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From this chapter on, there will be very few connections between the two
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be able to apply character’s personalities, opinions, and past experiences to
either version. For example, the characters in version one express more
opinions than those in version two, but the opinions are shared. So if Ryuuzaki
claims to have a certain belief in version one, you will have to assume he
holds the same belief in version two – I will not make the versions redundant
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Ryuuzaki woke to feel his arms and legs sprawled out away
from him. When he realized that his position could only be made possible by
Raito’s absence, he hesitated in opening his eyes. He instead became fully
alert mentally, to find Raito still holding him close. The brunette was picking
feathers free from their comforter, balancing them on the tip of his finger before
blowing them into the air. Ryuuzaki smiled, but paused when he took notice of
the dimmed, uneven color of Raito’s form. The innocent look on the brunette’s
face, coupled with the symbolization of the feathers he was playing with made
Ryuuzaki tense. His thoughts took a shockingly sharp turn and fears of the
brunette’s demise struck at the sight of the less-than-vivid boy. His chest
constricted and refused his physical body breath for an agonizing moment.

Raito winced.

“Then we’ll stop at your house; Yagami-san said we… Raito?
Are you alright?” Matsuda stood in a rush.

The brunette nodded. “I’m sorry, Matsuda. My muscles are
unused to being still for so long. I’ll try to move more slowly.” The lie
slipped easily between his lips, as it wasn’t a complete lie; his muscles felt
terrible. He quickly tended to Ryuuzaki, ‘Hey. Relax. Are you listening? Ow!
Shit. It hurts.’ Ryuuzaki’s heart fluttered in his ribcage, chest tightening
again in fear. Raito fought back another wince as his body mirrored the pain. He
wrapped himself around the boy, eyebrows dipped in concern.

‘Raito?’ Even the brunette’s voice was faded. He clutched at
the other, burying his face into the boy’s neck. ‘Are you alright? Where are
you? Where am I?’

‘Ryuuzaki, you have to relax.’ Raito smiled at Matsuda when
he offered a glass of water. He drank slowly, grateful for an excuse to stop
his half of the conversation, as too much of his attention was focused on
Ryuuzaki. ‘Everything’s alright; they moved you into the next room so that we
could both rest properly.’

Ryuuzaki relaxed minutely. He peeked at the room he was in.
He was alone. Only one light was on, giving the room deceiving depth. He drew
Raito closer as he sat up, physical blankets falling to his waist.

Raito handed the glass back. “Thanks, Matsuda.” He gave
Matsuda a quick summary of his well-being before the officer picked up their
conversation again. ‘Are you alright? What made you wake so violently?’ Raito
suddenly caught glimpses of himself lying, motionless, on the floor of the
helicopter. The images were followed by a deep, all-consuming despair of
potential loss and a paralyzing fear of being alone.

Flashes of painful thoughts such as never seeing the
brunette smile again, or waking up without his comforting warmth slipped through
Ryuuzaki’s fingers before he could rein everything back in. He quickly claimed
it was nothing and apologized.

Raito was saddened by Ryuuzaki’s clearly stated fears. He
couldn’t help feeling pleased at the same time, warmed by the realization of
how much he truly meant to the detective. ‘Come here, kitten.’

Ryuuzaki jumped up from his bed, tossing the blankets back
carelessly. He sped recklessly into the hall, nearly knocking a nurse over.
Apologizing profusely, he continued to use his quick reflexes to slip past the
nurse’s outstretched limbs. He slid into the brunette’s room and quickly
embraced the reclined boy.

Matsuda drew back from the excited Ryuuzaki. His shock must
have shown clearly because Raito was laughing at him, apologizing for the boy
in his arms.

‘You nearly floored Matsuda.’

‘He would have been the second,’ Ryuuzaki replied, sharing
his brief encounter with the nurse in the hall.

Raito laughed harder, his sides tight with the continued

Ryuuzaki tangled himself contently in the sound of the
other’s laugh. He pressed closer.

‘You should apologize.’

Ryuuzaki glanced over his shoulder. He grinned and said,
“Forgive me, Matsuda. I was away from Raito for more than five minutes and was
experiencing withdrawals.”

Raito laughed again, drawing the boy close for an innocent
kiss. Ryuuzaki sat on the bed, near the brunette’s waist. Their fingers laced
without thought and they turned to Matsuda respectively.

Blushing, he said, “Yes. Forgiven, of course. I was only
telling Raito that they plan to release him.”

‘They were upset to find my IV removed.’

‘Sorry.’ “That’s wonderful news.”

“Yagami-san wishes to take Raito home immediately, so that
he may speak with the rest of the family.”

‘It contributed to the nurses’ desire to have you removed,
as well. They were afraid you would be a problem.’

‘I could care less of their opinion of me,’ Ryuuzaki stated.
‘But if I endangered you…’ Ryuuzaki’s cell phone chimed and he replied to
Matsuda as he reached into his pocket, “Yes, very good. Are you excited,
Matsuda?” Ryuuzaki asked teasingly. Raito smirked.

Blushing, Matsuda continued, “We’ll return to headquarters
soon after, but Yagami-san is hesitant to let Raito return to the case

‘None of that, Ryuuzaki,’ Raito said sternly to erase the boy’s
guilt. ‘They don’t know the entire story.’

Ryuuzaki glanced down to the display screen, which read: I’m
returning to the House. I’ll bring the candidates to you, as you cannot visit
them. ‘Plural…? A mistake?’ He thought in confusion as he smiled at Matsuda, “I
understand. That’s entirely acceptable.”

‘What’s a mistake?’

‘It’s of no importance.’

Matsuda nodded. “Great. Now that you’re awake, I’ll go find
Yagami-san. I’ll let you both know how soon we can leave.” They both nodded and
Matsuda exited quickly.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Just a little less than four hours.”

“I’m sorry, about earlier… Did I hurt you?”

Raito squeezed the boy’s hand. “I’m fine. It was just a
shock.” He wanted to say more, but could feel the other’s unease.

Ryuuzaki nodded, hurrying to move away from the subject.
“So, your house…”

“You’re welcomed.”

“Thank you. I’m excited.”

Raito smiled. ‘Why? You’ve had enough surveillance of the
place to know it as well as I do.’

Ryuuzaki teased back, ‘Perhaps, but I’d still like a proper

“Good afternoon, Ryuuzaki.”

Both boys turned to find Soichiro entering, followed by
Matsuda who was speaking defensively with an irate nurse.

‘That nurse looks familiar,’ Raito smirked.

‘I wonder if I’m in trouble.’ He smiled at the elder Yagami.
“Good afternoon.”

“If you’re both ready, we’re allowed to depart.”

‘They’re just letting you go?’

‘I had a thorough exam while you slept. Don’t question it;
let’s just go. If I could, I’d sprint out of here.’

Ryuuzaki nodded to Soichiro in acknowledgement. He slipped
off the bed and turned to help the brunette sit. He focused on his position in
his mental reality and glanced to the pile of feathers Raito had created. He
frowned and cleared them with a thought. ‘Follow, follow,’ he said in a
singsong voice as he tapped Raito’s nose, hopping through his doorway. He raced
down their hall, without giving Kira’s memories a single glance, to stop
dramatically at Raito’s doorframe.

Raito shivered as he passed the locked box, eyes
determinedly focused on the room beyond his door. ‘We’ll have to look

‘It’s not important right now.’

‘Alright,’ Raito smiled, pushing the boy forward once he’d
caught up.

They paused as they both slipped fully into the brunette’s
body. Ryuuzaki immediately went to work, feeling around for any problems.
Raito’s sides were pleasantly sore from the laugh he’d had, his calves were
uncomfortable from disuse, and he had an itch in the center of his back.
Besides that, nothing seemed out of place. He reached around the boy to
discreetly rid him of the annoying itch.

‘Satisfied, doctor?’ Raito asked cheekily.

‘We’ll have to perform a more precise exam later, patient,’
Ryuuzaki replied slyly.

Blushing, Raito turned away from his father as he stood. His
legs protested the sudden weight and he tensed, preparing horribly for a fall.
Ryuuzaki was quick to support him. ‘Thanks.’

