies of information on the
eight men from Yotsuba. Even this was pushing their luck, as any of these
“facts” could be false. Raito pinched the bridge of his nose for a few seconds
to ward off the headache he knew he’d be experiencing soon, and began with
Arayoshi Hatori.

Ryuuzaki chugged down his third can of soda; oblivious to
the glare Raito was giving him.

Raito opened the secure ftp system that linked the
computers, typed quickly, and sent a file to Ryuuzaki’s desktop. He didn’t have
to tell Ryuuzaki, knowing the detective was observant enough to catch the
change immediately.

Ryuuzaki set down his can nosily, nearly knocking over the
two he had balanced on their rims. They swayed gently in the air current
produced by an overhead fan, and he watched in amusement. He considered
drinking the remaining liquid within them, but would miss their entertaining
movements. Maybe he could get water to replace the soda so that the containers
would still balance on their edges. Or maybe he’d drink only one… He reached
for the chosen can when a flicker caught his attention. His eyes darted to his
leftmost screen. There was a new file where there had been nothing a second
before. It was titled ‘READ ME.’ Curious, he opened the document.

Great, now we’re going to have to make a trip to the
bathroom. Would you mind slowing down?

Ryuuzaki rolled his eyes, grabbing another can, leaving the
two tilted cans to their lazy dancing. He opened the file in edit mode and
typed back.

I could always go in these cans if it pleases you,

‘Princess?!’ Raito glared at the line before him. ‘That
bastard.’ Ever since he had woken up with Ryuuzaki in his bed, the two had been
very gentle with each other physically. It was enjoyable, and quite a change
from their previous elbowing and shoving, but as if to make up for it, the
detective insisted on making unnecessary digs at the brunette. None too harsh,
mind, but definitely annoying enough to get under the skin. ‘Fine,’ Raito
smirked mischievously.

That’d be fine. And while we’re talking, I’ve been
wondering about something. Are you into bondage, Ryuuzaki?

Ryuuzaki choked on a gulp of soda, shutting his eyes at the
sudden sting in his nose. The can slipped from his hand and he blindly fumbled
for it before it could make a mess of the pricey technology surrounding him.

Matsuda stopped his pacing beside the glowing monitors.
“Ryuuzaki? Are you alright?”

Clearing his throat uselessly, Ryuuzaki dabbed at his nose
with the side of his index finger. He nodded without opening his eyes, knowing
the tears in them wouldn’t let him see anything. “I choked. I’m fine.” When he
finally opened his eyes, he looked immediately at Raito. The brunette was facing
his own cluttered screen, staring in fake concentration; the corners of his
lips were curled upward slightly in the ghost of a smirk.

“Are you sure, Ryuuzaki? You look really flushed. Should I
get you anything?”

As this, Raito bit his lip in what Ryuuzaki assumed was an
attempt to keep from laughing.

“No, Matsuda. I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Oh, ok.” When Ryuuzaki resumed typing, Matsuda tirelessly
returned to his pacing.

I hate you so much.

When Raito read the line, he let out an amused huff of air,
still struggling with his laughter.

A thing for bondage would certainly explain the handcuffs.

Raito shook the chain
while Ryuuzaki read.

I hate you so much.

I don’t think I’d mind bondage. It could be fun.

Matsuda sighed loudly for what seemed the thirtieth time.

“Really, Matsuda, wouldn’t you rather watch tv?” Raito
asked, looking up from his screen after sending the file back.

Matsuda frowned. “I… Well, I want to be useful.”

“Wearing the floor smooth isn’t required to solve this
particular case,” Ryuuzaki said cynically, prepared for Raito to defend the
meek man. It was a respectable aspect of Raito’s nature. It was very

“Neither is chewing holes in our thumbs.”

Without saying a word, Ryuuzaki pulled his raw thumb from
his mouth, formed a solid fist, and roughly punched Raito in the shoulder.

Raito’s heart raced in excitement. They hadn’t fought in so
long, and he was getting restless. He just barely caught himself before he
flat-out fought Ryuuzaki. Instead, he dramatically feigned shock and shoved
Ryuuzaki off his swivel chair. It was incredibly easy, considering the cat-like
detective was in his usual sitting position.

As he fell, Ryuuzaki kicked upwards, managing to tilt
Raito’s chair just enough to tip him out of it. Raito flailed at the unexpected
attack, knocking his hard copies all over the floor. “Shit!” ‘I just organized

Matsuda gasped as both boys and chairs hit the tiled floor
violently. He jumped back to avoid Raito’s wild movements. When they had
composed themselves, Ryuuzaki started laughing at Raito’s scattered papers,
having seen the boy meticulously order them only moments before. Raito glared
and swung his arm widely to wrap the chain around it twice before wrenching
Ryuuzaki toward him. He grinned as the raccoon-eyed boy was forced too quickly
to his feet.

