Prove Me Wrong

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Ryuuzaki pouted. “Wake up, Raito-kun.” With eyes well
adjusted to the dark room, he could easily make out the boy lying boringly
still on the sheets. He dragged his index finger down Raito’s chest.

‘I can’t wake up if I’m not asleep,’ Raito thought
irritably, swatting the pesky boy’s hand away again, turning on his side.

The sugar addict sprawled over Raito, pressing his cool
fingertips to the brunette’s exposed side threateningly.

“Don’t you dare,” came the brunette’s muffled reaction.

Ryuuzaki lightly pulled his fingers upward, grinning as the
brunette shifted abruptly at the ticklish sensation. He teasingly replaced his
fingers just below the brunette’s ribs again. Before he could blink, he was on
his back, arms crossed and pinned over his stomach.

Smirking, Raito draped himself tiredly over the trapped boy.
“Sleep, Ryuuzaki.”

“Don’t want to.”

Raito sighed. He’d been trying to get Ryuuzaki to sleep for
hours now. He was beginning to feel it was hopeless. He whined quietly against
Ryuuzaki’s collarbone, “Sleep.” His hold on the boy weakened as he started to
drift off for the umpteenth time. He was rudely forced back to alertness when
Ryuuzaki freed his hands. “Are you serious,” he asked lifelessly, reaching
blindly for Ryuuzaki’s hands.

“You’re boring, Raito.” Ryuuzaki wrapped his arms around the
brunette and felt him relax.

“No, I’m tired. Let me sleep.”

Ryuuzaki remained silent. His foot slipped off the edge of
the bed and he began swinging it back and forth in boredom. He took a segment
of Raito’s hair between his fingers and tied a knot in the middle of it. He let
the loose knot slip free before he tied it again.

“Don’t get it stuck,” Raito mumbled. He nuzzled the boy
beneath him, enjoying the gentle rocking Ryuuzaki was causing.

“Don’t drool on me,” Ryuuzaki replied coolly.

“I’ll do what I please,” the brunette said, sweeping his
tongue over the boy’s chest.

Ryuuzaki laughed. “C’mon, Raito-kun! Wake up!”

“Why the hell won’t you sleep?”

“I’m excited,” Ryuuzaki said simply.

Raito waited for an explanation and growled when Ryuuzaki
didn’t supply one. He sighed. “Why?”

‘We’re going to catch Kira!’ Ryuuzaki smiled broadly at the
ceiling. “No reason. Why are you tired though? It’s still early! Wake up! We
could play cards again, now that I know the rules. Or we could play tennis!
That would be fun.”

Raito drowsily planted his palm over the boy’s mouth to
silence him. “It’s three in the morning…” He yanked his hand away when he felt
Ryuuzaki lapping at his palm. “Ugh…” He wiped his hand on the bed next to them.
“For that, I’m going to drool all night.”

Ryuuzaki laughed again. He pouted when Raito relaxed and he
quickly asked, “What if I told you I was hungry?”

Raito sighed and moved to get up. The few times Ryuuzaki
ever admitted to being hungry, Raito was sure to let him eat. ‘I hope he
doesn’t take long,’ he thought fuzzily.

Ryuuzaki watched and waited until Raito’s weight was
supported by one arm. He smiled and used the boy’s momentum against him to
topple him onto the empty side of the bed. He moved atop him, pulling the
comforter to cover them both. “So you’ll let me eat, but you won’t let me

Raito smiled, pulling Ryuuzaki closer. “I’m sure you can see
the difference in importance.” He yawned, and didn’t bother to open his eyes

Ryuuzaki nuzzled Raito happily. He smirked and cuddled the
brunette. Shifted to cuddle next to his other side. Moved again to cuddle against

Laughing, Raito peeked at Ryuuzaki. He pulled him down over
him, purposefully placing the boy’s head over his heart. Ryuuzaki paused when
the beat met his ear and Raito combed the boy’s hair with his fingers, kissing
the top of his head. He could feel Ryuuzaki’s breathing evening out. Raito
smiled triumphantly and caringly eased the detective into the haphazard
position Raito was used to seeing him sleep in. Once the boy was settled, Raito
easily caught up in the race to sleep.


“Ryuuzaki, give me that,” Raito
frowned and took Ryuuzaki’s soda away from him. He set the new bottle next to
the growing row of empty ones.

Watching Raito disapprovingly,
Ryuuzaki waited until he had the brunette’s attention again. He stuck out his
tongue once their eyes met.

Raito laughed and tried to snatch
Ryuuzaki’s tongue. “I’m not letting you eat only that for breakfast.”

Turning his face to avoid Raito’s
fingertips, Ryuuzaki replied, “I wasn’t eating it.”

Sighing, the brunette turned back to
the fridge. “You need something more than just sugar.” He growled when he heard
another bottle being opened. He spun around to find Ryuuzaki crouched
protectively over another new bottle, looking up at him guiltily. “Give it to

Ryuuzaki blushed. “Give you what,
Raito-kun?” He winked before he tipped over laughing, careful to keep the
bottle upright. He squeaked when Raito tackled him. “No! Wait! Raito!” He
fumbled for the bottle as the brunette wrestled it away. “You’re wasting it!” He
reached for it again, mildly distracted as he licked spilt soda off of his
other hand. He stilled and drank contently when Raito tilted the bottle to his

Smiling, Raito pulled the bottle
away before Ryuuzaki emptied it. “That’s all you get.”

“I need it for energy,” Ryuuzaki
pouted, tangling himself further with the brunette as he reached for the bottle

“Energy?” Raito raised an eyebrow
and glanced at his lover. “You never do anything.”

“We’re going to catch Kira,”
Ryuuzaki smiled. “I’ll need the energy.” He missed Raito’s shocked expression
as he finally obtained the soda. He could feel the brunette’s nervousness
however, and he glanced over immediately. “Raito-kun…” Ryuuzaki set the bottle
on the floor next to them and pulled the boy to his chest. “If we get him now,
everything will be fixed.”