Ryuuzaki smiled, slipping comfortably under the boy’s arm.
He let the brunette set the pace, placing his hand over Raito’s warm hip, just
above his boxers. They made their way to the door steadily.

The nurse standing at the doorway glanced to Ryuuzaki warily
as he approached.

“I apologize, for my carelessness,” the detective said

“Yes. Be more mindful of your surroundings, especially when
the possibility of further injuring sick people is so great.”

Ryuuzaki nodded vigorously, apologizing once more.

The nurse left after handing off Raito’s collected clothes
to Matsuda. The items were passed to the brunette who smiled gratefully.
Ryuuzaki helped Raito dress as Soichiro engaged Matsuda in conversation; the
beginning of which consisted of Matsuda being told to mind himself around

Ryuuzaki settled himself in the brunette’s room, noting a
new window, which opened up to his own memory of the ocean. He smiled and boxed
another, placing it on the windowsill to give the brunette the chance to switch
them back and forth. He pulled Raito down into the blankets. ‘Why don’t I get a
lecture to mind your mother?’

Raito smiled, relaxing in the other’s arms. ‘You’ve saved my
life.’ He finished dressing and bumped his forehead to Ryuuzaki’s when the
detective reached down to buckle his belt.

‘So I’m protected from all things?’

‘Perhaps. For a while. My father loves you like a son, but
also sees you as his superior in the Kira case. It’s a strange situation for

Ryuuzaki looked up and blinked. ‘A son?’ He watched in
silence as Raito shared his discussion with his father; Soichiro did love him,
but felt awkward admitting so. A curious part of the conversation stuck with
him: “He has a very strong personality, but it’s hidden. He’s very
vulnerable, Raito. His defensive mannerisms say it clearly, but I know you will
take care of him. I hope I can provide for Ryuuzaki as well as I have for you.”

He continued by unofficially welcoming him into the family, and then
congratulated Raito on finding the right person for him. He wished them both
the best. Ryuuzaki blinked again, ever silent. The acceptance and love of a
father was something Ryuuzaki had never known, and although he technically had
yet to recognize it for what it was, the fact that Soichiro had been expressing
it shocked him. Mixed feelings swam through him until he finally settled on a
shameful craving.

Raito drew him close, threading his fingers in his hair. He
smiled. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” he whispered.

Ryuuzaki nodded. He glanced away for a brief second.

“Come on, boys,” Soichiro spoke up. “Matsuda’s gone for the

They both followed silently. Raito kept his arm draped over
Ryuuzaki’s shoulder, and he gave Ryuuzaki a quick glance to make sure he was
alright. His father did the same, unaware that he was being watched. Raito

“Did you sleep well?” Soichiro asked, ruffling Ryuuzaki’s

Raito smiled broadly as Ryuuzaki’s heart fluttered. It was a
sensation completely free of pain, as its origins were surprise and a happy
form of embarrassment.

Ryuuzaki looked up to Soichiro, bangs mussed from the gentle
assault. He smiled. “Yes, thank you.”


Sachiko was hurrying about the kitchen, scolding her husband
lovingly. “Had I known you’d be stopping by, I would have been prepared with a
meal, Soichiro.”

The elder Yagami apologized again, smiling as Sachiko shook
her head disapprovingly.

Ryuuzaki watched interestedly. He was freshly bathed, wearing
a loose shirt and drawstring pants that smelled of his lover. He casually
conversed with the brunette while he showered. ‘Your mother loves your father
almost too much.’

Raito laughed, rinsing. ‘I think it’s the other way around.
Haven’t you caught my dad staring yet?’

Ryuuzaki looked back to the scene before him. He waited
patiently until Sachiko turned back to the stove. Soichiro’s features took on a
soft, content look as he watched his wife. Ryuuzaki smiled. ‘I see.’

Ratio passed Sayu’s room to find Matsuda holding an exam
book. He was quizzing Sayu, encouraging her unsure answers. Raito moved on
quickly, assured that, had he died, his sister would have been taken care of.

‘What was that?’ Ryuuzaki asked, tempted to chase the
brunette’s concerning thought.

‘Nothing,’ Raito replied, taking the stairs two at a time.

The food was finally allowed to cook without maintenance,
and Sachiko pulled back a kitchen chair to sit down.

“Wait, Mother. Could we move to the living room?” Raito
asked as he stepped in. He was tense in preparation for the news to come.

Ryuuzaki glanced over. ‘It’s going to be fine, Raito-kun.’

Raito gave him a small smile.

“Of course. I’m sorry, Ryuuzaki; you must hate that chair.”
She smiled warmly, “Let’s move.”

Ryuuzaki unfolded himself from his chair in embarrassment.
‘Why didn’t you tell me I was being rude?’

Raito led him into the living room, shrugging. ‘You’re most
comfortable sitting that way. She didn’t mean anything by it.’

As Soichiro passed his son, he placed his hand on his shoulder.
He smiled before taking a seat next to his wife.

“Sayu!” Raito called.

Peeking around the corner of the head of the stairs, Sayu
smiled. “Ratio! I solved a quadratic equation without paper!”

“Come here,” Raito smiled and offered his hand.

Sayu began down the stairs, puzzled. Matsuda quickly
followed, glancing to Raito in question as well.

Raito rubbed at his arm where the IV had once been, looking
meaningfully to Matsuda. Matsuda paled. Raito took his sister’s hand and
smiled. “Sit next to Mother.” When everyone was seated, Raito cleared his
throat. “I…want you both to know that everything is fine, now.” He held up his
hand loosely as Sayu began to open her mouth. “For the past two days, I was in
the hospital.” Confusion swept across both their faces and Raito shook his head
as his sister tried to speak again. “I suffered a heart attack.”

Silence fell over the room.

Ryuuzaki bit his lip, fighting desperately against the
fearful memories rising within. Raito turned to look at him, and Ryuuzaki was
suddenly filled with the wonderfully warm feeling he’d become addicted to. He
calmed visibly, slumping into the sofa he was seated in.

Raito lost his breath as Sayu hugged him tightly. He could
feel her crying and he frowned. He tickled her until she let go, squirming
away. When he could breathe again, Raito took her back into his arms. “Shh,
Sayu. I’m fine now.”

“You’re serious? It really happened? Why? I…” She sobbed,
“Brother…” She buried her face into his chest, squeezing again. “I love you. I
love you, Raito.”

“I know, Sayu. I love you more,” he teased. He brushed her
tears away gently, rocking back and forth. “I’m okay. No more tears.”


The brunette looked over to his father, to find his mother
staring. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks, and she had her hand to her
mouth. Ratio pulled away from Sayu, but she refused to let go. “Sayu, let me
see to Mother. Go to Tota.” She turned quickly to be embraced by Matsuda, and
Raito hurried to his mother’s side.

“Raito…” she whispered, as if saying the boy’s name too
loudly would break him.

“Mother, everything is fine,” he smiled. His father handed
him a handkerchief and Raito delicately wiped away his mother’s tears. He
pressed the cloth into her hand and hugged her. “I love you, Mother.”

Sachiko’s tears returned forcefully. She hugged her son to
herself tightly, uttering between sobs and shaky breaths. “I love you. I’m
proud of you. Raito, you’re a wonderful son.”

Raito blushed under the continuous string. He closed his
eyes and kneeled further to his mother, listening without interruption.

Soichiro quietly explained that there were no complications
with their son’s heart. He mentioned the advisement toward Raito’s health
before saying clearly, “Ryuuzaki is the one who saved him.”

Ryuuzaki was still being fed that lovely feeling provided by
the brunette, and he missed the first mention of his name.

“Ryuuzaki?” Sachiko looked past her son.

The detective glanced up.

“Yes, Ryuuzaki saved me,” Raito said, moving away from his

Ryuuzaki fidgeted in his seat as everyone turned to look at
him. ‘I…’

‘It would only make sense you’d want to save my heart after
you’d stolen it so much earlier.’

Ryuuzaki blushed, smiling up at Raito. He gasped as Sayu
tackled him in a hug.