Stumbling toward the brunette, Ryuuzaki growled through a
grin. He saw Raito’s legs tense up to kick him over his head and he readied
himself for it. Before the strike connected with his chest, Ryuuzaki exhaled so
as to not lose his breath unintentionally. As he completed the arc of
trajectory, he firmly grabbed Raito’s forearms to bring him along.

They tucked into one another tightly, rolling several times.
Eyes closed after watching the first few seconds of confusing blurs, Raito
braced himself to stop their momentum. He smiled as Ryuuzaki planted a tiny
kiss on his jaw. The brunette held securely to the warm body against his as his
shoes made contact with the floor.

When they came to a stop, Raito leapt away from Ryuuzaki.
When he was jerked to the side by Ryuuzaki’s abuse of the chain, he crashed
into one of the toppled chairs. He grit his teeth and hissed at the sudden stab
of pain in his side.

“Raito!” Matsuda tensed, instantly reaching forward, but
hesitating to help. Last time the two had been fighting, he was told to keep
out of it.

Raito looked over to Ryuuzaki, intent on flipping him off or
throwing his shoe – he hadn’t decided which yet - to find the other beginning
to crawl toward him; features displaying concern. Raito rejected his previous
plans and instead stuck his tongue out at the handsome detective to assure him
he was fine.

Ryuuzaki’s expression changed minutely. He gave a lopsided
smirk, but his eyebrows were still dipped worriedly.

To further prove his good health, Raito pushed off the chair
to tackle Ryuuzaki. They tumbled again, with less force. When they came to a
stop, Raito was straddling the other’s waist. He grinned down predatorily,
hands planted firmly on Ryuuzaki’s chest. “Gotcha,” he whispered. He contently
mulled over the many things he could do with his catch; all of which were
making his head dizzy. His expression changed drastically when he was flipped
over. He looked up in surprise before closing his eyes and parting his lips
fractionally as Ryuuzaki settled over him.

Ryuuzaki pressed the brunette into the floor, smiled, and
untangled Raito’s arm smoothly while leaning down to kiss him. When Matsuda
gasped, Ryuuzaki felt the lips against his curve into a small smile. Ryuuzaki
attempted to lift himself up, but Raito whined softly before pulling him close

“You two…” Matsuda began, stopping in confusion.

Raito found Ryuuzaki’s weight satisfying. He looped his arms
around him as Ryuuzaki rested his head over his heart. “Us…?” he asked, staring
half-lidded at the ceiling, inhaling deeply to take in Ryuuzaki’s scent.

Giving in to Raito, Ryuuzaki relaxed. He placed his ear to
the brunette’s heart to listen to its steady beat. He closed his eyes, his palms
located comfortably against Raito’s ribs. He stroked lightly with his thumb
where the chair had violently met his love’s skin.

“When… But…” Matsuda felt he was seeing something far more
intimate and meaningful than the lousy date Raito and Misa had been on earlier,
when Ryuuzaki had tagged along. He blushed at the scene before him. ‘Wait, they
were fighting then, too. Do they like that sort of thi-oh no!’ “What about
Misa?!” Matsuda cried, cringing at the level of his own voice.

Raito’s brows furrowed guiltily. His gaze drifted over to
the stairway that led to Misa’s private floor. He lifted his hand to Ryuuzaki’s
head, fingers slipping easily into the soft hair. He murmured, “That’s

Having failed to hear Raito, Matsuda exclaimed, “Raito, she
loves you!”

“I can’t return love I don’t feel, Matsuda,” Raito said a
little louder. He felt his tension ease away as Ryuuzaki’s hold on him
tightened, the wonderful massage against his side never ceasing.

Ryuuzaki began to lazily draw spiral patterns over the chest
he was lying on. He smirked when he felt Raito wriggling at the ticklish
sensation. When the brunette grasped Ryuuzaki’s hand to stop him, Ryuuzaki kissed
his knuckles.

Closing his eyes to focus on Ryuuzaki, Raito heard only a
little of what Matsuda was saying. Something about true love and understanding.
‘Whose understanding?’ Raito let go of that thought when a more favorable one
struck him: when his chest rose, Ryuuzaki’s would fall. One’s breathing never
obstructed the other’s. He focused on their rhythm, smiling softly at how easy
it was to keep.

‘Matsuda obviously approves of us,’ Ryuuzaki thought after
the man had stopped going on about taking chances for the one you love. ‘Misa
will surely put up a fight, however…’ In the silence that followed, he took
note of a gradual change in Raito’s heartbeat. ‘Slower,’ he thought, before
giving Raito’s hand a gentle squeeze, lips still lightly pressed to the boy’s
knuckles. “Raito-kun?”

Raito wasn’t conscious long enough to reply. He managed to
squeeze back weakly before he slipped below awareness.

“What’s wrong?” Matsuda asked worriedly, stepping near the

“He’s fallen asleep.”

