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My left arm came up reflexively while my right hand released its grip on Aya’s wrist in shock as I stumbled back a few steps. I should have expected him to do something like that, bloody violent idiot that he is. I felt a burst of anger surge through me. Here I was, trying to be civil to him, and he freaking punched me in the face! Righting myself again, I threw a punch back at his face.

Things just escalated from there. We exchanged blows on the rooftop, each attack increasing in ferocity and intensity. I admit, I was venting all my frustrations on my teammate but there was something about his attitude that made me want to beat the hell out of him. We ended up on the ground with him trapped below me, my fists curled tightly into his shirt at the collar, and his own hands similarly grabbing my shirt.

I slammed him into the ground a few times while roaring out, “What the hell is wrong with you!? Do you have to bite off the head of everyone who’s nice to you!? Who’s concerned about you!?”

Aya kicked me, making me lose my balance for a moment, giving him the chance to flip me over and trapping me beneath him. His hands pushed harshly into the base of my throat, partially constricting my airflow.

“Shut up! Just shut up! Why can’t you just leave me alone!? Mind your own business! Stay out of my life!”

The lack of oxygen making me start to panic a little, I struggled to get Aya off me, and succeeded after a while to reverse our positions yet again.

“Screw you, Aya! Why can’t you see that people care for you!? And this isn’t just your problem! Stop being such a selfish bastard, you asshole! Open your eyes, you blind fool!”

I pressed my body harder into his, trying to stop his flailing. A sound escaped his lips. A sound between pain and pleasure. A cross between a moan and a groan. I then realized our positions. I was sitting on his thighs, holding them down, the rest of my body flushed against his, restricting their motions. Oh no. How could I forget that Aya was injured!? What if I aggravated his injuries!? Aya was injured and…he was hard. Oh gods, Aya was freaking hard under me! Flabbergasted, I eased up my hold on him.

The shock must have been written on my face. His violet eyes widened in astonishment while a bright red blush painted itself across his face. I blinked once before he seemed to recover from his momentary stupor and gave me a hard punch, throwing me back and off him. I landed on my bottom at his feet.

Aya got up and glared down at me, grounding out between teeth gritted in anger, “Leave me alone. Stay out of my life.”

With that, he turned away and escaped back into the house. The fury and annoyance I felt still had not left me so I felt the need to get in a last word, no matter how childish that might sound.

“Aya, you idiot!” I sat up higher and yelled at his retreating form.

Looking at the door slamming shut, I slumped back down on the floor. Aya was an idiot! Why could he not see that we were worried, that I was worried? Lifting my hands to my face, I prodded lightly to assess the damage. I winced with a slight hiss as the tender flesh under my fingertip throbbed with pain.

“Shit,” I swore softly and dug into my pocket for my pack of cigarettes.

The first drag relaxed me. The third chased most of the aches away. The sixth cleared my mind. By the end of the first cigarette, I was calm enough to think about all that had happened. Aya was upset with me. He had gone out drinking. The whole night. That has never happened before. He had come home in the morning. Injured, I added to my thoughts. I had tried to talk to him and we fought. Then there was the problem that Aya-chan had brought to my attention. Why did things have to get so complicated?

I sighed as I shook out another cigarette to replace the finished one. Aya liked me. Oh gods, that sounded so wrong. We were friends, close friends, teammates who watched each other’s backs in battle, co-workers laboring to finish up the flower arrangements for the day. We were not supposed to be…damn it.

How was I supposed to deal with a man liking me? I never had to handle such a problem before. And by such a close friend, no less. When did it start? I thought back to all the times we spent together. How could I not have picked up on it? Then again, before this, I would never have considered the possibility of Aya liking me, of any guy liking me, actually. I mean, yes, we were close friends and all, but that was it. How was I supposed to face him now?

Damn you, Aya, damn you for confusing me.

I lingered up on the rooftop for another hour or so, polishing off the rest of my cigarettes. I did not want to face the problem yet. I was not ready. After much deliberation, I reflected that I should have kept my composure even when Aya punched me. I should not have reacted so violently. Doing so did not resolve anything, and Aya was injured. I should have known better.

Having no more excuse to avoid the house, I got up slowly and made my way downstairs. I first went to the bathroom to wash my face a little. Good lords, I looked like shit. Aya really showed no mercy, I reflected bitterly with a tinge of infuriation. I splashed my face with water from the sink. No, it did not make my face look any better. Suppressing a sigh, I shuffled back to my room.

I was surprised to find a bottle of red wine and a packet of cigarettes on the floor outside the door of my room. It was the brand I smoked. Picking them up, I glanced down the hallway at the closed door of Aya’s room. Did he…? I shrugged and opened the door to get into my room.

I guessed that it was Aya who had left them at my doorstep. Who else would know about my preference for the rich and velvety taste of Pinot Noir? It was probably his way of apologizing. He must have calmed down as well, to do such a thing. I smirked lightly to myself, but quickly wiped it off my face when I realized that I was as much at fault as my fellow florist was.

Though he was the one who attacked me first, I should have been more rational and sought a more peaceful alternative. Opening the packet of cigarettes, I shook one out and lit it. I knew I was probably smoking too much, especially after finishing my previous pack, but I needed the nicotine to settle myself.

I made up my mind to go look for Aya. I wanted to express my regret over my actions as well. Taking that bottle of Pinot Noir, I decided that inviting him out for a drink was my best bet. Smiling to myself for my great idea, I ventured out of my room and towards his.

Nothing in my life could have prepared me for the situation I encountered there. I was standing outside Aya’s room, with one hand raised in preparation to knock when I heard Aya calling out from within.