“Thank you, Ryuuzaki!” She kissed him on the cheek and
Ryuuzaki’s blush deepened. “Thank you so much. I owe you everything!” She
hugged him tighter and Ryuuzaki finally returned the embrace after being
mentally encouraged to do so by the brunette.

“Ryuuzaki,” Soichiro smiled. He beckoned for him.

Sayu stepped back, and Ryuuzaki stood. He moved toward
Soichiro, coming to a stop close to Raito. He grinned when the brunette hugged
him fiercely. Blushing again when Raito kissed the cheek Sayu hadn’t. He was
passed to Sachiko. He smiled softly at her, blinking when he was embraced
unexpectedly. The hug was strong, speaking more than words could. He was
encouraged wordlessly, once again, by Raito to lose himself in the moment. He
hugged back just as warmly, eyes closed while he greedily soaked up the love
Sachiko offered. He felt Soichiro’s heavy hand over his head again and he

“Thank you, Ryuuzaki,” Sachiko whispered, voice tight with

Ryuuzaki nodded gently, pulling away. Sachiko excused
herself, slipping back into the kitchen. Sayu soon followed.


Ryuuzaki glanced again to Soichiro.

“Thank you.”

Blushing, he nodded again.

Soichiro smiled and excused himself as well, following after
his wife. He passed Sayu in the process.

“Mom says dinner is ready.” She glanced to Raito, eyes
teary. She smiled and motioned for them to follow before disappearing.

Raito waited until Matsuda followed the rest of the family.
When they were alone, he pulled Ryuuzaki close and kissed him lightly. ‘Are you
alright?’ He hinted toward the boy’s memories in the helicopter.

‘I’m fine… I… This family…’

Raito smiled. For a long moment he held Ryuuzaki, breathing
with him. He placed a kiss to his neck as he inhaled the other’s warm scent.
‘I’m afraid to open the floodgates for your hunger, like I did for your lack of
sleep. Let’s eat.’

Raito led him into the kitchen, sitting Ryuuzaki at one end
of the table to face Soichiro. Ryuuzaki blushed at the acknowledgment.

Sachiko quickly served everyone yakisoba, blushing. “I’m
sorry, had I known company was expected…” Soichiro laughed and insisted it was
fine. She was thanked by everyone before they began eating.

Ryuuzaki expressed his concern to the brunette, ‘Raito, I
usually don’t eat this much…’ His plate seemed to overflow with the arranged
chicken and noodles, and he didn’t want to be rude. ‘Vegetables…’ He looked at
the wide variety, ‘I don’t usually…’

Raito smiled. ‘Relax.’

Glad to find that no one was watching, Ryuuzaki began
eating. The strong flavor of the simple meal was a nice surprise, and after two
bites, he couldn’t get enough. He hurried to finish.

‘Hey, easy.’ Raito knocked Ryuuzaki’s hand discreetly,
effectively making the other drop what he had ready. He grinned as the other
boy pouted. ‘Slow, kitten, or I’ll take it away.’

Smiling, Ryuuzaki apologized. He reached for his drink,
taking the delicate wine glass into his hand without a second thought. As the
soft liquid touched his tongue, he thought, ‘Wine?’

Raito glanced over. He smiled, ‘Peach. We usually each drink
a glass while gathered on Saturday evenings. To have one Thursday is a real
treat. You’re being thanked again.’

Ryuuzaki blinked in surprise at the acknowledgement. ‘I…’

‘You deserve much more thanks than a simple seating
arrangement and sweet wine, kitten.’

The detective blushed. At the risk of being rude, Ryuuzaki
took two long pulls from his glass, savoring the sweet flavor. He set his wine
down and slowly continued eating, unthinkingly commenting, ‘Your mother’s
cooking is so good, it’s sinful.’

Raito laughed, hand to his mouth. He set down his glass and
turned away from the table to keep from disrupting more than he already had.

Everyone looked to him, small smiles of their own as they
watched. His father asked, “What is so funny, Raito?”

The brunette managed to calm himself long enough to explain.
Ryuuzaki flushed in embarrassment, head bowed to his food. ‘Raito-kun…’ he

Sachiko blushed at the compliment. “I am happy you approve,
Ryuuzaki.” Her husband leaned over to whisper the boy’s usual eating habits and
her smile widened. “Very happy.”

Ryuuzaki glanced up and smiled, bowing to her before
returning to his embarrassment.

As they finished, Sayu and Matsuda began clearing the table.
Sachiko was thanked again, and they all made their way to the living room.
Raito pulled Ryuuzaki close to him on the sofa, kissing his forehead. ‘Are you

Ryuuzaki nodded before nuzzling sleepily. He felt an
unfamiliar heaviness from the food, but it was pleasant. He licked occasionally
at his lips, enjoying a lingering taste of wine while a soft blush hid his
cheeks. The rise and fall of Raito’s chest was hypnotic and his eyelids quickly
became heavy. Fragments of the family’s conversation reached him, and he
listened as much as he could as they shared with each other. Raito was the
topic of most of their discussions, and they began reminiscing. Raito drew him
closer, letting the detective rest his head against his shoulder. Raito’s
fingers found their way to the base of Ryuuzaki’s skull; the soft massage led
him another step closer toward sleep.

‘Hey, you’re being asked a question.’


Raito looked down to the other, smiling softly. ‘Are you
falling asleep, kitten? You shouldn’t sleep so soon after eating.’


Matsuda explained Ryuuzaki’s usual sleeping habits to
Sachiko, so that she wouldn’t feel the detective was ignoring her question. She
frowned as she learned more about the boy. She looked to her son, “Shall I
prepare your room? You are staying, aren’t you?”

Raito smiled to reassure her. “We’re definitely staying.
I’ll tend to Ryuuzaki.” He nudged the boy lightly, brushing his bangs away from
his face. ‘Let’s go to bed.’ Ryuuzaki blinked sleepily and Raito smiled.
“C’mon.” They made their way up the stairs slowly. Raito guided the other’s
steps, kissing the sleepy boy along his neck. “Once I put you to bed, I’m going
to return to the others,” Raito said quietly. “If you wake and I’m not with
you, I’m only downstairs.”

Ryuuzaki nodded, pressed against the brunette as they
entered his room. “Sorry. I know better now.” He hummed bumped his cheek
against Raito’s, smirking when the action brought a laugh from the brunette.
Ryuuzaki swiftly reached inside of himself as far as he could to reveal a
small, dormant orb. He smiled and handed it to the brunette standing next to

‘What is this?’ Raito closed his eyes to focus on their
mental standings as he took the sphere. It sparked to life as soon as it
touched his hand; chaotic flashes of memories and muted sounds. He brought it
to his face curiously.

“Everything I am,” Ryuuzaki mumbled. He received a kiss to
his forehead before he was helped into bed. The blankets smelled solely of
Raito and he was comforted by the intoxicating scent. He smiled contently.

Raito blushed at the other’s unspoken thought and watched
him pull the sheets to his nose. He frowned when the thin boy moved to lie
down. Raito sat on the mattress with his back against the wall and easily
cradled Ryuuzaki to his chest.

‘Raito-kun…?’ He sighed gently as the brunette smoothed back
his hair. He pressed closer to Raito’s warmth, nuzzling when he felt the
brunette slip into his side of the link.

‘You have a tension headache,’ Raito commented sadly.

‘I wasn’t aware,’ the detective replied drowsily, brow
furrowed as he focused on the mentioned pain.

‘I don’t understand how you can ignore your body’s pains.’

Ryuuzaki failed to respond as he again became the recipient
of Raito’s attentions. He let himself be shifted by Raito until he was reclined
in the crook of the boy’s arm, eyes closed as his neck and shoulders were
massaged. He wrapped his arms around the other, snaking his hands up the
brunette’s shirt.

“Ah!” Raito smirked and growled against Ryuuzaki’s neck,

He shrugged, running the heels of his palms across Raito’s
flanks. He paused when Raito leaned forward for a kiss, humming curiously when
shades of violet swirled into the forefront of his mind. His headache ebbed
away while Raito continued to feed him soft colors. He could feel sleep tugging
more insistently now.