“What? That’s odd…”

“Not really,” Ryuuzaki said, kissing the relaxed hand in
his. “My sleep schedule has had a strong, negative impact on him. For a student
who is used to sleeping eight hours, if not more, my hours simply don’t
suffice.” He opened his eyes to take in a lightly blushing Matsuda. “Would you
kindly clear the sofa for him?”

Matsuda simply nodded, quickly turning to see to the task.

Carefully lifting himself off Raito, Ryuuzaki slipped his
hands under the sleeping boy’s neck and upper torso to pull him into a slouched
position. He secured one hand under the other’s knees, scooped him into his
arms, and stood with only a little difficulty. He walked toward the sofa,
carrying Raito bridal style, mindful of the chain connecting them. Matsuda
smiled and stepped aside.

Ryuuzaki stared at the sofa. He looked down to Raito in
silent thought. He sat down and leaned against the armrest before carefully
fixing Raito over himself. When Raito’s back was flush against his chest,
Ryuuzaki relaxed. Raito mumbled in a hushed voice and Ryuuzaki took his hand

“What was that?” Matsuda questioned, looking at Raito.

“My name,” Ryuuzaki said quietly in hopes of not waking the

Matsuda took a seat on the sofa flanking the occupied one.
He looked on enviously. ‘I wish Sayu-chan and I could have that…’ “So are we
taking a break?”

Ryuuzaki smiled and nodded before hiding his face in Raito’s


After an hour of some unimportant program, Ryuuzaki sighed
and moved under Raito, wincing as the brunette’s shoes scraped painfully against
his bare feet for the third time. He skillfully toed the shoes off, barely
moving Raito at all. They hit the floor with two dull thuds. He smirked at the
thought of undressing Raito completely. He was sure the brunette wouldn’t
appreciate the playful action. How embarrassed would Raito be? ‘He does
need to be repaid for embarrassing me earlier…’ he thought, justifying the
plan. Ryuuzaki began laughing, nuzzling the brunette happily.

Matsuda looked over at the pair to find Ryuuzaki staring at
the wall, laughing at the white paint. He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.
By now, he was used to the eccentric’s sporadic giggle fits. ‘Must be all the
sugar…’ Matsuda got to his feet and Ryuuzaki quickly glanced over in question.

“I’m hungry,” Matsuda explained.

“Will you bring me some fruit drops? Or chocolate?” Ryuuzaki
asked hopefully.

Matsuda smiled, “Sure.”

Ryuuzaki grinned at the thought of the treats. Listening to
Raito’s calm breathing for an hour was making him drowsy. If he could just get
some sugar in his system… “Damn, should have asked for soda, too…” He looked
toward the kitchen, calculating the chance of Raito waking were he to raise his
voice in request for soda. He ran his fingers though his lover’s hair as he
thought. ‘He’s been asleep for an hour. He slept for four point two hours last
night, although, with all the activities we’ve been participating in as
of late…’ Ryuuzaki blushed. ‘However, he would surely feel the reverberation as
well as hear it. Thirty-eight percent.’ If it had been well under double
digits, he would have risked it. Ryuuzaki pouted. When he felt Raito shift, his
hand automatically dropped to their sides to guard Raito from a fall.

Matsuda soon returned, a tin of sweet drops in one hand, and
a pack of chocolates and a liter of soda in the other.

Ryuuzaki beamed up at the man. “Matsuda, you wonderful

He smiled as he handed over Ryuuzaki’s treats. He cleared
his throat before nervously asking, “Hey, Ryuuzaki? How…did you land Raito?”

He paused before replying, “My methods are very unorthodox,
Matsuda. I don’t recommend them.” He took a long sip of soda.

“Oh. Yeah, of course…” Matsuda trailed off.

“It is Sayu?”

Stunned, Matsuda simply stared at Ryuuzaki. ‘How…?’

“I would suggest spending time with her. In a group at
first, so that she isn’t troubled. Let her get to know you.” He slipped a fruit
drop in his mouth. “Then, gradually minimize the people invited to your outings
until it’s just the two of you. Keep things simple, Matsuda,” he finished, a
soft clicking sound between words from the sweet.

Matsuda nodded slowly. He reached for his coat on his
abandoned seat and looked to Ryuuzaki for permission. When he received a nod,
he smiled gratefully.

“Simple,” Ryuuzaki said, popping another fruit drop in his

“Simple,” Matsuda echoed, heading for the door.

It was 11h. Sayu wouldn’t mind an early lunch with the
friendly Matsuda. Ryuuzaki wished him luck.