“I know. I just… Okay. Okay,

Ryuuzaki frowned. “We’ll be

Raito nodded. “Are you hungry?” he
asked quietly.

Grabbing his soda, Ryuuzaki shook
his head. “No.”

“Alright. Let’s get ready.”


“Bring me the notebook,” Ryuuzaki
commanded loudly, gaining enough attention to quiet the confusing clash of
talking officers over the headset. When a helmeted officer brought the book to
the helicopter, Watari leaned out of the open cabin door to receive it.
Ryuuzaki accepted it from the trusted man with a smile. He turned back in his
seat, glancing at Raito. The brunette’s eyes were fixed on his father, who was
leaning against a squad car. Ryuuzaki scanned the scene before him and fell
speechless as he caught sight of the shinigami standing next to Higuchi. Several
officers had their guns trained on the creature while others were focused on
Higuchi. The detective didn’t realize the book had been taken from him until he
heard Raito screaming.

Raito screamed, shooting up to his feet. He was struck by
vertigo, and it only added to the sickening whirl of memories. He dry heaved
for a few seconds, clutching the notebook tightly to his chest. He shook his
head in refusal of getting sick; he didn’t want to, and hadn’t eaten anything
to make it possible. His mind became more of a mess and he quickly stopped
moving his head. In a frantic effort to stop the flow of memories, he flung the
book away from himself. It slammed up against the windshield of the cockpit
before hitting the console; his vision flickered and failed him before he could
watch the book hit the floor. He took in two shuddering gasps before
collapsing. He slipped between the chairs and fell heavily to the floor.

Ryuuzaki was at his side in seconds. “Raito! Raito!” he
called, shaking the boy’s shoulders. When the brunette refused to respond,
Ryuuzaki leaned closer and tilted the boy’s head back to check for breathing.
His heart skipped at the silence that greeted him. He checked for a pulse at
Raito’s wrist and neck simultaneously – nothing. He rushed to perform cardiopulmonary
resuscitation, cursing himself hatefully when his throat was too tight with
panic to offer air to the brunette. He blocked out his connection with the
motionless boy, forcing himself to see Raito as a nameless victim. He breathed
into him easily and quickly began compressing the brunette’s chest.

Watari moved to his side, helping to hold Raito’s head in
position. “With more rhythm,” he advised.

Ryuuzaki nodded and concentrated further on his timing. He
forced more air into Raito’s lungs. ‘Please, please, please,’ the mantra was
endless. More compressions. A couple of careful breaths. He looked to Watari,
the man’s index and middle fingers were over Raito’s pulse; Watari shook his
head in the negative. More compressions. “Please,” he whispered. It was taking
too long. So much time was slipping away. ‘Please… Breathe for me, Raito.’ He
refused to entertain the thought of losing the boy, though the possibility
repeatedly surfaced and his chest tightened painfully every time.

“I’m flying us to the nearest hospital,” Watari stated,
quickly seating himself at the console.

Ryuuzaki waved to him in acknowledgement as he began another
session of compressions.

“L, we have Higuchi completely subdued.” Soichiro’s proud
voice entered his headset clearly. Ryuuzaki growled and ripped the device from
himself, throwing the technology with enough force to break it against the
floor before him. He turned his attention back to Raito. “Damn it! Breathe!” He
leaned over the boy again, his tears falling to travel down Raito’s cheeks,
giving the eerie illusion that the brunette was also crying. The helicopter took
flight and Ryuuzaki rushed to hold Raito securely in place. They quickly gained
altitude and Ryuuzaki focused on his own breathing pattern before breathing
into Raito again. As he moved to begin another long set of compressions, Raito
made a small noise. Ryuuzaki gasped. “Raito?!” He didn’t get a response. He
pressed closer to listen: Raito was breathing. He pressed his fingers to the
brunette’s faint pulse and smiled in relief as it gradually grew in strength. He
sniffed and wiped furiously at his eyes. Moving with caution, he caringly eased
Raito into the recovery position. He remained kneeled at the boy’s side for a
moment, shaking. He whimpered and moved to lie next to Raito, curled under the
boy’s extended arm. He desperately wanted to hold him but knew better. He
settled for watching the comforting rise and fall of Raito’s chest.

“L,” Watari addressed him quietly from the console. “About

“I don’t care,” Ryuuzaki replied flatly, his back to the

“L,” he said in a parental tone.

Sighing, Ryuuzaki said, without looking away from Raito,
“Tell them to keep him bound at all times; assume he can still kill with just a
glance. Advise them to keep their faces and names protected. Monitor his
movements strictly, with at least three people surrounding him. Have them
question him beginning now, using the cameras; don’t give him time to consider
his responses. Ask each question four times, at different intervals; do not ask
them in a specific order. The questions should focus on his use of the note as
well as his every action with the Yotsuba company since the note came into his
possession. I don’t care about his opinions – don’t let him ramble as it could
be a method of delaying for fabricated answers.”

Watari nodded and turned to relay the instructions before
they left frequency range. Ryuuzaki drowned out the man’s even voice with the
sound of Raito’s breathing. He moved closer and gently eased the boy’s head
back a little further. “Raito… Please wake up…just for a minute…” The situation
reminded him of his teasing earlier in the morning and he frowned.

“Ryuuzaki….let me sleep…” Raito slurred, eyes mere slits and
brow furrowed.

Ryuuzaki laughed, overcome with happiness. He stretched over
the brunette, propped up on his hands. He kissed his temple, tears freely flowing
down his face.

Raito tried to move but his body denied him and he quickly
became exhausted. Slightly worried, he took in his situation and noted they
were still in the helicopter and he was in the cabin, lying in a position he
recognized but never imagined waking up in. “Ryuuzaki? What happened?” he
mumbled. As his hair became wet and matted, he focused on the boy above him and
could feel as well as hear the other crying. “Ryuuzaki, are you alright?”