Raito moved to lie down, smiling when the detective used him
as a pillow. He let his hands play across the boy’s back, tracing his spine
lightly. He listened to Ryuuzaki’s foggy thoughts, running his fingers though
silky hair when Ryuuzaki focused intently on his heartbeat. The boy measured
its rhythm to the point of fighting sleep. ‘It’s strong, kitten; everything’s

“Raito…” Ryuuzaki clutched at the brunette and whimpered.
‘What if…I go to sleep…but actually wake up, and it’s all been a dream…and
you’re…you…you’re gone…and I…’

“No, shh…” Raito hugged the pale boy tightly.

‘I…so much time had passed before you independently took
breath… Was I…quick enough?’

Raito frowned as panic began to rise within the detective’s
chest. ‘You would have had to have fallen asleep at some point before I took
breath for this to be a dream.’

‘Or perhaps I never woke after falling asleep at your side
in the hospital.’

‘If that’s the case, then I’m alive.’

Ryuuzaki opened his eyes. ‘Yes…’

‘You knew what Ryuku looked like after I’d forgotten,’ the
brunette supplied.

‘Yes, I suppose…’

‘A dream would explain this strange connection, however,’
Raito smiled, “I feel I have independent thought.” He sighed. ‘Dreaming within
a dream is not uncommon, so I suppose you wouldn’t be satisfied by falling
asleep only to let me wake you later?’ He nodded when the boy agreed. ‘Right.
So…’ He paused, shifting his hold on the boy. ‘Dreams are also capable of
sensation, both pleasurable and painful, and I wouldn’t allow a test that
involved your pain anyway.’ Raito smiled suddenly and said, “If I were to know
something you didn’t, that you could later prove as truth, would that be

‘Something that you would research?’

‘Yes, something that neither of us would care for under
normal circumstances.’

Ryuuzaki frowned. ‘I think that would work. Only… I could
easily make it truth, couldn’t I?’

‘Lucid dreams? Yes…’ Raito hummed thoughtfully, ‘This is

‘I suppose I’ll have to face this fear and risk waking,’
Ryuuzaki thought with a tremor. ‘And…and if it’s true that I failed…’

‘You didn’t – we established that; I reached the hospital.
You didn’t lose consciousness before you revived me unless you’d lost enough
oxygen during resuscitation attempts to permit it. And had that happened,
Watari would have seen to your safety; you would have been woken. And if you
suggest a coma, I’ll hit you.’

‘You said you wouldn’t perform a test involving my pain.’

The brunette laughed. ‘Right.’

Ryuuzaki sighed. ‘Coma or no, I’ll take any time with you I
can; this will be my reality.’

‘It is reality.’


Raito sighed. ‘You doubt.’

‘Perhaps it has all been a dream, and Kira does not

The brunette’s breath hitched and he swallowed thickly,
brows dipped. ‘Gods, I wish…’

Ryuuzaki took the boy’s hand into his and apologized for the
flash of pain and regret he’d caused him.

“You’re dreaming. It’s time to wake up. Wake up.”

Ryuuzaki tensed and shot up. With unsteady breath, he took
in the exact same surroundings, turning back to look at Raito.

Smiling, Raito reached for Ryuuzaki again. ‘No? Well that’s
one method exhausted.’

With clenched teeth, Ryuuzaki punched the other firmly in
the shoulder. “Bastard!”

Raito winced, hand quick to cover his battered shoulder.
‘Hey, easy, I’m still weak.’

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Raito-kun,’ Ryuuzaki frowned,
reaching for the brunette.

He pulled the eccentric back to his chest. ‘I’m sorry,
kitten. I only want to erase your fear. I need to prove to you.’

Ryuuzaki pressed closer, tugging the collar of the other’s
shirt down to expose his shoulder. He craned his neck and planted a soft kiss
to the injured area, slipping swiftly into Raito’s body to steal away the pain
he’d caused. He pocketed the sharp sting and returned to himself. He bit his
lip for a brief second; his only outward display as the stolen pain registered
as his own. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to hurt you.’

Raito wrapped himself around the boy, pulling Ryuuzaki’s
head to his chest. He rocked them from side to side gently. ‘This whole
time…you’ve been waiting to wake up, haven’t you? Since the moment we accepted
each other as lovers?’

‘I’ve never…had anyone who… You’re the first to… I don’t
want to lose this. Please, I’ll do anything.’

Raito frowned. He kissed Ryuuzaki’s forehead, running his
thumb across the boy’s cheek to wipe away swiftly flowing tears just as the
detective turned his face to hide against this shirt. “You don’t have to do
anything, Ryuuzaki. This isn’t a dream,” he whispered.

Ryuuzaki fisted the brunette’s shirt, breathing deeply of
the boy’s scent. ‘This isn’t a dream,’ he echoed.

‘If you’re the dreamer, then you’re the creator and
protagonist. You should have control. Do something. Turn green,’ he smiled when
he felt Ryuuzaki grin. ‘Fly. Change a known fact; turn my sister into a guest
here – make me believe it.’

Ryuuzaki shut his eyes tightly, imagining a bright tint of
green. He applied it to his skin in his mental world, smiling when he felt
Raito’s amusement. He opened his eyes again and brought his arm to his face.
Nothing. He closed his eyes again and focused on flight, something he’d always
wished for as a child. It was easy to return to those desires. Unfortunately,
he was unable to convince his body it was capable of such a thing and he
remained grounded. He sighed and conjured Sayu into his mental realm. He
glanced over to Raito and gestured to the girl, ‘This is Maeko. She’s visiting
during term break to learn more of the university. Your family was gracious
enough to let her stay the week.’ With everything he had, he willed for it to
be the truth. He stared at Raito expectantly as the brunette stared at his

‘That is Sayu and she will always be my sister,’ Raito
smiled at the illusionary figure, dashing away the lie placed before him. Sayu
vanished and both boys opened their eyes.

‘Perhaps it was easy to disprove as those were your
suggestions…or my suggestion for you to suggest them.’ Ryuuzaki cut off his end
of the link determinedly. He focused on himself and wished for the appearance
of his usual clothing. He imagined the feel of his personal garments draping
over his form loosely, but failed to produce anything. He stared at the door to
Raito’s room and focused on Quillsh, willing the trusted elder to materialize
on the other side to comfort him. He waited anxiously for a knock; there came
none. In frustration, he turned to his last resort and tried to destroy the
mental connection he had with the brunette. ‘If I created it, if it’s mine, I
can take it away. It isn’t of the norm, and it shouldn’t be.’ After a long
moment of imagining the link as broken, he opened his door to find Raito
sitting on the hardwood floor of their hall, waiting for him. The brunette
quickly stood and smiled.


Ryuuzaki frowned.

Laughing, Raito nuzzled the detective physically. “Well…” he
glanced to his digital clock. ‘Time is an illusion in dreams,’ he smiled. He
relaxed into a reclined position, resting his head against the pillows. He
settled the pale boy across his chest, carding his fingers through Ryuuzaki’s
hair. He applied light pressure as he massaged the boy’s skull and he blinked
lazily at his clock, waiting.

Ryuuzaki stared, unblinking, at the digital display. He
waited anxiously for the last numeral to change from an eight to a nine. He had
always known, from past experience, how long one minute could be. But this
minute, this agonizingly lethargic minute, threatened to drive him insane.

‘Remember, within the last few days, you’ve known and have
been informed of the time.’

‘Yes, I think I remember,’ he replied quietly, eyes locked
with the unmoving green dashes before him.

Raito began to trace light patterns over the passive boy’s
back. He kissed the crown of Ryuuzaki’s head, blinking when Ryuuzaki suddenly
expressed a bright flash of surprise. He looked to the clock and smiled at the
new display. He nudged the other until they were both sitting on the bed. He
stood and reached for his desk, grabbing an example exam booklet. He turned
back to the other, smiling at the boy’s inquisitive stare. “Usually, in my
dreams, I’m unable to make sense of text and numerical figures.” He handed the
book over. “The words are either blurred completely, or they’re jumbled and

Ryuuzaki hummed, unable to recall any of his dreams
involving literature.

“Turn on the light, Ryuuzaki.” Raito pointed to the switch.
“Light switches never work for me in dreams, either.”