After the door shut, Ryuuzaki turned his attention to the
television. He cursed as he realized the remote was not within his reach. He
stared dully at the programming lineup before looking down at Raito. He kissed
his head, closing his eyes. He sighed at Raito’s soft scent, pulling him
closer. He set the tin and chocolates on Raito’s chest lightly before taking
his hand in his. He loosely laced their fingers, and stared at their hands. He
wasn’t sure how much time had passed as he committed the image to memory, but
he was beginning to feel his eyelids growing heavy, despite his sugar
consumption. ‘Have fifteen minutes not passed yet?’ He assumed he had swallowed
enough of the liquid caffeine to eliminate the unwanted attempt at sleep. Then
again, he hadn’t rested properly beforehand. Ever since he had bound himself to
Raito, his sleep schedule had been shot to hell. It seemed Raito could sleep at
any time in any place. Raito’s fingers squeezing his gained his attention.
Raito shifted slightly, inhaling deeply as he woke. Ryuuzaki adjusted with
Raito, having been still for quite some time for the brunette’s sake.

“Why is there junk all over me?”

The corners of Ryuuzaki’s lips curved upwards. He kissed
Raito’s head before saying, “You make a better table than you do a blanket.”

Raito grabbed the offending objects in one hand to set them
on the floor. Turning to face Ryuuzaki, he pulled their hands to his
collarbone. “That’s because you’re not using me correctly.” He winked and
kissed Ryuuzaki lightly.

“Oh? Well, we’re moving fast, aren’t we? You sure you don’t
want to wake up a bit first?”

Raito shrugged and leaned forward to sweep his tongue over
Ryuuzaki’s lips. “You always taste sweet. I wonder if you melt?” He began a
trail of delicate kisses down the detective’s neck, licking and biting lightly.
He felt more than heard Ryuuzaki’s soft panting. He looked up to find his eyes
closed, lips parted invitingly.

When Ryuuzaki felt Raito’s lips on his again, a quiet moan
escaped him. Ryuuzaki pulled away, tilting his head slightly to breathe. “Wait,

“What?” Raito kissed Ryuuzaki’s flushed cheek.

“I have to use the bathroom.”

Raito sighed.


When they got back to their monitors, Ryuuzaki’s first
action was to kneel to the floor in order to gather Raito’s papers. He stood
with the papers stacked sloppily in his arms and looked at Raito, blushing
lightly. “Sorry.”

Raito kissed Ryuuzaki’s forehead, taking the hard copies
from him. “Don’t worry about it.” They began working; not a moment after, Raito
received the ‘READ ME’ file again.


Yeah, don’t worry about it. Raito replied, slightly
confused. It really wasn’t a big deal; he hadn’t even started working with the
hard copies yet, so it wasn’t like the incident had interrupted progress.

No, I mean...about…

Raito glanced out of his peripheral to see Ryuuzaki blushing
darkly, trying to work with a program, but failing miserably.

What? Bondage? Yeah, really.

There was a long pause before he got the file back.


Raito smirked.

You’re too cute.

Raito watched as Ryuuzaki read the line of text. A smile
slowly spread across the detective’s lips.

Ryuuzaki cautiously looked at Raito out of the corner of his
eyes. He blushed when he found Raito staring. He struggled to get rid of the
blush. When did their roles reverse? Before, it was Raito who had to fight back
blushes. He’d have to find a way to turn things around. They held each other’s
gaze for a moment before a clipped beep snapped them back to reality. Raito
blinked in confusion. Ryuuzaki calmly opened the lines between them and Watari.


“Yes, Watari?”

“Aber wishes to speak with you.”

“Ok. Please connect us.”

Raito turned to his own screen. He started organizing his
papers again, listening to the conversation between L and Coil. He glanced at
Ryuuzaki as the raccoon-eyed boy took in Aber’s gathered information. Raito
smirked suddenly, a mischievous glint in his eyes. He glanced around for any
witnesses, wondering for a second where Matsuda had disappeared to, but decided
to figure it out later. He pushed off the table to roll over to Ryuuzaki, who
was still distracted.

Ryuuzaki gasped as his shirt collar was pulled past his
shoulder, and bit his lip to refrain from making any more embarrassing noises
as Raito nipped at the exposed flesh.

“Hey, you alright?” Aber asked, concerned by the sudden

“Yes, fine. Please continue,” Ryuuzaki struggled with every

“No prob. So, as I was saying, Kida doesn’t seem to…”

Raito ignored Aber’s droning voice. He shifted in his chair
to lean over Ryuuzaki, following the protruding collarbone with his tongue. The
discussion of bondage came to mind, and he gently pulled Ryuuzaki’s hands down.

Ryuuzaki was having a very hard time focusing on the
conversation. Aber had managed to contact one of the Yotsuba eight. This was
really important, and he’d be damned it he’d let Raito distract him. He had his
thumb firmly between his teeth, the only thing keeping him centered. He bit his
lip in mild panic when Raito took his thumb from him. ‘No! Shit! Concentrate,
damn it!’ He glared at the screen before him, repeating mentally every word
Aber said. His body apparently didn’t realize the dilemma, and continued to
respond fully to Raito’s heated touch. When his arms were pinned firmly behind
him, wrapped around the back of the chair and pressed into it by Raito’s knee,
he knew he was beaten.