“Me?” the boy asked incredulously. “You… I’m fine.” Ryuuzaki
moved a fraction closer, burying his nose in Raito’s hair at the base of his
neck. He inhaled the boy’s scent and smiled when Raito shivered. He suddenly
realized how often he took something as unique as the boy’s scent for granted
and he inhaled again. He gave a quiet sob as his tears returned. “Raito-kun…”

“Ryuuzaki?” Raito asked in concern. He was still unable to
move and he could feel unconsciousness tugging at him.

“You died. You were dead, and I didn’t think I could bring
you back…” Another sob. “It took so long…too long.”

“Sorry,” he whispered.

Ryuuzaki stiffened and pulled away when Raito lost
consciousness. He checked for vitals again and relaxed when Raito proved to be
alive. “He apologizes?” He laughed shakily, turning to Watari when the man
called back to him.

“They’re expecting us, L. Do not get in their way.”

Ryuuzaki nodded, “Alright.” He watched Watari begin the
landing procedure. The man stepped on the fallen notebook to keep it from
sliding as the craft leveled off. Ryuuzaki turned back to Raito, delicately
holding him in place. Once they connected with the roof of the hospital,
Ryuuzaki swiftly moved to the cabin door, sliding it back smoothly on its
tracks. He pressed himself against the unoccupied seat in the cockpit, removed
from Raito.

The team of rescuers that were waiting beyond the landing
pad called to each other and rushed forward as one. A tall man leading the
others shouted instructions over the noise of the helicopter and they all
obeyed him flawlessly. Their clothes fluttered violently under the chopper’s
blades until they managed to slip in.

Ryuuzaki watched nervously as the uniformed team checked the
brunette for serious injury and stress. Three of them announced no complications
before the other three carefully and efficiently moved the boy onto the
stretcher. They strapped him in and the six-man team rushed away from the
landing pad; one led, four tended the sides of the stretcher, and the last kept
watch over all of them from behind.

Ryuuzaki hopped out. He nearly tripped over himself as he
tried to chase after them while simultaneously staying put. He had to stop
himself countless times from sprinting after the vanished team. He made an
anxious noise as his legs tensed again and he inched forward before finally
waiting respectfully for Watari. The blades of the large craft behind him were
still spinning lazily when Watari finally stepped beside him. He watched from
the corner of his eye as the man slipped the notebook into his briefcase before
walking toward the roof elevator Raito had disappeared though.

“You may go ahead, L.”

“No,” he replied quietly. “There’s nothing left for me to
do. I’ll wait.”

Watari nodded, proud of the boy’s mature decision.


Raito woke groggily. He opened his eyes and winced in
response to the blinding lights lining the unfamiliar ceiling. He closed his
eyes tightly, tilting his head downward to face his chest in hopes of avoiding
the same punishment as he opened his eyes again. The first sight that met him
was a mess of black hair. He smiled and lifted his hand with a little effort to
place it on Ryuuzaki’s head. He focused on the sleeping boy and frowned when he
saw Ryuuzaki’s troubled expression. He eased the boy’s thumb out of his mouth
before he brushed back Ryuuzaki’s bangs and whispered soothingly, “Relax,
kitten.” He continued to run his fingers though the boy’s soft hair, closing
his eyes once the detective was sleeping peacefully.

Curiously taking in the condition of his body, Raito
noticed his shirt was missing. He hoped an electrocardiogram was to blame
rather than an odd nurse. His idle arm was currently busy with an IV, and he
cringed at the thought of needles. He made a disapproving noise and tried to
keep that arm as still as he could.

“Raito?” Ryuuzaki sat up stiffly, taking the boy’s hand
into his. He studied the brunette.

Raito looked to him and flashed a smile before he said,
“Thanks for saving me.”

“I wish you would stop scaring me, you bastard.” His
eyebrows dipped and he looked away for a moment.

“Hey, come here,” Raito cooed, tugging lightly on
Ryuuzaki’s hand. Ryuuzaki abruptly embraced him.

“I don’t know what I would have done if…” Ryuuzaki mumbled
and shook his head as he pressed closer to Raito. He kept his touches light,
making up for the lack of contact with randomly placed kisses.

“Shh…” Raito pressed his lips to Ryuuzaki’s when he was
finally able to. “Everything’s okay now.” He was relieved the boy wasn’t crying
any longer, though he could tell Ryuuzaki was struggling not to. “Have you

“Would you worry about yourself, damn it?” He mumbled in
frustration, “You die, and the first thing you do when I revive you is ask if I’m
okay…and even now…”

Raito smiled and kissed him lightly when Ryuuzaki bumped
their foreheads together. “It’s your job to worry about me.”

Ryuuzaki tightened his hold slightly. He quietly admitted,
“I slept for a few hours.”

“So, knowing you, I’m going to assume I’ve been here quite
some time to allow that.”

“Thirty seven hours…and one quarter.”

Raito made a thoughtful noise and Ryuuzaki pulled back.

Taking his seat again, as well as Raito’s hand, he said,
“They wanted to keep an eye on you for at least one night. But after running a
few tests, they became concerned by your state of dehydration as well as
various signs of sleep deprivation; they induced sleep. I’m so sorry, Raito.
I’m ruining you.”

Raito chose to ignore the boy’s self-blame. “They haven’t
taken a look at you, then?” He grinned. “I’m sure you’d baffle every doctor

Ryuuzaki smirked. “Well, they did force me to eat.” He
added, “They tried to move me to a sleeping room, but I refused.”

Frowning, Raito asked, “You’ve been here the entire time?”

“I wasn’t alone: Watari was with me, though I sent him
home for rest; you dad is currently next door, sleeping. Matsuda went for food,
I believe.” Ryuuzaki stuck out his tongue. “The food here isn’t fun. Matsuda
was the first to complain.”