The detective looked to the switch. On this, he could agree
– faulty light switches were the precursors to his nightmares. He was often in
need of complete darkness for security or light for awareness and his dreams
forever denied him the ability to grant either at will. He stood, took the few
paces needed to reach it, and hesitated.

‘Go on.’

Ryuuzaki lifted his hand and swallowed thickly. He brought
the boy’s practice exam closer to his chest and closed his eyes.

‘You won’t know if it works that way – open your eyes.’

‘I’ll flip the switch, the light will fail, and I’ll wake,’
the thought grimly. He pressed back into the brunette when he was suddenly
wrapped in the boy’s arms. He opened his eyes to half-mast and stared at the
switch resting below his hand.

‘Do it, Ryuuzaki.’

He quickly pressed his weight into the motion, and the
lights immediately came to life. He closed his eyes in relief, relaxing against
the brunette.

Raito smiled, burying his face in the boy’s hair. ‘Now that
we have light, try to read the text.’

Ryuuzaki flipped through the book, reading aloud as he
paused on pages at random. “Given that f(3) = 5 and that… Let x be a positive
constant… Find the slope of the tangent line to… Two identical rectangles are
inscribed… In this exercise you will…”

“Okay, enough of that. I don’t want to start thinking about
equati—” Raito was cut off as a loud crash sounded throughout the house. He
grabbed Ryuuzaki and swooped him away from the doorway fearfully just as
Ryuuzaki turned to push him away in the same instinctive gesture of protection.
They stumbled together in the rush of momentum before coming to a stop against
the far wall.

Ryuuzaki clutched at the brunette, grinning despite the
unknown threat beyond the doorway. He reveled in their acute stress response.
‘I’m awake.’

There was a knock at the door and Raito pulled Ryuuzaki
closer to his side, ignoring the boy’s persistent grin. ‘Who is it?’ Raito
growled in annoyance and asked his question again, this time audibly.

“It’s me, Raito,” Matsuda’s voice called through the door.

Raito relaxed, finally pulling the giddy detective into a
hug. He permitted entrance as Ryuuzaki moved to retrieve the practice exam.

“Sorry, I…the closet door, um…”

Raito smiled. ‘Futons. The closet door detaches from its
track easily.’

‘I see,’ Ryuuzaki replied as he turned to Matsuda. “It’s

“Are you okay, Tota? We can fix the door later.”

Matsuda blinked at the friendlier use of address. He smiled.
“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you. I’m turning in now, but the rest of the family is
still downstairs.”

“I’ll return to them shortly,” Raito replied.

“Rest well,” Ryuuzaki beamed.

Matsuda smiled and ducked back out of the room after wishing
them the same.

Raito turned back to the detective, pleased to find no trace
of doubt in the boy’s mind. ‘I was just about to suggest noise.’


‘Sound would wake you,’ he smiled. ‘You’re a very light
sleeper, I know from experience; I’ve often had to shift when you do while you
sleep to ensure your continued rest.’

Ryuuzaki blushed. ‘I know, I hate it. Thank you, Raito-kun.
I wasn’t aware I was such a burden.’

“You are never a burden, Ryuuzaki,” Raito said sincerely
before pressing his lips to the other’s. He sat on his bed again, smiling when
Ryuuzaki eagerly settled alongside him.

“I’m awake, Raito-kun,” he blurted suddenly, grinning. “It’s

Raito laughed, pulling Ryuuzaki down until they were
sprawled comfortably across the bed. He kissed him warmly, slipping his hands
into the detective’s soft hair. ‘You’re awake, but you’re still tired. Your
endless watch over me during my hospital stay is still affecting you.’ He broke
their kiss to kiss the detective’s forehead. ‘You sleep, but you don’t rest.’
He frowned.

‘Because I was waiting to wake.’

‘Now, sleep with confidence.’

Ryuuzaki smiled. ‘Yes. An interesting concept.’ He melted as
Raito drugged him with the enveloping warmth of love. He let his eyes slide
shut, sneaking his hands back into the brunette’s shirt to feel the boy’s skin.
He inhaled deeply in a sigh to pull in Raito’s scent, moving one hand up to
place his palm over the other’s beating heart.

Raito smiled softly and pulled Ryuuzaki closer. ‘I would
promise you normalcy when you wake, but with our luck, we’d be visited by a
talking kangaroo rat who designs jeans for a living.’

Ryuuzaki laughed aloud, nuzzling as Raito flashed an image
of such a creature. He fought against sleep again, this time far from

‘No, go to sleep, kitten. I’ll be back up in a little while
and we’ll spend time together then. I want you to rest.’

The detective’s breath evened out as his lover moved to tuck
him in. He smiled when he was hugged firmly through the blankets. He ducked his
head to bury his nose in the sheets as he felt his form grow heavy.

“I love you, Ryuuzaki,” Raito whispered as he stood at the
bed’s side.


The brunette waited until the other slipped away beneath
consciousness before checking him for any discomfort – he moved Ryuuzaki’s arm
to prevent it from being stiff later. When he was satisfied, he finally turned
his attention back to the detective’s gift. He brought the sphere to his chest,
and with a deep inhalation, accepted the small treasure. The boy’s memories
were slipped to him seamlessly, filed by year of age. ‘Typical,’ Raito smiled.
‘Organized with everything, aren’t you?’ He soaked up all the basic information
offered before starting with the earliest memory – white noise, unknown voices,
light and shadow. He quietly left L to sleep, starting back down the stairs to
his family.


Raito started up to his room again once everyone retired for
the night. He had been checking on the detective through their link, sharing in
the boy’s dreams. Ryuuzaki had remained asleep the entire time Raito had been
downstairs, and Raito was more than pleased. He knocked lightly, checking
through their link as well; Ryuuzaki was dreaming again. He stepped in to find
Ryuuzaki curled on his side, hugging Raito’s bunched blankets. He smiled and
stripped to his boxers before slipping in next to Ryuuzaki. He peeked again at
the boy’s dream. Ryuuzaki was wandering a large, Victorian style house. Raito
was unsure if this dream had roots in reality or if the boy had created the
house. He hadn’t gotten through any of the boy’s year files, as he’d been spending
time with his family. He was eager to sort through them, however. He tugged
lightly on the blankets in the boy’s hold, laughing quietly when the other made
a small, sad noise. “You’d rather have blankets than me?” he asked in mock

Ryuuzaki blinked awake, grabbing for Raito’s warm blankets
sluggishly. His surroundings changed gradually and he looked up. ‘Raito-kun?’

“Hey, kitten,” he whispered. Leaning forward, he kissed him
sweetly. He smirked when Ryuuzaki sniffed him.

‘You smell like cake.’

“Mother made you one,” Raito explained, looping his arms
around the detective as he tried to bolt for the kitchen. He laughed and
settled into the bed. “It’s for tomorrow. How are you feeling?”

Ryuuzaki pulled Raito to him, impossibly close. He couldn’t
find the words, so he opted to show the other how he felt.

Contentment, warmth, and a strong sense of having all his
needs met were what Ryuuzaki expressed first. They were followed by a guilty
desire for more, a half-hearted fear that the craving would never stop, and
joyful hopes to repay everything that had been given him. Raito smiled and
hugged Ryuuzaki tightly. “I love you.” He laughed as all of Ryuuzaki’s previous
feelings spiked in strength. He trailed kisses down the boy’s neck. It was the
first time he’d been sharing the other’s body while he did it, and the
sensation was foreign. There was a gentle pleasure, as well as a feeling of
being protected, which further fueled the detective’s enjoyment. Raito moved
closer and continued to pleasure him.

Ryuuzaki could feel the beginnings of arousal and he moaned
quietly. He wrapped his arms around the other, pressing closer.

‘Shh, kitten. Everyone’s sleeping.’ Raito reached past
Ryuuzaki’s borrowed pants and gave a soft laugh. ‘Are you wearing my silk

‘You said I could take anything I wanted.’

