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Notes: First of all, I need to extend a very very big apology to all of you who were following this story. Last year, something happened that shocked and upset me so much that I was pretty much unable to do much else but be depressed and mope. It took my quite a while to get myself and my life back on track and now, I hope that I'll be able to live more happily than last year. About this chapter, I am very very sorry that it took more than a year for me to update. I know that I should have been more diligent about this but I really could not deal with this at that time. Once again, I apologize for this late update. I hope that from now on, I will be able to update regularly. Also, I want to thank all those who are still following this. I am sorry to make you wait so long, and I thank you for still supporting me. I hope that you guys will continue to support me. Thank you very much.

And now, on with the long overdue chapter 7:


Through the windows of the Koneko, I glance at the handsome blond working at the cash register. Truth be told, I would prefer a longer stare but I have to be discreet. See, thing is, before the whole incident with Aya, no one knew about my stupid crush on Yohji, so I could always make up a reason if I got caught. However, things as they stand now, openly staring at him is bound to make the circumstances worse. As if the situation is not already very bad. I suppress a sigh. I continue to water the flowers as my mind starts to mentally curse the day when we had that big fight.

I was not really thinking properly. I could not believe that I had attacked Yohji. It was not his fault. He only wanted to show his concern as a friend. However, I really wanted to be left alone. I had not wanted to face him. Not yet, anyway. Not after that…night. I had not expected it to become a full-fledged fight between the both of us though.

Maybe I was a little surprised that he hit me back. I mean, he was supposed to enquire about me, not beat me up, right? However, a part of me was glad for that violent comeback. After that night, I felt, and still feel, so wretched, so used. I started to hate myself even more than I already did. At that point in time, I hated myself so much, I hurt so much, that all I wanted to do was to hurt someone else, inflict the same pain I felt onto someone else, anyone else. It was unfortunate that Yohji presented himself just at the right time.

By the time he pushed me onto the ground, I was so blind with rage that the throbbing pain in my rear barely registered in my brain. He slammed me into the ground a few times before he spat a curse at me. I was hungry for blood; I only wanted to hurt Yohji as badly as I could. I kicked him, making him lose balance, and to relinquish his hold on me so that I could bear down on him while I had half a mind to strangle him. Somehow, he managed to reverse our positions yet again. This time, he held me down with the length of his whole body so that I found it hard to do anything other than writhe beneath him.

His body was so firm above mine; I could feel all the muscles in his lanky frame, all hard and straining as he slammed me into the ground once more. It hurt, oh it hurt so very much. All the bruises from the blows we exchanged earlier were starting to scream their pain at me even while the aching sore in my rear from the previous night shrieked its share of agony.

Yohji was sitting on me. As he pressed his body flush against mine, a jolt of pleasure shot through my body. Unable to hold myself back, I let out a whimper. Yohji froze above me. For the first time since our fight started, I was made aware of the bulge in my pants. Probably, it had been there and growing since the first punch Yohji threw to my face, but so wild was my rage that I barely noticed it. Now though, with Yohji sitting on me and pressing into my body, I could no longer ignore it. To my horror, I felt my cheeks start to flame.

Wanting to save whatever pride I had left, I punched Yohji while he was still in shock so as to free myself. I succeeded, and when I stood up, I mustered a glare down at him, my teeth clenched in shame and embarrassment, and told him to stay out of my life. With that, I turned to walk back into the house.

I glance up again from my task of watering the flowers just in time to see a blond hastily look away. He has been staring at me. Again. Ever since our big fight a week ago, Yohji has been watching me. He tries to be discreet; every time I try to catch him at it, he will turn away his head hurriedly, almost guiltily. How much more obvious can one get!? I look down again in disgust. What in the world is wrong with him!?

Storming off to my room left me alone with my thoughts. Angry, embarrassed thoughts that swirled around in my mind, composing a soundless song of Yohji erotica. I attempted to drive them out of my head by directing my thoughts towards what was happening between us. I sat down on my bed clumsily, wincing involuntarily as my ribs screeched in protest. When had things gotten so out of control?