Raito laughed. His expression turned serious and he said,
“That’s not what I meant.” He tugged again on the boy’s hand. “Come up here.”

Ryuuzaki stood and blinked when Raito shifted onto his
side to make room for him. “Raito, I don’t think it’s safe for you…”

“C’mon,” he insisted.

“Well, if not that, then what if I get yelled at?”

Raito laughed and pulled him closer to the bed. “You’ll be

Ryuuzaki climbed in. He held up Raito’s arm to mind the IV
before settling against the brunette. He wrapped his arms around him and sighed,
nuzzling affectionately. He lost himself in the feel and smell of Raito; his
thoughts faded into pleasantly hazy pastel blurs and he moved closer to his

The brunette draped his arm over Ryuuzaki, grateful for the
warmth he offered. He let Ryuuzaki tuck them in and he kissed his head. “Go to
sleep, Ryuuzaki…” Ryuuzaki hummed quietly in reply and Raito smiled. “I suppose
you don’t have to be told this time.” He ran his hand up and down the boy’s
back contently, smiling again when he felt Ryuuzaki’s hold loosen. He relaxed
against the lightly snoring boy, burying his face in the dark hair. He blinked
when his father stepped into view.


“Good morning, father,” Raito smiled.

Soichiro leaned over Ryuuzaki to hug his son tightly. When
he pulled away he blinked his eyes free from tears. “I’m glad to see you
awake.” He looked down to Ryuuzaki to avoid his son’s gaze for a moment as he
composed himself. “I owe him so much,” he said quietly as he placed his hand on
the sleeping boy’s head. “Watari told me everything, as Ryuuzaki would not open
his mouth except to ask, ‘When will Raito wake?’” He looked to Raito, laughing
lightly. “He drove the nurse staff insane.”

Raito smiled. “Yes, he told me they forced him to eat.”

“Only by threatening to remove him from the building.” He
lifted his hand from the boy’s head. “He hasn’t left your side.”

“I hope he never will,” Raito whispered, looking at the
boy fondly. “Do mother and Sayu know what happened?”

“No. I want to ease the shock of telling them by having
you in the room when they listen.”

Raito nodded. No need to worry them.

“How are you feeling?”

“Still tired, but I’m not sure if it’s natural or due to
the medicine. Have they said anything?”

“Yes. Your heart is healthy; they found no irregularities
in its structure or rhythm. They attribute the attack to stress and sudden
shock – Watari claimed you were in great distress before you…” Soichiro cleared
his throat uncomfortably. “They also ask that we keep an eye on the sleeping
and eating habits of both of you,” he glanced to Ryuuzaki for a moment. “They
didn’t say he was malnourished exactly, but that he was definitely unnaturally

Raito nodded. “I’ve been trying to get him to eat,” he
began petting Ryuuzaki again, “but he can be stubborn.” Ryuuzaki’s breathing
pattern changed for a few seconds and Raito smiled. “Yes, we’re talking about
you,” he whispered.

Matsuda peeked in. He smiled at Soichiro and said quietly,
“Hey, I was looking for you. I have food in…” He gasped and rushed to Raito’s
side. “You’re awake!”

Raito put his hand over his lover’s head when the boy
stirred. He smiled at Matsuda and nodded.

Ryuuzaki blinked sleepily, glancing over his shoulder when
he felt the presence of two people. He first noticed Matsuda, who was blushing
deeply. He then looked to Soichiro and returned the man’s smile. He turned back
to Raito after a second.

“Sorry, Ryuuzaki,” Matsuda said. He looked to Raito again.
“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thank you, Matsuda. Are you?”

“No. I mean, yes. Well, this one,” he gestured to
Ryuuzaki, “didn’t tell us anything!”

“Matsuda,” Soichiro said admonishingly.

“I was worried,” Matsuda said after a moment, head bowed.
“We had Higuchi, and then you were all suddenly gone. Watari was the one to
call us once you were settled in this room.”

“I’m sorry, Matsuda, Yagami-san.” Ryuuzaki glanced over
his shoulder again. “I wasn’t thinking.” They both nodded and Ryuuzaki slipped
back into position against Raito.

Smiling softly, Raito pressed a kiss to Ryuuzaki’s
forehead. He whispered only loud enough for the boy to hear, “Sleep, kitten.”
Ryuuzaki’s eyes slid shut.

“What happened to Higuchi,” Raito asked, tucking a strand
of Ryuuzaki’s hair behind the boy’s ear.

“We had more than enough time to carry out Ryuuzaki’s
orders. After we finished questioning him, we were waiting for more
instructions. Then Watari called and told us everything.” He bit his lip. “Are
you sure you’re okay? Watari said you didn’t have a pulse…”

Ryuuzaki’s hold on him tightened and Ratio soothed him.
“Well, I have one now.” He nuzzled Ryuuzaki, “Go to sleep.”

Soichiro smiled at his son’s attempt to put Ryuuzaki to
sleep. “Matsuda, you said you had food?”

“Yeah,” he glanced to the elder Yagami, “do you want it
now?” Soichiro nodded and Matsuda turned to Raito. “Are you hungry? Either of

“I’m fine,” Raito replied. He looked down to Ryuuzaki and
the pale boy shook his head. Raito smiled and said, “We’re both fine. Eat; I’ll
be here when you’re done.”

Matsuda nodded. “I’m glad you’re safe, Raito.” He left

“Rest now. Both of you.” Soichiro smiled and left.

“Hey,” Raito said quietly.

Ryuuzaki buried his face further.

“Hey,” he repeated. “Are you thinking about it again?”

“It’s hard not to,” Ryuuzaki replied.

“If you keep focusing on that, you’ll miss everything
else.” He tilted the boy’s head up and kissed him sweetly. “Please sleep,
Ryuuzaki. I promise nothing will happen while your eyes are closed.”