Raito smiled and tilted his head up to kiss him. ‘Anything.’
He stroked the boy’s erection lightly, kissing Ryuuzaki’s increasing pulse. He
pushed up the soft cotton of Ryuuzaki’s shirt to expose more of his torso. He
ran his hand blissfully over the warm flesh presented to him before teasing a
hard nipple. He bit lightly at Ryuuzaki’s pulse, shocked by the level of
pleasure it brought the boy.

Ryuuzaki’s eyes slipped shut and another moan passed his
lips as his body was explored. Raito stretched to seal his lips with his own.


‘It’s impossible...’

Raito laughed. ‘Use the blankets.’
He went back to pleasuring, mapping out the boy’s body once again; experiencing
Ryuuzaki’s responses firsthand. Lovingly, he kissed the detective’s forehead as
the boy hid his lips behind the comforter.

Ryuuzaki shivered against the
brunette. He whimpered into the blankets as Raito’s goal to overwhelm him with
pleasure was quickly reached. Ryuuzaki moved and kissed Raito tenderly,
pressing the other into the mattress. He pushed the blankets aside and reached
into the brunette’s boxers. He pumped Raito’s sex before taking the length into
his mouth.

Raito tensed and bit his knuckles
to keep himself quiet. ‘Ryuuzaki…’ He smirked and dragged Ryuuzaki’s hips
toward him, earning a muffled squeak of surprise. He lapped teasingly at the
head of Ryuuzaki’s arousal, tensing again as the boy moaned around him. He
further opened parted lips to accept Ryuuzaki, running his hands over the back
of the boy’s thighs.

Ryuuzaki groaned again, shuddering
as Raito groaned back in pleasure. He did away with their hallway and doors to
leave them free to experience each other unhindered. They clutched at each
other’s hips at the unleashed sensations, mouths motionless as they panted

‘Eru…’ Raito groaned as another
tremor twisted up his gut.

‘Raito-kun…slow…’ Ryuuzaki said

The brunette obeyed, moaning
helplessly as he felt the pleasure his tongue delivered. His moan only brought
him more pleasure, and he froze again.

Ryuuzaki slipped to his side, and
they both relaxed against the other’s thigh. He brought Raito closer to his
mouth and worked gently; shivering as mirrored pleasure met him. When Raito
swallowed around him, he focused on using his tongue. The dual effort quickly
had them both trembling.

‘I’m close, Eru… It’s too good…’
Raito was panting, swallowing around them both when his lungs allowed it.

Ryuuzaki reached back with his
left hand. He shakily pressed his fingertips into the brunette’s tense side and
dragged down.

They exploded forcefully down the
other’s throat, convulsing. They struggled to swallow each other’s offerings as
their desynchronized mouths brought only more pleasure. Gasping, they tore away
from each other and quickly brought back their familiar residence, slamming
their doors shut. They shook next to each other, waiting for their individual
pleasures to subside.

“I can’t move,” Ryuuzaki muttered
after a long moment.

Smiling, Raito offered his hand to
the detective. He helped with dwindling strength to get Ryuuzaki positioned
correctly on the bed.

“Don’t…open the link…until it’s
all gone. I can’t take anymore…” Ryuuzaki whispered, still shivering lightly as
his chest met Raito’s. Raito nodded against his neck.

As their breathing evened, they
both cautiously grabbed the silver handles to their barriers. They eased the
doors open, peeking at each other through the calm hallway. Ryuuzaki laughed,
allowing his door to swing open. Smiling, Raito did the same.


‘Very,’ Raito replied.

‘I don’t think we were quiet.’

Raito laughed and pulled the other
closer. ‘We’ll have to be more careful, then, won’t we?’ He created a futon in
their hall, piling it again with comforters. He smiled to the boy, pushing him
onto the simple bed. He closed both their doors halfway, before glancing to
Ryuuzaki thoughtfully. He opened his eyes and reached for himself physically.
He stroked himself, throwing his head back and holding his breath to fight his
moan as his sensitive skin responded far too quickly. He felt Ryuuzaki cling to
him, struggling to keep quiet.


‘Can you feel?’

Ryuuzaki whimpered and nodded. His
erection against the brunette’s hip was testimony enough. Raito kissed him
deeply, stealing the rest of his remaining coherent thoughts. He reached for
himself eagerly, pouting when Raito stopped him.

‘Just feel…’ He smoothed his thumb
over the boy’s neck, shivering just as Ryuuzaki shivered. He kept his pace
slow, swallowing Ryuuzaki’s quiet moans. ‘Shh…’

Ryuuzaki dragged his fingernails
down Raito’s side in uneven pressure, pulling suppressed moans from him. ‘Shh,

‘Ahh… Ryuuzaki, don’t you dare
turn this into a competition…’ He felt Ryuuzaki’s smirk against his lips and he

Ryuuzaki grinned as he pulled away
from Raito’s lips. Knowing that pleasuring himself would only give the brunette
an echo, he focused instead on pleasuring Raito. He batted Raito’s hand away
from the boy’s length to take it into his palm. He eased his door open further
before he reached to tease himself.

Raito groaned, biting Ryuuzaki’s
shoulder lightly. ‘Not fair.’ For several perfect strokes, he was unable to do
anything but shudder against Ryuuzaki. When Ryuuzaki let go of himself to reach
for Raito’s ribs again, Raito grinned and flipped them over. He grabbed
Ryuuzaki’s arms, crossed them, and pinned them between their stomachs. He threw
open his door completely, grinning again when he heard Ryuuzaki’s anxious
whimper. He leaned forward and licked a delicate trail up the side of
Ryuuzaki’s neck, thrusting when he reached his jaw. Ryuuzaki threw his head
back and Raito lunged to capture his lips. ‘Shh…’

Ryuuzaki moaned again as Raito
started a steady rhythm of thrusts. His excitement instantly shot beyond his
capacity as both their pleasure sped unchecked through his body. He whimpered
and struggled for breath, writhing against the brunette above him. He thrust
upward helplessly, moaning into Raito’s mouth as the boy pushed down to meet
him. When he felt a small lapse, he concentrated and threw his door open hard
enough for it to bang against the wall. Raito’s rhythm was destroyed completely
as Ryuuzaki’s pleasure hit him. Panting, Ryuuzaki pushed against the brunette
until he had Raito beneath him at the foot of the bed. He smirked and lowered
his head to nip at Raito’s side. He reached up to offer his wrist as he felt a
groan begin in the other’s chest.

Raito gently took Ryuuzaki’s wrist
into his mouth, moaning into the skin he was licking at mindlessly. He reached
for Ryuuzaki’s arousal, groaning again as Ryuuzaki bit at him. He pumped
lazily, drowning in the other’s pleasure.

Ryuuzaki slipped to Raito’s side,
breathless, and to Raito’s satisfaction, noiseless. His pleasure continued to
strike the strongest, followed by a mirroring of Raito’s pleasure, to which he
would send back more. ‘Tennis,’ he thought sloppily.

Raito grinned. ‘Tennis,’ he

Ryuuzaki began stroking the
brunette’s arousal and they gave up the battle in favor of release. Raito freed
Ryuuzaki’s wrist with a kiss and turned his head to steal the boy’s lips. Their
tongues slid together warmly and they pressed closer again. Raito reached up to
place his palm over Ryuuzaki’s throat; the simple heated touch had them both
taut in climax.

Panting, Raito milked Ryuuzaki of
everything with gentle strokes, shivering as Ryuuzaki mirrored his hand. He
drew the boy close to him before he relaxed limply against the sheets. He moved
to kiss Ryuuzaki again, running his hands lightly over the boy’s body. Ryuuzaki
melted against him, moaning quietly. The link on the detective’s side quickly
became fuzzy with sleep and Raito was happy to follow.


Ryuuzaki woke several hours later. He stretched languidly
and held his position for a moment. He relaxed and smiled when the brunette
pulled him closer in sleep. He could feel Raito’s calm rise and fall against
his back and he ventured out of his room into their hall. The link grew hazy as
he moved further into Raito’s territory until he drifted out of the familiar space
to find himself in a lush park somewhere, just before dawn. ‘Raito-kun?’

The brunette’s possessive hold on him shifted slightly as he
pressed his forehead to the back of Ryuuzaki’s neck.