Perplexed, I lowered my hand and put my ear to the door to listen more carefully. Aya did not sound like he was really calling for me, more like he was…well, moaning my name, for lack of a better word. To my surprise, the door opened slightly due to the weight I was putting on it; it had not been closed properly.

From the crack between the door and the doorframe, I could see exactly what Aya was doing in the privacy of his room. And oh yes, it was indeed a private moment. I almost dropped the bottle of red wine in my shock. He was kneeling on the bed facing the door. His pants and briefs had been left on the floor beside the bed. A pretty blush stained his usually fair face as his hands worked anxiously below.

I tried to tear my eyes away, tried to give my teammate the privacy he deserved, yet I found myself rooted to the spot, my eyes fixated on the slim form on the bed, unable to do anything but take in the scene before me. I was under a spell, must have been. What else could explain my sudden voyeuristic tendencies towards my best friend?

Aya’s crimson locks were thrown back somewhat, his face tilted upwards. His lips were parted slightly, and I could hear his little gasps and whimpers and moans and groans and panting. Amethyst-colored eyes were glazed over in pleasure as he stared unseeingly at some spot above the door. My eyes were drawn to the motions of his hands. Oh gods, I could not believe what I was seeing. This was Aya. Jerking himself off. Oh gods, this had to be some kind of nightmare.

Long slender fingers were closed around his shaft, furiously moving up and down his length. One hand abandoned that task to sneak up under the black shirt, bunching it up in the process. It took me a while to figure out that Aya was pinching and teasing his own nipples, coaxing a whimper from the normally reserved man. White even teeth made an appearance to bite into soft-looking bottom lips.

I could tell that he was nearing his end when his hips started pumping involuntarily into his hand. Graceful even in such a moment, Aya lifted himself up slightly while both his hand and his hips worked frantically and unceasingly. I was still holding onto the bottle and my grip tightened so much that I was actually amazed that the glass did not shatter under my hands. My own lips were parted in astonishment, my eyes were wide with shock.

When Aya came, he let out a moan that was arousing and disturbing at the same time. A moan in the shape of my name. It was so soft that had I not been listening to him so intently, I would have missed it completely. Watching his seed splash all over his hand…gods, that was one hell of a show.

When Aya came down from his climax, violet eyes blinked a few times, trying to focus. Crap, I was right in the line of his vision. If Aya caught me watching…shit, shit, shit! I turned to get away but in my haste, I accidentally opened the door a little wider, unfortunately attracting Aya’s unwanted attention. I did not dare to look back to attempt any damage control. I ran. All the way back to my room.

Once back in the relative safety of my own room, I set the bottle of red wine on my table and sat down on my bed. I did not just watch my co-worker pleasure himself. My co-worker who was also my best friend. My stoic co-worker who was also my best friend and a fellow assassin. Oh gods, Aya was so sexy like that…

Wait, I did not just think that. I did not just think that my teammate was sexy. I mean, sure, Aya was sexy, that was an irrefutable fact, but I did not just think of him in…in…that way! No! Kudoh Yohji was most definitely not gay! Oh, but the image of Aya bringing himself to his peak was…breathtaking.

No, no, no! Kudoh Yohji was the playboy of Weiss, the ladies’ man of the Koneko, the woman charmer extraordinaire. Kudoh Yohji did not do gay. Yet, the erection I was sporting, have been sporting since I saw Aya masturbating in his room, begged to differ. Unable to resist, I stuck my hand down my pants and let out a groan of pleasure when I gripped my hard rod.

Not wanting to dirty my clothes, I hurriedly took off my pants and briefs and left them on the floor beside my bed. My mind immediately helpfully reminded me of the similarity between this and what I had seen in Aya’s room. I pointedly told my mind to shut up as one of my hands started stroking myself while the other fondled my balls.

I tried to keep as quiet as possible. I was certain that Aya had found out about me spying on him earlier and I did not want him to feel offended or something. Was I making any sense? No matter, all I wanted was to relieve the burning ache in my groin. I closed my eyes to more easily picture a pretty and curvaceous woman I had seen in the Koneko the day before. She had shiny long black hair that fell past her tiny waist and big sparkling brown eyes that were dark with promise set in a small fair face boasting a small mouth with lipstick-reddened lips.

I moaned at that image when my brain happily made a few adjustments to the picture, informing me that I was remembering it wrongly. Long raven hair receded to just the nape of her neck, leaving only two locks of eartails to frame that fair face. Her eyes, darkened with desire, were an unmistakable seductive violet.

My hands moved faster and faster, wanting to reach my climax sooner and be rid of the throbbing in such a sensitive part of the human body. I continued my observation of the image in my head.

By now, her chest had grown smaller and more flat, her waist not as tiny as before. Her silky tresses were now scarlet in color and I had to bite back a shout of surprise to see that my image of that pretty woman had morphed into Aya.

My eyes flew open at that realization. What the hell was going on? Who gave Aya the permission to infiltrate my thoughts? Who gave my brain the permission to think of Aya that way? And I was not gay! I closed my eyes again and tried to think of another female body. Any female body.

The image that greeted me was a naked Aya with his head thrown back in pleasure, his hands pumping himself while he climaxed all over that pale and lean body of his, my name dripping from parted lips that were bruised by white even teeth. My orgasm hit me like a speeding truck.

When I recovered, shame and guilt plagued me. I had masturbated while thinking of my fellow assassin. My male fellow assassin. Oh gods, I was gay. Kudoh Yohji, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

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