Raito smirked at his accomplishment. He pulled the white
shirt away from the pale flesh before him, and slipped his hand through the
collar to tease a nipple to hardness. He moaned quietly in the other’s ear,
knowing it always had interesting affects.

‘Damn, damn, damn,’ Ryuuzaki struggled briefly, but found
his arms secure. He leaned back into the brunette to unfold his legs.

Concerned over his own safety, Raito pulled back slightly
and eyed Ryuuzaki’s strong legs. He’d hate to be struck in the head, and
although he knew it would be a difficult attack from Ryuuzaki’s position, he
didn’t doubt the boy’s abilities.

Ryuuzaki slammed his heels against the keyboard with a
little more force than he intended to. He managed to hit within the general
area he had wanted with his left, but had to try again with his right.

Raito wasn’t sure if he should be concerned, or laughing. He
watched curiously as Ryuuzaki struggled with the keyboard, and when a small red
light blinked to life next to the screen Aber was linked to, he grinned;
Ryuuzaki was recording Aber’s side of the conversation. ‘Well, if that’s
not permission to continue,’ Raito thought, smiling as he kissed Ryuuzaki’s
shoulder. He shifted slightly, using the edge of his chair to take the place of
his knee against Ryuuzaki’s arms. Leaning forward, Raito captured Ryuuzaki’s
lips and massaged the noticeable bulge in the boy’s jeans, careful to use
enough pressure to tease, but not enough to bring relief.

Ryuuzaki whimpered into Raito’s mouth, thrusting upwards. He
groaned when Raito applied more pressure, but growled when he realized it was
just enough to keep his hips still.

Raito pulled away, and kissed down the delicate throat
offered to him. He moaned deeply, smirking against the flesh under his lips
when he felt a replying moan.

“Er, L? Are you alright?”

Ryuuzaki gazed at the ceiling dazedly. His breath hitched as
Raito squeezed him through his restrictive jeans. When the brunette’s body
completely left his, he blinked in confusion.

“L? You there?”

‘Shit!’ “Yes, yes.”

“Is everything ok? I’ve been calling your name for a bit

Ryuuzaki sat straight, arms finally free. He bit his lip in
embarrassment, face flushed with more than arousal. “I’m sorry. My mind is
elsewhere.” He turned to glare half-heartedly at Raito. The brunette smirked.

“Don’t worry about it. I understand.”

‘I’m sure you don’t.’

Raito snickered.

“Anyway, I should go. I’ll keep you updated.”

“Yes, thank you.”

As soon as the computer’s screen flashed back to the
desktop, Ryuuzaki unlocked the recording application and turned to the brunette
behind him. He opened his mouth, but was cut off before he made a sound.

“L, Weddie is waiting to be connected.”

‘Of course she is.’ “Thank you, Watari.”

The desktop disappeared quickly, and Raito took back his
spot beside the frustrated detective.

“L? I’ve got some good news.”

“Oh?” Ryuuzaki asked as he pulled himself closer to the
desk, hoping to keep himself focused this time. Raito suddenly appeared between
him and the monitor, and he squeaked as he was roughly grabbed again. He
struggled to reach the keyboard to initiate the recording program, arms woven
between Raito’s. Once he had, he relaxed in the chair and submitted to the
brunette’s advances.

“Yeah. It doesn’t seem like I’ll have much trouble with the
security system. They…”

Raito pulled Ryuuzaki against him, positioning himself
between the strong legs in his grasp, and thrust suggestively. He licked at the
boy’s parted lips before panting exaggeratedly in his ear.

Ryuuzaki groaned, biting lightly into Raito’s neck to keep
from getting too loud. Squirming, he realized Raito was moving with greater
purpose than just teasing. He faintly heard Weddie’s concerned voice over his
strong heartbeat.

Raito stopped, hoping Ryuuzaki would reply before things got
bad; he didn’t want Weddie to think Ryuuzaki was lying on the floor, suffering
from a diabetic seizure. He brushed Ryuuzaki’s stray bangs out of his face, and
smiled softly as the glassy obsidian eyes focused on him.

“L, answer me.”

“Yes, Weddie?” Ryuuzaki asked, staring happily into Raito’s
eyes. He tilted his chin upwards to kiss the boy sweetly. He started to lose himself

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Sorry?” He struggled to focus.

“I think you need to take a break. Are you seriously
thinking so hard you can’t hear me?”

“Oh, you’re thinking hard, aren’t you?” Raito
whispered huskily, thrusting again to emphasize the word ‘hard’.

Ryuuzaki swallowed a moan. “It’s a difficult case,” he said
tersely, hoping to either get Weddie to continue or hang up.