Ryuuzaki looked past Raito to watch a blue-tinted
shinigami step out of the wall several feet from the bed. If it hadn’t been for
his previous glimpse at a similar being, he would have felt insane. His blood
ran cold as he took in details. “I don’t think you can keep that promise,” he
whispered. He pulled Raito closer and pushed himself up over the boy
defensively, staring directly at the winged being.

“Ryuuzaki?” Raito looked to the other in confusion. He
followed his gaze and raised an eyebrow when he realized they were both staring
at the wall.

Ryuku stared in silence. He moved closer and leaned
forward to look at Raito. The brunette stared through him. “Hm. He’s alive?”

Ryuuzaki growled and pulled Raito closer. “What do you

Grinning, Ryuku turned his attention to L. He was
surprised the detective could see him. “I guess this means you’ve won, L? Will
you arrest Kira now?”

He refused to consider the thing’s words, as they did not
answer his question. He repeated himself dangerously, “What do you want?”

“Ryuuzaki? What are you doing?”

“Raito died before I could kill him,” Ryuku replied
casually. “I came to retrieve the last piece of note he had. I didn’t expect to
find him alive.”

Ryuuzaki didn’t reply to either for a moment. He quickly
envisioned the notebook Watari had, letting that thought go when he realized
that was not a ‘piece’ of note. He suddenly remembered Raito’s watch. He had
taken apart everything belonging to Raito during the brunette’s imprisonment,
including the boy’s watch, schoolbag, and shoes. “The piece in the watch?” he
finally asked. He had burned the original scrap of paper he had found, after
testing it for hidden writing – out of necessity, and to ensure he wasn’t
getting rid of anything important to the brunette. After nothing had been
discovered, he destroyed it, only because the odd and complicated hiding place
unnerved him. He nervously wondered how the shinigami would react to the fake

“Yes.” Ryuku reached over them both to a table flanking
the bed, laughing when Ryuuzaki pressed closer to Raito, eyes darting between
Ryuku’s body and outstretched arm. “Twitchy, aren’t you?” He took Raito’s watch
into his hand and removed the scrap of note.

Raito watched speechlessly as his watch rose in midair. It
broke open and a small square of paper was removed. “Wh-what?” The watch was
set down, but the lined paper traveled above them before disappearing on the
other side of the bed.

Ryuku tucked the paper away before turning to stare at
Ryuuzaki. “Where is the true note?”

Ryuuzaki’s voice was lost in his throat.

“Did you destroy it?”

He nodded. To his relief, the creature didn’t react
negatively. After a second’s pause he said, “He was Kira.”

“He still is,” Ryuku replied. “Technically, I mean; as he
shouldn’t be alive now. Were he dead, ‘He was Kira’ would be true.” He shook
his head in disappointment. “His lifespan didn’t warn me of this glitch. It
shouldn’t have happened. Humans are weak.”

“Who are you?”

The terse reply was, “Ryuku.”

Ryuuzaki placed his hand over Raito’s head possessively as
Ryuku stared at the brunette.

Chuckling, Ryuku spread his wings. He moved closer.

Ryuuzaki tensed and Raito reflected the boy’s stress. He
pulled Ryuuzaki closer. He didn’t understanding anything anymore, and was
hoping desperately that he was dreaming; maybe he had been given more medicine.
He wanted to ask Ryuuzaki what was happening, but knew the distracted boy
wouldn’t reply, and after witnessing his wristwatch more freely without aid, he
was afraid to steal Ryuuzaki’s concentration. He tried to gather information
from Ryuuzaki’s side of the strange conversation he was having.

“What are you after?”

“The rules are clear in cases like this.” He lifted his
hand and ticked the rules off on his fingers as he listed them. “The rules
state: He’s no longer the owner of the note; I, as the shinigami that watched
over him, must reclaim all physical evidence of the note; He can never again own
the same note; He does not belong to me any longer, and I am not allowed to
shadow him as such.”

“He’s free from you?”



“Yes,” Ryuku repeated in irritation.

“Leave, then.”

Ryuku laughed. “If you weren’t so entertaining, human, I’d
kill you.” He had not stepped away from the bed and could see L’s anxiety by
the fact. He grinned and moved closer. “The rules state nothing of unlocking
his memories.”

Ryuuzaki growled again as Ryuku stepped closer, unable to
hear the shinigami over his rapidly beating heart. He rushed to grab Ryuku’s
quickly descending hand and gasped as his flesh turned to ice at the contact.
He shivered and winced, but refused to let go.

“Ryuuzaki? What’s wrong?” Raito grabbed the boy’s wrist,
focused on his pained expression. He tried unsuccessfully to get Ryuuzaki to
release whatever he was clawing into.

Ryuku grinned down at L. He easily overpowered the pale
boy and planted his hand directly over Raito’s forehead.

Raito whimpered and tightened his hold on Ryuuzaki’s wrist.
The freezing sensation was nothing compared to the sudden flood of memories.
His mouth fell open soundlessly, eyes wide and unseeing.

Ryuuzaki’s breath hitched as Raito’s memories flashed
through his mind, enveloping every thought. Ryuku, L’s challenge, names, more
names, experiments, Misa. He waited anxiously for it to end, staring with very
little focus at the shinigami. Realizing that this is what Raito must have
experienced upon picking up the note earlier, he panicked and turned to the
boy. Afraid of another episode, he unclenched his tight jaw and said, “Raito,
look at me.”

“R-Ryuuzaki…” Raito shivered, eyes slowly clearing to look
at the other. “Kira…”

Ryuuzaki’s teeth were clenched against the cold again and
he couldn’t respond. He used more strength to try freeing Raito. Raito’s
experience of detainment as Kira finally unwound in his mind, and the second
the note was given up, the memories stopped.

“Interesting. Did you see it all?” Ryuku peeled the
detective’s hand from his wrist. He chuckled. “Very interesting. I’ll be
keeping my eyes on you.” He turned and lifted his hand in a casual wave with
his back to Ryuuzaki before stepping through the wall again. “Keep up the good
work, detective.”