Raito suddenly swung down, headfirst, from a tree branch.
His legs were still hidden by the tree’s leaves, but it was obvious he was
hanging from them. ‘Eru?’

Ryuuzaki smiled, looking up to him. ‘What are you doing?’

Raito let his arms dangle, biting his tie playfully as it
fell against his jaw. ‘Thinking.’

Ryuuzaki glanced at the boy’s apparel after the tie made
itself known. Raito was dressed for school. ‘What about?’

Raito spit out his tie. ‘I have an exam,’ he said
dismissively, performing a fluid sit-up to right himself before dropping from
the tree.


Raito nodded.

‘Why aren’t you resting? It’s far too early for class.’ The
sun was finally beginning to show itself, making the leaves in nearby trees
shine iridescent. Ryuuzaki was distracted for a moment, letting the trees blur
in his sight before focusing on them again.

The brunette looked to the striped altocumulus cloud
formation above him, smiling at the colors that greeted him. ‘I couldn’t rest.
I came here to think instead of pacing my room. Sayu likes to sleep late, and I
hate waking her.’

Ryuuzaki took his eyes away from the entrancing trees and
asked, ‘What has you troubled?’

Raito turned back to Ryuuzaki. He smiled, but it didn’t
reach his eyes. He looked to his messenger bag, which was propped up against
the trunk of the tree he’d climbed. He murmured, ‘I can’t fail this exam.
Mother knows this test is hard, and she expressed her concern…but I know she
still wants a good mark. Professor expects me to set the standard on this one.’
He shrugged. He glanced back and smiled again. Ryuuzaki was relieved when this
smile was genuine. ‘Why are you here? Are you thinking, too?’

‘No, not really. It’s nice, being free from thought.’

Raito laughed. ‘I see. I’m sure it is.’

‘You will do fine on your exam, Raito-kun.’

Raito stared silently, eyes locked with the other’s.

‘Your parents, they see you, not your grades. They’re proud,
of course, but you’re so much more than that.’ He smiled.

Raito broke eye contact uncomfortably. He shoved his hands
into his pockets to keep from fidgeting with them. ‘L? Why…why do you still want
me?’ He frowned. ‘I don’t deserve you; as much as you’ve seen and know of the
world, you’re still pure.’ He shifted his weight while biting his lip, ‘I’m
tainted and broken.’ He glanced up to peek through his bangs and said, ‘You’ve
given me a lot, Ryuuzaki; I’m not ungrateful for it. You bring me comfort by
simply sitting next to me.’ He smiled softly, eyes on the cool grass again.
‘And you’ve allowed me to be myself, without judgment or expectation. As
selfish as it is, I’ve always wanted that.’ One hand slipped free from his
pocket to play nervously with his tie. ‘Still, you have so much to offer…while
I’m lacking. I’m very fortunate to have you… But…there is surely someone more

For a moment, Ryuuzaki was speechless. In the short beat of
silence, morning birds began to sing quietly.

‘I love you, Eru,’ Raito continued. ‘It scared me at first.’
Raito laughed, ‘I was so scared. But you guided me away from my doubts so
easily.’ He blushed lightly, ‘I’m not sure if you realize how much influence
you have over me.’ Raito’s hand moved up to rub at his neck. ‘It hurts, when I
think about letting you go. But… But you deserve more, Ryuuzaki… More than a
no-name schoolboy could ever give. More than a…a killer could ever hope to
give…’ He finally looked up to Ryuuzaki. ‘And I want you to be happy.’ The
brunette smiled. The sun’s rays pierced through the leaves above Raito to
effortlessly point out the tears that had begun their course down his cheeks.

‘Raito-kun…’ Ryuuzaki whispered.

‘I never wanted to fail you.’ Raito looked to the other
sincerely for a long moment. He finally glanced away in guilt, clearing his
throat. ‘And now, I can never redeem myself. I know…I’ll poison you. You’ll
probably hate me for leaving you, but it won’t be a loss; it will be an
opportunity. It’s all I can hope to give.’ He frowned and leaned to grab his
bag, quickly fixing the strap over his shoulder. He wiped at his tears in the
same motion in hopes of the action going unseen. Without looking back, he said,
‘I should start for class. I’m sure I’ll need more time to think.’

Before Ryuuzaki could take a step toward the brunette, the
landscape faded into darkness. He blinked and he found himself standing in the
boy’s mental quarters, less than a meter past the doorway. He looked toward the
other. Raito was spread across his bed, sheets dripping over the edge. The
brunette’s unconscious worries struck him again and Ryuuzaki rushed forward,
careful in his haste as he moved to lie next to Raito. ‘No more thinking,
Raito-kun,’ he whispered, forming to the other’s body. ‘I love you.’ He smiled
when Raito physically tightened his hold. ‘I love you,’ he repeated quietly.

‘I love you,’ Raito returned drowsily. He felt Ryuuzaki’s
heartbeat echoing in his chest as the boy shared his body. He smiled and kissed
the nape of Ryuuzaki’s neck.

“No, I love you, Raito-kun,” Ryuuzaki said, turning
in the boy’s arms to face him. “With everything I have, I love you. I love your
perfections and flaws. I love your strength to remain true to yourself despite
outside influences, your courage to stand up for the meek, your unshakable
loyalty, your abundance of selflessness.” He brushed Raito’s hair away. “I want
you to know that you could never fail me, Raito-kun. You’re far from tainted –
you’re beautiful. You amaze me, and I find myself more proud of you with every
passing day. I desire your soul just as much as your touch. I’m addicted to
you, Raito, and I would be lost without you. Terribly lost, and alone.” He
smiled, looking through unshed tears to keep his gaze steady. “The thought of
losing you destroys me. My heart aches, Raito, just at the thought of you, and
a single glance from you cures all ills. I never want it to stop. You’ll always
have me, completely.”

Raito stared, breathless. He tried to look away but Ryuuzaki
grabbed his jaw to keep him in place.

‘Everything I’ve said is the truth, Raito. You can’t deny
it, and I won’t let you run from it.’ He held the brunette’s searching gaze.
‘The day I met you was the start of something wonderful.’

Raito’s breathing rate increased, emotions threatened to
overtake him and it was only made worse by the realization that Ryuuzaki could
feel them. He finally blinked. He tried to move away and wound up further
tangled with the detective.

Ryuuzaki placed a light kiss to Raito’s shoulder as the
brunette’s emotions continued to flow erratically. Raito’s confusion was
strong; the boy couldn’t understand how he’d let his weaknesses become so
easily discovered, and he was ashamed by it. ‘I love you, Raito-kun.’

He buried his face against the other boy’s neck, clutching
at him. ‘Eru…’ His breath came in irregularly as he fought the intensity.
‘I…can’t… I’m not strong enough.’ He shook his head. ‘You’re wrong. I’m

‘You’re my light,’ Ryuuzaki returned.

‘I’ve…’ Raito sobbed, and further hid his face. ‘No, no. I…’

Ryuuzaki continued to share in Raito’s blur of emotions.
Flashes of the note ran through Raito’s form and they threatened to destroy.
They were weakened by the brunette’s desire to keep Ryuuzaki close, but that in
turn was weakened by the fear of damaging something so innocent.

‘I can’t… I can’t save you from myself. I won’t let you
st-stay. You have to leave.’ Just as Raito finished the thought, he pulled the
detective closer in contradiction of his words.

Ryuuzaki grasped the brunette’s worries when they brushed
close enough. He growled and tore them away from the greater body of thoughts.
With focused determination, he crushed and ripped them in his hands until they
were unrecognizable scraps. He discarded them without concern, watching them
vanish as soon as they left his hold. Turning to more healthy thoughts, he
gathered the ones in need of repair and easily made them whole using Raito’s
subconscious help. He grouped them to allow for proper nurturing before opening
his eyes. Slipping his hands into Raito’s hair in the physical plane, he smiled
softly. “You haven’t fallen, and if you ever do, I’ll help you up. I trust you,
Raito-kun. I love you, and I know you’re stronger than those petty worries. I’m
not leaving until you can tell me you don’t love me.”

Raito laughed – the sound was choked with emotion. ‘So
you’ll never leave?’