“I guess so. Well, make sure to get some rest. I’ll let you
know if I run into any trouble. Otherwise, I’ll try to do as much as I can

“Thank you.”

“Sure,” she said sweetly before the line fell dead.

Ryuuzaki waited a moment, expecting to hear Watari announce
another impending conversation. He was grateful when all that greeted him was
his own strained breathing.

Raito stretched and straightened himself out, caringly
smoothing wrinkles out of his shirt. He shut off the recorder as Ryuuzaki had.
“Well, let’s get to work.”

Ryuuzaki looked up to the brunette and made a small noise of
shock in the back of his throat as Raito turned back to his chair. He mourned
at the loss of pleasure, but set to calming himself. He drew his legs to his
chest and rested his head on his knees. He heard Raito step next to him, and he
muttered, “Tease.” His breathing had almost evened when he felt a warm hand
cupping his stubbornly hard sex. He gasped.

“I know. But it makes it better,” Raito said as he gently
pulled Ryuuzaki’s legs away from his goal. He kneeled and draped the shuddering
thighs over his shoulders before he unzipped Ryuuzaki’s jeans. He looked up
into Ryuuzaki’s needy eyes and smiled before he asked, “What do you want, pet?”
The raven-haired boy groaned deeply, and Raito could feel him swell under his


“Do you want to come?” Raito teased, pulling Ryuuzaki’s
boxers away from his flesh only to let the band snap back into place. He ran
his tongue over the visible flesh just above the cloth.

“Yes, please,” he panted. “Please, make me come.”

“How could I deny someone so sweet?” Raito finally
freed Ryuuzaki’s proud erection and dipped forward to take the tip between his
lips. He grabbed Ryuuzaki’s wrists and pressed them tightly against the exposed
hips to keep him powerless and from thrusting. He wasted no time pleasuring the
whimpering detective.

Ryuuzaki’s moans fell from his lips steadily. He let his
head fall back against his chair, focusing on the pleasure Raito’s mouth
brought. His breath caught in his throat as Raito’s teeth grazed over his
length. The brunette seemed determined to suck his soul from him, and he gasped as
he was taken deeper with every swallow. He whimpered as Raito pulled away, and
tried to immerse himself in that mindless pleasure again, pushing uselessly at
the brunette’s firm grip on his wrists and hips before he started begging

“Please, please don’t stop, Raito.” He whimpered, struggling
again, “Master, please…so close…” He moaned as he felt Raito’s hot breath over
his member again and nodded lazily. “So good…please.”

Raito groaned, his erection throbbing at Ryuuzaki’s pleas.
He waited a moment longer to catch his breath. Once satisfied with his working
lungs, he took Ryuuzaki deeply, rubbing small circles into the thin wrists with
his thumbs to steady himself until he felt the tip of the hard flesh hit the
back of his throat. He pressed his tongue to the underside of Ryuuzaki’s
arousal, and swallowed; throat tightening. If he could have, he would have
smiled at hearing the sharp whine Ryuuzaki let loose.

Ryuuzaki cried out, eyes rolling back. He shut his eyes
tightly and struggled to inhale. He had never felt so much pleasure. Raito’s
throat tightened erratically around his full length, and he could feel himself
harden further. He groaned. It was too much and not enough at the same time. He
tried to thrust into the tight heat incasing his pulsing member and sobbed as
Raito hummed around him.

Raito hummed forcefully, and assumed it sounded horrible. He
wondered if Ryuuzaki would appreciate an attempt at a song, but figured his pet
probably couldn’t hear anything anyway. He had to stop his thoughts as a laugh
threatened to cut off his already blocked air path. He watched as Ryuuzaki dug
dangerously into his own hips, and he quickly laced their fingers to keep him
from doing any damage to himself. He continued to hum as he worked his tongue
again. He pulled away slightly just before Ryuuzaki lost himself.

Ryuuzaki arched away from the chair, and held tightly to
Raito’s hands as he exploded into the brunette’s warm mouth. He let out a
strangled groan as Raito extended his orgasm, sucking and swallowing
rhythmically. He whimpered, opening his eyes to find his sight circled in
black. He tried to pull away from Raito. When Raito’s hold on him tightened, on
both his hands and his lips, Ryuuzaki gasped. “M-Master…please…” That heavenly
mouth had his whole body trembling, and it didn’t look like Raito was going to
stop tormenting the raw nerves. He didn’t know how much he could take.

Once Raito finished everything Ryuuzaki had to give, he
started humming again. He chose to go with an old childhood lullaby, too
distracted to think of anything better. His teeth pressed lightly against the
hardening member as he grinned.