With my elbows on my knees, I buried my face in my hands and took a deep breath. I started to think about how much more messed up my already screwed up life had became in the past twenty-four hours. The fight with Yohji on the rooftop left a gnawing feeling of guilt in its wake. I knew I had not held back in my attack on him. The more I reflected on it, the worse I felt towards him. I thought that Yohji must surely hate me now. Even so, I knew that I had to apologize to him. I was the one who screwed up my own life, and Yohji was suffering for it. It was not right.

However, the thought of walking up to the blond to tell him sorry scared the hell out of me. I was not good at expressing myself to others, especially regrets. I thought about how I should broach the subject and found that I was unable to even utter one syllable even to myself. It was not going to work. I did not know how to apologize and Yohji was going to hate me. I felt a weird suffocation at that thought. No, I did not want to think about it. I needed to get some air.

I went immediately to my car. I did not really have a destination in mind. I just wanted to get out of there; I wanted to be away from Yohji. Reversing out of the garage, I took off at top speed, without any consideration of safety. It was only when I found myself in town that I had to slow down due to the heavier traffic. I pulled up at the side of the road that I was currently on.

With both my hands on the steering wheel, I lowered my head such that my forehead rested against the back of my hands. My knuckles felt pained from the weight of my head. Pulling back, I saw that they were bruised. The damage must have been from when I punched Yohji. If my hand was hurt so badly, then Yohji’s face must have been injured worse. Oh no, what have I done? Looking out of the car window, I realized that I had coincidentally stopped in front of the liquor shop that Yohji frequented. I knew how I could apologize to him without having to say a word.

I let out a sigh of exasperation and deliberately turn my back on Yohji. If he wants to say something, then he should just come right out and say it. What is the meaning of staring at me and then pretending otherwise!? Even Ken and Omi are starting to suspect something. Thankfully, Aya seems to have gone back to normal and has not asked any questions since that fateful day. Now, if only my green-eyed co-worker would just stop being such an idiot, things would go back to normal and we can all lead our lives as before.

I came out of the liquor store with a bottle of good Pinot Noir. I did not know much about wine but I remembered Yohji mentioning before that this was his favorite type of wine. In addition to the alcohol, I stopped at a convenience store on my way back to the Koneko for a pack of cigarettes. I knew that he was running low and that he would appreciate a new pack.

I parked my car in the garage and trudged into the place we called home. Holding the bottle in one hand and the pack of cigarettes in the other, I stood outside Yohji’s door stupidly. Should I knock? Or should I just invite myself in without announcing my presence beforehand? What should I say to him?

“I’m…sor…sor…Yohji, I’m sor…”

I could not say it. I could not get that one word out. What should I do? Maybe I should just leave the wine and the cigarettes in front of his door. He would understand what I meant by them. No, but what if I were to do that, and he came out without noticing them and ended up stepping on them? He would injure his foot on the glass…No! That would not do! I should probably hand it to him personally as well.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. When no answer came, I knocked again. Was Yohji ignoring me? I called out to him, but received no reply. Frowning slightly, I turned the doorknob and opened the door a little to peek in. The room was empty. Yohji was not in the room. I let out a breath that I did not know I was holding. I did not know if I should be relieved or disappointed. Well, at least, I did not have to deal with Yohji verbally. Since he was not in the room, I left the bottle of wine and the pack of cigarettes on the floor in front of his door and slowly made my way back to my own room.

Settling down on my bed once more, I did not know if I wanted to laugh or cry. My mind was in chaos. I did not know what to think of anymore. Too much had happened. How would we face each other from now on? Working together in the florist would be awkward, and I did not even want to think about cooperating on any missions we might get. Needless to say, my cherished nights with Yohji would come to an end now. Thinking that made me want to cry. Those moments were very important to me, and now, they were no more. If I had known earlier, I would have treasured our last time together even more preciously.

The last time we spent together on the sofa in the living room drinking beer was the night before Aya visited us. We were talking about sports. Yohji said that he was in the tennis club when he was in high school. No wonder he had developed such a strong grip. He talked about how he would diligently attend practice every day after his lessons ended. He said that he was not that talented at it but because he had good stamina and was industrious, he was picked to represent his school in a few competitions, and had even won some matches.