Raito panted, staring past Ryuuzaki to the ceiling above him.
‘Kira… I really am Kira. What have I done?’ A reassuring It’s okay
repeatedly countered his worries. He quickly let the thoughts go after he tried
to move. ‘Ow, shit… IV…’ Raito winced, hand still wrapped tightly around
Ryuuzaki’s thin wrist. The IV felt frozen in his arm and he reached for it but
his body wouldn’t fully cooperate. He focused on the action, willing his
arm to move further. He shook off the memories, too afraid to consider them at
the moment. For some reason he couldn’t clear his mind and his thoughts were
running in an unfamiliar pattern.

Ryuuzaki stared at the wall Ryuku had disappeared though.
He continued to replay the images shown to him, taking as much as he could from
them. ‘What about the IV?’ He looked down to the brunette’s arm.

‘Cold. It hurts.’

Ryuuzaki removed Raito’s hand, with much more care than
Ryuku had used to remove his, and lifted the medical tape from the boy’s flesh.
He eased the entire IV out. ‘Better?’

Raito blinked up at Ryuuzaki. He opened his mouth for the
first time since the memories stopped and asked, “Wh…what?”

Ryuuzaki rubbed small circles where the tape had been
placed. ‘Is that better?’

Raito held his breath for second. ‘His mouth didn’t move…’


“Wait. Stop.”

Ryuuzaki blinked and stilled his hands. ‘Stop what? I
haven’t done anything.’ He shivered again and frowned. ‘Cold…’ He returned to
analyzing the memories in hopes of distracting himself from the endless chills.

Raito shook his head, overwhelmed by the speed by which
Ryuuzaki was sorting through the memories. He shut his eyes and whimpered
quietly. “Ryuuzaki, stop.” He grabbed the boy’s face firmly in his hands and
forced Ryuuzaki to look at him. ‘Stop thinking, Ryuuzaki.’ Making a point to
keep his mouth closed, watching as surprise washed across Ryuuzaki’s face.

“You…” Ryuuzaki reached for Raito’s hands. ‘We can hear
each other?’

‘We could always hear each other, Ryuuzaki,’ Raito

“You know what I mean,” Ryuuzaki glared. He shook his
head. ‘How…?’ He shivered again and swore in frustration.

Raito pulled the pale boy down to him, amused by how
quickly Ryuuzaki’s thoughts calmed and slowed. The strength of Ryuuzaki’s
thoughts increased as he closed the distance, however, and he concentrated on
further calming the confused boy.

Ryuuzaki shifted off of the brunette slightly, in fear of
hurting him. Pulling the pressed sheets over them again, he asked, “Can I start
thinking again? It’s hard not to. There so much to consider…”

Raito frowned. “No. I don’t…want to see it anymore.”

Ryuuzaki buried his face against Raito’s neck, relaxing as
his body gradually warmed. ‘How did this happen? Did Ryuku cause it?’

“Ryuuzaki, stop it,” Raito said tiredly. “Wait, Ryuku?”

Ryuuzaki focused on the conversation with the shinigami,
beginning with the moment Ryuku had stepped through the wall. He opened his
mouth to explain, but stopped when he heard Raito make a thoughtful noise.

“You tore apart my shoes?”

“Had to.”

“You owe me a new pair.”

“Yes, dear,” Ryuuzaki smirked. “You would have never

Raito smiled. He replayed a few sections of the encounter
and glared. “That easily amused, careless bastard.” He kissed Ryuuzaki in
thanks for his protectiveness, smiling when the boy blushed at the
acknowledgement. He focused again on Ryuku’s explanation of the rules and
frowned. “I’m still Kira, then?”

“You’re free.”


“Would you take up another note?”


Ryuuzaki felt Raito’s conviction. He smiled. “Then
there’s nothing to worry about. Can I go back to thinking?”

Raito shook his head in disbelief of Ryuuzaki’s undeserved
forgiveness. “How can you just… I killed people.”

A sudden thick blackness struck Ryuuzaki and he felt ill
by its presence. He blinked in confusion at the unusual sensation and tried to
shake the sludge off. He frowned when he couldn’t free himself.

“I didn’t want it to be true.” Raito turned away. “The
entire time…I knew it was true.” His voice fell to a whisper, “What have I
done? Why did I think I could save everyone?” ‘As though someone so flawed
could really be a god,’ he thought bitterly. ‘Idiot, so determined in every
calculated step.’ He shook his head again. ‘Father defended my innocence so
confidently. I’ve failed him.’ He focused on Ryuuzaki’s solid form against him
and frowned. ‘How can Ryuuzaki stand to be near me?’

The inky darkness took stronger physical form and pressed
against Ryuuzaki until he felt like he was suffocating. Thoughts of proper
punishment snaked through his head and he bit his lip, realizing the dark
emotion belonged to Raito.

Raito tensed when Ryuuzaki hugged him tightly.

“Raito-kun, it’s okay.” He buried his face against
the boy’s neck, pausing to feel the darkness thin slightly. “Your intentions
were good,” he whispered. “I understand what you were thinking, Raito, but it’s
necessary that you know the significance of human life.” He squeezed again, kissing Raito’s cheek. “I
love you. Everything is alright. You won’t repeat this mistake.” He held the
brunette silently and the insistent pressure faded gradually as the darkness
turned into an opaque mist. Ryuuzaki smiled and gently coaxed Raito out of the
fog’s center. He moved closer, curving his shoulders around the brunette before
pressing his lips to the boy’s ear. He whispered softly, “Come back, Raito. I
want you here.”


Smiling, the thin boy tangled his fingers in Raito’s hair.
‘I love you,’ he repeated.