“Rai~to,” Ryuuzaki moaned. His overworked lungs were
starting to rebel and he struggled to again pull away before he blacked out. He
could feel his erection returning and his gut clenched. He doubled over in the
shock of pleasure, and successfully pulled out from between Raito’s lips. He
relaxed for a moment, knees still over Raito’s shoulders, near both their

Raito straightened slightly, bumping his forehead lightly
against Ryuuzaki’s. He waited patiently for the shuddering other to open his
eyes. When Ryuuzaki made it clear he wasn’t going to move, Raito maneuvered out
from under Ryuuzaki’s legs and reached for him, wrapping his arms around him
while pushing at the chair with his legs. The raven-haired boy draped over
Raito like silk, hands clutching heavily at his shoulders. Raito could feel
warm puffs of air against his neck as Ryuuzaki tried to calm down, and he
reached up to run his fingers through his hair. “Are you alright, kitten?” he
asked in concern. When Ryuuzaki kissed his jaw, he relaxed and started playing
with the soft, fur-like hair at the base of the boy’s skull.

“S’good…” Ryuuzaki finally managed. He shifted against the
brunette and moaned weakly, “I can still feel it.”

Raito smiled and kissed the boy’s temple gently, smoothing
back the dark hair. He reached between them and tucked Ryuuzaki’s sex back into
his jeans, biting his lip as Ryuuzaki thrust against him. He ignored his own
need and lightly kissed Ryuuzaki’s forehead. “Just relax.” He tried to keep his
touch light, afraid of arousing Ryuuzaki a second time like he was attempting a
second ago. He had no idea he could turn Ryuuzaki into such a mess; it was
frightening and amazing all at once. He held Ryuuzaki, almost afraid to let him
go. He’d never gone this far with anyone before, and every time one of them
reached that final peak of pleasure, it was indescribable. Although he knew he
had Ryuuzaki’s heart, he was almost terrified to find Ryuuzaki now had his. He
moaned softly as his kitten moved against him again.

Ryuuzaki worked at the button on Raito’s jeans with tingling
fingers. His entire being felt warm, and he feared he’d fall asleep. He blinked
sleepily at his uncooperative fingers, and was confused when Raito’s hands fell
lightly over his. He expected to be helped, or have his hands removed, but
Raito simply held his hands. He looked up, and as he did, the brunette lifted
their hands to his lips, and lightly kissed Ryuuzaki’s fingers. He blushed.

Raito smiled and pulled Ryuuzaki closer to him. His lips
easily found the other’s, and they shared a warm kiss. Raito leaned back,
careful to move slowly enough to reassure Ryuuzaki it was intended. Once his
back was flush with the tiles below him, he broke the kiss to look up at

“That was nice,” Ryuuzaki said, licking his lips after the
loving kiss.

Raito smiled. “Yes,” he replied quietly.

“I love you.”

“I do, too.”

“You love yourself?”

Raito rolled his eyes, but knew Ryuuzaki understood him by
the unguarded smile the raven-haired boy wore. ‘Maybe he’s scared, too…’ He
reached down to his tight jeans and smiled slyly, “I’m about to, right now.”


“Ryuuzaki! Quit being cheap!”

“I’m not being anything.”

“Stop using that same attack!”

“It’s efficient.”

“It’s a pain in the ass!”

Ryuuzaki smirked as he hit the same sequence of buttons

“Damn it, Ryuuzaki!”

“You’re really bad at this, Raito-kun…”

It was 22h. Mogi and Yagami had returned a few hours ago.
Mogi had retired to his room immediately, but Yagami had stayed up to eat.
Ryuuzaki had made a lot of progress with the information gathered by the two,
along with the help of Aber and Weddie. That evidence had to be replayed, much
to the detective’s displeasure. He was still embarrassed by his slip of will
while talking to his ‘colleagues,’ and could only imagine how detached he had
sounded. During the conversations, both Aber and Weddie had voiced their worry
over Ryuuzaki’s health, and asked him several times to rest. He couldn’t defend
himself, as badly as he wanted to, by calling back and explaining why he had
been distracted. Worse of all, Raito had started teasing him all over again
during the playbacks, but had refused to let him come, which led to even more
playbacks, and by the time Ryuuzaki had gotten the information he needed, he
had been so hard it hurt. Ryuuzaki’s current revenge involved kicking the
brunette’s ass at the fighting game they were playing. His thoughts wandered back
to the way Raito had been teasing him and he bit his lip to keep from asking
the brunette to start again.