I closed my eyes to picture Yohji in tennis gear playing on the court. The way he swung his racquet would be strong and forceful, sending the bright yellow ball speeding over the net. The sun would smile brightly down at the handsome blond and his sun-kissed skin would just positively glow. He would wear a headband to hold back his long hair so that they would not get in his way during the match. And when he moved, he would glide gracefully to receive every ball his opponent shot at him. His hair would flow with his movement and look like liquid gold under the sun.

I felt myself growing hard at my imagination of Yohji on the tennis court. I was really shameless. How could I use my best friend so? I felt disgusted at myself. At the same time, I could not ignore the erection that I was getting. I had already denied myself release earlier after my fight with Yohji, so I desperately needed to relieve myself this time. I took off my pants and briefs and left them on the floor.

Kneeling on the bed, I let my hand drift down to touch myself. I could feel my cheeks heating up just at that simple touch. With slow strokes up and down, I imagined Yohji looking at me with those gentle eyes. I imagined Yohji touching me tenderly. I imagined Yohji breathing into my ears. I let out a soft sigh.


I could not help moaning his name. Yohji was trailing his hands all over my body. Yohji was hugging me close and panting into my ear. He let his hands feel their way down to my manhood. His long fingers curled around my hard shaft in a comfortable grip. He started to stroke me slowly. Up, down, up, down, up, down.

Ah, Yohji…no…stop teasing…no…Yohji, please! Ah, Yohji…

One hand left my member to leave a heated trail behind as it moved higher and higher under my shirt. I let out a gasp in shock and arched my back as his deft fingers pinched my left nipple. He then switched to my right side started to rub and roll it between his fingers. I could feel myself quickly giving in to the pleasure.

No, Yohji, please, faster…ah! Yohji! I need you…please…faster! Yohji! More! More!

Yohji’s strokes increased in speed in answer to my request. By now, my hips were moving of their own volition, snapping up without control into the tight fist. Just a little more. Just a little more and I would be able to let go. I was panting and out of breath. Moans and whimpers escaped my lips though I desperately wanted to hold them in.

Yes, Yohji, just like that! Please, Yohji, more…I need more, Yohji! Yes! Yes! Yohji! Yohji!

I felt my body seize up as I released myself. I blinked a few times to focus my gaze as I fought to get my breathing under control. In my somewhat dazed state, I noticed the door to my room opening wider. My mind became clear all of a sudden. Was somebody out there?

I was not given a chance to investigate when I heard the door of the room next to mine slam shut. Huh? Was that Yohji at the door just now? What was he doing there? Oh shit! Did he see me doing…that? No, no, no, no! How could that be!? How could I have let Yohji catch me pleasuring myself? I felt my cheeks flame at that thought. How could I have let Yohji find out that I was using him like that? I wanted a hole to bury myself in.

Realizing that I had emptied myself over my own hand, I made sure to check that Yohji was still in his room before making my way over to the bathroom. I felt guilt eating into me. How could I use my best friend like that? How could I cheapen Yohji so? I felt tears threatening to spill over but I managed to hold them back. No, I would not cry. I needed to be strong. I decided to put this whole thing behind me.

I turn back to walk into the shop with the empty watering-can. I am just in time to catch Yohji yet again looking away from me hastily. That is it! I have had enough of it! I need to know what he wants from me, and he needs to stop this weird behavior before things get worse. I storm into the shop and head straight for the cash register.

I see Yohji turning about and looking for an escape route but I am not having that today. Ken and Omi seem to realize that trouble is in the air and Ken comes up to me in an attempt to stop me. However, it is no use as I am too livid to listen to anyone now. One glare from me and he backs away meekly. When I reach the cash register, I slam my hands down the counter, startling Yohji and making him jump a little.

“I’ve had it! What is wrong with…”

I am cut off midsentence by the clicking of high heels on the concrete floor and a smooth voice.


ShirouKamui: How was that? I hope that you guys enjoyed that. I had actually written the first few paragraphs last year before I became unable to write, and had just recently finished it so if it seems disjointed, I hope you'll forgive me. Anyway, please do drop a review, ne?

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