Raito’s breath hitched in surprise as the remaining fog
was blown away in its entirety by a crisp sea breeze. He blinked in confusion
as all his senses relayed messages of standing at the shore. He dropped the
thoughts involving Kira into the sand without hesitation. His breathing fell
into rhythm with the ocean’s sparkling tide effortlessly and he closed his eyes
to see more clearly. ‘Ryuuzaki…?’ He moved to his side and pulled the boy
closer. The sensations were too real, and as he had never visited the ocean
before, Raito could only assume this was one of the detective’s experiences.

“What is it, Raito-kun?” Ryuuzaki whispered, eagerly
conforming around the boy when he was pulled closer. The horrible feeling Raito
had been suffering was finally gone and Ryuuzaki smiled against his love’s

‘The ocean…?’

Blushing, Ryuuzaki cleared his throat. He tried to focus
on anything other than Raito.

‘No, wait,’ Raito opened his eyes slightly as the sensations
grew dull. ‘Don’t take it…’

Ryuuzaki buried his face against Raito’s neck, willfully
giving the brunette more time with the memory. He closed his eyes in
embarrassment as he explained, ‘It’s what I feel when I think about you.’ He
laughed when he felt Raito’s surprise and smiled contently when the brunette
expressed a strong feeling of love in return. He slowed the memory and warned,
‘I didn’t stay put for too long…’

‘Just a little longer,’ he begged quietly.

Ryuuzaki pulled away to look at Raito, pleased by the
brunette’s deep breaths and relaxed expression. He brushed Raito’s hair away from
his face before settling back into place against him. He curiously tested his
limits with the connection, and found himself fuzzily sharing the brunette’s body
after exploring gaps in his own memory of the shore. Raito’s arm still ached
where the IV had been and Ryuuzaki gingerly tended to it. He could feel a ghost
touch over his own arm while pressing into Raito’s. Using the ability to his
advantage, he massaged with measured pressure to rid the brunette of pain.

Raito sighed gently, pacified by the other’s attentions.
As the current memory faded away, Ryuuzaki wove seamlessly into another. Raito
could still hear the ocean, but couldn’t see it. Instead, his gaze was directed
skyward, and he was lying on his back, supported by a warm mattress of sand.
The sun was just setting, as the clouds had soft pinks and purples painted
across them.

Ryuuzaki set Raito’s arm down once he was satisfied with
his work. He continued to let the memory play out until stars dotted the sky.
As the remembered wind cooled noticeably, Ryuuzaki retracted the experience.

“How long were you out there?” Raito mumbled, relaxing
heavily against the other.

‘Long enough to catch a cold. Watari wasn’t amused. He’s
an excellent caretaker though.’

Raito smiled. ‘I see.’ He was tempted to move into
Ryuuzaki’s touch when the boy slipped his fingers into his hair again, but
realized it would mean moving away from his chest. His dilemma was solved for
him when Ryuuzaki moved closer to allow Raito to stay motionless. Another
memory was slipped to him; he was lying just beneath the start of a pier, jeans
rolled up to his knees and feet submerged in the cool water. Sunrays peeked
through the wooden planks meters above, and the far-off laughter of playing
children reached him.

“Raito,” Ryuuzaki paused uncertainty in his request. He
inadvertently stopped the memory he was sharing. “I want to consider Kira’s

Raito frowned. The pier vanished and in its place stood Kira.
The brunette opened his eyes and swallowed thickly. “Alright.” He considered
Ryuuzaki’s unusual thought process again and readied himself for it.

‘Sorry. I’ll slow down.’ Ryuuzaki’s eyes dulled slightly
as he retreated to his thoughts. He rapidly read and memorized the rules of the
book before he focused clearly on Raito’s emotions after using it, interested
by the grief that had crushed the brunette while a sense of purpose had raised
him up at the same time. He swiftly moved onto Raito’s meeting with Ryuku, glad
to find that the brunette had been just as shocked. He continued to sort
methodically until he felt a strange sense of displeasure.

Raito clutched Ryuuzaki’s ribs, whimpering. ‘Too fast.’

Ryuuzaki apologized and stopped completely for a moment.
He slipped his fingers into the boy’s hair and kissed his forehead.

‘We need to dull the connection. I don’t want to review
all this…’

Ryuuzaki frowned as Raito realized he’d have to face it
eventually. The detective was given hesitant permission to continue. “You
believe distance affects it, correct?”

Raito nodded. He reached for Ryuuzaki as the boy
slipped from his arms.

Smiling reassuringly, Ryuuzaki thought, ‘We’ll try it.’ He
stood and took a step back from the bed. ‘Here?’

Raito was grateful for the other’s consideration. He
replied, “Loud.”

He stepped back a meter. ‘Here?’

“I can still hear.”

Ryuuzaki weaved between the unoccupied beds lining the
opposite wall and leaned against it. ‘Is this far enough?’

“Distance does it. You’re voice is faint that far way.”

“Let me listen.”

‘It’s almost sounds like static.’

“Yes.” He glanced to the door. ‘Should I see if we’re able
to cut it completely?’


Ryuuzaki nodded. “To measure, we’ll use…”

Raito smiled as several songs ran through the detective’s
head, many in languages he didn’t recognize. Poems quickly followed, but that
idea was abandoned faster than the songs had been. Ryuuzaki moved on to
stories; the entire collection limited to five languages. Raito was surprised
by the amount of fictional fairytales the boy had memorized and smiled at the
charming discovery. He could feel Ryuuzaki’s growing frustration as he failed
to find anything to use. Raito brought up an image of the periodic table and
Ryuuzaki smiled.

“Good. Recite the periodic table. I’ll do the same.”

Raito agreed and watched him step out. He began listing
the elements in numerical order, stating first the symbol then the name. He
smiled when he heard Ryuuzaki fall into the same rhythm, listing the respective
classification and atomic mass after Raito named an element. Ryuuzaki’s voice
gradually faded to a thin whisper until all Raito could hear was himself. He

Ryuuzaki paused for a moment to ensure Raito’s voice was
gone. He turned back to the room, counting his steps as he went.