Raito noticed that Ryuuzaki’s calculating quirks were almost
constant tonight. With his hands wrapped around the controller, the
raven-haired boy had to do with worrying his lip with his teeth rather than
chewing on his thumb. His eyes would dull at times, as if he retreated further
from his body to analyze things. And the most annoying: Ryuuzaki would pop his
right shoulder, rather loudly. He didn’t seem to be aware of the action, as he
didn’t have to make much of an effort to do it. He’d roll his shoulders and the
unsettling noise would follow. Every time. Raito was beginning to think
the other did it on purpose. At any rate, he was sure that none of these quirks
were linked to thoughts concerning his own findings; although he had uncovered
a few notable facts surrounding the Yotsuba eight, they weren’t strongly
connected to the case, and weren’t worth review. Raito swallowed as he felt
another sulky pout directed at him. He’d been avoiding the looks all day. Maybe
he had teased a little too much during the playbacks… Not a problem: he could
make it up to Ryuuzaki. His competitive side convinced him to make up for it

Raito suddenly leaned over Ryuuzaki, kissing him
passionately. He pulled the boy’s tongue into his mouth and sucked before
releasing to explore. He kept his eyes on the screen, commanding his fighter to
attack Ryuuzaki’s currently idle one. When the K.O. text shot up to the
foreground, he released Ryuuzaki’s lips. Ryuuzaki panted, face flushed. He had
an uncharacteristically sloppy smile on his face, eyes unfocused.

“Yeah! Finally!” Raito beamed, jumping to his feet and
pumping his fist into the air. He dropped his controller to the floor and
turned to brag to his lover when he caught sight of his dad.

Soichiro looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Well,
he looked like any animal in the aforementioned situation. Maybe a mongoose.
Raito dreaded his father’s reaction. He knew his father and mother had been
discussing the possibility of grandchildren, and they were both looking forward
to it. Now that Raito was convinced Ryuuzaki was his one-and-only, there
wouldn’t be anyone else in his life. He’d hate to disappoint them. To Raito’s
surprise, his father smiled warmly before saying, “You boys have fun. I’m going
to sleep.”

Raito nodded, blushing deeply. “Goodnight.”


“Well, he doesn’t seem too upset about losing out on
grandchildren…” Raito said quietly, staring after his father’s retreating form.


“My dad, he was just here.”


“Stop saying ‘what.’”


Raito kissed Ryuuzaki quickly to stop him. He laughed when
he felt Ryuuzaki’s weak attempt to keep him in place. “Did I kiss you

“Raito-kun,” he whined simply, tugging at his teasing lover.

Kissing Ryuuzaki again to please him, Raito settled lightly
across him. He snaked his arm under Ryuuzaki’s shirt to tweak a nipple,
reveling in the gasp and moan it caused.


Raito moved down Ryuuzaki’s jaw, kissing sweetly before
moving on. He pulled Ryuuzaki’s shirt up to attack the other nub with his
mouth. He allowed Ryuuzaki to arch his back, curving along with him to continue
pleasuring. He gave the nipple a final lick before pulling back. He pressed his
palms against the thin stomach to lower Ryuuzaki to the sofa again.

Ryuuzaki panted, allowing Raito to guide his bare back down
to the cushions. He looked up at Raito with glazed eyes. He groaned, and tilted
his head back as Raito ground their jean-clad arousals together roughly. Raito
smiled down at his kitten. He leaned forward to tangle his fingers in the
other’s hair before sealing parted lips with his own. He swallowed a string of
moans as he moved against Ryuuzaki again. He sat up, grabbing the hem of his lover’s
shirt and pulled it over the detective’s head. As the cloth neared his wrists,
he stopped, effectively binding Ryuuzaki’s arms.

Ryuuzaki’s muddled mind tried to understand the action. He
struggled briefly to free his wrapped arms before his hips were grabbed firmly.
He was pulled downward so that his bound arms were resting comfortably against
the sofa. “Raito-kun?”

Raito kissed a trail up Ryuuzaki’s sternum. “Just
improvising on the bondage, kitten…” He began thrusting against his captive in
a slow rhythm.

Panting too much to reply, Ryuuzaki surrendered to the
incomparable pleasure. He whimpered as Raito’s teeth scraped lightly over his
nipple. “R-R-” Raito dragged his nails lightly down his sides and he shuddered.

“Ryuuzaki,” Raito murmured against his chest, speeding up
his tempo. He stretched over Ryuuzaki to lick at his neck languidly; too lost
in passion to do much else.

Ryuuzaki made small noises as the sensations doubled.
‘Can’t… Too much…’

“Love you so much…”

“Raito,” he groaned huskily as he found release.

Raito watched Ryuuzaki come undone for as long as he could
before his eyes shut tight in pleasure. He breathed out his pet’s name, holding
tightly to the panting mess below him as stars flashed before his eyes.

When he could finally breathe again, Raito stopped his
thrusting and collapsed atop his lover. He smiled contently, eyes closed. He
felt Ryuuzaki sigh. It took him a moment to gather enough strength to sit, grab
the bottom of Ryuuzaki’s long-sleeved shirt, and pull it down over the sweat-slicked
chest. After his treasure was hidden from sight, he lay down again.

Ryuuzaki slowly wrapped his arms around Raito. He hummed as
skilled hands began to massage his shoulders and upper arms methodically,
although lazily. As they slowed, Ryuuzaki felt himself falling asleep. He
planted a small kiss to Raito’s head before he was out.



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