Ryuuzaki nuzzled affectionately. “You’re my breath,

Raito laughed again. ‘You’re my breath, if you’ll

The detective hummed thoughtfully.

“Thank you. I love you, Ryuuzaki.”

‘I love you more.’

‘Times infinity.’

‘Infinity squared.’

Raito laughed and kissed the boy’s neck sweetly. They
remained entwined on his bed, listening contently as the rest of the family
began to stir. After a few quiet moments, Ryuuzaki began singing in his head,
softly palatalized French. Raito smiled and let the boy’s melody lull him back
to sleep.

Ryuuzaki continued to sing, nuzzling the brunette. He waited
patiently until he could slip back into the boy’s dreams, delighted to find
them free of insecurities.


“Stop peeking at my dreams,” Raito
slurred, voice husky with sleep. He felt Ryuuzaki laughing next to him and he
couldn’t fight a smile. “I’m sure they’re embarrassing. Plus, you have the
advantage of remembering them, and guiding them, you sneaky bastard.”
Ryuuzaki laughed harder.

“I don’t change them,” Ryuuzaki
said truthfully. “I stopped only one, a nightmare.”

“A nightmare?”


Raito’s breath caught in his
throat. ‘Was anyone… What did I do-’

‘You were the victim in this
nightmare, Raito-kun,’ Ryuuzaki said vaguely.

Raito nodded.

‘You called for me, Raito…’
Ryuuzaki pressed closer. ‘You sought me as an escape. I couldn’t deny you. I
only stepped in briefly; you immediately took notice and we moved on.’

Raito nodded again. “Thanks,” he

“Of course,” he replied, kissing
the brunette’s jaw lightly.

‘My guardian,’ he murmured.

‘What did you call me?’

Raito blushed. “Nothing. Get up,”
he nudged the other. “We’ll shower and eat, then…”

“Then…? Be lazy? Let’s be lazy.”

Raito smiled. They stood and
Ryuuzaki nearly fell, making a tiny, scared noise. “Get back to your own body,
you idiot,” Raito said affectionately, laughing as he helped the boy stand.
“You shouldn’t mess with this link too much; there’s no way to know its
qualities,” Raito was interrupted.

“That’s why I mess with

The brunette continued, “What if
you get stuck in my head? How would we remedy that? If you’re unable to return
to yourself-”

Ryuuzaki interrupted again,
standing by his own strength. “I’m kicked from your body about every twenty

Raito blinked.

“And once I start to fall asleep,
I’m sent back to myself. It requires conscious effort to stay with you and to
stand in the hall joining our minds.”

Raito blinked again.

“We can leave the link open,
though, and I’ll faintly see and feel with you until I’m allowed back. I’m
curious as to whether we can dream together, but there’s no way to test that.
Anyway, I’m hoping to build up a tolerance so that I’m not rejected so often.”

Raito laughed, imagining the boy’s
impatient wait sessions. He sobered and shook his head. “No. Let it do as it
will. I don’t want you to get hurt. Don’t make me lock my door,” he threatened.

Ryuuzaki pouted. “Fine.”

“Thanks,” Raito wrapped his arms
around Ryuuzaki, tipping them back toward the bed.

Laughing, Ryuuzaki fought their
teasingly slow fall, pulling back and trying to lift Raito against gravity.

Raito growled playfully against
Ryuuzaki’s throat and cradled him closer. The detective lost strength long
enough for them to hit the mattress. Raito hummed contently as Ryuuzaki’s
weight rested against him. “You’re removed every twenty minutes,” Raito mused
aloud. Ryuuzaki nodded against his chest and Raito reached up to run his
fingers through his dark hair. “That explains my troubles at the hospital…”


“Every so often I was thrown back
into my body, so I’d go back to yours, only to be thrown out again.”

Ryuuzaki laughed. “You didn’t
consider the reason? Weren’t you frustrated?”

“I was more focused on being by
your side when you woke. A lot of good that did,” he poked Ryuuzaki’s bare
side. “If I hadn’t realized it was your pain I was feeling, I would have sworn
it was another heart attack.”

“Sorry. I was scared.”

“Yeah, I gathered that.”

Ryuuzaki pinched the brunette’s
side to hear him squeak for the remark.

“Sorry! Okay!” Raito scrambled to
grab Ryuuzaki’s hands, sides tight.

Ryuuzaki could feel Raito’s
nervous anticipation of being tickled and he grinned. “Hey, wait…you were there
for my dreams, then. Do I get to yell at you, too?”

Raito smiled, “Get up.”

“That’s not fair. What were my
dreams about?”

“Nothing incriminating.”


Raito smiled again, “Get up.”

“Whoa, wait. You only know we can
guide each other’s dreams because you tampered with mine!”

Raito laughed. “Get up.”

“What did you do?”

The brunette continued to laugh.
“Nothing terrible, I swear. Get up.”

“You’ll just throw us down again.”

“I won’t.”

“Liar,” Ryuuzaki smirked as he
felt Raito’s intentions.

Raito laughed, “Alright. I won’t.”
He propped Ryuuzaki up, laughing again when the detective neither resisted nor
helped. “Up.”

“I am up.” He grinned when Raito
laughed again.

Raito let his arms coil back to
himself, bringing Ryuuzaki closer. He kissed him teasingly before throwing
Ryuuzaki away from him. He sprang to his feet, grabbing Ryuuzaki as the
detective fell back. He pulled the boy toward him and could feel Ryuuzaki’s
heart thudding against his chest.


“Go shower,” Raito said through a
smile. He handed Ryuuzaki his drawstring pants as he pulled his boxers on.

“You think you can tell me what to

“Are you putting up a fight, pet?”

“If I am?”

“Naughty kitties don’t get

Ryuuzaki pouted.

Raito laughed and pulled Ryuuzaki
into a tight hug. “Go on.”

Ryuuzaki stepped out into the
hall, playing idly with the string at his waist. He glanced down to the first
floor when movement caught his attention; Soichiro was passing the foot of the
stairs. “Good morning, Yagami-san.”

Soichiro glanced up and smiled.
“Please, call me ‘Father,’ Ryuuzaki. Mother’s washed your clothes for you;
they’re folded by the shower.”

“Th…thank you.”

Soichiro nodded and continued on.
His voice drifted as he addressed Sayu. By the sounds of her high-pitched
reply, followed by Sachiko’s light laugh, he was teasing their daughter about

‘Father…’ Ryuuzaki followed
Soichiro with his eyes until the man walked out of sight. ‘Mother?’ He turned
the word over in his head, repeating it affectionately. He slipped the terms
into a few of his favorite languages, to try them for the first time. He
giddily played with stress and pitch, stretching out syllables unnecessarily.

Raito waited until Ryuuzaki had
finished whispering and laughing to himself. He smiled, ‘It works better if you
say them aloud, kitten. As much as you’d like to hope, you can’t get Mother’s
nor Father’s attention by thinking really hard at them. I’m surely the only

‘Raito-kun…’ Ryuuzaki turned back
to the boy’s room, standing silently in the doorway. Raito was stretching,
warming up to begin exercise. He continued to watch as Raito settled into a
plank pose.

Raito could feel the other
staring. With eyes trained on the ground he smiled and thought, ‘Well? Your
clothes are waiting for you. Not to say you couldn’t borrow more, but I’ll need
the ones you have on now to throw in the wash when I start the sheets. I don’t
want to leave the task to Mother.’ Raito grunted as he was tackled to the
floor. “Hey, easy. Play nice.” He laughed and kicked away from Ryuuzaki as his
bare sides were attacked. Hiding at the foot of his bed, Raito smiled at the
other boy. He could feel Ryuuzaki’s indescribable happiness radiating in huge
surges and he opened his arms for the detective.

Ryuuzaki quickly crawled into the
brunette’s arms, smiling against the boy’s neck. He hadn’t realized he was
crying until Raito began to wipe his tears away. “Raito,” he hugged the other
tightly and stayed in that comfortable position for a long moment. ‘Shower with

Raito smirked. He sighed
dramatically, ‘It will only defeat the purpose of getting clean.’

Laughing, Ryuuzaki took Raito’s
hand and sped toward the shower with his captive in tow.




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