Raito stretched for a long moment and looked to the door
quizzically when Ryuuzaki’s thoughts reached him again. ‘Why are you counting?’


Raito waited, concentrating on keeping his mind blank by
staring at the blanket.

“It severs around twenty meters,” Ryuuzaki stated. He
focused on the brunette’s thought of flawless white and hummed thoughtfully. He
pictured a door, simple in design. He stood behind it and smiled to Raito
before turning the handle. As it clicked into place against its frame, he
asked, ‘Did that do anything?’

“Ryuuzaki…?” Raito lifted his eyes from the sheet. His
thoughts belonged to him alone once again, and he frowned.

“We didn’t lose the connection, Raito-kun.” Ryuuzaki swung
the door open and beamed. ‘See?’

Raito smiled back and his disappointment faded, much to
the relief of the other.

Ryuuzaki climbed back into bed after the brunette expressed
his desire for it. He pulled the brunette close to him. “You make one, too,
Raito-kun.” He stepped to the side of his door as Raito leaned forward to
inspect it.

Raito noted the simple structure, and the lack of a lock.
He smiled. The handle was very comfortable to grab, and the hinges allowed easy

Ryuuzaki ran his fingers through Raito’s hair in the
physical plane as the brunette imagined an identical door behind him. When he was
finished, the mirroring doors stood open facing each other.

They stood together in the cozy hallway, and they each
took turns furnishing their new residence. Raito smiled, ‘Why so many potted

Ryuuzaki slipped past the brunette to stand just inside the
other’s territory. He placed a generous amount of the friendly greenery within.
‘They make me happy.’

Raito moved closer to Ryuuzaki on the bed, nuzzling as he
felt the detective sharing his body again. It was fainter this time, as
Ryuuzaki respected the start of his threshold.

The brunette placed his memories concerning Kira in the
hallway and stared at them. He turned to Ryuuzaki and smiled, giving permission
once again with more confidence. He brushed past the detective and imagined a
bed similar to the one he shared with the thin boy. He sprawled across it on
his belly; head propped up on his arms and bunched blankets.

Ryuuzaki smiled, tempted to join the brunette. Raito grinned
back. “I’ll be in the hall,” he said before stepping out, leaving the boy’s
door open a fraction. He physically kissed Raito lightly before he returned to
sifting through the memories.

Raito was relieved when strength of Ryuuzaki’s thoughts
had lessened considerably.

The brunette’s satisfaction easily reached him, and Ryuuzaki
smiled. He created a meditation mat for himself in hopes of further slowing the
assault on the brunette as he analyzed. The memory of the brunette’s desire to have
L erased was powerful, and he faltered as he moved onto the next memory.

Raito quickly stepped into the hall, biting his lip as the
uneasiness surrounding the detective met him. “‘I would take my life before I
took yours,’” Raito stated clearly, whispering the words into the boy’s ear at
the same time. He wrapped himself around Ryuuzaki as he stepped closer to sit
behind him on the mat. His hand hovered over the memories in the other boy’s
grasp. He didn’t want to touch them again, but was frustrated by his
childishness. He finally grabbed them, unable to deny the truth of the past
actions. He grit his teeth and tossed the collection into a heavy-lidded, metal
box. He avoided adding a lock in an attempt to prove to Ryuuzaki that he would
have free access to them. He happily pulled Ryuuzaki into his lap once the
memories were out of sight. He pressed forward his feelings for the boy and
smiled when Ryuuzaki melted against him.

Ryuuzaki let Raito take the memories back, touched by the
brunette’s immense effort not to lock the hated experiences away. When Raito’s
arms were looped around him in both realities, an unwavering sense of
contentment filled him. He smiled as the warmth spread, relaxing against Raito.

Ryuuzaki opened up completely, and the boy’s level of
weariness stunned Raito. He frowned. ‘Can’t you feel how tired you are?’

‘I can now…’ He took several deep breaths and whimpered.
‘It’s heavy…’

‘Do you usually ignore this?’ he asked disapprovingly. He
gently cradled Ryuuzaki to himself, imagining them into the detective’s room.
The boy’s room was very modest; the most notable thing about it was the plush
carpet. He took a step forward and his breath hitched. The level of exhaustion
increased as Raito shared Ryuuzaki’s form. He settled them into Ryuuzaki’s bed,
changing its structure slightly and adding numerous comforters.

‘You’ll spoil me,’ Ryuuzaki thought weakly.

Raito laughed and caringly wrapped the boy in the downy
blankets. Ryuuzaki’s weight fell against him heavily in the physical world and
he moved to support his head with the pillow. The boy’s exhaustion was nearly
tangible, and on a whim Raito tried to grab it. He gave an amused hum when he
felt the sensation break away from Ryuuzaki, rushing to his body instead. Raito
began gathering more to free Ryuuzaki of the burden

‘Raito-kun…’ Ryuuzaki shamefully tried to stop the brunette,
but the strength he managed to summon rapidly waned, leaving him weaker.

Raito kissed Ryuuzaki lightly and threaded his fingers
through the boy’s hair. He easily reached past the other’s barriers and
continued to steal from him. Another faint stirring of guilt from Ryuuzaki made
Raito smile. ‘Relax, kitten. Let me take care of it.’

Ryuuzaki couldn’t help but give his consent after the
brunette expressed the strong, warm feeling again.

The link changed flow unexpectedly and everything felt sluggish.
Raito related the new feeling to being underwater and wondered if Ryuuzaki was
sharing another experience. ‘Hey,’ he tried quietly.

Ryuuzaki didn’t give a response.

‘Are you sleeping?’

Still no answer.

Raito slowly slid his leg across Ryuuzaki’s bed as he
started to leave – Ryuuzaki made an unhappy noise in both worlds. Raito laughed
quietly. He settled against the detective again. ‘My spoiled kitten.’





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